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My Kinky Aunt

by oneg©

When I was 18 I was seduced by my Aunt, she was in her 40s and came across as very prim and proper.

I always admired her body even though she never wore revealing clothes, although her skirts were tight and I could always see her VPL - I could see she wore very hi-cut underwear, I think it was because of that line of fantasy which made her more appealing to me. But other than that she was just my Aunt and I loved her as a relative.

When I was growing up she never even gave a hint of her sexuality and being that she was my Mother's Sister makes this story even more taboo as we are blood relatives.

One day I was at my Aunt's house, I had just been fixing some shelves for her - we were chatting away and she suddenly asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. I wasn't driving so I accepted, she went into the kitchen to pour it from the fridge. She came back holding two glasses of white and wearing a beaming smile. 'I'm very proud of you, I always have been. I've always known you were special.' I didn't really understand but smiled back and drained my glass. She kept refilling my glass and as time went on I realised I was quite drunk. My Aunt was sitting right next to me and kept stroking my hair and pecking me on the cheek, she had always been affectionate but this was somehow different. her hand would occasionally squeeze my thigh and I did notice her hands were moving higher up my leg each time.

My Aunt asked me if I trusted her and I said I did, then she asked me if I trusted her with a knife. I thought about this and said of course I did, why not? I'd seen her cut cake many times. She then asked me something very odd. 'Would you go upstairs and change your clothes? I have laid something out on my bed for you to wear.' I was still feeling the affect of the alcohol and so feeling quite adventurous so accepted, I thought she'd bought me a shirt or something.

As I stood up I felt her pat me on the bottom and she said 'Change all your clothes won't you?'.

I walked up the stairs and went into my Aunt's bedroom, on her bed was a pair of shiny silver pvc briefs and a full length silk kimono. I really didn't know what was going on but in my inebriated state I started to undress. I stood naked and picked up the briefs, the pvc felt soft and smooth and I fingered their elasticated edges. I stepped into them and pulled the briefs up over my hips. They sat high up around my waist and cupped my balls so well I would have thought they were made for me...they felt wonderful and tight.

I pulled the silk kimono on and tied its belt around me. I went downstairs.

My Aunt was still sitting on the sofa and when I came into the room she smiled broadly and patted the sofa next to her. 'What's all this about?' I asked smiling. I sat down and my Aunt got up and told me to lay down - it was a long sofa and more than accommodated my full length. She disappeared into the kitchen and came back a minute later with one of her carving knives, the alcohol had mostly worn off and I felt quite sober. She knelt down on the floor beside me and lay the long knife on my tummy, she stroked my hair once again, leaned towards me and kissed my lips - I could feel her heavy breasts press onto me and a flush of excitement ran through me.

'Trust me and don't stop me, OK? This is something I've wanted to do for such a long time.' I nodded and she picked up the knife, she slid it inside the kimono at ankle level and ran it slowly up my legs, I could feel the steel on my skin - over my knees and my thighs. My thighs were tight together and my Aunt placed her hand on the one nearest her and pulled it towards her so they parted, the kimono slid off my thigh and hung over the edge of the sofa at waist level... she caught a glimpse of the shiny silver fabric tight around my waist and hip I was wearing underneath. She stopped moving the knife and I saw her smile again, she looked me in the eyes and bit her lip 'We are naughty aren't we?' she said.

She lay the knife on the floor and slowly pulled the bow of the belt holding my kimono together...the silk slipped apart and she was looking down at my silver covered sex 'Oh my, you're more beautiful than I ever thought, and such a 'big' boy'. She picked the knife up and brought it up to my thighs, I saw her push the point of the knife against the soft silver pvc, my balls were inside and she pressed harder, I could feel the point cutting the fabric and felt my heart beating faster. I was so turned on! My Aunt's cheeks were flushed and she wouldn't stop staring at my increasing length under the pvc.

She put the knife down again and cupped my balls, she ran her long nails along my length and I thought I was going to cum but managed to hold it back. She could see my engorged penis pointing up and curving around my hip so my Aunt grabbed the briefs and pulled them up higher around my waist, I could feel them cut into my buttocks and tighten against my balls. The knife was back in her hand and she was running the long blade over my balls and along my length, I thought she was going to cut me as with each movement she pressed the blade harder against my soft balls.

She stopped again and stood up, she reached round to her back, kicked off her shoes and unzipped her skirt, she had to wriggle out of its tightness and as it slid own her thighs I could see the sharp black 'V' of her underwear - I really did think I was going to burst with excitement - I'd never seen my Aunt without trousers or a skirt before and seeing her bare thighs made me want to cum. The black fabric of her underwear was velvet and I could see the swell of her sex inside it. She stood beside me and looked down at the shiny silver bulge between my thighs.

'I know I'm your Aunt and you must never tell your Mother what we've done, but I've wanted you for some time now and you look so edible in those silver briefs.

My Aunt looked down at me on the sofa, she stood between my feet and picked up the knife...she started to caress her thighs with the blade and with the other hand started to kneed her breasts - squeezing them hard and moaning with ecstasy. 'Do you mind me doing this?' she said and I answered that I liked it, even the knifeplay. She smiled again and ran the point of the knife over her own velvet clad sex - pressing gently and running the sharp edge up between her thighs - I was so turned on and watched with amazement.

She stopped, knelt between my feet and kissed my tummy...her tongue moving lower across the waistband of pvc, I felt her lips press against my balls...

Written by: oneg

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