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Anniversary Fun

by luckymn1985©

Our journey began 20 years ago as a young couple no one thought should get married so early. I had dated another girl for a good while but had noticed Amber the first time I ever saw her. She had a body to die for, red hair that framed a BEAUTIFUL face and a smile that could light up your entire life.

20 years into a marriage, she was still beautiful. Her body had gone a bit, with curves rounding themselves out more than she would have liked, but she still had a great set of boobs and an ass that still made me smile every time I watched it (which was often). We had an up and down marriage, but through it all we had stuck together while other friends of ours had fallen by the wayside.

A long weekend away for our Anniversary seemed like a good idea. We didn't get away very often just the two of us, so leaving the kids behind with the grandparents and heading for Florida sounded like the perfect getaway for two people who needed to "reconnect and relax".

We packed our car and headed out for the long 8 hour drive down to the Florida beaches.

When Amber and I had first gotten together, the sexual life we led was hot and often. She was VERY physically affectionate which most people thought was the reason I had married her. In all reality, the reason I waited two years to even ask her was to make sure it WASN'T just purely physical. In all reality, she made me feel wanted, emotionally, sexually and personally. We had a good time together and she over the years had truly become my closest friend. She developed lots of friends on the side. I had lots of "business friends", but truly no one I was that close to and certainly no one to share with like she had. She was the one person that knew EVERYTHING about me. Some of it she liked, some of it she didn't but she had stayed and so had our love.

My desire for her and the opportunity to make love to her and had never waned. She had admitted to me years earlier, that her true interest in sex was not that strong. She had simply thought it was what was expected of her from boys so she tried to be a willing participant in most anything they wanted simply because she thought that was how it was supposed to be. Early in our sex life, there was little she said no to. I remember her crying one of the first times I went down on her because she told me her first lover had never cared about whether she had cum, it was all about him. Over the years, things got less frequent and less passionate as they do in most marriages, but occasionally, there was always a hot evening or hot weekend that reminded us both how good things could be. Even the average "married sex" might not be that frequent, but when it happened, it was still enjoyable, at least for me.

I always worried that it was just something she did for me. I could go down on her and make her cum but it was always perfunctory that once she came, she would pull me on top of her and she would guide me into her. She would always try to take care of my physical needs if she had allowed things to get started but I worried that it was not something she WANTED, but more something she "owed me" in her mind.

This trip was to be different, in a multitude of ways.

As we cleared our first large city and got out onto the open road with less traffic, I eased my hand over to her leg and gave her a squeeze. She glanced at me and smiled. Often that gets a swat and a "stop, your tickling me" so I thought that was a good sign that our weekend might be more physically friendly than most. I rested my hand on the top of her thigh and slowly began rubbing my hand gently up and down her leg. After a few minutes, she shifted so she was sitting with her left leg, closest to me, opened towards me, her right leg splayed out into the floorboard and her pulling the black sundress she had on up a bit on both legs. I took that as a hint and didn't need much more. I pulled the dress further up her left leg and let my fingers begin to slowly caress the inside of her thigh....rubbing lightly at first up and down then using my fingertips to just barely graze her thigh. As I inched further and further up her thigh, she opened her legs further and pulled her dress up further herself.

Not a word passed between us, but I grew bolder with every action by her generally "giving me permission to play". I reached across and began teasing her other thigh running my fingertips right along the edge of her panties and teasing her thighs all the way up to her knees. As I got bolder in that way, she scooted her seat back, leaned back in her seat putting herself damn near on her back. She put her legs up on the dash and opened both knees up in opposite directions, giving me full access to her pussy, now encased in an increasingly damp set of panties. She pulled her dress up herself so there was no impediment to my roaming fingers.

I began running my fingers up and down her crease... teasing, gently kneading her lips through her panties, knowing she loved the attention on her clit. I had seen a bit of this exhibitionist tendency a year earlier on a similar trip, but not quite as brazen as this. Anyone in an SUV, a van or a Semi driving by could easily look down on her legs spread open and my hand fondling her pussy and get their jollies if they wanted. She showed not a care in the world. For this very private, upstanding, mom/businesswoman in her day to day life, this was a BIG step onto the wild side... and I was LOVING IT.

I continued teasing, running my fingers AGONIZINGLY slowly up and down her wet slit. The smell of sex began wafting through the car and her head laid back, eyes closed simply enjoying the attention was incredibly erotic for me. I kept teasing, never removing her panties, wanting to tease her and keep her on the edge for a long time. I wanted her to want ME as bad as I wanted her. She shifted a couple of times to give me better access to her body.

I stopped playing for a moment looked over at her and said simply "take them off".... she looked at me briefly; I wasn't sure at first if that was hesitation, refusal or shyness..... but she never blinked, never showed a hint of hesitation or even that "I can't believe you want me to do this" look I sometimes got when I wanted her to be a little "wilder" than she normally is. Her gaze fell from my eyes, to her hips as she reached for the waist of her panties. Not only did she slip her panties off, but without my asking, she reached under her sundress and slipped off her bra as well, leaving her body open to my exploration covered by a flimsy black sun dress, which was easy for me to push aside.

I stopped teasing her pussy for a moment and reached over to run my hand over her breasts. As I massaged her breasts she arched her back slightly to give me better access. I was getting rock hard and she had done nothing physically to me, simply allowed me the pleasure of playing with HER body. I ran my fingertips along the outside of her dress, teasing the nipples and she pulled away..... My heart stopped for a moment as I thought she was putting an end to what was quickly becoming and incredible experience... and then I heard her giggle.... I was simply tickling her. I reached over and slipped my hand under the sundress and roughly groped her breasts. Her tits are always ticklish and she's always reluctant to let me suck them or play with them but she arched her back and turned slightly to give me better access. I played with them roughly at first and then rolled her nipple gently between my fingertips... As I rolled it and pinched a little harder, she pulled away, giggling again... so I decided to move my hands back below her waist.

A year earlier, on another short trip for just the two of us, she had let me play like this, but with every passing vehicle, either she would close her legs, pull her dress over her or sit up and put an end to all the fun till the majority of those who were passing us would be gone. When we left the interstate, she had put an end to any playtime that anyone else might see. She CERTAINLY was never willing to do anything in any kind of traffic close to anyone else. Little did I know, just how far she was willing to stretch as this weekend progressed. It was to be an exciting weekend in a multitude of ways.

Our trip continued with me growing more excited by the moment. My cock rock hard in my shorts I ached for the chance to make love to her. For the moment, I had to satisfy myself with teasing and pleasing her.

I decided I wanted to tease her till she asked me to let her cum in whatever form that might happen. As we passed car after car, her legs splayed out, my hands very obviously buried in her crotch, we got some attention from some drivers. Those who happen to be driving a truck or SUV had a better chance to get a look. The Semi's that we passed most certainly had a full chance to view my hands as they fondled and spread her wide open, teasing her lips with my fingertips, running my finger gently over her clit before taking a step back and caressing her thighs again with my fingertips.

This went on for a while, I truly lost track of time. My only feedback coming from her as she shifted her body, arched her back or lifted her hips to give me better access. I reached over again to roughly fondle her breasts. So sensitive to touch and ticklish when we make love, she was obviously enjoying my manhandling her tits today. Squeezing and kneading them with my hands, I was enjoying the chance to play with her body in ways she almost never allowed. I continued to occasionally roll her nipples between my fingers pinching just a bit to see how she reacted. Each time, she would simply pull away with that enticing giggle, letting me know that she liked everything else going on more than that. I pulled her dress down and exposed her right breast. Its fullness riding high on her chest and her nipple engorged with blood, rock hard and standing at attention. I roughly fondled her breasts again before moving my hands attention back to her thighs and pussy but I left her full breast exposed for anyone that might want to get a look. It would certainly be an enticing view.

My fingertips roamed across her thighs never giving enough pressure to do anything other than tease. Using my first two fingers, I ran them down either side of her lips, teasing and feeling the wetness that was obviously seeping from her pussy. I took one finger and dipped it inside her slightly, rubbing up and down her lips as the wetness covered my finger. I pulled my finger from her pussy and licked it, savoring the taste of her I had known so well over the years. Wetting my finger generously, I reached below her pussy... She shifted to roll her hips up and give me access to her ass. She has always loved when I used a finger or a tongue to play with her asshole. When I go down on her I usually slip a finger inside her ass either just before she comes or at the height of her excitement, which sometimes triggers her orgasm itself. Her asshole clenching in time with her vaginal muscles giving her something to clench against while my tongue laps repeatedly at her clit.

Using my fingertips, I teased her again. She had raised her hips to give me access to that gorgeous ass so I took advantage. Using my fingertips as I had on her thighs, I lightly caressed the checks of her ass, slipping ever so slowly closer to the cleft of her tight little asshole. Eventually, my finger explored, running gently around the rim of her tight little hole. I circled it over and over, pressing ever so gently harder each time, a little more pressure with each revolution. Eventually I slipped one finger slightly inside her ass while using my other fingers to brush lightly against the hairs that covered her lips. After gently thrusting in and out a few times with my finger, I pulled my finger from her bottom and moved again to focus my attention on her pussy. Running my two fingers up the outside of her lips, I ran them to the top of her pussy. I used my thumb and index finger and gently grabbed the outside edges of her pussy lips, just around her clit. Gently I began kneading and massaging her clit through her own flesh. No direct pressure, simply teasing her gently as my cock grew harder with her obvious excitement. I would massage for a moment and then stop.... simply holding her lips in my hand. Then more massaging and then stop again... intentionally trying to tease her, leaving her at the brink of orgasm, but never letting her cum.

I stopped this delicious torture and dipped my finger back inside her....... running my finger up and down the inside of her lips as agonizingly slowly as I could stand. Each time as I reached the top of her lips, I would avoid her clit... stopping just short before running back down the inside of her lips. As my finger slid back down the next time, I inserted it deeply into her pussy. she thrust up to meet me at first... then quickly pulled away.... I took my fingers back to teasing her thighs as I noticed us coming up on a trucker in the next lane. As I went back to teasing for a few minutes we got closer and closer to the semi coming up on our right and she squirmed a bit. At first, I thought she would stop all the fun not wanting to be exposed so brazenly while she was this horny. After a few minutes more of deliciously teasing her, she moaned slightly and reached for my hand, pulling it upward and inward towards her clit.... that was her way. She was embarrassed by being vocal much at all, but she was asking for me to make her cum..... I was going to be more than happy to oblige.

I took one finger and began to slowly massage her clit as I pulled closer and closer towards the semi that was just ahead and to my right. As I pulled alongside him, I could no longer tell what he could see and what he could not, but I knew he would have a full view of her pussy and her breast lying bare and exposed. I began circling my finger slowly around her clit and felt her excitement building.... Her eyes closed her head laid back on the headrest and her mouth open, she was a portrait of raw female sexuality and at the moment, she was all mine. As I continued circling her clit providing the direct stimulation I had denied her for so long, we heard two quick blasts from the horn of the trucker beside us.

Keeping my eyes on the road, I can only assume she opened her eyes to see the trucker staring down at her spread wide open, my fingers massaging her clit, her breast exposed, nipples erect and taught and her aching for orgasm. I sped up quickly and passed him and as I moved past him, her legs began to clench closed, I heard her gasp slightly and she shifted her hips first upwards then closing her legs she tried to pull away... I kept massaging her clit as long as I could till the clench of her thighs was too strong to allow my hand to move anymore.

The throes of her orgasm wafted over her as I slid our car into the right lane so I could watch every few seconds. As her breathing calmed and her thighs grip on my hand eased, I pulled my hand back up to caress her breasts. As I touched her, she recoiled, too sensitive to touch, wanting to simply be left alone in her state of excitement. I pulled her sundress up to cover her full breast and put my attention back on the road.

I became aware of the dampness on my own thigh where the precum of my own excitement had escaped my rock hard cock. I was most definitely looking forward to the rest of this trip.

Written by: luckymn1985

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