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First Black Cock For My Wife

by -Hammer-©

I have been sharing my wife for most of our ten year marriage, but never before last week had I seen her with a black man. A month ago a handsome black man named Jeff had started working as a security guard at the hospital where my wife is a nurse. When he started hitting on her, she succumbed almost immediately, she was so curious to see if all the rumors about black men's prowess were true. She had surrendered only her mouth to him, however, dropping to her knees and blowing him in a storage room almost every night they worked together. She had told me all the details, including that the rumors were most definitely true, at least in Jeff's case. As much as he wanted to get into her fine white pussy, he had not been willing to do it at our house with me watching; my wife finally talked him into it last Friday night.

I stayed out of the living room for a few minutes after I heard them come in the door; I wanted to let them at least get started in privacy. When I heard my wife start to moan, I silently slipped into the living room to watch the scene unfold. Jeff was a large muscular man. My wife and he were on the couch, kissing passionately, their tongues frantically dueling. He had her blouse unbuttoned and one large black hand was kneading the soft white flesh of her left boob as his other hand explored under her skirt. He continued to pleasure her breast as his hand forced its way past the elastic of her panties and he worked his fingers into her cunt. Their mouths were still plastered together and she was squirming and moaning into his mouth almost uncontrollably. When his finger found the love button of her clit, she popped her mouth off of his and let out a squeal. They had been at it only a few minutes and already she was on the brink of cumming. My wife grabbed Jeff's head and pulled it to her heaving chest as she started to pant. "Oh yes, do it, do it, do it," she pleaded as he continued to finger her and he roughly sucked her nipples. After just a few seconds, she arched her back, mashing her breasts into his face and grinding her crotch up into his straining fingers as she let out a shriek of orgasm. She came long and hard, then slackened in his arms.

Jeff stood up and noticed me. He grinned as he peeled off his clothes, first revealing a powerful chest and arms. "This isn't so bad, being watched by a white man as I fuck his pretty wife silly," he said.

I was sitting across the room, my own dick hard as steel as I watched. My wife had sat up on the couch now, looking up at him lustfully and expectantly. "Show him what you've got, Jeff, show him what's going to be splitting my pussy in a couple of minutes," she said breathlessly.

"No problem, baby." With that, Jeff dropped his pants and underwear down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Arching gracefully away from his crotch was the largest piece of man meat I had ever seen: it was semi-erect from the making out he and my wife had already engaged in, and it already looked to be almost ten inches long. My wife's tiny hands grasped the base as she fit her gorgeous lips around the head and started to blow his pipe. Jeff groaned and he ran his fingers through her blonde hair as she started to suck more and more life into his massive member. She worked the knob with her mouth as she jacked the base with her hands, and it just kept on growing and growing in her mouth. After a few minutes she had him fully erect, and it must have been twelve inches of meat jutting out from his crotch. Her head was bobbing up and down on just the upper half of his stalk, it was so damned big. She finally popped her mouth off of him and stood up and stripped for her lover. Then she lay back on the couch and spread her legs seductively for him. Her pretty blonde pussy beckoned to him. "Come on, tiger, come on and get this fine white trim," she cooed.

As he climbed between her legs and prepared to mount her, I pointed to some vaseline on the coffee table. "Hey, you'll probably want some lube."

Jeff looked at the jar, then at my wife's pussy, then grinned again. "You do it, white boy," he said, arching his back, his cock bobbing out in front of him, inches away from my wife's dewy opening. I don't know why, but I was so mesmerized by the whole kinky scene that I took a fingerful of vaseline and rubbed it on the head of his cock, then smeared it on down the length of his shaft. Jeff groaned as I got some more on my hand and, making a fist, proceeded to slide it down the length of his ebony pole. The guy's prick felt like a bat it was so thick and hard, though it was also hot and throbbing with lust for my wife. I stared at it as I jacked my fist up and down his shaft, then I fit the head of his cock to my wife's pussy and started to rub it up and down her slit. My wife moaned as I rubbed it between her lips, then back and forth across her clit, then down her lips again.

I bent down slightly and sucked Jeff's right nipple as I continued to masturbate my wife with his cock. "Oh yeah," he groaned. "That's it, white boy, get your lady off on my big black dick. Oh gawd, her trim looks so fine. Yeah, oh yeah, rub her up good."

My wife was moaning non-stop now, obviously loving it. Finally I pulled my head away so I could see the moment of penetration. "Do it," I hissed, "get up inside that white girl."

Jeff of course needed no encouragement. He leaned into her and the swollen head of his organ intruded past her lips. She let out a scream as the head and first few inches disappeared inside her. He backed out, then put it to her again: this time about half of his length was buried in her tight hole. My wife looked down at the point where their sweaty bodies were joined. "Oh gawd," she bleated, "give it all to me! Give me all your black cock!" Jeff backed out again, and taking a rough hold of her hips with his strong hands, he plowed into her again: three quarters of the way. Finally, with an animal growl he bore down on her and ground the last few inches into her oh so willing pussy, their pubes merging into a sweaty tangle of lust right in front of my face.

We all let out a sigh, then they started the old familiar bump and grind of two people hot for each other. Jeff started slow, riding his huge prick in and out of her with long strokes, but he quickly speeded up, his cock flying in and out of her, his shaft wet with her juices and perfectly framed by her pretty blonde bush, her lips clinging to him with each out stroke. I slid up my wife's body to press her bouncing boobs together and suck them as she got the fucking of her life. She reached down and generously stroked my dick as she got drilled into the couch with each thrust. My wife was wailing with pleasure, almost weeping as she got fucked. "Oh gawd, yes," she wailed, "oh gawd, he's fuckin' incredible! Harduh, hahduh!! Fuck me, you stud! Fuck me!"

She was getting close, and so was I, the cum boiling in my balls. I knelt beside her and aimed my gun at her tits. She stroked faster and faster. Jeff wasn't far behind, either. His eyes were scrunched shut as he focused on his own rising cum: "O yeah, oh yeah, that trim is so good! Oh gawd, you are so damned tight! Oh yeah, Oh yeah!!!" My wife, her fist still flying up and down my dick and her eyes glued to Jeff's mighty dick as it slammed in and out of her eager snatch, arched her back and let out a yell as she came. At almost the same time, I spilled my load on her lovely titties and Jeff's whole body went rigid. He let out a ferocious roar and his body shuddered, his powerful butt cheeks flexing through several half strokes as he pumped my wife full of his seed.

Written by: -Hammer-

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