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A Mother and Son in Love

by txmamasboy©

Nothing and I mean nothing could be more beautiful or feel any better than lying naked with my mother with my hard throbbing cock deep inside her cradled between her legs with her arms around me and mine around her, she made me feel like no woman ever could. There are no words that can describe how I feel when we make love. No woman ever felt so good, so warm and so relaxing to be with, warm rushes rolled over me whenever we made love and I love her more than anything. Once buried inside her we paused for a few moments and kissed, , then she pulled up her legs and started rocking under me humping my cock. I responded by slowly and lovingly thrusting in and out of her while making circular motions with my dick, this drove her wild and she fucked me back harder. As much as I would have liked for it last, the tempo increased and within a minute into our love making I was ready to cum again and there was no holding it back this time. For a moment I thought about pulling out at the last second so I wouldn't cum inside of her but that idea disappeared as quick as it came, as we fucked like to horny teens. We shared a couple of loving words and humped each other till I exploded inside of her filling her with my seed, she also came to orgasm at the same time I did, I yelled, she screamed and shook underneath me then we both collapsed in a heap of flesh trying to catch our breath.

That evening was the beginning of a major change in my life and hers. We finished the week having sex at least twice a day till I had to go home. After that we saw each other only a few times a year due to my being stationed a thousand miles from her and having to pay attention to my wife. "After our affair Mom actually became jealous of my wife, I secretly got off on that." Usually I try to visit Mom alone, but sometimes I had to bring my wife along for vacation. Things went well the first time or two we stayed with Mom during vacation, even though Mom and I snuck in some sexual delight when we could. Mom and I also kissed a little too long and hung all over each other a little too much for my wife, she thought it was creepy, but I assured her that Mom and I were just very close, especially since dad's passing and things seemed OK for a while.

On our third trip up to stay with Mom things went all wrong "or should I say right", my wife caught Mom and I in a very compromising position. This disgusted my wife and we ended up getting a divorce soon after with her never wanting to know or see me again, which ended up perfect for me. I no longer had to hide my incestuous affair with mother from my wife. Besides Mom and I do things that my own wife would never do with me and Mom and I were getting closer and closer so I had no problem getting rid of my wife. Bye, Bye, Ta, Ta bitch... I have my soul mate.

With "her" out of the picture Mom and I developed a very close, intimate and loving relationship. We often went out in public as a couple, hand in hand, arm in arm stealing kisses occasionally and holding onto each other as lovers would. While finishing out my last year of military service Mom and I discussed and decided to move away together from we lived, from where people knew us to a new location where no one knew us and start over again living together as man and wife. Mom and I ended up living together as a married couple, there was only a fifteen year difference in our ages so it was easy to do. Far as we know, on one ever suspected that my wife was actually my mother. We have a wonderful life, we love each other very much and have experienced much that we would have never adventured had we never had an affair. Before I was 22 years old, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be my mother's lover let alone her husband.

Written by: txmamasboy

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories