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Dessert First: What Lies Beneath

by machiavelliwriter0©

**All characters are at least 18 years of age** A/N: Please comment on the storyline, this set is a bit different from the other works.


"People often wonder what it is that drives the killer. Or what type of conditions create a molester or rapist. Debate and conjecture flood through the media, the small town diner, and the even to the family table, all in an attempt to place a logical explanation of the illogical. Logic, though many are unaware, has little to do with the mindset behind such brutality. Albeit, in the mind of the offender, the action is just, warranted, demanded, and unavoidable. With dutiful devotion they seek to correct an imbalance that their illogical mind has discovered. To believe that these crimes are the works of logical and rational human beings is foolish at best, negligent at worst. Violence is the only language that..."

Nica read the headlines with mild disinterest. She agreed that the men on her list had gotten what was deserved, but her official position made such an outspoken statement impossible. She detested each of them, and would gladly endorse wiping them off the face of the planet, but that was her personal feelings, not those of an FBI agent.

The day was closing and still no evidence had presented itself as the identity of the killer. Somehow, she knew it wouldn't. Nica had worked together with Agent Castlemen, visiting the scene of the crime, investigating with the employer and coworkers of Jesse Wright. Castlemen had noted the location of a park that sat suspiciously across from a toy store. Nica had postulated that perhaps there was a connection, but Castlemen dismissed anyone at the toy store as a suspect. The psych profile from the prison stated Jesse Wright's progress to be "significant," upon which he'd been recommended for release.

Despite having no actual proof that Wright had killed the missing girls 20 years ago, someone had executed him for it. Little remained of his body, identification came through an engraved chain around the body's neck, confirmed later by the dental match. Burnes had told her to follow Castlemen's lead, but each time she suggested that maybe Wright was really still guilty, he'd cut her off saying, "Regardless of his guilt, his life was taken. Not by a prison sentence, not with evidence of a crime, but by someone who believed themselves above the law. I have no love for this man. But that does not give someone the right to execute him."

Nica glanced up at the clock and began placing the case files in her briefcase. Castlemen walked over to her desk. "You want get a drink, a few of the locals said there's a bar up the street." His manner was un-assuming and casual. She thought over his request.

"First round's on me." He added, raising his eyebrows.

Nica thought over it, the week had sucked, she could use the drink, but wasn't certain of the company. She'd barely ventured into the city for anything other than food and work. "Alright. Cab or car?"

"Since I don't plan on driving afterward, I'd venture cab would be best, as the lot outside is gated, the cars should be safest here. The bar is only about three blocks north of here."

Nica nodded and closed her briefcase, resetting the combination lock. "Ready?"

He nodded and Nica gestured for him to lead the way.

"You can call me Mike when we're off duty, you know."

"We'll see." was all she replied as they headed with the small group off the property.


Nica knocked back the ninth shot of bourbon watching in fascination as Castlemen began to sweat. In the back of her mind she wondered why she wasn't feeling even the slightest tingle of the drink. She didn't drink all that often, just an occasional glass of wine when dining at a higher class restaurant. She watched the crowd in the bar, mostly law enforcement after a type. Several FBI agents she recognized from the branch office, a few off-duty cops, a small group of firefighters off to her right, and the intermingled casuals. She looked up at Mike as, clearly drunk, he asked the bar tender to pour another round.

Unconsciously she glanced to the window on the far side of the room, seeing the last rays of the sun begin to fade away. As she turned back to Mike, she felt an odd sensation in her stomach. She'd hastily eaten a sandwich for lunch and thought maybe it wasn't agreeing with her. She got up to go to the lady's room and Mike glanced at her. "Leaving so soon?"

Nica looked back him and smiled, "Just need to visit lady's room, excuse me." She kept the smile on her face even as the discomfort grew. She walked into the small bathroom, not terribly surprised that it smelled from lack of cleaning. Her stomach wrenched in pain and she moved to the bathroom stall. Raising the lid she wretched its contents until nothing remained.

As she stood up, waves of dizziness flood her head and she nearly collapsed. Her head hurt with searing pain and she could feel every muscle on fire. She couldn't scream but felt as if her body was being ripped apart. As often happens when one experiences a migraine, Nica felt her senses amplify. The light was too bright and the wreaking smell of the bathroom all but suffocated her in its stench. Sounds from the city outside suddenly blared in her ears. Her eyes burned in their sockets and her teeth felt like someone had decked her in the face. In that moment, Nica knew she was going to die, but death couldn't come swiftly enough.

And then, she knew. She was Nica. She was a predator and she was extremely hungry.

Memories came back or rather awakened with quickening speed. As she looked over herself she found her attire quite bland and boring. Glancing down at her former lunch she flushed the commode with a frustrated sigh. Her "human" mind had misinterpreted the hunger and tried sate it using the pathetic excuse for nutrition. It was a semi-regular occurrence whenever she didn't feed for days and always had the same result. Resentment flared at the cursed witch that had cursed this trade off upon her.

Nica exited the stall and looked herself over in the mirror. Her pallor had slightly paled; lips slightly darker red and her eyes shown with blood red irises. Nica shut her eyes and strained visibly. As she opened her eyes she smiled, noting the now dark azure blue color replacing the terror inspiring red. She needed to feed and soon.

As she exited the bathroom the smell flooded her senses, overpoweringly enticing. So many humans, so many men, so much blood pulsed around her; she felt her mouth water in longing. She could hear their hearts beat. As her gaze moved from each muscled man she could almost taste their virility. She focused on not breathing, but it wasn't easing the hunger.

"Hey, you okay?"

Nica turned to see Mike standing their studying her, he was a bit drunk but still aware. Concern shown on his face. She imagined she probably looked a little ragged and her skin probably a little too pale to be considered healthy.

"Just ready to get out of here." Nica said a little too quickly.

Mike shrugged. "Well I guess I'll walk you out then."

He gave his card to the bar keep and signed the bill. She waited but didn't dare take a breath. He walked back to her and they moved toward the exit. Nica allowed herself to breathe as the door shut behind them. The only scent of life in the air was Mike and she was able to repress her hunger easier than in the bar. Mike waived a passing cab and both climbed in, giving the hotel address to the driver.

As they sat next to each other, Nica again felt the hunger surge. She looked at Mike and he smiled. She knew better than to use anyone in her day life. The risk of discovery was too great, let alone the danger of accidently killing them in her blood lust. She knew she'd waited too long to feed, the urge was difficult enough without delaying its sating.

Mike looked over at her and smiled again. "Pardon me for saying this, but you really are quite striking to look at." Nica didn't respond and his smile fell as he glanced away. "Forgive me, that was out of line."

Nica's nostrils flared as she noted the deliciously familiar scent of male arousal. She clenched a fist trying not to show her strain. She was about to respond when the cab pulled into the hotel parking lot. Nica exited the vehicle as Mike paid the driver. She had just reached the door as Mike caught up with her.

"Hey, I'm sorry if I spoke out of place, I wasn't trying to be indecent."

Nica turned back to him. The wind was gently blowing and his scent and wafting itself around her. She felt her control slipping. Without a word she leaned forward and kissed him passionately. At first he was shocked but then began to kiss her back. The scent of his arousal grew and Nica could feel own sex moisten in response. She broke the kiss and waited until he opened his eyes.

Deliberately Nica used all her will power to focus her being as she drew him into her stare. Her voice was melodic as she spoke. "When you wake tomorrow, you will remember nothing before you left the bar." Mike's eyes widened and his pupils dilated as her will overshadowed his own. He wouldn't remember past the drinks at the bar when he woke.

Nica watched as his eyes returned to normal. Mike just stood there staring at her. "Normally I'd give a guy like you the chance to make the first move but," she looked at him hungrily, "if I don't fuck you right now I'll probably kill you."

Mike was slightly taken back by her blunt statement. He chuckled until he noticed she wasn't joking. "Well I don't have any desire to die."

Nica held out her hand, "Then I suggest you give me your key."

He fumbled for the keycard and gave it to her. Nica swiftly turned to his door and dropped the keycard into the slot. Hearing the lock click she twisted the handle and grabbed his sleeve, dragging him through the door. Nica flipped the wall switch giving just enough light to see around the room. As the door shut Nica kicked off her shoes and began to remove her top. Mike stood stupefied as she pulled her top over her head and unclasped the straps of her bra. Free from the restricting fabric, her breasts fell forward. She looked over at him and noted his expression. Topless, she walked over to him. He was trying to look up at her face, but his eyes kept falling to her feminine chest. Nica could smell the growing scent of him and glanced down at the growing bulge in his pants. She unbuttoned his shirt with lightning speed and began to undo his belt. As she unclasped the fastener of his pants, she felt her control waning. Careful not to rip his pants, she pulled them down taking his briefs at the same time. Nica was surprised by the size of him. The man she'd had last week was not nearly this big and he'd been young and far too eager to cum. She hoped Mike had a bit more stamina.

She opened her mouth and used the flat of her tongue to lick from the middle of his shaft to the tip. Mike gasped. He moved his hand to push her away. "We shouldn't be doing this. We work together, you're under me..."

"Not yet I'm not." Nica couldn't stop herself, she'd either have him this way or have his life, and she did not want the latter option. Nica rose and looked him in the eye. "Shhh Mike." She placed her finger on his lips. "We can worry about that later. Right now, I need you to shut up, and fuck me." She said, barely able to keep her control.

Mike's lips touched hers and she felt his hands grasp her breasts firmly. His touch sent fire through her, gathering between her legs. She felt his hands drop from her breasts and was about to protest when his fingers released the fastening clasp of her suit pants. As they fell around her ankles he looped his thumbs in the band of her panties and dragged them down, breaking their kiss. Nica stepped out of them and nearly yanked him up. She gave him a gentle shove that, with her enhanced strength, drove him back onto the hotel bed. In less than a second she was already straddling him, guiding his pulsing cock to her bare sex. Both groaned as she sank her body down, driving his cock up into her slick tunnel, filling her aching cunt.

She began to grind against him, pumping her body up and down, thrusting him as deep as she could and lifting her hips to almost pull off of and driving back down again. She braced herself with both arms against his chest as she undulated her hips, panting with excitement. Mike stared up at her as she fucked him steadily. He was entranced to watch her. He moaned even as his eyes devoured her body. He could see the muscles in her stomach flex as she rode him. Her face one of primal intensity, Nika was completely consumed in her passion. She savored the feeling of his cock filling her as she continued to ride him, desperately trying to quell the hunger for her lust, for his blood.

Nika moaned as she felt Mike's hands on her breasts again. He pinched her nipples and kneaded her sensitive flesh, helping her mind to shift its focus. Her back arched as pleasure began to ripple through her. Mike groaned underneath her as she squeezed his cock like a silk vise. He sat up and placed his hands on her hips, holding her to him. Nica only half resisted him as he shoved her back to lie on her back as he took control. Never withdrawing from her depths, Mike began to thrust into her vigorously. Nica laid back and enjoyed his strokes as he drove himself deeply into her wet lips. His thick hands moved from her hips to her wrists as he raised her arms above her head, gently restraining her movements. Nica closed her eyes and relished the feeling, even knowing that he had no true power over her. She could tell he was restraining himself, his movements insistent but reserved.

His face came close to hers and she raised her head off the covers to whisper in his ear. "I'm not going to break. I like it hard Mike. Fuck me harder." Nica punctuated her statement by biting his ear. She felt his body tense with the added pain from her bite and his movements became harsher, force filled, and aggressive. He began to slam into her relentlessly, allowing his size and desire to set the pace. His thrusts became sharper as his cock banged into her sex. Nica moaned his name as he buried himself over and over inside her cunt.

She could feel his body shudder as his pleasure grew. He no longer held himself back but thrust with such force as to jerk her hips with each plunge. Nica was moaning, feeling her own orgasm approaching. He released her wrists and propped himself up, using her breasts as hand holds and squeezing them as he plowed into her soaking sex.

Nica felt it start just below her stomach, burning fire that radiated from where the tip of his cock speared her. His rough kneading of her nipples and breasts combined with the primal passion of his thrusting cock was pushing her to completion. The fire began to caress her senses, She reached around his arms and touched her inflamed clit, suddenly feeling the pleasure overflow.

In that moment just before one falls headlong into the void of release, she was suddenly the creature of the night. The animal was uncaged and unfettered. Nica's true nature revealed itself in hideous intensity. Her eyes looked black in her sockets as the iris color went to blood red. She hissed a growl of pure animalist ferocity, razor sharp fangs bared in blood thirst. Every muscle flexed in anticipation. And then she was plummeting into the void. Nica's body began to shake as the waves of pleasured release raced through every nerve in her. Her nose flared as the scent of his looming orgasm radiated from him. Mike's cry and a final thrust signaled his own release. She felt his seed pulse into her body, his thick cock jerking within her as cum flowed out of him and shot into her pussy. It was rare for Nica to let a man cum anywhere other than her mouth as she savored the flavor of their blissful explosion, but then it was also rare for a man to last long enough to bring her own orgasm. Each pulse of cum that he pumped into her was punctuated by groans of ecstasy from his lips. Nica pulled him down atop her, his head on her shoulder as the final moments of his orgasm ripped through him. Nica couldn't help herself, she needed a taste of him.

With gentle swiftness, Nica use her fangs to slice open the base of his ear, eliciting a slight flinch from him. Greedily she sucked in the extremely small offering of his blood into her mouth. The taste of him was electrifying and only served to enhance her orgasm. The hunger blazed forth with the sweet taste of his life on her tongue. Catching herself, she let go of his ear. Temptation screamed to take more, but stopped herself.

The sexual release eased the hunger to a bearable ache and her mind was her own, despite the sweet taste in her mouth. She lay there for a few moments under him, temporarily satisfied, thankful that neither of them would remember this night in the morning. She hoped he hadn't seen the demon show itself.

Written by: machiavelliwriter0

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