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A Hidden Surprise

by davegdb©

It had been a while, maybe a year since I had seen her, the last time with an "interesting result that included vibrators, lube and anal. I was running a little late, but I got to her house, in good form, it was hot outside, so I was in my usual shorts and sandals. Got to her door and she greeted me with almost a formal hug, kind of standoffish, seemed kind of weird at first, but ok. We chatted a bit, and asked me to look at her computer, something about burning CDs was an issue. It is amazing how often I "look" at a woman's computer when I visit.

After a bit of looking around on her computer and advice there, we left to her room, not a big room, but with the TV only one foot from the side of the bed. She asked did I mind if she put in a video, I said no problem, but she still hesitated, and said it is a gay video, while not into gay video, if this was going to make her hot, I was all for it. It was actually a gay black video, with a couple of body builders doing some hot and deep action.

Anyway, I was looking at what was in front of me, a voluptuous woman, great looking tits that hung just right, she was wearing a black negligee that hung down halfway to her knees, silk and soft, and I was loving it. I was now quickly stripping, because I wanted to touch that, and have her touch me, and quickly were on the bed and she began giving me one of her delicious blow jobs, wet, slurpy and deep. I put my hands down her negligee rubbing her breasts as she went up and down with every stroke. She squeezed my balls, playing with my ass, putting a finger in as she stroked with those full lips. My cock and balls were wet with her slurping, I could feel the wetness drip down my ass. She was working to get me to explode, the sucking, the wetness and the finger all led to my thighs tightening, and a load spurted from my cock, filling her mouth and running from the sides. Not releasing, she pumped my cock dry getting every drop out even as the overflow ran down her chin onto my balls and ass.

She looked up at me smiling, mouth full and crawled my body to give me a big deep kiss letting the cumm flow into my mouth as we kissed. I was on my back and had no choice but to swallow my own cum as she kissed. She continued to kiss me, grind against me and I could feel a poke between my legs, as I rubbed her ass I could feel the straps of her own toy that she loved a strap on. She kissed more and continued to grind, much like I had done so many women in a different world, a world where men were dominate and took what they wanted. Clearly she was taking even more control here and wanted to act the man, grinding and I could feel the tip of the strap on stretch my man pussy. She continued to kiss and push with her hips, my legs spread giving her full access to me. I don't know if I wanted this, but she wanted it, and I was going to let her have it. Slowly she inched further and further until all 7 inches of her strap on were inside of me. She stopped for a minute to let me get my breath, then started to work my man pussy, like it she had been doing this all her life.

Ohhhhh, was all I could say, as my body got used to this 7 inch dick going into my ass, she would take every stroke slow and steady as started to play with my cock working it to attention. She would stroke her cock and stroke my cock, almost using mine like a handle pulling her in and out. She would lean over and kiss me, then move up and stroke, she was enjoying every stroke of this both physically and mentally with the power she was feeling. My cock was coming closer to its end too, and she could tell, stroking it faster, longer and harder, until cum ran over her hands and down my shaft for a second time today. I was through and so was she, as she pulled out and my ass, felt it relax and like it was still open for something else.

Written by: davegdb

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