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Mrs Andrews Disposes Ch. 01

by lesliejones©

Chapter 01—Karen's Humiliation

All characters are 18 or over but those offended by bathroom scenes should not proceed further.

For Jen and Megs


Mrs. Kay Andrews had had it up to here with her blonde older daughter, Karen, who was now 21. The girl was perpetually petulant and because she was quite attractive, tended to lord it over her plainer younger dark-haired sister, Andrea, three years younger at 18. Karen treated Andrea like dirt. And Kay was tired of seeing it happen so she decided to act.

Coming down the hall, she heard a shout and saw Karen slap Andrea on the side of the head.

"And what was the meaning of that, young lady?" Kay snapped, staring at Karen, who was surprised that her mother had seen her actually hit the younger girl.

"She just keeps bugging me," Karen said with a sneer. "She has no life so she constantly is trying to horn in on mine."

"Well, I'm tired of your treating her so nastily," Kay responded, much to Karen's annoyance. "And I intend to do something about it. Both of you—I want to see you in my bedroom, right now."

She pointed the way to her spacious bedroom, where both girls were all too aware that they traditionally were sent to be disciplined.

Kay sat at her vanity table with her wooden hairbrush in hand.

"I'm going to try a new approach," she said, and looking straight at Karen, she went on, "And I know you will not like it at all but that's just too bad. You've been asking for this for quite some time."

Karen shivered as she never felt good in her mother's bedroom, knowing how often her panties had been taken down here for a spanking as she grew up. But now she was 21 and about to become independent. Those days, she thought, were long gone.

"Because you cannot seem to learn to treat your sister the way you would want to be treated," Kay said to Karen sternly, "I'm putting her in charge of you. She will now be able to discipline you when you insult her or otherwise misbehave. And we will start now. Andrea, sit down here and Karen will lift her skirt, pull down her panties and get over your lap for a well-deserved spanking."

Andrea, previously forlorn, now had a wide grin on her face. She responded to the invitation with alacrity and sat on the chair, tapping her lap much as an experienced spanker might.

"You can't do this!" Karen almost screamed. "Mom, this is cruel and I'll be the laughing-stock of my crowd!"

"You may well be because this is going to happen," Kay responded calmly. "Now get across her lap for your spanking."

With an air of great reluctance, Karen lifted her flannel skirt above her waist and slowly lowered her stylish pale blue hicut panties, complying with her mother's directions and feeling distinctly silly placed across her younger sister's lap. But now Andrea had her mother's hairbrush in hand and Karen knew that that was not something to be taken lightly, especially when the younger girl started swatting what to Karen seemed like her all-too-big bottom with the nasty brush.

Karen suddenly realized that she now was going to embarrass herself severely if not totally disgrace herself. She felt increasing pressure inside her bowels to release something and she only hoped it was just gas. As embarrassing as it would be to fart right into Andrea's face when her mother was there, she realized how totally humiliating it would be if what emerged was not just gas but the contents of her rectum.

"Brrrrrrrrruppppppp," came the sound from Karen's uncovered anal opening and Andrea burst into laughter. "Oh, Mommy," she exclaimed, "did you hear that huge fart Karen just made? I can't wait to let all my friends know what she did while I was spanking her."

Karen's face reddened and she quietly apologized to her mother for her gaseous interruption.

"You'd better apologize to Andrea as she is now in charge of your disciplining, Karen," her mother responded coolly.

"I'm sorry for...that," Karen said rather blankly to Andrea, who was eating all of this up.

"You'd better check her bottom to make sure she doesn't need to go right away," Kay advised Andrea as Karen's face grew red, now with fear that her sister's finger would feel the contents of a bowel movement that Karen was sure was close to becoming critical.

That was all Andrea needed to plunge her index finger into Karen's pretty anus in the crack of her lovely rear end.

"Oh, Mommy," Andrea exclaimed. "She's got...doody in there, for real, big time."

Karen cringed as her most private bodily function was being discussed and she couldn't do anything because of the terrible punishment her mother had visited upon her in giving Andrea authority over her.

"Well," Kay said with a grin that froze Karen's senses, "we'd better get her on the toilet now before she has an accident on your lap, Andrea." With that, Kay took Karen by the ear and escorted the older girl to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet like she was a small child.

"Now do your business, Karen," Kay commanded, and soon, after a series of embarrassing bowel sounds, Karen felt a large log slide out of her anus.

"If you are finished, Karen, stand up," Kay directed. "Now Andrea, you will always inspect the contents of the bowl before permitting her to flush and note down in the Behavior Book exactly what she did and when."

"You may wipe yourself," Kay said, rather offhandedly to Karen, whose face was still totally crimson.

"If you find she is being balky or in any way resistant to your authority," Kay added, with a grin, "you may have her lie underneath you when you squat over her and release whatever you wish to, then have her lick you clean, inside and out."

"Lastly, Andrea, I want you to inspect her panties often and without advance notice," Kay said. "If she is responding to this by creaming them, she will be setting herself up for further punishment. It will also be up to you whether Karen is permitted to go out on dates. Generally, she should be permitted to have a social life, but you may set a curfew, or an early bedtime, or decide whether she should be allowed to have sex with a date."

"It should be standard for you to subject her to what I call a full-pussy inspection after a date to see if she has been fucking," Kay stated rather bluntly. "You should have her hold her labia well part so you can carefully inspect her whole vulval area. This of course also applies to her anal area."


Karen's life soon became awful every day before she left for work and when she returned. The little brat Andrea was on her case all the time, making her expose herself so that her annoying sister could inspect her panty crotch. Andrea also started making remarks about Karen's most intimate areas, telling her older sister that if she misbehaved, her "landing strip" of carefully trimmed hair on her mons veneris might be shaved.

The spankings increased until Karen's poor bottom was red most of the time. Andrea was not at all reluctant to introduce new humiliations: now after each spanking Karen had to crawl between her seated sister's legs and kiss Andrea on her lower lips. Andrea did not yet shave or trim at all down there, so Karen always emerged with a mess of hair and her face smeared with Andrea's profuse secretions.

This Friday night, Karen had won approval to go out on a date with one of her favorite boyfriends, Dale. But late in the afternoon, after she came home to get ready, Andrea announced another panty inspection and smiled as she noted a slight yellow stain where Karen had allowed a smidge of urine to show on her now-mandated white panties.

"You're getting too old for stained panties," Andrea remarked superciliously. "I think that girls who stain their panties are not ready to go out on dates, so you will be staying in tonight. You'd better call that cute Dale and tell him that you're not able to go out tonight. Otherwise when he arrives, I will inform him that I have had to punish my naughty older sister," Andrea went on, as Karen steamed.

"You are such an awful bitch," Karen sputtered, in her furor.

"That will cost you, big sister," Andrea grinned. "Just for that nasty little crack, you will have an early bedtime, five o'clock," she pronounced. "Unless you want to take a hairbrushing too, if you aren't in your jammies right at 5," she added.

Now Karen thought her humiliation was complete. An early bedtime on a night when she had expected to escape from this horrible regime for a few hours and even to enjoy some sex with her favorite guy! It would have been bad enough to have had to lower her panties to have Andrea comment on her cream-filled pussy when she returned from the date by the curfew her bossy sister had set.

Karen quietly said she would call her date and then dialed on her cellphone. She got an answering message and left as nice a one as she could saying that an emergency had come up and she was awfully sorry she couldn't see Dale that evening. Now she began to worry that he might not get the message in time and show up to see her humiliated all the more.

Indeed, that was exactly what happened about three hours later. Karen had been ceremoniously been put to bed by Andrea and told she would be severely punished if she were found out of bed or with the light on. At about 7:30 the doorbell rang and Dale appeared.

Karen could hear the conversation from her room. Andrea very calmly said to Dale that Karen had left him a message that she could not go out tonight.

Dale looked confused.

Andrea smiled at him and said, "My older sister was naughty today so she has been made to go to bed early without her supper."

Dale now seemed amused and amazed. This family was quite something, he thought, if a 21-year-old woman was subjected to such juvenile punishments.

"Well," he said, thinking he might as well try something in this situation, "could it be that you are free?"

Andrea, whose social life had not been all she had hoped for, leaped with joy and said she would be delighted to go out with Dale.

"There's no time like the present then, Andrea," Dale responded with alacrity. "Let's get going."

Karen heard all of this from her bed and was distraught. She also was totally envious that her sister was very likely to have the enjoyable sex that evening that Karen had been anticipating with increasing excitement.


Andrea had been wearing a fairly plain tweed skirt and cream blouse when she was escorted from the Andrews home by a now-energized Dale. She enjoyed the evening, which was mainly spent at a local hangout frequented by a crowd slightly older and mostly above the drinking age. She couldn't drink, although Dale made sure that one of the other older girls gave her some of their seven-and-sevens.

When one of the girls asked about her sister, a contemporary, Andrea realized she had better be a bit discreet and told her that Karen was not feeling well, grinning enough to convey the idea that Karen was having her period. She knew that that was not true, but also felt it would embarrass Karen all the more for such an intimate bit of knowledge to be made known to friends.

They ended up at Dale's apartment, and Andrea was starting to feel the effect of the rye. She had not had much sex yet, even at 18, but she enjoyed Dale's attentions and his compliments that she was clearly a hot little number.

They necked on his couch as the TV blared, and Dale enjoyed slowly easing her out of her blouse and skirt and shoes. She gigglingly asked if he was going to shed any clothes so he unzipped his trousers, let them drop and unbuttoned his nice crisp dress shirt.

"Oh you have such a nice chest," she said as she stroked him over his tee shirt.

Dale laughed and responded by unhooking Andrea's bra and releasing her reasonably-sized 32C breasts. "Yours isn't too bad either," he riposted with a wide smile.

He nestled between his date's boobs and fondled them and then softly took them in his mouth and licked as her nipples stiffened and she felt herself getting engorged down in her panties.

After they made out for some time and Dale's clever fingers had poked under the waistband of her panties to invade her creamy pussy, poking into her still-tight vaginal vault, he lightly lifted her and carried her to his commodious bed.

Andrea was indeed ready and proceeded to slip down her little panties. She had not had a chance to prepare so they were not very sexy, she thought, but all the better since Dale clearly liked what he saw, to judge from the firm erection she now viewed as he pulled off his boxers and let his tee short come over his head and off.

"You're a big boy," Andrea gasped, at the sight of his 9-inch cock.

"All the better to please you, my dear," Dale cracked, showing the experience he had had with the fairer sex.

Andrea was a bit frightened by his size but really longed to be fucked, as she had not been used to boys paying too much attention to her plain appearance. Dale counted himself lucky in that he liked her pleasantly-sized tits, playing with them all along, and saw that she would likely have a nice tight puss for him to enjoy.

His sweet demeanor calmed her and she lay back, opening her legs as he crawled between them to give her some pussy licking. This too she had not expected but enjoyed immensely and came rather loudly very quickly after his tongue began teasing her aroused clit.

She was surprised when suddenly she felt his prick already inside her and her inner vaginal muscles began vibrating and responding to his thrusts, which were remarkably gentle, she felt.

Dale was experienced enough to take his time but realized she was inexperienced and could get sore rapidly so he increased the tempo of his lovemaking so that soon he exploded inside her. Andrea was excited and creamed aplenty even though the first cum from his pussy-licking was clearly the most enjoyable.

Now she felt a bit embarrassed that she had taken Karen's date, even though she was still revelling in the authority her mother had given her over her elder sister. She also realized that Dale had been interested in her mainly as a one-night fuck and when she forced herself to admit that that was what she wanted too, despite her underlying desire for a real relationship, she did let herself enjoy everything that had happened.

Finally it was time for Dale to take her home and give her that sweet kiss in the car before walking her to the house.

After she came in, she was only slightly taken aback to find her mother sitting in the living room at this late hour. She quietly asked her if everything was all right.

"You have let me down, Andrea," Kay said grimly. "I did not give you the extraordinary authority over your older sister for you to steal her date. Get over here right now and lift your skirt so I may lower your panties for a well-deserved spanking."

Andrea knew better than to argue with her very assured mother. She realized she had blown it. Now she would be back at Karen's mercy in that without authority from Mom, the blonde older sister would be able to keep her at bay.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I guess I screwed up," Andrea said, without any defensiveness.

"Yes, you did," Kay answered, "and I hope you understand that I gave you a lot of authority which you have proven yourself unready to exercise with responsibility."

She then proceeded to pull down her younger daughter's panties and smelled the unmistakable odor of sex, as well as observing the major stains in Andrea's panty crotch along with the cum still dripping from her pussy lips.

"I had a feeling you would also end up screwing him," Kay commented, "and I'm sorry to say that you proved me right."

She patted her skirt and Andrea knew it was time to get across the maternal lap for what she had coming. The spanks began and the noise did awaken Karen, who heard what was happening and hoped that this might bode the end of her ignominious subjection to her sister's whims.

Written by: lesliejones

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