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Somalian Christians In Ottawa

by Samuelx©

My name is Muhammad Isa. I'm a big and tall Black man of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, way up in the Province of Ontario, Canada. My father Abdullah Isa converted from Islam to Christianity thirty years ago and it was the best thing he ever did. I'm proud to call myself a Somali Christian man and a new Canadian Citizen these days. I recently asked my long-time girlfriend/dominatrix Simane Al-Fatah to marry me. And she said yes. How lucky am I to have someone like her in my life? I can't thank Heaven enough, brothers and sisters. Life is good!

Today, I officially turn twenty six. February 5, 1987, I came into the world. Under the sign of the Aquarius. I am bisexual, and tonight I am exploring my sexual fantasies with two very special people. My fiancée Simane Al-Fatah is totally cool with what I'm into. She's really something. Five feet nine inches tall, curvy and sexy, with light brown skin, short Black hair and pale green eyes. Simane is half Black and half White, born to a Somali Christian mother and Irish father. This biracial beauty is the most sensually adventurous woman on the planet. And she loves Black guys. We met in downtown Ottawa three years ago and totally clicked. I guess that's why we got together and stayed together.

Tonight, Simane and I are having fun with a good friend of ours. Wahid Dahir. A tall, good-looking stud of Nigerian and Mexican descent. Wahid comes from the Tijuana region of Mexico, and has been living in Ontario for seven years. He's twenty three years old, openly bisexual and studies Law at the University of Ottawa. That's really cool. I like an intelligent, good-looking guy. I'm in the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University in Ottawa, and I'm one semester away from getting my MBA. As for my darling Simane, she has a Master's degree in Sociology from York University near Toronto, Ontario, and presently teaches at a Catholic school in town. Simane turned twenty eight back in early November. My favorite Scorpio is a bit sensitive about edging close to the big three zero. I tell her that she's beautiful and she knows she is, but you know women. They only see their flaws, never their best sides. I guess that's why God created men.

We're in our cozy living room in a neat condo located in the South End of Orleans, Ontario. Wahid and I get the party started while Simane watches us. I get naked, and stand buff before Wahid. He's tall and slender, six-foot-one by one hundred and eighty pounds. I'm much bigger. Six-foot-four by two hundred and seventy pounds. We admire each other's sexy brown bodies. Wahid is well-built, with a chiseled physique and a nice, thick cock. He's uncircumcised, just like me. We stroke each other's cocks before getting down to business. Wahid kneels before me and sucks my cock and hairy balls. The sexy biracial stud's sweet lips feel really good on my dick. I smiled at him as he worked his magic on me. This was turning out to be really fun. Wahid sucked me really good, and when I came, he drained me dry. I returned the favor by going down on him afterwards, sucking him till he got rock hard. We were both ready to play. I looked at Simane and she gave me her okay.

I got on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. I've fantasized about getting butt-fucked by a sexy Black man for ages. Sure, Simane and I have played around with a strap-on dildo and it was fun but nothing beats the real thing. At least, that's what I keep hoping. I think it's about time I found out, don't you? Simane smiled at me and encouraged Wahid to stuff my ass. Wahid smiled and blew her a kiss. Like he needed any encouragement! Wahid put on a condom and positioned himself behind me. Simane tossed us a bottle of lubricant, and Wahid made good use of it. He smeared lube all over my asshole, then pushed his cock inside of me. I groaned as Wahid's thick cock invaded my asshole. Hmmm. Feels good. Feels big. Nice. Long have I anticipated this, and it certainly did not disappoint. Wahid packed my tight ass real fast with his big cock. He filled me up completely. And I absolutely loved every moment of it. You've got no idea how long I have dreamed of this. Getting fucked by a good-looking Black man while my sexy Somali wife-to-be watched us do our thing.

Simane lay on the couch while Wahid and I did our thing on the carpeted floor of our living room. My sexy wife was completely naked, massaging her tits and rubbing her hairy pussy as Wahid and I did our thing. I gestured for her come join the action. Grinning, Simane hastily joined us. Gently, she kissed me. Then she got underneath me and began sucking my cock while Wahid continued pounding my ass. I just love it when my darling Simane goes down on me. Of course, I was also hungry for her sweet pussy. Guys, Somali pussy is the best on the planet. Bar none. I told Simane I wanted to taste her, after she finished sucking me off. Smiling, she acquiesced.

Simane lay in front of me, her shapely thighs spread. I buried my face between Simane's legs as I licked her pussy. Wahid smacked my ass while fucking me, and Simane laughed, urging him to fuck me harder. As Wahid fucked me with gusto, I got really hard and needed something to fuck. Well, my sweet Simane volunteered her lovely holes. I plowed my cock into Simane's pussy as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. I pumped my cock into her. At the same time, Wahid shouted that he couldn't take it anymore. He came inside the condom he wore, then pulled out of me. I felt him go soft. I chanced a glance behind me, and noticed him stroking his cum-filled cock, masturbating as he watched me fuck Simane. Good. I hope he's enjoying the show.

Simane and I continued to do our thing, until she cried out in orgasmic delight after getitng pleasurably rammed by my thick cock for another forty five minutes. Wahid sat nearby, his thighs covered with cum. He winked at us, and told us we were the hottest couple he had ever seen. Simane and I smiled at that. Touché. The three of us hit the showers, then had a glass of wine. Wahid hugged us both, and we thanked him for making our threesome fantasy come true. We walked him back to his Porsche. Then Simane and I went back to bed because we're horny, and naughty, with energy to burn. It's the Somalian way, with a Christian twist of course.

Written by: Samuelx

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