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Jennifer's Story

by MormonChicks©

According to the law, children born during the marriage were the responsibilities of the husband. Dave thought we had three kids together. There is a funny story about that. Every time I'd go home to see my folks I'd get pregnant. Dave liked to joke it must be the water.

The first time I got pregnant David had to go out of town for a training seminar. I decided to go see my Mom and Dad ... with full intentions of fucking Dad. Mom had her usual excuses for going out and it worked out just fine with me.

Dad knocked me up on that trip. That trip was my whole fertile period that month. I had been off the pill for three months. David and I were using his much recommended , and church approved rhythm method. Dad and I used it, too. We hit such a rhythm that the walls would shake from the guest room bed banging against the wall.

Our son was born nine months later. David was worth a shit for math. Lucky me. He never had a doubt and was so proud that he bred his little wife.

Our daughter wouldn't have been the fault of the water either, expect Dad said he liked the Idaho water that he brought with him. That's all we drank while he was at our house. David was working full time job for a short stretch.

Dad had come down to help with some repairs on the house and install a lawn sprinkler system. I'd tease him inside to fuck me a couple of times each day. Dad had to work like hell after the last time he'd drain his cock in me until David would get home so his work would show some progress.

In addition to my daytime cunt reaming, David had softball practice twice that week. Each time he and his buddies would go for a beer. Dad would fuck me in our bed. I let David sleep where Dad screwed me and not change the sheets.

Fucking Dad was nice. His cock is a couple more inches than my husband's. Nine months later our daughter was born. When the due date was near David commented that he shouldn't have let me drink the jugs of Idaho water.

Baby number three came after another trip back to Idaho. My car was not running and I had to take the bus. Still, getting back with Dad made it worth it. And, Dad made it worth it to me. By then we could have fucked in the house with Mom there and she wouldn't have noticed.

Some wife had complained to the Bishop about Mom fucking her husband. I think Mom was preoccupied with getting the Bishop to fuck her so he would leave her alone about the other men.

That's when the shit hit the fan not long after I left. Word got out after the Relief Society meeting about the cum trail Mom had left all over town. Dad told me she kind of left him in a corner to where he had to move out to retain any respect in the ward.

At that time I was living with a man I didn't love that was cheating on me. The man I really loved and the actual of my children was living 200 miles away in an old mobile home in Idaho. Mom took Dad moving out to be the opportunity for her to hit the bars and start dating in public.

Now, back to my divorce. David was a real prick. Good riddance. Then was when I discovered eligible Mormon men my age were pricks, too. I tried dating. I couldn't even find one to suit me enough to get laid. The Mormon Church was no help. All my Bishop did was hit on me. I might have fucked him and got some groceries for my kids. They weren't going to make my ex-husband act like a man.

Dumbass David married two more times. Each time to a woman with a better house and income. The motherfucker was born to be a human sponge.

Then I met Phillip that was not Mormon. Phillip wined and dined me. He had a better job than mine. I fucked him and was happy to do it. He was coming to see me several times per week. His dick was a bit short.

Just getting an injection of sperm in my pussy on a regular basis was great. He told me he was divorced. Then that he was getting a divorced. Then the truth came out was still married. I continued to fuck him anyway. Sharing a husband was no longer new to me.

Time went on and nothing changed with us. I was fucking him so he had no reason to leave his wife for me. Then one day I ran into them at a store. He had told me she was ugly and mean. She was pretty and smart. Out relationship ended with me telling him to make a choice. He did.

I was back to trying to date again. My life was in a spiral. My bills going unpaid. I was about to lose my house and car. There was no one in the dating pool of any interest whatsoever. I got health problems and my teenagers started acting like shit. I finally broke down crying to my mother. She called Dad.

My father was quick to console me and ask me what her could to to help. This why I wanted to tell the story about my Stepfather and me. He left Idaho to move in with me ... and help out with things. The first thing he helped out with was my vagina. It needed a lot of attention.

When he backed that pickup truck full of his things into my driveway. I waived him inside. I motioned him into the bedroom. I was taking off my clothes as I went. When I went to turn around before I got in bed Dad was already naked, and right behind.

I felt like stopping a the side and taking him from behind. Instead I wanted him face to face, groin to groin. If I wasn't ready when he drove up, I was ready now. I spread my legs, exposing my wet slit. I patted my pussy and told him to get where he belonged.

He shoved his hard cock into my waiting cunt and we fucked until I realized the kids were about due home from school. I rocked him hard and muttered something about the kids. He filled me with the sperm I was missing so much.

That night after the kids were asleep Dad came into my bed. We fucked each other for an hour and fell asleep in each others arms.

We barely woke up before the kids. Grandpa in bed shouldn't come as a shock. I had been divorced three years. The kids were fifteen, thirteen, and nine. I wouldn't have had to explain. They would have figured it out.

Mostly Dad and I would screw when the kids were in school. Some nights I would slip in to ride his cock in his bed. Then every other weekend we had the house to ourselves to play the newlywed game. David had what he thought were his kids. I was getting him for eleven hundred per month in child support. The cocksucker deserved to pay.

Mom had to leave Idaho. The word was out about her there. She moved in with an old lover in Salt Lake that still lived in our old Ward. I don't know what the Mormon ladies thought about that. Mom seemed to care for the guy. They reunited over the internet. Maybe Mom was becoming an honest woman.

With Mom back Dad talked about divorcing her. That would mean he wouldn't be my stepdad any more. I liked the idea of what we had ... something a little taboo. Mom and her guy were okay with leaving things as they were.

I'm sleeping with my stepfather now. I love having Dad next to me at night. It was the kids idea. Like I said, it was their idea. Welcome to Mormonville!

Finally, Mom and I sort of became friends That's when I learned more about my self.

"You know honey," your grandparents divorced and both remarried."

"I knew that. Maybe we just aren't the marrying kind!" I joked with her.

"You don't have to tell me, but I don't think your children belong to your ex-husband."

A smile was the most she was getting from me.

"I took a liking to my stepfather, too. That's where I learned there was no such thing as too much sex."

"That may be more than I need to know, Mom."

"Well, you and your sister belong to him. Sort like of what you have done here."

"Oh, My God, Mother!"

"Sorry!" You know how the LDS Church and Mormons love their genealogy. Wait until they see the print out on this family tree!"

Written by: MormonChicks

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