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Voluptuous Aunt Diane

by esoog©

It was a great summer. I was 18 years old, with no job, and no responsibilities. After having been small for most of my life, I had finally had a growth spurt the year before and was up to 6 ft tall, and in great shape. I spent most of those few months in a small town, where I had a lot of family, including my Aunt Diane. Aunt Diane is my mom's younger sister and, at 35 years old, was still a very attractive, voluptuous woman. She has the most amazing set of tits I have ever seen, to this day. They have to be in the neighborhood of GG and are completely natural. Aunt Diane also had a pretty face and a nice butt, but those tits were definitely her best attribute. All through my teenage years, I lusted for Aunt Diane. I would dig through her bedroom, whenever I was at her house alone, and I discovered her sexy panties and dildos. I would sniff and lick her dildo and panties, while jacking off, imagining what her pussy must taste like. Basically, I was obsessed with her sexually.

My favorite times with Aunt Diane were when we would go to the river near her hometown to hang out, swim, and barbecue. We would always all be drinking, so that's usually when she would be the most flirtatious and the least dressed. She never wore string bikinis, because she had some extra weight on her, but she would always wear those mom type bikinis with big panties and large cupped tops. Even with her large top, her magnificent breasts were always straining to come free. Although we flirted often over the years, it was on one of these trips that things really got interesting.

We had about 6-8 people in our group that day, including my Aunt Diane and her husband. We stopped at a gas station on the way, and when I pulled up next to my uncle's truck, my aunt swung open her door and started rubbing her legs with sun oil. She looked at me and smiled as my uncle walked into the store to buy beer and wine. She saw me ogling her, as usual, and gave me wink. My Uncle soon returned and we were off to the river.

After everyone unloaded the chairs and ice chests, most of us jumped in the river for a swim. Aunt Diane set up in a chair in the sand to layout. When the others had swam out of hearing range, she called me over and asked if I would rub some sun lotion on her back. She held her pretty brown hair up and bent over so I could have access to her whole back. She said, "Make sure you get some all over, even under the straps. I don't wanna burn". This day was off to a great start. I was already getting to touch my sexy Aunt's body in a bikini. Needless to say, I was very turned on. I rubbed her down thoroughly, under her bra strap, and then down under the top of her panties. Then, I rubbed her sides, under her top, and felt the sides of her wonderful breasts. She moaned slightly and said, "Yeah, make sure you get it in good". I was getting an erection by this time. She sat up and said, "Ready to do my front?" I could hardly believe what I was hearing, but she looked dead serious. I stared down at her deep cleavage, my heart raced, and my erection grew.

Splashes from behind interrupted my dream come true, and I turned to see Uncle Tim, Diane's husband, and the others coming back from their swim. I quickly said, "I think that's Uncle Tim's job", turned, and jumped into the water, so Uncle Tim and the others wouldn't see the tent in my bathing suit. My Aunt got a kick out of all this and I had to watch from the cold water as Uncle Tim rubbed down her front nonchalantly. The rest of our day was fun, but Aunt Diane and I never got to be alone again.

Once we got back to my Aunt's house, Uncle Tim passed out in the bedroom and the others retired to their own houses. I was watching TV in the living room when Aunt Diane came in with a t-shirt and her bikini bottoms on. She said she got a little burned and she lifted her shirt and moved her top slightly so I could see her tan line, as well as almost all of the side of her breast. I told her, "You already made me hide in the cold water once today to settle my hormones and now you're at it again!"

She just laughed and said, "It's so funny how much you want your crazy aunt."

That next day, I returned to my Aunt's house around 10 a.m. My cousin was at school and my uncle had left town for a few days for work. I was very excited at the prospect of spending a lot of time alone with my aunt, maybe even sleep over. When I arrived, she was wearing a t-shirt and panties only, her usual skimpy attire when I visited. My uncle often complained that she wore too little around me, but she would just brush him off and say, "Don't be silly. He's our nephew and his mom walks around their house in bra and panties all the time", which is not entirely true. This morning, it also appeared that my aunt had not put on a bra. She was running around the house, doing chores, and talking on the phone, while I sat in the living room and pretended to play video games. I was really watching the way her massive tits swayed to and fro under her shirt and every now and again I'd get a peek of her fine ass when she would bend over to pick something up.

At one point, she must have caught me drooling over her butt, because she came over to me and asked, "Do you like the panties I have on?" She then proceeded to lift up her shirt and put her ass right next to my face.

I said, "You look unbelievable. Do you think I can touch them?"

She laughed and said, "Ok, but only this once." I placed my hand on her butt softly and rubbed her beautiful panty covered flesh. I then got bolder and moved my hand to her hip and squeezed more, hoping to work my way to her crotch, but she slapped my hand away playfully and said, "Settle down mister." A few minutes later she announced that she was going to take a bath.

I sat in the living room, with a raging hard on, imagining my naked aunt in the next room. After what happened at the river the day before, and how flirtatious she was being this morning, I was also feeling pretty bold. I knew it was wrong to lust over my mom's sister in this way and I knew that trying to do anything with her could have disastrous consequences, but my 18 year old hormones were in full control of my brain at this point. I decided this was my big chance. We were all alone and she was already naked. The house only had one bathroom, so I walked over to the door and knocked lightly. "I have to use the bathroom, Aunt Diane", I said. "Do you mind if I come in?"

She replied, "Uh, sure, it's unlocked." I walked in and could see her silhouette behind the thin shower curtain she had pulled in front of her. I apologized for the intrusion, lifted the toilet seat, and pulled down my shorts, releasing my large erection.

I thought maybe if she saw me first, she would let me see her naked too, and then who knows what might happen after that. So I said, "Never mind. I can't go with you right there."

She said, "Aww, you're too nervous?"

I replied, "No, not really nervous, just turned on knowing you're right there naked in the tub." At this I heard her stop moving around in the tub and she didn't say anything. I continued, "I'm way too hard to be able to pee, so hard it hurts."

Aunt Diane said, "Oh, I see. I do that to you?"

I replied, "Oh yeah, look", and I walked up to the bathtub and pulled the shower curtain aside. There I was, with a 7 inch erection pointing right at my naked Aunt Diane's face.

Oh how I had dreamed of this moment. It didn't quite go as I had hoped after that though. Aunt Diane's back was to me, but I could see her huge breasts hanging to the side of her torso. While she didn't go out of her way to cover herself, she also wasn't showing me much. She looked at my erection very surprisingly and said, in a low voice, "Wow, that is a big problem, very big." I could tell she was having an inner battle about what to do next. After several awkward seconds she tore her eyes from my dick and said, "I would love to help you with that, but I'm your aunt. You understand don't you?"

I just said, "Yeah, sure" and backed away from the tub, pulling my shorts up. I said, "Sorry Aunt Diane" and walked out of the bathroom. I was very disappointed and embarrassed, but at least I hadn't done anything so severe that we couldn't still have our same relationship. I lay on her bed and started watching TV, wondering how she was going to react when she came in the bedroom. I got under the blanket so my erection wouldn't be so obvious.

A few minutes later, she came out of the tub in a new shirt and panties and did a little pirouette in front of the bed, like nothing awkward had just happened. "What do you think of these panties, honey?" I told her they looked great on her and she was so sexy. She smiled and said, "Thank you." Aunt Diane went in to the other rooms for a few minutes and then returned and jumped into the bed next to me. "Whatcha watchin?" she asked.

"Just some movie about monkeys", I replied, kind of glumly. She got under the blanket with me and watched the movie for a few minutes. It was some old 80's movie I was not really into. At one point in the movie, a chimp started humping the cage of another chimp. I laughed and said that was me against the shower curtain earlier, trying to lighten the situation.

Aunt Diane slapped me playfully on the arm and said, "Oh, don't be so disappointed, you're my nephew silly boy", and she cuddled close to me. It was not uncommon for us to be in her bed together like this, because she always said she loved to take naps with me. I'm not much of a nap kind of guy, but I jumped every chance I got to get in the bed with her.

Although I was still embarrassed and nervous, I was even more horny. I decided to try one more time. I said, "This movie sucks!", and began flipping channels again. Recently, my uncle had gotten a satellite dish and he had a friend that worked for the dish company, so he had all the channels, including the adult ones. I flipped to one of these channels and hit enter. A movie was just starting, featuring a beautiful blond with big fake boobs, laying out on the beach in a tiny bikini. I said "Ooh, this looks better."

Aunt Diane laughed and said, "Yeah right.", but didn't object any further. On the movie, a man approached the woman and began sucking on her tits. My aunt broke the awkward silence and said, "I bet you think that's one lucky guy, getting a girl like that."

I said, "She's hot, but has nothing on you. Your tits are so much nicer than hers."

Aunt Diane said, "Really? You think so. She's so skinny and beautiful."

I said, "I would take you over her every day of the week."

Aunt Diane blushed and said, "You really know how to make an old lady feel sexy."

The porno was progressing predictably and the actor now had his dick out and his hand on the woman's pussy. I could feel the sexual energy between me and Aunt Diane and my erection was becoming noticeable through the blanket. I said, "I wish I could have done that to you at the river yesterday. Your tits looked so good in that bikini."

She replied, "I gotta admit. I was hoping you were going to rub some lotion on them for me."

I said, "Maybe I could rub them a little now.", and, to my surprise, she said ok. I rolled away from the TV and she lay flat on her back. She pulled the blanket down to her belly and I reached out nervously. As usual, she had no bra on under her t-shirt and I could see her large nipples were hard. Her beautiful breasts flopped to each side of her chest, straining the cotton tee. I began softly kneading her breasts with one hand. She moaned softly and looked me in the eyes lustfully.

I rolled closer to her and began massaging both breasts with my hands. She said, "Let's get this out the way.", and she pulled her t-shirt up over her huge knockers. Freed from their confines, her breasts settled magnificently. They were at least GG and sagged to the side and down, but not to the point that they looked flattened. Her big hard nipples and 1 inch, dark areolas jutted out proudly.

"You are perfect", I whispered as I attacked her breasts with my hands. I had moved close enough to her that my hard on was stabbing her in the thigh. She reached under the covers and grabbed it with her left hand. It took every ounce of self control I had not to cum right there.

She began stroking it slowly and said, "You're so big for your aunt."

I said, "God, I wanna suck your tits so bad."

Aunt Diane said, "Go ahead honey" and she placed her hand on the back of my head, guiding my hungry lips to her left nipple. I could tell she was really enjoying me worshipping her breasts with my mouth, because she began squirming, moaning, and breathing heavily. Between her writhing under my lips, stroking my cock, and the sounds of a porno in full fuck action in the background, I could contain my 18 year old sperm no more, and I came all over her shirt. I started to apologize, but was interrupted by the phone ringing.

Completely flustered, the ringing phone must have brought Aunt Diane back to reality, because she let go of my cock, sat up, and pulled her shirt back down. "Oh, God, what are we doing?" she exclaimed. I was still in the afterglow of the best orgasm I'd ever had. I just laid back down and tried to catch my breath. Then I heard a knocking at the door. Aunt Diane jumped up, looked at me desperately, and said, "Turn that off and clean up, quick!" She threw on a pair of sweat pants and ran out the bedroom.

To be continued...

Written by: esoog

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