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My Late Night Subway Ride

by pink2468©

I was riding the subway late at night. I had left a friends house after having a few and decided to take the subway so I didn't have to pay for a cab. We had originally planned to go out clubbing, but ended up just hanging out at her place until late. When I got on the train there was just a couple, a homeless guy, and me. The homeless guy stared back and fourth between me and the female of the couple on the train. I could tell the boyfriend noticed and it made him uncomfortable. They got off at the next stop and went to a different car.

After they left the homeless man started staring at me without looking away. At this point I realized that I was wearing a small miniskirt, (which barely contained my large ass) a spaghetti strap tank top, a push up bra (which shows off my already nice breasts) and high heels. My friend and I were planning to go out, so I had on full makeup as well. As the homeless man kept staring at me his hand slowly moved to his crotch where he started rubbing slowly, through his pants. I looked over at him and gave him a warm smile. I uncrossed my legs, then crossed them the other way to give him a nice view of my panties, then I caught his eye and slowly licked my lips.

The homeless man unbuttoned his pants and pulled his coat over his lap, he pulled out his cock and started rubbing it underneath his coat. I uncrossed my legs and leaned forward, putting my elbows on my knees, giving him a nice view of my panties and my cleavage. He started rubbing himself harder, it became more obvious what he was doing under his coat. He slowed down nervously when the train stopped at a station. I also straightened up, thinking he had seen someone, but the doors opened and closed without anyone getting on and we went back to it.

He was sitting across from me, about six feet away. I leaned forward, pressed my tits together with my arms while licked my lips again. He gave a small groan, staring at my mouth, my exposed panties and my ample cleavage. I slowly got on to my feet and walked over to sit next to him, while I ran my hands slowly down my sides. He was jacking off smoothly under his coat now, not trying to finish yet, but definitely enjoying the show. I paused when I was crouched- half way to sitting down. When he didn't get the hint, I took his right hand and put it on my ass, then I held his coat over his cock with my right hand. I leaned over and whispered in his ear to ask him if he thought I was pretty.

He squeezed and rubbed my ass, then moaned while he continued to stare down at my tits. I uncovered his cock and and watched him jacking off for me. His cock was slightly larger than average, but not too big to believe. I looked up at him, biting my lip while my free hand crept toward his busy one. I started to jack him off with my left hand. He pulled his coat back over his cock, that way a stranger wouldn't be able to see it directly as the train stopped at the next station.

Again, we slowed almost to a stop and acted natural and again no one got on the train. It started moving again when the doors closed. Once we left the station the homeless man dropped his coat and started playing with my tits. He put his hand down in my tank top and started kneading my tits and pinching my nipples roughly. I let out a small audible moan and he started to pull up my skirt. He kneaded my ass in his right hand as his left worked my tits over. I looked up at him and bit my lip again before leaning down slowly and wrapping my lips around his cock.

He moaned loud as I started to suck him. I got on my hands and knees on the bench next to him so I could better suck him. He pulled my panties down and off, they disappeared into his coat pocket before he started rubbing my wet pussy. At the same time, he used his left hand to unhook my bra and pull my tank top down to expose my tits. His fingers were nice and wet from my pussy and I fully expected him to start fingering me, until he pulled his hand back and started to slide two fingers into my asshole. It caught me unexpectedly and I slipped forwards, jamming his cock all the way down my throat. I left my top half lower, in his lap now and started sucking him harder and faster, feeling his cock slide in and out of my throat easily as he fingered my asshole more and more.

Without meaning to I started to moan hard around his cock. When he felt this it must have sent him over the edge, because he started to moan really loud. I pulled his cock out of my throat and started to jack him off quickly. He had two fingers in my asshole and was kneading my ass hard. His other hand was cupping one of my exposed breasts when I felt his cock stiffen. I slid down off the bench onto my knees in front of him. His fingers made a popping sound as they slid out of my asshole and my tits rested on the bench between his legs. The train started to roll to a stop.

He started to cum in thick, hot ropes that hit me full on in the face. A large glob hit me in my eyes and started to make my makeup run. He grabbed my hair and pulled me back so he could cum on my tits and down the front of my shirt. It seemed like he would never stop cumin. When he was finally finished It looked like I had been with 5 men instead of one. He gave a big sigh of satisfaction. As I tried to lovingly rest my mouth against his softening cock, he pushed my head away gently until I was in a sitting position in the middle of the train car. He quickly put his cock away as he walked toward the doors. The doors opened at the station and three older men, having just been kicked out at last call boarded the train as my homeless man left.

The men immediately noticed my exposed tits, tiny skirt, and young, beautiful face all covered in cum. They began to approach me, smiling. This was going to be a great night.

Written by: pink2468

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