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Fingering My Sister In Law

by ianarm©

I have always had a fancy for my sister in law. My brother, the lucky swine, has been married to Lilly for 10 years and it's obvious why he married her. She is one of the wealthiest women around today. See's made her money in tanning and beauty salons and when they first got married she was really fit. Like most women in their late 30's she has done a lot of gym work and is still really fit today.

I have always wanted to fuck her for since my brother first met her but I have never had the chance to and she is a little too straight to go behind his back. I don't want to go behind my brother's back either but I'm pretty fixated on her these days and when a glimmer of an opportunity came up I took it.

I was invited to a friend's wedding and my sister in law and her hubby my brother were on the guest list too. It all taking place in a lovely big old church out in the middle of the country and the reception to place in a big hotel in the country as-well. I had brought my girlfriend with me and we were all really enjoying ourselves.

It was late on when the bride and groom had left and I needed a pee. The men's was busy but I had noticed earlier that all the cloaks and coats had been put in a guest bedroom on the ground floor. I thought I could nip into the bathroom there and jump ahead of the queue so to speak so off I went.

However, just as I turned into the corridor I noticed my sister in law going into the room. I innocently followed, opened the door and went in. Lilly hadn't switched the light on so neither did I. Lilly had obviously come to the same idea as I had as I could hear her peeing into the loo. She stopped and I heard her tear off some toilet roll obviously to wipe her-self and then her zip being pulled up on her skirt the toilet flushed and out she came into the room and went towards the door.

As she put her hand on the doorknob I whispered loudly, "Shhhhh."

"Don't turn around" I said in a disguised voice.

She stood there stock still and said absolutely nothing. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her. She was still facing the door and again I whispered "Shhhh" in her ear again.

I let my right hand wander up her torso and onto her boobs and I felt what I could through her blouse and bra. I now had a big bulge in my pants and I was hoping she was going to make it bigger. I put my left hand through her hair and breathed heavily into her neck. I could smell her perfume which was intoxicating. My hands now both began to get in on the action and I unbuttoned her blouse and felt her boobs over her bra.

Then undoing the zip on her skirt my fingers loosened off her waistband and dipped my fingers into her panties beneath. My cock was responding well and I could feel myself getting harder. I love the feeling of my big cock getting harder against her ass.

The bigger I got the harder I got too. I could feel the skin getting tighter and thinner below the bulbous head of my cock began to poke out of my boxers. I let her skirt and panties fall to the floor in one smooth move. I was standing behind her now with both hands on her tits and I was rigid now against her ass. Squeezing firmly on her boobs I then got her nipples between my forefingers and thumbs and began tweaking her nipples as she just stood there.

My left hand massaging her big boobs while my right hand was doing all the work on her pussy but still Lilly just stood there and said absolutely nothing. I knew she was getting worked up as her breathing got louder and heavier. My cock too was getting was getting harder and harder. I could feel her big nipple in the palms of my hands as I squeezed her boobs and now my own pre cum was leaking into my own pants.

I used my left hand to feel her bum. Her cheeks were so soft to the touch and the more I rubbed her clit the more she clenched her cheeks together. Her firm bum and her bald pussy were just what I really liked. As I continued I sensed she was near to cumming and I returned my left hand to her boobs. Her nipples went rock hard and suddenly I could feel her cumming.

I shortened my hand movement so I only just reached her clit with my fingers and three long squirts of her juices shot from her pussy and hit the door in front of her. A fourth squirt only managed to dribble down my hand and that was it. Lilly pulled up her panties and skirt pulled her bra over her boobs and buttoned up her blouse then straightened herself up, all without turning around.

"Shhhh" I said again. She opened the door and left while I put my hand up to my mouth and licked up her juice that was on my hand.

So there I was, having fingered my Sister in law and I'm pretty sure she didn't even know it was me. She didn't even want to know as she could easily have turned any point. But I had had her pussy in my hand and it hasn't stopped me wanting a bit more. Now I know how her pussy felt I now desperately want to feel my cock in her pussy.

Now how am I going to do that without my brother finding out?

Written by: ianarm

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