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Day full of Black Cock Ch. 02

by bigrod4u87©

"Jenni, hold on someone's at the door downstairs," Michele said excitedly, remembering the intense fucking the two studs had just given her. Her younger college classmate was calling from her dorm room. She and Michele met a few weeks ago when Michele started taking classes at the college to relieve some of her boredom as her husband worked long hard hours. They became study partners and friends, with the cute blonde teenager, Jenni, sort of looking up to the 26 year old Michele in a big sister kind of way.

"Okay, but don't hang up I need to ask you something," Jenni told her.

"Okay, hold on," Michele replied as she raced out the master bedroom, still completely naked, to let in her two fuck buddies for another round. Her slick pussy started to tingle all over again as she relished in the hard fucking she just gotten and was hopefully going to get soon again.

Michele's big 36 DD-cup boobs bounced and swayed as she rushed down the carpeted hallway to descend the winding staircase as it swept into the entrance foyer of the upscale mansion. The large house was in an upper class neighborhood where she lived with her newlywed husband of six months, 36 year old Steve, who was one week into a three week Asian business trip. Reaching the bottom of the stairs while still holding the cell phone to her ear, she turned rapidly toward the large all-glass front doors. And halfway there her bare feet skidded to a halt with her mouth muttering 'Oh My Gawd'.

"What's the matter Michele," she heard Jenni ask in the cell phone still at her ear.

Michele looked through the clear glass of the double doors and saw an Express Delivery man standing there holding an overnight envelope and a signature machine. He was tall, muscles pushing out the fabric of his brown shirt, and his skin was a sexy dark chocolate black. Another hot black stud at her door?

"What the Fuck was going on today?," she thought to herself. "I watch a few hot interracial pornos and I see more black guys in one morning than I do all month long?" Not that she minded of course.

And he was staring back at the naked newly minted housewife, a bit shocked at first, and then a slow sly smile creeping across his handsome face. He drank in her gorgeous face, her heaving breasts and tight nipples, her flawless flat tummy with the shimmering belly button ring dangling in the morning light, and her sparse neatly trimmed brunette pubic patch. His smile got big, along with the tent in the front of his brown pants.

"Michele? Michele?" she heard in the cell phone ear piece. "You okay?"

"What? Oh. Yeah Jenni. I'm fine. The delivery guy just startled me I guess. Hold on."

Her shock wearing off, Michele steeled up her courage once again and played off the bravado she experienced with the two black contractors earlier, she swayed her way to the front doors. Really working the curves and wiggles of her sexy naked hips, and the bouncing of her proud titties, she put on her biggest "fuck me stud" smile and brazenly opened the front doors. No longer embarrassed by her nakedness in front of a black stranger, but rather excited by it.

"Hi there handsome," she greeted the Delivery guy. "Whattcha got for me?"

"Well hello there miss," he replied, his eyes roaming all over her naked body as she leaned her back against the edge of the opened door. His smile and his tented pants getting bigger by the second.

"Is your dad home?" he asked glancing at her husband's name on the envelope.

"Oh, he is smooth," she thought to herself, smiling into his bright eyes. I'll have to play along and see how it goes. "My daddy's not here right now," she said coyly, while nibbling on her left index finger's tip. "He's gone out of town on business and won't be back for a couple weeks. I'm here all alone mister."

"Oh, I see miss. Well, it's just that I have this rather big package and I need to give it to someone," he said as he brushed a hand along his black cock straining the front of his pants.

Michele looked down at the huge tent his cock was making and lewdly sucked the fingertip in her puckering mouth before absentmindedly dropping it down to play with her slippery wet naked pussy, completely at ease being naked in front of this handsome strong black man.

"Oh wow, that is a nice big package you got mister. I guess you could give it to me if you don't mind giving it to a lil' girl," she demurely looked up at him with her begging 'fuck me' eyes.

"Michele, what the fuck is happening over there?" asked a concerned sounding Jenni from the cell phone. "What do you mean your daddy isn't there? What package? Michele??"

"Oh. Er, hold on Jenni, I'm okay," Michele replied to her friend on the phone still. Holding the phone to her ear but dropping the mouthpiece slightly, Michele licked her lips and fingered her slick pussy right there on the front porch on the big house.

"Well, I'm not sure you could handle this big package miss," said the Delivery guy boldly fisting his cock through the fabric of his pants now. "I mean it is really big."

"Oh, I can handle that package mister, don't you worry about that," Michele replied confidently. "Why don't you show me that big thing and I'll show you how I can handle it."

With a big shit-eating grin Delivery man dropped the envelope and machine to the ground before reaching to his belt and pants zipper. Michele's eyes watched his every move with her fingers working over her little clitty in fast small circles. His movements were slow and precise as he drew the moment out watching the hot and horny white housewife fingering her pussy.

He slowly unbuckled his belt and then slowly slipped the strap out of the buckle, leaving the two open ends dangling from the belt loops of his bulging tented pants. He placed his hands on his zipper and very slowly lowered the metal fastener to the bottom. Michele's eyes never left his huge bulge and her breathing deepened in anticipation of a big black cock to play with. She licked her lips and continued building up an orgasm with her fingers in her slippery snatch. Then he just stopped with his hands on his hips. Zipper down, belt undone, and a huge tent in the front of his pants.

"What are you doing?" asked Michele excitedly. "Come on. Take it out. Let me see that big thing. Open it." Michele was almost pleading now, begging Delivery man to show her his huge cock.

"You want this thing girl, you open the rest and take it out."

"Oh shit, okay. I gotta have that, er, a, package mister."

Michele pushed away from the open front door, took two steps outside onto the front porch, placed her bare feet wide apart on either side of Delivery man's feet and squatted down in front of him. All the while holding the cell phone to her right ear with the mouthpiece under her chin as Jenni listened on the other end. She reached out to steady herself and then like a black cock slut she reached into the opening and fished out his huge dick. The monster swung out and up as her fingers instinctively wrapped around his girth.

"Holy shit," she exclaimed. "That thing is fucking huge. Oh. My. Gawd. I can't even get my fingers all the way around this fucking thing." Michele stroked his hot pulsating black cock in her fist.

"Michele, what the fuck is happening over there?," Jenni cried from the cell phone. "What are you doing? It sounds like your flirting with that Delivery guy?"

Michele just ignored Jenni on the phone and fisted that fat slab of hot black cock in her left hand, her wedding ring glittering in the sunlight. Up and down, up and down she stroked. Delivery man just swayed into her pumping fist as his dick got bigger and harder. She was fixated on the huge dick in her white hand. Watching this monster grow bigger, grow hotter, and grow harder. She licked her lips, leaned in closer and lovingly kissed the swollen black head of his dick.

"Yeah baby, give it another kiss. Give it a French kiss this time," he commanded Michele.

"Oh Wow, I love your package mister. It's really big and so hard. So hot and throbbing," Michele moaned rubbing the cock head on her cheeks as she fisted his shaft up and down. "You want me to kiss it? You want this lil girl to get it all wet?"

"Fuck yeah baby. Get that package all wet for me. Use those pretty lips and get my dick all wet."

"What the fuck did he say," Jenni asked in shock from the phone? "Did he say what I think he said? Michele, what are you doing over there? That doesn't sound like flirting? Is the delivery man still there?"

"Oh yeah Jenni, the delivery guy is still here alright. Is he ever," Michele cooed into the phone while rubbing his cock head over her other cheek towards her mouth. "Oh, and he's a 'black' delivery guy with a huge cock!!! And we are way beyond flirting sweetheart. Way, way beyond. In fact, I'm about to deliver his black cock into my mouth, see if he can fill it with his hot cum." Michele looked deeply up into Delivery man's eyes as she said this. He just smiled and nodded.

"WHAT??? Oh my God, you lil slut!!!," exclaimed a shocked, but giggling Jenni. "Are you fucking serious?"

Michele stuck the huge black fuck stick into her mouth and sucked hard on his head. She bobbed a little bit moaning around his hot fat head and gurgling her spit onto his black flesh. She made moaning and cooing sounds into his cock head and wetly sucked on it even harder twisting her mouth just a bit before pulling off while still stroking the now fully erect 11" big black cock.

"Oh God Jenni, it's soooooo good. His black cock is sooooo yummy, and sooooo hard. My God he's huge too." Michele continued to lick his cock head between talking with Jenni on the phone, tracing her wet tongue all along his ridge. "I looooove the way he tastes too. Sooooo good and manly. Now I know what the slut in the next dorm room last week was moaning about when Byron fucked her."

"You ARE serious. Of my God Michele, that's so fucking hot," Jenni groaned out to her friend. "I can totally hear you sucking his dick. It's making me all wet too. Go slut go. Get some of that black cock!!!"

"Gotta get back to work on his dick baby girl. Stay on the phone and see if you can cum from hearing us," Michele suggested and smiled.

Michele immediately stuck his cock back into her mouth, moaned, and stuffed half down her throat where she gagged a little and pulled back. Keeping just the head in her hot wet mouth. She meowed into the head and slid her wet lips down again along his shaft getter more into her throat this time. She heard Delivery man groan and felt his hands on the back of her head. She bobbed up and down several times working his fat black stick into her throat, coating his shaft slick with her saliva. She was making love to it with her hot mouth and he loved it.

"Oh shit baby, you really love sucking cock," he said. "You almost got the whole thing. Shit. You are good. Get it all baby. Get that nose into my belly. Deep throat the whole thing."

Michele felt proud he liked her cocksucking skills and wanted to show him how good she really was by getting his whole cock into her throat. She continued to bob and spit and bob and jack it with her free hand and spit some more and bob and lunge at the very end. Finally she felt the fat shaft slide down her throat and her nose getting tickled by his pubic hairs. She did it. She had his whole cock in her and she got even wetter and hotter knowing he loved it too.

She worked it like that for about five more minutes, letting Jenni listen in on the phone, as she slid his big cock into her throat over and over again. Wet slurping sounds and excited moans escaped her mouth as she put on a show for her black Delivery man and her college friend. Delivery man just moaned, groaned, and 'oh shit' exclaimed over and over again too, his knees getting weak and his fat cock head puffing up in anticipation of blowing a load into the white slut's mouth.

Michele could feel the head swell up and speeded up her sucking, stroking, and bobbing on his dick. She was totally into it and didn't even care, or remember actually, that she was squatting on her front porch totally naked for the entire neighborhood to see. She loved black cock, big black cock. And she was getting it.

"Shit baby, I'm gonna blow. You ready for my big load? You want this load baby?" he asked.

Sliding off for just a second Michele answered "Oh yeah stud, give me that hot load, blow it in my mouth. I wanna taste your cum baby and swallow a huge load, give it to me."

She then resumed her frantic sucking and felt him hold her head and mouth in place with his big black dick buried in her throat.

"Here. It. Cums. Baby."

As hot thick cum shot into her throat. One, two, three hard jets of cum spewed into her and Michele just loved it. She wanted it. Felt so sexy, so naughty, so slutty, sucking off a black man on her porch and letting her friend listen in. She felt him pulling out of her mouth and his black glistening cock trailed cum from its head to her lips before blasting jets four and five onto her pretty face.

"Oh yeah baby, give me more. More cum. So yummy. More," she pleaded to her black lover.

Delivery man stabbed his cock forward and deposited one last jet into her waiting open mouth, where she pursed her cum slick lips around his cock head and jacked his shaft to coax any remaining cum into her mouth. She then licked up and down his throbbing hot shaft just loving the feel of his cock on her tongue. She used his slimy cock head to spread the load on her face into her mouth and greedily sucked it all in. "Um, um, um, um, um," she cooed, again and again.

"Oh, Jenni, he came so much and it was so goooooooood," she told her friend on the phone. "Did you hear us? Was it hot? Are you playing with your pussy?"

"Fuck Michele, that's was so intense, so fucking hot. My pussy is on fire and YES, I am playing with it," Jenni giggled into the phone from her dorm room. "I can make myself cum for sure."

"Shit, I need to cum too," Michele bemoaned to Jenni.

"Well then sexy slut," Michele heard Delivery man say as he grabbed her under her arms and pulled her up to him. "I want some of that hot white pussy now. My boy's still hard for you honey and he can drive you to screams real soon."

"Oh baby YES!!!", she told him. "Fuck with that big huge fat hard black cock. Fuck me hard and fuck me fast, but make me cum with your dick baby. I love hot black cock, I love it soooooo much."

She snaked her arm behind his neck as he lifted up her left leg with one hand and grabbed her hot ass with the other. Hitching his legs down a bit he worked his long shaft between her legs until it stuck out behind her legs. He rubbed his head back and forth a few times over her dripping cunt and Michele moaned into his neck, and the phone for that matter, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I want your black cock so bad. Fuck me with your black cock."

"Yeah baby, I'll fuck that hot pussy. You hot for my big cock baby? Want it in your hot pussy," he asked?

"Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me with your big black cock."

Reaching both hands between their bodies, then down between her legs, Delivery man grabbed hold of her ass and told her to hold on. He lifted up on her ass causing her legs to spread around him and he lifted her up to his waist while she held on tight to his strong neck. Getting a strong grip on her white ass and bouncing her slightly his huge monster snake angled up and rested in her ass cheeks. Michele reached her other hand with the cell phone to his shoulder for support as she reached down behind her to grab his fat shaft of black dick and guide it to her slippery wet cunt. When she felt his fat head slip inside her pussy folds she replaced her hand on his neck for support and replaced the cell phone to her ear.

"Oh Jenni, his cock is right at my pussy. He just picked me up and stuck his cock between my legs. Right out here on the front porch," she explained to her friend. "I can feel him sliding into my white cunt, oh shit, he's soooo thick and fat. Shit it feels soooooooooooooo gooooooooood."

"God Michele, what's gotten into you?" asked her friend. "I love it you slut. Ride his cock good."

"Oh yeah I will, oh fuck yeah."

And then he began to bounce her. Slowly down over his full black cock until he had buried all 11" deep in her pussy, then back up again coating his shaft with her wet juices. Then down again so deep and back up, her legs simply splayed around him and bouncing along with her. She was totally and completely under his control. All she could do was hold on to him with one hand and scream into the phone with the other.

"Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Yes, yes, yes. Fuck it's sooooooo gooooood. Soooo fucking good. I love your black cock baby. Keep fucking me. Hard. Bounce me hard down on your dick baby!!!!"

Delivery man bounced her down hard onto his throbbing cock and lifted her back up, her quivering pussy lips clinging tightly to his veined shaft. She felt him start to walk into the house through the open door, all the time bouncing her up and down on his shaft. He paused in the foyer to give her a good three minute fast fuck in his hands and on his dark dick. She screamed out her first orgasm with him.

"I'm Cummmming, cummmmming, cummming!!!", she yelled to her friend. "Oh Gawd I'mm cummmmming so goooooooood."

"Yeah lil baby girl, cuuuuum all over my black cock. You love it baby. You love my black cock fucking your white pussy!!!"

"Yes, yes, yes!!! I love it sooooooo much," Michele screamed. "It' so fucking gooooooood."

Michele shook her curly brunette hair from side to side as she worked through her intense explosions, and he still slowly bounced fucked her standing there in the foyer of her mansion. His black hands holding onto her white ass cheeks and her left arm snaked around his neck. She started to calm down a bit so he sped up his fucking again.

"You wanna ride my cock baby? You wanna get up on me and ride that black dick like a white slut," he asked Michele?

"Oh yeah baby. I'll ride your dick. I'll milk that cum right out of that black snake and let you fill me up with it," Michele moaned back at him.

Delivery man slowly lowered her back onto her feet then he lay down just inside the open front door on the tile. She climbed over him and straddled his legs before lowering her dripping pussy over his hard black slick shaft. Working it down inside her deep, she slid onto her knees and lifted herself up his dick and back down again. One hand on his chest for balance and the other hand hanging onto the cell phone.

"Oh god you're so deep baby," she cried sliding down to the roots of his cock. "Oh Jenni baby you HAVE to get some black dick, it's soooo fucking good. God he's huge and he fills me up so goooooood. Oh shit here comes another one. Oh God keep fucking me, keep fucking me."

Michele continued working her hips back and forth while her pussy slid along his cock up and down.

"Give me the phone baby," the Delivery man told her. "Let me talk to Jenni so you can get that orgasm you fucking white slut."

"Oh shit Jenni, he wants to talk to you," Michele told her friend.

"Here talk to him sweetie so I can cum again. He's a hot black stud baby, you'd like him, and his huge fucking black cock."

Michele handed the phone to Delivery man who was lying back on the tile, his knees slightly raised and one hand behind his head as he reached for the phone. He took the phone from Michele as she went back to work sliding her slick and slippery wet cunt up and down his thick fat shaft, which was now wet and glistening from her pussy juices.

"Hi Jenni. Your friend is one hot white slut. She loves fucking my big ol black cock," he said into the phone. "Her white pussy feels so good sliding up and down my cock. You like listening to us fuck? You fingering your wet pussy right now?"

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