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Invasion of the Ghetto Sluts

by TheTalkMan©

"This ain't a tiny white boobie, baby." Monique cooed. "This is a big, fat, black titty! Savor it, cause it's all you're getting from now on." Her words wormed their way into my mind, but I was in too much of a daze to fight her off or object. "Do you hear me baby? You're a black woman's man. Your hot body. All those sexy muscles. That big, fat giant white cock of yours. All of that is the property of black women now. You hear me? You're gonna be fucking black women from now on. Because you won't be satisfied with anything less."

I sucker at her breast for what felt like an eternity, and I was shocked out of my daze when I felt Sydni remove her sucking mouth from my cock. With a smooth grace, she moved from all fours to hovering above me, her pussy hovering inches over my erect cock, her intent clear. I put up one last line of defense.

"Wait! Please, let me go. You can keep the ring. Please, just let me go. I don't want to do this." I pleaded.

"But, I can have the ring and your cock." Sydni said naively, reaching down with one hand, stroking my cock, and then using the other hand, the hand which she wore the ring on, she began to rub her pussy. I looked at the ring around her black finger. A ring, which was owned the rich elite in the 1800's, people who probably owned slaves. This ring had been passed down my wife's family as a priceless heirloom, but now it was in the possession of this black stripper. The original owners were probably rolling in their graves knowing a black woman had this ring now. My wife would be enraged knowing this bitch had stolen her ring. This black slut, this absolute bitch, was using my wife's priceless heirloom to flick her clit. To provide herself pleasure as she buried her fingers in her cunt, the ring smothered by her tight black pussy. Sydni looked into my eyes as she reached behind herself, and I watch her grimace in slight pain. I realized what she had done. Her finger, the finger carrying my wife's priceless ring, was now buried in her own asshole. A black stripper was fingering herself with a slave owner's ring! I watched as she removed her finger, brought it to her mouth, and sucked it deep into her mouth.

"Jesus." I muttered, shocked at her depravity.

"The only way you get this ring back is if you suck it off my finger. C'mon, you want a taste?" Sydni asked.

"If I do it, do I have to fuck you?" I asked, looking for a way out.

"No baby. Of course not." she said, leaning forward, her finger pointed at my mouth. Reluctantly, I opened my mouth, and she slowly, teasingly, inserted her finger into my mouth. I shut my mouth, wrapping my tongue and mouth around her finger. Her taste hit my tongue, and surprisingly enough, it wasn't that bad. I could taste her pussy, since I was familiar with her taste already. And the taste of her ass was not really as bad as I expected. It was different, but not bad.

So I tried to wrap my tongue around her finger, but the ring was firmly stuck. I tried to suck it off, but it didn't budge. I tried to lick it off again, and it finally began to move. Just as it reached her knuckle, she curled her finger in my mouth, preventing me from removing the ring. I gave a muffled groan in confusion. Sydni smiled evilly.

"This ring is mine! And so are you." Sydni said, and before I could react, she began to lower herself onto my dick.

"OH FUCK!" I yelled out, her tight pussy beginning to stretch. "But you said..."

"I lied." Sydni said, grunting as she sat on my cock. "I am only giving you what you really want. You showed me that ring because you wanted me to have it."

"No, stop, it's, fuck that's tight! No, it's not yours." I said, not sure if I was talking about the ring or my cock. I reached up to try to push her off, but my eyes met hers. I don't know what it was about her, but something about her was terrifying. Looking at her made you afraid to defy her. I don't know if it was her demeanor, or her giant tits, but when she said something, you felt like you should comply. I was sure in that moment, that if I tried to shove her down and tried to escape, both her and the equally intimidating Monique would find a way to stop me. They would hold me down and fuck me. There was no escape. My arms fell to the bed. I wouldn't be able to stop this. I would have to fuck her.

"Fuck, that dick's big!" Sydni moaned out. "Your ring and this cock will suffer the same fate. Once belonged to your white wife, but destined to end up with a black goddess. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" she screamed, as my cock delved deeper into her. Her eyes lidded over as she lost herself in the pleasure.

"It's like she said," Monique whispered as Sydni tried to force my large cock deeper. "This is what you wanted. You have wanted this since we moved in. You have wanted this your entire life. We could tell just by looking at you. You have always wanted to be dominated by a pair of sexy black women. It's totally obvious that's what you really want. But you're afraid of it. That's why you're so racist."

"I'm not racist. FUCK! I'm married! I don't want to do this." I said, my eyes scrunched closed, not wanting to see what was happening. Sydni's pussy was unbelievably tight. She had to swivel her hips and maneuver herself to try to get my cock deeper. But she was dug deep, and my cock just kept going deeper and deeper inside of her, never hitting bottom. Her cunt smothered my dick with tightness, clinging to my cock like a vice. Her pussy was extremely wet, providing copious juices that lubed my dick, making its journey easier. I felt Sydni flexing, trying to fit my dick inside of her. Finally, her ass landed in my lap, my cock buried to the root.

"Fuck, that's a big white dick!" Sydni moaned out. She just sat there, flexing her cunt around my cock. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to see this sexy nude black woman sitting on my cock.

"Open your eyes, baby." Monique cooed.

"No." I said.

"It's not gonna go away. The next time you open your eyes, you're gonna see a black woman riding your cock. Might as well get it over with." Monique whispered.

"Shit, 'Nique, look at that!" Sydni said excitedly.

"Fuck, baby! That's what I'm talking about! That's so fucking hot!" Monique squealed. "That's why we do this! That right there is why we fuck white guys!"

I had no idea what they were talking about. I was trying to drown out the pleasure I was feeling from Sydni's cunt.

"Sean, you want to know why we love white guys?" Monique asked. "Open your eyes and see why." Monique teased. I grit my teeth. I had to do it. I had to open my eyes. There was no way out of this situation without doing so. They had me tied up with their hot bodies. Cautiously, I opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw was Sydni's face. She usually looked so severe, but for the first time, she looked relaxed, content. She was sitting up straight, which pushed her tits outward. I had to admit, her big black tits looked amazing. They jutted outward, like perfectly firm, ripe fruit. Enlarged, giant, squishy fruit. Her nipples looked ready to explode they were so hard. My eyes traveled down her sexy flat belly and down to her pussy. I saw Monique point her finger down there.

"There! That is why we do this! Right fucking there!" Monique pointed. I looked down and saw Sydni's cute, tight little cunt stretched to the brim by my cock. I saw my thick cock jammed into her, her sexy dark flesh meeting my white skin.

"There is nothing sexier than seeing a fucking huge white cock jammed into a perfect, tight black pussy. That right there is sex! That is what fucking is all about. That is what real fucking is. The only way real sex happens is if a white cock and a black cunt are involved." Monique said. I had to admit, her tight black cunt engulfing my cock did look incredibly hot. I couldn't help but examine their logic.

"I thought all you black girls wanted was big black cock." I grunted out. They both laughed.

"You're not even ashamed of your racism, are you?" Monique said. "Believing racist myths."

"And believe me, it's just a myth." Sydni added.

"But here is one myth that is true: White girls can't fuck." Monique said. Silence fell as Sydni methodically tightened her pussy around me for a few agonizing minutes. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.

"Sydni, Monique. Please! Just let me go. I really don't want this!" I pleaded.

"If you didn't want this, your cock wouldn't be throbbing. If you didn't want this, you would have walked out. If you didn't want this, you would not have hung out with us after we kicked your wife's ass! No way you really believed that bullshit. You knew what we wanted, and you wanted it too. You wanted us to fuck you. And we wanted the same thing." Sydni said.

"We are strong, independent black women." Sydni declared. "The top class of women. The best of the best. We are the smartest. We are the sexiest. We are the best of the best."

"It's not true, you racist bitch!" I said. She smirked.

"You're about to find out how true it is." Sydni purred. With that, she lifted herself, releasing my cock from her confines, inch by inch. Before the tip escaped, she stopped, and started to fall back to my lap. Despite my objections, this interracial fuck session had begun.

"You want to learn what real fucking is? You want to learn how black women fuck? Check this shit out!" Sydni said. With that, she fell forward, her chest meeting mine, her huge breasts pillowing out against me. She dug her nails into my shoulders for leverage, and before I could comprehend it, her ass began to bounce at a blinding speed.

"Holy shit! Slow down!" I said, her ass driving into my things hard.

"Fuck you! Man up you piece of shit!" Sydni hissed, bouncing even harder.

"Please, I don't want this. I'm married..." I said, my words drifting, their venom diminishing with every bounce.

"Quit whining! You're wife doesn't matter anymore! All that matters is us. Black women. Sexy black women who know how to fuck. So just lie there, let me do my work, and learn to love it." Sydni said, and before I could say anything, her mouth darted forward and met mine. Her tongue burrowed into my mouth, and I couldn't help but respond. Her tongue mashed into mine as I French-kissed my black neighbor. Her tongue was all over, playing with mine as she bounced on my cock.

She started sucking my neck as she demolished my cock with her cunt. I had to admit, her cunt was amazing. She was squeezing my cock constantly. I had never been in a pussy this tight. She was much tighter than my wife.

"Holy fuck, this shit is hot!" Monique moaned out from the side, the sound of her fingering herself reaching my ears.

The speed she bounced at was incredible. Her ass was a blur. This made it incredibly jarring when she stopped. She stopped her bouncing and sat up straight.

"I thought you were a real man, Sean." Sydni said, sweeping her hair behind her head. Her body was literally dripping sweat. The room was like a sauna. "While I do like the fact that you haven't cum yet, you haven't made a single move to squeeze these." she said, resting her giant tits on her arm. "Or this." she said, running her hand over her smooth ass. "We really thought you were the one. I mean, you're hot, you're white, and you've got a big fat cock. I thought you had it in you to keep up with me. All you white boys can't keep up. You bitch and complain. Why can't one of you just stand up and be a man!?"

"Because this isn't what sex is supposed to be. This isn't love. This isn't what I want. This is..." I said, stopping.

"Say it." Sydni said. "Are you really gonna say this isn't what you really want? Because you could have gotten out at any time. We are two defenseless girls, and you're a big strong man. If this isn't what you want, why are you still here?"

"I am here for the ring. I am here for my wife's honor. I came here for that and nothing else. And I will show you how wrong you are. How misguided you are. And when I do, you will hand that ring back to me." I replied.

"Oh really?" she said, shocked that I was fighting back. "I thought you were here to confront your racism. To make up for all your prejudices by fucking some black girls. The hottest ones you could find."

"If you are so hot, and so good at sex, why haven't I cum yet? Trust me, I can hold on like this for hours. This ain't nothing to me. Because this isn't the sex I like. I don't like black girls." I said.

"Well let's find out who's right?" Sydni said, looking like she was enjoying this back and forth. Monique was to the side of us, watching us with great interest. "I haven't cum yet either. The better fuck is the person who lasts longer. This fuck will keep happening. Whoever gives in first, whoever loses themselves to the pleasure, loses. If I lose, I will give you the ring and let you go. If you lose, then you belong to us."

"Deal." I said defiantly. With an evil smirk, she fell onto my chest, her mouth now near my ear as she resumed her previous fucking speed. For the first time, my arms left the bed as I rested my hands on her hips to increase the power of our fucking. I gave her no sign this affected me, and she did the same.

"You think you have awesome dick control? You don't know who you're dealing with. You've clearly have never been with a black girl." Sydni whispered.

"I have had much better sex with Emma." I challenged.

"I doubt that. Does your pathetic white wife fuck you this hard? I don't think so. Does she have big tits like this? Definitely not. The only thing she does have is her nasty ass pale skin. She ain't nothing compared to a nasty-ass black girl like me." Sydni said.

"Oh, you're nasty? Really? Tell me how nasty you are!" I dared her.

"You want to know how nasty I am? I fucked our gardener." she said.

"I know. I heard you. Is that the worst you've done?" I said.

"I fucked Jeff at the car lot to get you that car." she said.

"Well, that just makes you a slut." I replied. Her face scrunched up in frustration.

"I told T.J. to steal the ring. He's is so whipped he broke the law and went to jail, just for me. That's how good I am at fucking." Sydni said.

"You're evil." I said, angry at this revelation. I knew T.J. was a good guy. He got manipulated by this slut.

"But it made your dick throb. I felt it." she teased.

"No it didn't." I replied.

"If you like evil, check this out: it turned me on to kick your wife's ass. I can't wait to do it again." she said. I had never ever hit a woman, but I was about as close to doing that than I had ever been. This bitch was bragging about how kicking my wife's ass turned her on. But shockingly, my dick did throb. Her pussy felt so good. But she couldn't know that.

"I felt that. You're nasty like I am. Give in baby. You know you want to." Sydni pleaded, sitting up straight. "You know you want to squeeze my big black breasts. They are so soft. So firm. And look how sweaty they are. They are so fun to squeeze when they are slick like this."

"Fuck you." I said, turning away from her tempting breasts.

"Look at them. If I'm not affecting you, then looking shouldn't matter." Sydni challenged. I looked right at them, showing her they didn't affect me. I noticed the way they bounced. I noticed her rock hard nipples, and how fun they would be to tweak. To suck. To bite.

"Put your hands on my ass, baby. If you're not enjoying this, then it shouldn't be a problem." she dared. Meeting her gaze, I slid my hands down her sweaty flesh and took her insane ass in my palms. I squeezed it to show that I wasn't afraid of her hot ass. It wasn't like I was secretly into black women, and always secretly desired to squeeze their ghetto booty's. It wasn't like I secretly loved Sydni's ass and was seeking out an excuse to squeeze her perfect, firm cheeks. I did it again and again, filling my hands with her ass, letting her know I wasn't afraid.

"If you squeeze my ass, it shouldn't be any worse to squeeze my tits, right? It shouldn't be a big deal to a guy like you who doesn't like this kind of thing?" Sydni said.

I didn't realize that I had stopped challenging her. I didn't realize that I was doing everything she told me to. I didn't realize how good her tight fucking cunt felt. I didn't realize I was losing our battle. If I was thinking clearly, I would have. But even to a guy like me, with good stamina, her pussy was driving me nuts. I was having a harder time controlling myself. If I was thinking clearly, I wouldn't have removed my hands from her ridiculously sexy ass and slapped them onto her tits.

As soon as my hands met her flesh, my hands squeezed, as if on instinct, as if I secretly wanted to squeeze her giant fucking jugs this entire time. Her soft, pillowy tits, which felt so fucking good, which overflowed my palms, the black flesh looking so good in my white fingers.

"Squeeze them, baby. Squeeze them hard. Don't worry, I can take it." Sydni begged. And I complied. I squeezed harder, and harder, as hard as I could, but I couldn't make this bitch moan. I tweaked her hard nipples, but she just stared down at me, unaffected. She suddenly bent forward, her massive udders hovering over my face.

"Here, honey, suck them if you want. That shouldn't bother you, right?" she teased. I squeezed the bottom of her breast, pointed it at my mouth, and leapt forward, sucking it into my mouth. My mouth hollowed as I sucked on Sydni's left nipple. I played with it with my tongue, flicking the nipple. I brought my teeth to it and started to chew the nipple as I sucked, but Sydni was unaffected by this. I squeezed her breasts as I sucked showing her how unaffected I was by her body as she fucked me with her crazy tight cunt.

She let me go on and on, sucking her nipple to my heart's content. Monique got on her belly and began sucking and biting my neck playfully. As she did this, Sydni brought her lips to my ear as she smothered my with her giant black breast.

"Just admit how much you love this baby." Sydni whispered.

"Nnnnooph." I said, my mouth muffled by Sydni's nipple.

"Aw, c'mon, sweetie. We can tell how much you love fucking me. Only a racist mother fucker wouldn't be loving this." Sydni said.

"I justsh don'tphhh like black girlsh." I said, my voice still muffled.

"Says the guy fucking a black girl and sucking her nipple. You don't like black girls?" Sydni said with a raised eyebrow. Then she uttered one word that changed everything.


I was about to respond quickly when I asked myself her question. Why? Why don't I like black girls? Why did I only date white girls? It was because I was just not into black girls. But why was that? Black girls could be sexy. As much as I hated these two, they were both unbelievably sexy. So what stopped me from dating a black girl? It should be nothing, but I never went after one. They just weren't my type. They weren't white.

And just like that, it hit me. They were right. Sydni and Monique were right. I was racist. I never dated black girls because of their skin color. I had no negative feelings about black people or anything like that. It was just my preference. I only dated white girls. I never gave black women a chance. I never even considered it. Why hadn't I considered black women as a viable option? They could be sexy. Now that I think about it, they could be extremely sexy. I had to admit, their dark, smooth skin was hot in a way I couldn't put into words.

I hadn't known a lot of black women, but the ones I knew were very good looking. And they were blatantly sexual. Looking at them let you know they loved sex and were built to please. Black women were built for sex, it seemed. Like Monique and Sydni. They were built for sex.

To say that white girls and black girls were the same would be a lie. Of the girls I had known, most of the white women were very well put-together, proper, mature women. And that was great. But the black girls, they were more raw. More sexual. A bit trashy, but in a way that suited them. They were honest. They were upfront. They were real. White girls were a bit more reserved and proper. These black girls were in your face. They were honest. They let you know what they wanted. They took what they wanted. In a way, that was admirable.

Category: Interracial Love Stories