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My MILF Boss

by xratedstoriesx©

I couldn't help notice when my boss walked past. My eyes were instantly drawn to her long smooth legs under her slim-fitted pencil skirt, then up to her round, juicy ass, then further up to her large, perky breasts concealed behind her tight, low-cut blouse and finally to her gorgeous face. Ms Jessica Reyland was older than me; she was in her late thirties while I was only just twenty-five. I had always wanted a sexual experience with an older woman, the thought had always turned me on; I often had to cover up my erection while fantasising about her at work.

She smiled seductively at me as she beckoned me into her office with a finger motion. I gladly got up and followed her into her office. She signalled for me to take a seat and she sat down on the edge of her desk.

'Well Aaron, I've got some good news and some bad news. I'm sure you know the companies been going through some financial troubles, well it means I've had to cut down your bonus.' Jessica said while twiddling her hair between her fingers. I knew something strange was going on.

'So what's the good news?' I huffed.

She gave me a cheeky grin, 'Well I've decided to try and make it up to you.' She paused for a long moment, just staring at me 'To make it up to you I'm giving you my body.'

Confusion and arousal flooded through me, 'What?' is all I could manage to say.

'I'm all yours you can do whatever you want to me.'

'I'm sorry I don't understand.' I lied.

'I know you know what I mean. I'm yours; my tits, my pussy, my ass, do whatever you want with them.' She grinned.

I stood up and walked closer to her, 'Are you sure?' I said as I stroked her breasts through her blouse.

'Very sure.' She said, tilting her head back surrendering herself to me. This gave me the opportunity to nibble her neck; I did so as I unbuttoned her blouse and slid my arms around her to free those breasts I was longing to see. I let the lacy bra fall to the floor and took a good look at her tits. God, she was hot.

She followed my lead and let my shirt fall to the ground.

I took one of her hard nipples right into my mouth and sucked, nibbled and kissed it for a while before moving on to the next one. It made me so hard. I loved giving her tits the attention but I was dying to see that pussy. I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing a see through, black lace thong, it was see through enough for me to know her pussy was hairless apart from a sexy little landing strip- just the way I like it. I continued to pleasure her breasts as I rubbed her clit through the lace fabric.

I slid down that sexy little thong and teased her soaking pussy entrance with my finger then I began sliding it in and out slowly, I knew wanted me to make her cum but I wanted her to beg for it. I kissed down her stomach and stopped just before I got to her sensitive clit, then I kissed from her knee to her thigh, then I did the same on the other leg. I was so close to her pussy that I could smell those hot juices and I didn't know if I could hold back any longer, fortunately this was when I found she couldn't wait either.

'Oh fuck, eat my pussy. I want you to make your boss cum all over your face!' she said- that was all the encouragement I needed! I dove my tongue into her hot pussy. She tasted better than anything or anyone I had ever tasted.

'Oh yeah, that's good. Fuck me with your tongue; eat me like I'm your last meal.' She was so dirty! I loved it. I did exactly what she said and fucked her with my tongue. Every so often I would dart my tongue over her pretty little clit, making her moan so loud for anyone to hear. I kept my tongue on her clit for a while as I fucked her with two fingers; they slid in and out so easily because she was so wet- her juices were literally dripping down her leg. I had never been so horny in my life; I needed to fuck her, and it needed to be soon.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck! You're going to make me cum so hard.' She screamed just as her juices squirted all over my face and tongue.

After she had calmed down a little from her orgasm she got onto her knees and pulled down my trousers and boxers.

'Mm what a big cock you have.' She teased as she played with it in her hands. She licked the tip lightly, and then licked down the length until she found my balls and sucked and licked them for a while.

'Fuck.' I whispered. She giggled naughtily as she took my entire length into her hot, mature mouth. She bobbed her head up and down quickly, making me groan so much. Every so often she'd stop sucking and tease the tip for a minute, or she'd stroke my dick a few times before diving back onto it. It was only a few minutes before I felt my balls tightening, ready for release.

'So where do you want me to cum, boss?' I asked her. She stopped sucking and grinned; she stood up and sat back onto the edge of her desk, spreading her legs. I quickly thrust my cock into her and pumped it in and out quickly until I felt my hot cum fill up her tight little pussy. 'I'm cumming again!' she squealed as her pussy tightened around my throbbing dick.

We stood in silence for a few minutes as we caught our breath. She made the next move and pushed me onto her desk chair, she turned around so she was facing away from me. She spread her ass cheeks and slammed my cock into her ass. God, I hadn't had a good anal fucking for ages!

'That's so fucking good.' I grunted.

'Yeah, baby, I bet you love fucking your boss' ass!'

'God yes.' I replied. I knew it wouldn't be very long before I'd need to release again.

She pumped up and down for a few more minutes before having yet another orgasm, but this time just as I was about to cum she pulled herself off my dick so my cum shot up all over her ass and back. She turned around so she was straddling me.

'I hope you enjoyed your bonus.' She grinned.

Written by: xratedstoriesx

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