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Schooling the Stepford Husband Ch. 02

by jane marwood©

"Now just keep still Peter, you know the rules. I want your bottom fully relaxed so that I can feel your sphincter."

Peter raised himself on his tiptoes as her fingers pressed firmly against the opening of his bottom. He looked helplessly at the pretty headmistress as Jessica's fingers impudently prodded against the muscle of his sphincter.

"Ah yes..., I can feel his bottom contracting, he is obviously in a state of sexual arousal."

Peter could have wept with shame as she slid her hands from out of his trousers, leaving his penis erect and pushing outwards against the thin cotton material. He could not help glancing down and groaning with embarrassment as he saw the shameful bulge.

"Keep you head straight and look forward, I don't want to have to spank you on your first day at school Peter." Jessica's words fuelled the young boy's utter humiliation as she patted his bottom and stood back to look at him.

Miss Marchbank looked towards the doctor who was standing to the side behind Peter. I am sorry doctor, but I think you will have to extract his semen from him before he can be physically inspected."

She turned towards Peter. Tell me Peter, how many times have you had your semen extracted this morning?" She watched him flush with shame as he looked at her. His lips were trembling as he stammered his reply.

"Er... t... three times Miss.. erm Ma'am."

"Are you telling me that the nurse took three samples from you, Peter?" She watched his shameful look as he spoke again.

"Erm... er no Ma'am. The lady at the outfitting department... erm and the girls... erm did it twice erm Ma'am."

"Oh I see... Peter. There's nothing to be ashamed of if you have to have an erection dealt with. As long as you are truthful and report an erection, then the staff will deal with it. Now I assume that you were spanked before you were milked... is that correct?"

Peter blush became even deeper as he looked at the headmistress. "Er... yes miss."

"Good, it is important that you are spanked. There are good reasons why boys are spanked before being milked, however we need not go into that right now."

She looked at him intently as she spoke again.

"Now Peter, the doctor is going to milk you this time, so that she can get an idea of how much semen you are producing." Constance looked at the young doctor and spoke again.

"You can bend him over my desk for his spanking doctor. Perhaps you would like to let Jessica undress him, while you bring the instrument tray over."

Peter began to tremble with shame as Jessica moved towards him again. Her attitude was quite brusque as she stood in front of him.

"Lift you hands from your head and put them by your sides please Peter."

She waited while he obeyed her instruction, before placing her hands beneath the bracers on his shoulders. She slipped the bands from his shoulders and stood back as the short trousers immediately slid down his legs to the floor, leaving his unfettered penis to spring forward.

Peter shivered in shame as Jessica slipped her hands under his tee shirt and instructed him again.

"Right now raise your arms so I can slip this over your head."

To his utter humiliation, he felt her young body press against his erect penis, as she stood closer to him. He felt it throb mightily as she deliberately moved her body against his, slipping the shirt over his head and pulling it down his arms.

"There that's the way. Now step out of your trousers... come along now."

Peter hesitantly lifted his legs, shamefully aware of his penis bobbing to and fro as he raised his legs.

Jessica did not spare his blushes, quickly cupping her left hand around his testicles and grasping his penis with her right. She slipped the foreskin back and held it tightly at the base of the shaft as she spoke to the headmistress.

"His testicles seem awfully full considering that he has already been milked three times this morning! Shall I get him positioned over the desk?"

Miss Marchbank sat down and looked at the trembling young boy as he stood naked and shamefaced in front of her desk.

"Yes please Jessica. I would like him placed so that his hands are gripping my side of the desk. He should be well bent over with his legs widely spread so that his bottom is nicely upturned for the doctor.

The complete ignominy of the next ten minutes humiliated Peter to the very core. He was summarily bent over the desk with his hands gripping the far edge, his chest pressed against the smooth surface. To his utter shame Jessica had positioned his legs with his feet spread widely apart. Smoothing her hands upwards upon the inner part of his thighs, she had slipped her hands around his scrotum and penis and deliberately stimulated him until his penis was throbbing with sexual sensation.

Once she was satisfied with the hardness of his erection she had leaned over the side of the desk and had taken his head in her hands, forcing him to look at her as he felt the first firm slap upon his buttocks from the doctor as she commenced his spanking.

The shame of his chastisement was acutely exacerbated by the close proximity of Jessica's face to his... and her softly spoken words. The young doctor raised her hand and proceeded to spank him firmly.

Peter gasped as she slipped her free hand between the cheeks of his bottom and pulled the flesh to the side so that she could spank in-between the cleft of his buttocks. Her action deliberately adding to the utter shame that she knew the boy was feeling. "Smack... smack... smack..."

The steady cadence to her hand upon his buttocks was only interrupted by the soft voice of Jessica as she sweetly tormented him.

"There we are Peter... a nice smack-bottom to get your little cheeks nice and red. Now be a good boy and don't make a fuss while the doctor spanks you."

Peter could only gasp in shame as smack after smack of the young doctor's hands rained down upon his upturned buttocks.

"Is it beginning to smart now? I am sure it must be Peter because your face is very red. Does it hurt Peter? I think it must be doing - I can see a little tear in your eye. Be a good boy... I am sure it won't take too long. Then the doctor is going to pop her finger into your bottom and milk you until you are standing on your tippy-toes."

The next half hour was filled with such humiliation for the young boy that he barely came through his ordeal without fainting away completely. The doctor elicited such extremes of emotion from him that he cried out continually. Even though he had already ejaculated three times that morning, the slender and knowing fingers of the young doctor elicited such a response from his naïve young body that he was unable to contain himself.

His whole body quivered and shook as she had tormented his senses. Time and time again she brought him to the brink. Sometimes jabbing and prodding with her fingers deep into his bottom, other-times withdrawing her fingers completely and spanking his bottom hard. When she had finally decided that the boy could take no more, it took her but a few seconds to have him standing on his tip-toes, his back arched in utter abandonment, ejaculating wildly into the waiting specimen jar proffered by Miss Marchbank. Inexorably she had brought him to the most climatic ejaculation he had ever experienced.


It was sometime later that Peter was recovered enough to be escorted to his first class at the school. Miss Marchbank had allowed Jessica to demonstrate how he must dress himself without touching his genitals. She had then telephoned for one of the girls to come and take him to his classroom.

He had recognized Geraldine as the girl who had first escorted him to witness the punishments that morning. Now, as she walked by his side, traversing the cobblestone courtyard, he realised just how vulnerable he felt in his new uniform. Peter had been used to being casually dressed in jeans and shirt. To be suddenly dressed as a youngster, in embarrassingly short trousers, shamed the young eighteen-year-old boy.

His tee shirt fitted his upper torso snugly, the hem finishing just above the waistband of his trousers leaving a stretch of midriff bared. The wide waistband of his short trousers gaped open at both the front and the back. He looked down at himself, horrified to see that his freshly shaven pubis and genitals were open to the view of anyone that cared to look.

He flushed to a bright red as he looked towards Geraldine, knowing that she would only have to glance down to see either his buttocks or his penis and testicles. Her smile of encouragement as she looked into his face did little to bolster his confidence. He shivered involuntarily as the loose silk lining of his trousers rubbed sensuously against his genitals as he walked.

He was acutely aware that his trousers were so short that they barely concealed the tip of his penis as it hung down freely in the loose garment. His legs were bare from the hem of the trousers to his the flat leather soles which were supported by soft leather thongs that criss-crossed around his ankles and tied just above his calves.

Geraldine leaned back and turned her head to the side to look down, making quite sure that the boy did not observe her. She was delighted to see the strong curve of his bottom was clearly visible as the waistband of his trousers hung open. She carefully avoided looking down at the front of his trousers, not wanting the boy to see her prurient interest in his slender body.

She knew that almost every minute of his new life at the school would be filled with embarrassment and shame. She took his hand and squeezed it in a sudden gesture of compassion for the young boy.

As they walked together, Peter, surprisingly, felt a feeling of friendship and perhaps some sympathy emanating from the pretty young girl. The punishment of the young boys had affected him deeply. But until now, he had given little thought to the reasons for their punishment. Little surprising when one considers the unremitting trauma that he had endured since he had said "goodbye" to his mother.

But now as they walked in silence he considered the question. Why would the boys play with their penises when being caught resulted in such a harsh and embarrassing punishment? Had he known the answer, he might have been far more hesitant in walking towards his new classroom.

Peter blushed as Geraldine led him through into the light and airy classroom. There were ten very modern and quite large double-seated desks within the classroom. The desks were finished in highly polished white Perspex. The bench-style seats of the desks were an integral part of the design and were attached by chromium-plated 'S-shaped' tubing that allowed access by sliding into the seat from either side.

Just a single pupil occupied some of the desks, while others were being shared. There was only one desk in the front row of the classroom that was un-occupied. To his embarrassment Peter soon realised that he was the only boy in the room... and that he was the focus of attention as all the girls turned around in their seats to look at him.

"Come along girls face the front... now Geraldine if you would bring our new pupil forward." Gillian spoke softly to the class, but their response was comprehensive and immediate... all turning back to face her as she stood by her large and spacious desk which faced towards the pupils at the front of the classroom.

"Now Peter come and stand up here by me... and I will introduce you to your fellow pupils. I am Miss Forester and you may address me as that... or just 'Miss' will be fine."

Peter realised that his new teacher was pretty to the extreme and as she focused her attention upon him he could not help but blush once more. He looked at her in embarrassment his face blushing to an even deeper red as she caught his eye.

She was dressed in a white silk short-sleeved blouse, which was tightly waisted. Below this was a dark navy pleated skirt, which finished just above her knees and to add to the beauty of her legs, she wore the daintiest of high-heeled shoes. Her dark brown hair, which shone with a deep lustre, was pulled back and fastened with a velvet navy bow behind her head.

Her face was exquisite, a small nose, high cheekbones and the daintiest lips. The shape of her face was accented by the merest hint of blusher high on her cheeks. She was impeccably made-up, the blue eye shadow she was wearing perfectly matching the hue of her eyes.

Peter noticed that her pink lipstick also matched the colour of her nail-varnish. Gillian Forester's beautiful smile revealed her perfect teeth as she looked at Peter. He felt utterly gauche in her presence, dazzled and embarrassed by her extreme beauty.

Peter thought she was the most beautiful schoolteacher he had ever seen. Certainly the female teachers at his last school had neither been remotely pretty or as exquisitely well dressed as Miss Forester. As unusual as it was, for a young boy to have such a pretty and alluring teacher, Peter was to learn over the next few weeks that every member of staff at the academy was of similar physical perfection.

Gillian was well aware of the effect she had upon the young boys at the school and was delighted to see him blush as she took his arm and faced him towards the class.

"Now girls, I want to introduce you to Peter who is going to be joining our class today. Now rather than introduce all the girls in turn, I am going to let you get acquainted after the class has finished..." she gave Peter a reassuring smile, "so, for the moment Peter, you may sit on that desk in the front."

She turned to Geraldine. "If you would sit next to Peter you may be able to help him assimilate himself into our way of working."

Peter was blushing from head to foot as he followed Geraldine to the unoccupied desk.

While he had been made to stand by the teacher's side, every girl in the class had looked straight towards him. Wherever he had turned his head, he had been unable to avoid eye contact with at least one of the young and extremely pretty students; others, to his shame, where examining him from head to foot. His embarrassment was further exacerbated as Geraldine placed him at the side of the desk and spoke to him as if he were a child.

"There you are Peter, just slide your little bottom onto the seat."

He was acutely aware that as he did so, the backrest of the seat pressed against the waistband of his short trousers, allowing it to gape open widely at the front. He groaned in dismay as he watched Geraldine slide into the seat from the other side of the desk and look down at his gaping trousers. She turned to him and whispered in his ear.

"Don't be embarrassed Peter... just pay attention to the teacher."

Gillian Forester knew that the girls would have already cooked up some scheme or other to embarrass the 'new boy' and was not surprised when Anthea, who was one of tallest and prettiest girls in the class, put her hand up and speak to her.

"Miss shall I get our new-boy a set of books?"

Gillian smiled to herself as she watched Anthea's lithe and sexy body slide from her seat and go over to the glass cabinets where books and stationary were kept. Rather than interfere with whatever they had planned, Gillian merely decided to observe.

"OK girls, let us carry on with our English assignments, while Anthea equips our new-boy with everything he needs."

She watched as the girls bent their heads to their studies. She walked between the first row of desks, casually observing the girl's work as she moved toward the back of the classroom.

She often stood resting against the wall at the back of the room, where she could observe the class without the girls seeing where she was looking. She watched as Anthea collected pens and pencils, rulers and erasers as well as exercise books and the primers for today's English lesson.

Gillian watched with a wry smile on her pretty face as Anthea carried the equipment over to Peter's desk. She watched the boy look up nervously as Anthea daintily laid out the pens and books upon the surface of the desk.

Gillian saw that one or two of the girls were surreptitiously looking across at Peter as Anthea leaned over him and placed her arm around his shoulder and opened the English primer for him.

Peter was blushing profusely as he looked up at her. Her exquisite face and lithe body leaned against him as she opened his book.

"Hello Peter, I'm Anthea, I'm one of the class monitors so if you ever need anything you can ask me. Now if you look at the primer I will show you where we have got up to so far."

Peter blushed again as she leaned over him and placed her cheek next to his. He was acutely aware of her sensuous young body and her heady perfume as she deliberately leaned and moved against him whilst turning the pages of the book.

"Now see if you can find page two hundred and forty Peter."

As soon as Peter had leaned forward to take hold of the book, the girl leaned forward with him and slipped her right-hand under his arm and around his waist. She pressed her breasts against his back as she bent over him and whispered softly in his ear.

"There Peter I think that the next page is the one you need to start from."

Anthea knew that no one, apart from Geraldine, could see what she was actually doing to the boy. Her right hand began to stroke gently over his chest and tummy as she pressed herself against him.

Peter was so embarrassed that he could hardly read the text. His fingers fumbled as he tried to turn the page. His cheeks burned and his body shivered as Anthea's fingers dipped into the waistband of his trousers and began to caress the bare flesh above his shaven pubis. Her voice was soft and low as she teased him.

"Shall I take hold of your little pencil Peter... and mark the spot for you? Or do you think you can do it yourself?"

Peter was shivering with emotion as he picked up the pencil with trembling fingers and tried to mark the page. As soon as he had picked up the pencil, Anthea slipped her fingers right down inside his trousers and delicately wrapped them around the shaft of his penis. She felt the boy shudder as she slipped the foreskin back and whispered to him.

"There sweetheart, you can make a bigger mark than that... there is plenty of lead in your little pencil."

She squeezed his penis as he tried to write. He was almost blind with emotion as she delicately drew his foreskin back, her breasts rubbing sensuously against his back and his arm as she leaned over him, virtually holding his body captive.

Geraldine could hardly stifle a giggle as she looked across at Anthea and then down at the gap between his loose trousers and bared tummy. She could see Anthea's long fingers delicately manipulating the boy's penis. She watched him shiver with emotion as the girl dipped her fingers further down and cupped his scrotum in the palm of her hand.

The boy gasped as she jiggled his testicles and gave his penis one last squeeze before withdrawing her long slender fingers and whispering to him.

"There we are Peter a nice firm stroke with your pencil... that wasn't too hard was it sweetheart?" Her voice was soft and sensual as she slipped her left hand up over his back and teased the hairs at the back of his neck.

Geraldine looked down and saw that his penis was completely engorged. The rigid flesh was standing upright with the tip of his penis almost protruding over the waistband of his trousers. She looked at his face, which was flushed to a bright red as he shivered and shook with emotion.

Anthea delicately teased the hair at the nape of his neck before running her fingers through his hair and standing upright. She looked down at him as she spoke.

"There we are Peter... all nicely prepared for your teacher."

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