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Vulnerable Silence

by deafguy©

*Note: This story is fictional. The author is hard of hearing ("deaf") and has had this story as nightmares at home for a long time, and does not wish this on anyone. Please do not try this at home.


After placing the last box from his truck on the dining table, he went to lay down after a long drive from his parents' house. He just got a new job in IT, working behind a desk. He is 1,000 miles away from family and friends, and is all alone. Can he survive his new life? Well...

He took his hearing aids out of his ears, and placed them on his nightstand. He is a strong build, late 20s, cute deaf guy working as a System Administrator for a medium sized corporation. He's 6'1" and 225 lbs. He laid down on the bed and closed his eyes.

After 10 minutes, he is fast asleep. A van pulls up in his driveway in the rural country side. 7 women exit out of the van and head to the back door. Sadly, the man didn't lock his back door. The women were able to open it and enter. These women are very attractive, between the ages of 18-45.

Danielle says quietly, "Where is he, girls?". Nicole responds silently, "I don't know. Let's look around." A couple of the women go into the living room, one looks in the bathroom, and the rest go upstairs. Dawn, one of the women who went upstairs, goes into the man's bedroom. She finds him in there. She notices the hearing aids on the nightstand. After a second, she realizes the promising opportunity. "He's in here!" Dawn yells. The man is still fast asleep. The other women come in the bedroom.

"How come you yelled?" asked Nicole. "Look at the nightstand," replied Dawn. The women look over to the nightstand, and then Heather said, "He's deaf. No wonder he didn't hear us and we didn't get caught right away."

The women chuckle lightly. "Let's have some fun," Nicole said warmly. Amanda grabs some straps from a bag she had with her and through them on the bed. "Get going," Amanda said. Four of the women each grab a strap and carefully strapped the man's hands and legs to the bed posts. Danielle grabbed a ball gag from the bag. After the straps have been securely strapped on, the man woke up.

"Wha-.. Who the hell are you women?" questioned the man. Danielle puts the gag in the man's mouth. At that point, the man realizes he was in trouble, and he gulped. Nicole sits next to the man, and starts rubbing the man's penis behind his blue jeans. The man starts feeling erected, despite him not wanting the feeling. He's shaking his head ("no"), hoping the women stop. He moans, and is starting to breathe hard. "Aw, baby... sweet baby. Too bad I didn't bring you into this world. That'd be nice and sweet," 40s-something Dawn said. Nicole unzips the man's pants. At this time, all the other women start undressing, up to their bras and panties. Bras are different in color and style, but size is no smaller than a B for all the women. Nicole quickly undresses her pants, and then her panties. She gets on tops of the man and guides the man's penis into her vagina, slowly.

"Ah," Nicole orgasmed. Nicole starts pulling herself off and sliding back on the man's penis. The man gives off a big orgasm. As Nicole was riding the man slowly, Danielle starts kissing the man's lips. Then, she inserted her tongue in his mouth. At this point, the man couldn't help but start to enjoy what was happening to him. He is yelping small orgasms.

"Mmmhhmm..." the man moaned. This went on for hours and hours, with each woman having their turn at him. It was sunrise, and everyone fast asleep. The man wakes up to his very sore penis for riding so many women for so long. He remembers that neither him, nor the women were wearing any condoms. So, there's a good chance he made every woman pregnant. And if not, he might have STDs, as well as the women.

The man also realizes he needs a psychiatrist, because the women have really messed him up.

He falls asleep again. The next time he wakes up, he finds himself unstrapped from the bed, with the straps and ball gag gone, along with the women and their clothes. He knows he should go to the police, but he is embarrassed about going to anyone and does not do such an action, leaving the women scot-free of any justice for their crimes. Despite being a man, he cries quietly and realizes his life is upside down. The man is owned by the women...

Written by: deafguy

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories