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Serena Williams Does Laila Ali

by Samuelx©

Breathlessly, Serena Williams kissed her lover Laila Ali after a night of passionate lovemaking. Laila Ali looked into the eyes of Serena Williams, on top of whom she lay. Gently she caressed Serena's soft, firm breasts. Serena positively purred. Hot damn. This woman was seriously good in bed. What a pair they made. The world's number one female tennis player and the world's number one female boxer, both of them internationally famous African-American athletes, multi-millionaires and legends. And now, they were lovers. Incredible, but true. Serena palmed Laila's sexy butt and gave it a good squeeze. Laila laughed and licked Serena's ear lobe. She loved it when Serena got naughty with her. Grinning, Serena said she was ready for round two. Laila smiled. She was always happy to oblige.

This steamy hookup tonight wasn't the first time that Serena Williams and Laila Ali got busy, but it was definitely one of the best. Here they were, in Serena Williams Los Angeles mansion. Butt-ass naked on a king-sized bed, in the mansion's master bedroom. Laila licked every inch of Serena Williams sexy body that night, sucking on her tits while fondling them, fingering her pussy and making her gasp and eventually squeal in delight. Hot damn. They really got it on, and it was absolutely fantastic. Laila Ali put Serena Williams on all fours, worshipping the Black tennis legend's sexy ass. Long had Laila Ali yearned to get that ass close to her face. Serena Williams had an ass that millions of men and women worldwide wanted to bite. Among other things. Gently, Laila kissed Serena's scrumptious ass, then began smacking it and teasing it. This drove Serena absolutely nuts, especially since Laila fingered her wet pussy while licking and spanking her ass. Laila Ali definitely liked ass play and Serena Williams was the queen of ass worship, both giving and receiving.

After licking, spanking and fondling Serena Williams ass for a good while, Laila Ali gave it what she called 'the treatment'. She told her sexy dark-skinned lover what she had in mind, and Serena Williams grinned. Excitedly, the sexy tennis legend got on all fours, shaking her sexy ass. Laila grinned. Hot damn. The world's top female boxer couldn't wait to tap that fine tennis ass. She took her strap-on dildo, and eased it into Serena Williams pussy from behind. Serena Williams licked her lips as Laila Ali penetrated her from behind with the strap-on dildo. Holding Serena's hips firmly, Laila thrust the dildo deep inside of her. Serena backed her booty against Laila's pelvis, grinding against her, and causing the dildo to sink deeper inside of her. Laila's dildo was thick and ebony, just the way Serena liked them. And Laila seemed like she knew how to use it, too.

Laila Ali grinned broadly, watching Serena Williams sexy ass jiggling under the force of the thrusts of her strap-on dildo. Hot damn. She still couldn't believe she was banging Serena Williams with her strap-on dildo. An avowed albeit secretive bisexual, Laila Ali enjoyed both women and men. Hell, she was married to a sexy professional football player and they had a healthy sex life. As much as she loved her husband, Laila Ali had to admit that sexy, big-booty, feisty Black women like world-famous tennis superstar Serena Williams excited her like no man could. And she was okay with that. Especially since Laila Ali discovered that being Black, beautiful and on top of their respective sport wasn't all that she and Serena Williams had in common. They were both bisexual. After her relationship with the macho rapper Common ended, Serena Williams found herself drifting away from relationships with men. Nowadays she was exploring her often neglected queer side, and it felt good.

Still, Serena Williams was thankful that the woman she chose to explore her 'gay' side with was Laila Ali. A tall, beautiful and fiercely competitive Black woman raised in the tough environment of Compton, California, by a single father, Serena Williams was definitely a type A personality. Any person, male or female, who wanted a chance with her had to bring their A game to the table. And even then she might cut them down where they stood. Well, in Laila Ali, Serena Williams found her true match. Someone who possessed the right combination of strength, beauty, ferocity and tenderness all rolled into one. It was funny how they met. A few weeks ago, there was a gala held in downtown Los Angeles. A gala honoring female participation in sports. Women who were the presidents and athletic directors of colleges and universities across the United States of America were invited, along with female sports stars. Women from the WNBA, female Olympic athletes, and female college athletes. All of these outstanding women were gathered under one roof, along with their assorted boyfriends, husbands, colleagues and supporters. The nominees for the first annual Women In Sports Award were Laila Ali and Serena Williams. Two of the most recognizable women in the sports world today. And amazingly, the award went to both of them. There was a tie. Apparently, voters couldn't decide between these two sexy, strong and amazingly talented women. Laila Ali, daughter of legendary African-American boxer Muhammad Ali, and Serena Williams, the reigning champion of women's professional tennis worldwide, found themselves on the same stage for the first time. Champions. Rivals. And now, lovers.

At the gala, as she danced with handsome ( and unfortunately gay) African-American anchor Don Lemon, Serena Williams kept stealing glances at Laila Ali while she danced with her husband, National Football League player Curtis Conway. Serena Williams found herself staring at Laila Ali's tall, sexy and athletic body...and her amazing ass. Hot damn. She wanted this woman! What Serena Williams didn't know was that Laila Ali felt the same way. They exchanged numbers and kept in touch. They became friends, meeting for lunches, and surprisingly competitive runs around Los Angeles. Slowly but surely, their budding friendship and rivalry turned into something more. And that's sort of how these two amazing ladies ended up becoming lovers. Secret lovers, of course. Both of them had high-demanding jobs that required them to stay clear of scandal. Serena Williams had just about had enough of the media hounding her after every mistake she made, so she was extra careful both publicly and privately these days. Laila Ali, who grew up in the spotlight long before she became a boxing legend and the host of the wildly popular television competition American Gladiators, could definitely relate. Passion mattered to them in their budding relationship but discretion was a MUST.

Laila Ali looked up at Serena Williams as the sexy tennis player impaled herself on the strap-on dildo and rode it hard. Laila smacked Serena's big ass, and Serena laughed. She loved this sort of thing. After getting pounded regularly by the rapper Common's big dick throughout their relationship, she had to get used to using dildos again. Well, Laila Ali's dildo was big and Black, and also very realistic-looking. Laila Ali fucked her sexy woman real good, and in no time, she had Serena Williams moaning and squealing in orgasmic delight. After what seemed like the fuck of the century, Laila Ali gathered the glowing, sweaty and happy Serena Williams in her arms. Gently, they kissed and went to sleep.

Written by: Samuelx

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