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Big Black Cock

by Boxlicker101©

Maggie Malone is a pretty blonde with big breasts, a large curvaceous ass, which she prefers to call her booty, and a rather thick waist. Some might call her fat, but she has no wish whatsoever to lose weight, because her body is highly appealing to the men she wants as sex partners. That would be young black men, especially the mythical hung black studs. She knows there are such men, because she has attracted dozens of them to her bed, and hopes to attract hundreds more, so they can pleasure her pussy, ass and mouth.

The latest is Otis White, a tall, athletic young man she met one Saturday night at the night club where she works as a nude cocktail waitress. Like the rest of the mostly black male clientele, he patted her voluptuous bare ass when she bent over to place his drink on the table. Instead of becoming angry with him for taking such liberties, Maggie turned and smiled at the handsome dude, whom she recognized as a new patron of the club.

"Is that enough of a feel for you?" she asked, turning to face him with her hands on her hips and her legs spread, showing off her freshly shaven pussy. "Or would you rather have more?"

In response, Otis reached out and gently held one breast in his left hand while stroking the top and inside of her thigh with his right. His gentle touch was important to her, almost as important as his blackness. Sex with well-hung black men is what Maggie craves, but only if she believes they will not be rough or abusive. She moved closer to let the interesting man get a good feel of her pussy, if that was what he wanted.

It was. When he saw there were no objections, he inserted the middle finger of that hand while his thumb reached up to rub her clit. He was alone at the table, and obviously attracted to her, but Maggie wanted to see if she was sufficiently interested in him to allow him to continue. He was being gentle enough at playing with her that he passed that test, but there was something else she had to know, and it was much more important.

As he continued fondling her pussy and breast, she bent over and took hold of his cock through his pants. It was hard, of course, and Maggie was elated at its size, because she was unable to get her hand all the way around it. She didn't know the length of the cock she was holding, but didn't care, expecting it to be commensurate with the girth and considering thickness to be more important than length anyhow. The black man at the table passed the main test easily, and she hoped he would want to go home with her and replace the finger in her pussy with the huge cock she was fondling.

The interior of the night club was dark, but a candle in a glass container sat on each table, and it provided plenty of light for Maggie and her intended partner to see each other. Those at neighboring tables could see what they were doing too, but the men were familiar with her easy availability and that of the other cocktail waitresses and had no problem with her picking up a new fuck buddy. Many of them had felt her up the same way in the past, and some had gone infinitely further once they were alone with her in her bed. Those lucky guys, who were all blessed with big cocks, knew if they hoped to do more of the same in the future, they had to avoid any jealousy. The young lady always made it clear she was her own woman and belonged to nobody.

"And that night, she had made her choice. "What's your name, Handsome," she asked the hung young man.

"Otis. What's yours."

"Maggie. Well, Otis, if you're interested, it's another hour before my shift here is done, and you can join me in my pad right down the block. But take it easy on the booze. I don't want some guy who's too drunk to get it up."

"I don't think I could ever get too drunk to get it up for you." He took a sip of his drink. "Especially not with drinks as weak as this."

Maggie laughed at that. She was well aware the primary attraction of the night club was her and the other hot white girls who waited on tables in the nude. The weak, overpriced drinks were the dues the patrons had to pay for a chance to ogle and fondle the waitresses and, possibly go home with them for a night of hot sex. The waitresses were not prostitutes; they were just white women who loved getting it on with black men.

She continued serving drinks, being fondled by the patrons and earning big tips but, if somebody asked for a date later, she told him she was taken for that night. If she recognized the man who propositioned her as meeting her rather high standards, she mentioned the possibility of them getting together again in the near future, possibly the following night.

When her shift ended, Maggie stopped by Otis's table and told him she would be back after finishing her paper work and getting dressed. She had served him one more drink, which was still half full, and Maggie was glad of that. She was also glad he played with the cleft of her booty that time, for she loves being stuffed with a big, black cock there almost as much as she loves having one crammed into her pussy, although she thought his cock might turn out to be too big for her rear pleasure hole.

As she had told Otis, Maggie has a room in a cheap hotel just down the block from the night club where she works. She doesn't actually live there, because she has an apartment a few miles away, but she rents the room to have a place to take the men she picks up at work. She opened the front door, preceded him up a flight of stairs, smiling as he fondled her ass, and led him down the hall to her furnished room. After they had entered, she turned on the light and closed and locked the heavy door behind them, including throwing the dead bolt. With the room secure, she scuffed off her shoes and kicked them into a corner.

The hotel room is small and furnished with only a bed, a chair and a dresser, which is all she needs there. A closet holds a few changes of clothing, and there is a small bathroom. There is one window, which opens onto an air shaft and has a view of a blank wall. That's alright with Maggie, because her naked body is the only scenery that interests the men who join her there, and their big, black cocks and muscular physiques are what she mostly likes to look at. She and Otis stood next to the bed and embraced for the first time that night. His cock was hard, and she could feel it inside his pants as it pressed against her pubic area, as if trying to escape.

Maggie was eager to help it. She quickly knelt in front of him and unbuckled the young man's belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper on his fly. The jeans were tight, but she put her hands on his hips and pulled them down to his knees so she could get a good look at the cock that had fascinated her earlier. He was still wearing his jockey shorts, but they were bulging far out in front. Maggie reached her hand inside the waistband and drew in her breath as she felt the hard cock that was still concealed inside. It seemed even bigger in her hand than it had before, and she carefully pulled his cotton shorts down around it and to his knees.

"I've been thinking about this for the last two hours," she told him, and kissed the head. "Sit down and let me finish taking off your pants.

She licked under the ridge for a few seconds, reveling in the hardness of the mushroom shape, before untying his shoes. They and his socks were dropped on the floor beside the bed, and she pulled his pants and underwear the rest of the way off and added them to the pile. While she had been removing those garments, Otis had taken off his shirt and jacket and left them on the bed. Maggie wanted to be just as naked as he had just gotten, so she stood up to remove her jacket and peel her sweater off over her head and shake her hair back into place. After unfastening her skirt, letting it drop to the floor and stepping out of it, her sexy body was completely bare because she had seen no reason to bother with stockings or any undergarments when she got dressed before leaving the club.

She knelt in front of Otis again, this time between his legs, and leaned her elbows on his thighs while her hands briefly fondled him. Maggie rose up higher, to a crouching position, and licked the head of his huge cock, reveling in how hard it was and in the velvety texture. She was a bit wary, because sometimes a guest in her room would grab her head and try to ram his cock into her mouth, but this one remained a gentleman, as she had expected.

However, when she opened her mouth wider and tried to engulf Otis's giant organ, she realized there was a problem. What she had was too much of a good thing. Even opening her mouth as wide as she could, there was no way Maggie could get his massive cock past her teeth. The best she was able to do was to nestle the head between her lips and use her tongue to caress whatever she was able to reach. Although Maggie was somewhat disappointed, she believed the extra thrill she would get while fucking the monster was worth not being able to suck off the black sex partner she had chosen for the night.

At least she didn't have to forego all oral pleasures. "Scoot forward and lean back and relax," she asked of the young man. You're too big to get into my mouth, so I can't suck you off, but at least I can give you a nice tongue bath."

Otis did as requested, and Maggie licked her lips, moved his cock to one side and started stroking his crotch with her tongue. Carefully and lovingly and relishing his salty flavor, her tongue caressed him all over behind his scrotum, until she started licking Otis's wrinkled ball sack itself, starting with the left side. When her questing tongue felt one of his balls, she gently held it between her lips and started caressing the ovoid, reveling in the happy murmurs of the man on her bed. After she encountered his other testicle, Maggie treated it the same way, as she caressed his entire scrotum and the underside of his stiff cock.

After she had finished licking the slit on the end, she smiled at Otis over the head. "You know where I want this big dude now, don't you?" she asked.

"Yeah. Just lay down on the bed here. Do you have any rubbers?"

Being as promiscuous as she is, Maggie always keeps a supply of condoms on hand, especially the extra large size. "There's some on the dresser."

Otis selected one and returned to the bed, rolling the condom onto his cock as he approached. Maggie had lain in the middle of the bed with a pillow under her head and another ready to slide under her hips if it was needed. She never asks one of the men she brings to her room to eat her pussy, nor does she expect it. If one of them wants to do so, she loves the idea, but the man she had brought home that evening was not one of that small group. When she saw him preparing his cock, she spread her legs and prepared to get the first class fucking she craved.

Holding his cock in one hand, Otis knelt between her legs and leaned forward to support his weight on the other hand. Maggie reached between her legs and used her thumbs and index fingers to spread her pussy lips as wide as she could for the huge cock she knew would soon be plunging in and out of her. In anticipation of what she would be doing that night and with whom, she had been lubricating since leaving the club, and her pussy was wet enough; she hoped it would be big enough to contain what might have been the biggest cock she had ever even heard about.

Still guiding his massive equipment, Otis moved in closer until the head of his cock passed between her fingers and made contact with her soaked pussy. He rubbed the end in the wetness and paused while Maggie used her fingers to center the tip exactly where she wanted it. With everything ready, he thrust forward, and the head of his cock wedged into her dripping pink hole, eliciting a loud moan of combined pain and pleasure, mostly the latter. Knowing how he was hung and not wanting to hurt her, Otis paused a few seconds and, when she did not express any objection, thrust forward again.

"Ooooo, yeah," she responded, obviously an expression of pleasure, not pain, so he plunged his cock in farther.

Once again, Maggie let him know how great it felt, and he continued driving his shaft into her. When he knew he was inside her deeply enough that he would no longer need to guide it, Otis let go, placed his hands on either side of the sexy white woman and, with a series of hard thrusts, drove the entire length of his cock into the wet pussy under him. Maggie had spread her legs farther apart, hooked her ankles around his legs and matched his strokes by pulling herself toward him, moaning in bliss with every thrust as she helped to impale herself on his huge organ.

At last the monster cock was all the way inside, and they lay happily together. Maggie, with her legs spread wide, felt exquisite pleasure throbbing through her body from where her pussy was being stretched as she believed it had never been stretched before. While she gripped his biceps, Otis lay over her, supporting his weight on his forearms and knees, because he had seen how she moved under him, and he knew it would be more fun for him to let her keep doing so. He was already deriving immense pleasure from the way the well-trained muscles in her pussy were massaging his prodigious shaft.

"My god, Otis! You've got the biggest cock I've ever seen."

"And you got about the hottest pussy it's ever been in."

After the exchange of compliments, Otis slowly drew back until just an inch of his shaft was still inside that hot pussy, paused for a few seconds and started to drive it back inside her. When Maggie felt the biggest cock of her experience surge into her, she pulled herself toward him until their bodies came together with a loud wet sound and her juices spattered all over both of them. Once again, she moaned in joy at the tremendous fucking she was getting, and he smiled as he reveled in the way her internal muscles were working their magic on his entire erection.

The next stroke was much like the first one. The cock inside Maggie's pussy was so big it was massaging all her sweet spots - and she had a lot of them -- and she could already feel her climax starting to mount inside her body. As Otis continued plunging his cock in and out of her, she started rocking from side to side besides ramming her pussy back to meet him.

"Oh, my god!" she cried out joyously as her movements grew wilder and more erratic. "That's so good! Gimmee that big black cock!"

Otis smiled and did what she wanted, driving his huge shaft in and out of the hole that was so avid for it. He could feel his own climax building too, but could tell the woman under him would cum long before he did, maybe even a second time, which was what he wanted to happen. He was well aware that the most sexual fun a man can have results from his sex partner getting the maximum amount of pleasure, and he could tell Maggie was doing just that. Less than a minute later, he got what he wanted.

Maggie cried out again, loudly and incoherently as she started cumming. Her hands released his arms and she grabbed his shoulders and clamped her legs around his. While he kept up the slow pace he had been using, Maggie's lush body thrashed under him for the next two minutes, until she climaxed. Her hands and legs gripped him even more tightly; she cried out in joy and rammed her pussy against him for a last time. After her great orgasm, the hotsy's body relaxed under the man who had just brought it about.

Although she had cum, he hadn't, and wouldn't for a while. Otis continued to slowly plunge his cock in and out of the acquiescent pussy under him, waiting for her to start responding again. He was glad he hadn't indulged too much in the watered-down drinks at the nightclub, and he knew that, with the lesser amount of alcohol he had consumed, he would be able to fuck for a long time before finally cumming. He didn't have long to wait for Maggie to be ready for more, because she opened her eyes and smiled up at him.

"That was great, Otis. I hope you can make me cum again, just like that time."

"Yeah, I can," he answered, and started plowing his giant cock into her harder and faster and just as deeply.

Maggie held his upper arms again and started fucking back the way she had before her climax. She had her own ideas about the way she wanted her next orgasm to come about, and she told her partner what she wanted.

"How about you just stay in place and let me fuck myself on your great big cock?" Maggie would have preferred to get on top in the cowgirl position but she decided against making that suggestion.


She pushed against Otis's arms and her body slid toward the head of the bed, pulling her pussy free from the monster that was stuffing her. With some of its length still inside, Maggie flexed her legs and pulled against his arms again and impaled herself on his huge cock. Her pussy had been stretched enough by then, and was wet enough that she was able to envelop the entire length until she sighed in joy with the big cock buried inside her. A second later, she began another stroke but, this time, as her pussy was enveloping his shaft, Otis thrust up and forward, massaging the base of her clit with his organ. Maggie moaned loudly in ecstasy and urged him to continue the same way.

"Yeah! Yeah! Like that. Fuck my clit with your big, black cock."

The next stroke went the same way, as did the many after that. Maggie's level of pleasure was rapidly mounting inside her body, as was Otis's, and this time he intended to cum too. Supporting the weight of his upper body on his hands, he looked down on the face of the blonde hotsy under him and smiled at the tremendous pleasure he was giving her, and which she was returning to him. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was parted in a smile of bliss as she slid to and fro under him, with her body rocking from side to side. At the end of every stroke, he thrust out and upward and felt the base of her clit raking the top of his cock, bringing him ever closer to cumming.

It was bringing her closer too. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she whimpered in rhythm with her pussy engulfing his massive equipment. "Oh, my god, keep fucking me," she urged him, quite unnecessarily.

Otis wanted nothing more than to do that, because he knew he was also close to his climax. He remained in place and listened to Maggie moan and whimper as she repeatedly took his cock deeply inside her pussy, until she let him know of her impending orgasm.

"I'm ready to cum, Otis. Really give it to me now."

He really gave it to her, hard and deep, while she sobbed in delight from what was happening to her pussy. The sexy white girl thrashed about on the bed as her orgasm drew closer, and he was breathing harder too. She interrupted her sounds of joy to sing out the news.

"Oh, god! Oh god! I'm cumming! Keep fucking me!"

Otis kept fucking her, driving his huge cock into the body under him as she churned up the sheet and kept demanding more of him. Her fingers dug into his back and her legs clamped onto his hips as she rose and fell with each of his thrusts into her pussy. When she climaxed, all her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy back at him for an ultimate time. After her momentous orgasm, even better than her first, Maggie sagged back onto the bed under the man who had brought it about.

That man didn't stop or slow down, but kept driving his cock into her pussy until, a few seconds later, his own climax welled up from deep within his body and erupted. He shot a big gob of semen into his condom, but didn't stop until he had ejaculated three more times. He was done then, and collapsed on top of the succulent body under him, and they lay like that until she started moving.

After her second orgasm of the night and bringing Otis to his climax, Maggie was almost satisfied, but she still needed something. She had not been able to suck off her black stud for the night, but that didn't mean she would have to be deprived of his cum in her mouth. When he rolled over off her, she moved to the side of the bed, sat up, carefully peeled the condom from his cock and set it aside so she could suck on it after he left. She held his softening organ in her hand and started licking up one side, relishing the semen her tongue sluiced off into her mouth and being careful to keep too much of it from dripping off to be soaked up by the sheet.

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