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Girlfriend's Sexy, Slutty Daughter

by SusanJillParker©

"There are so many that I wouldn't know which ones to pick, Drew," she said laughing.

Suddenly imagining her saying so much more, it made me hot to hear my name roll off her lips. Kiss me, Drew, I imagined her saying. Undress me, Drew. Touch me, Drew. Lick me, Drew. Fuck me, Drew.

"It doesn't much matter which ones you tell me, just tell me some, as a way to pass the time," I said shrugging my shoulders, while trying to act coolly disinterested enough to be hip in wanting to know more details about her flashing her sexy body. Even though my cock was ready to show her how sexually excited she was making me by discussing her sexual fantasy, I was hoping that she didn't notice.

"Well," she laughed, obviously already seeing through my ploy. "I've accidentally on purpose lost my bikini top at the beach more than a few times, purposely have worn a short, flared skirt on a windy day with and without wearing panties," she said with a sexy laugh, while cocking her head to look at me from for my reaction.

Was she being honest or was she trying to shock me? Was this part of her game? Not knowing her well enough, but enjoying all of her that I was seeing and hearing, I didn't know.

"Remind me to bring my video recorder, whenever I go out with you," I said with a laugh in trying to act coolly funny but being totally serious.

"I've given men sitting across from me on a subway up skirt peeks of my panty, and men standing over me on the bus down blouse views of my bra and cleavage. Yet, malls are my absolute favorite places to tease men. Shoe stores that have men helping to fit my feet and dressing rooms that still have curtains, instead of doors are always a good way to allow men to see all that they're hoping to see."

"Let me know the next time you go to the mall," I said with a chuckle and in my calmest voice, while wanting to scream, holy shit! Are you kidding me?

Voyeur man meet exhibitionist woman. I just found the woman of my dreams. Only, just as it's too bad that she's so much younger than me, it's too bad that she's my girlfriend's daughter. Wishing I was born ten years later and Ellen was born ten years earlier, there'd only be six years between us. Then, I wondered, had I married her, if I'd be lusting over her mother, Anne, my mother-in-law, in the way that I was lusting over Ellen now. Eww, that's a gross thought. I just threw up in my mouth.

If this sexy relationship was to go any further, the reality of what may happen is not only devastating to my current girlfriend but also life altering to me. Not really even knowing Ellen, I had no idea what she was thinking about me and about all of this. Only, seeing that she was having a good time sharing her sexual fantasies with me, I didn't see anything wrong with me using her by getting her to impart more of her flashes. If nothing more than for masturbation material later, when alone in my room with my hand firmly around my cock, what she told me now about her sexual fantasy would make me cum later. I only wish she'd be there to watch. I only wish she'd be there to take my cock in her hand and stroke me, while talking dirty to me and telling me more about her experiences of exhibitionism.

"Why wait for me to go to the mall?" She flashed me that sexy smile that made me want to stop the car and lean to her and kiss her, while feeling her breast. "If you behave, maybe I'll give you a sexy exhibitionist show later," she said giving me a wink with a sexy laugh and touching my shoulder.

Way ahead of me on the sexual teasing scale, a mere pawn in her endless game of eroticism, sensuality, and sexuality, I couldn't tell if she was kidding or serious. Then, once home with her and with her mother working the graveyard shift as a nurse at the hospital, the reason why I was enlisted to pick Ellen up at the airport in the first place and the reason why we were alone together now, I didn't know what to expect. As far as I was concerned, even if it ended right now, this day couldn't be any more perfect.

Already past midnight but wanting to get to know her better, we stayed up having a couple of drinks. A willing participant in her game of flashing, I made sure to offer her the soft, low comfort of the couch, while I sat in the higher seated wing chair across from her, should she want to accidentally on purpose flash me her panty again. Only, with our conversation going so well, surprisingly sex took a backseat to us getting better acquainted, that is, until she excused herself to get ready for bed. Even though I was as tired as I was horny, correction, hornier than I was tired, I could have stayed up all night talking to her. As intelligent, as she was witty and sexy, I couldn't think of anymore to ask of her in a woman, other than wishing she was more my age. If only we were closer in age, if only she was Anne's younger sister, instead of Anne's sexy daughter, perhaps, I'd have a better chance of bedding her, no doubt.

Nonetheless, as a grand finale nightcap to my day, I couldn't wait to masturbate over the thoughts of kissing her, touching her, and feeling, while she kissed and touched me. I couldn't wait to replay her raising her short skirt to show me her panty and unbuttoning her blouse to show me her cleavage and bra, while stroking my cock to the imagined thoughts of her sucking and fucking me. I couldn't wait to fall asleep kissing my pillow, while dreaming of her sleeping naked in bed with me. I couldn't wait to see her again tomorrow morning.

Anne had given her daughter the guest bedroom, which was the furthest room at the end of the hall. Unless I was standing at the end of the hall and peeping through her bedroom door keyhole, unless I had the balls enough to be as sexually aggressive, as she had been and open her bedroom door without knocking on the pretense of delivering her an extra blanket and pillow, my sexy show was over for the night and I was going to bed with my hairy hand. Maybe tomorrow, while her mother is still sleeping, she'll emerge from her room wearing a sexy, nearly transparent nightgown, without possessing the modesty to wear a bathrobe. Maybe tomorrow, she'll allow me a peep of her body in an up nightgown view of her pussy or a down nightgown view of her tits. Maybe tomorrow, while I'm out back cleaning the pool, she'll want to take a swim in her barely there bikini or ask me to grease her Heavenly body with sunscreen. Maybe tomorrow, purposely by accident, of course, she'll lose her bikini top, "Oops", and flash me her tits.

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I can't wait for tomorrow, but tonight, my plan is to masturbate, while thinking about her."

While picking up our empty glasses in the living room, her bedroom light caught my attention and I saw a flash of her reflection in the glass of the picture that hung on the wall across from her room. With her bedroom light on, her door wide open, and the hall leading to her room dark, the voyeuristic setting was the perfect invitation that not only caught me by surprise but also took all the self-control that I possessed to resist me from looking, staring, and leering. Unable to walk down the hall without being noticed and deemed a dirty, peeping, old man, if I stood at an angle and stared at the picture, I could see her reflection in the glass.

"Oh, my God."

Not having the brazen nerve to walk to her room and stand in her doorway, figuring she'd spoil my sexy fun by stopping her disrobing and slamming shut her bedroom door in my face, if watching her through the glass was the next best thing, I was happy with just that. Only, I couldn't help but think that I was a pawn in her game of voyeurism and exhibitionism again. Just as I couldn't help but think that she was teasing me again, especially after she confessed her sexual fantasy to me of exposing herself, I couldn't help but think that she was purposely hoping to flash me, while making it appear accidental. Was she hoping I'd see her naked? Did she just forget to close her bedroom door? Did she think that I already went to bed and she was alone? Whatever floats her boat, I didn't really care what she was thinking, so long as I got to see her naked. Happy just to go along for the ride as a spectator in her sexy game of flashing, I only wish I had more to look forward to with her than just seeing her naked reflection.

As if watching a late night porn movie, standing in the dark, while fingering the head of my cock through my pants, I watched her slowly unbutton her blouse. With her blouse flayed wide open and her exposed bra and cleavage in plain, albeit reflective view, she took her sweet time unbuttoning the cuffs on her sleeves, before removing her blouse and walking across the room to hang it over a chair. Did she know I was there watching her? Did she know that I could see her reflection through the picture glass and see her undressing? Then, as if this was my sexual fantasy come true, instead of being a pawn in her sexual fantasy, I watched her reach behind her and unbutton and unzip her short skirt. In direct proportion to my sexual excitement going up, her short skirt went down to reveal her white, bikini panty.

"Oh, my God. Thank you, Jesus," I said under my breath. "I owe you one for this, Lord. I promise I'll go to church every Sunday if she removes her bra and panty, before dousing the light or closing her door."

Now, dressed in my favorite outfit, a low cut bra that barely covered her areolas and nipples, and a skin tight bikini panty that hugged and served up her sweet ass, she looked as hot in her lingerie, as I had already imagined. I only wished I could see her head on and closer up, instead of just watching her reflection in the glass. Much prettier than Gisele Bundchen, if only she was taller, with the body she possessed, she could make it as a Victoria's Secrets lingerie model. Not wanting her to rush her striptease show, hoping she'd take her sweet time stripping, watching her, as if she undressed in slow motion, I watched her reach around her back and unhook her bra.

"Thank you, Jesus. I promise to say one thousand Hail Marys."

Involuntarily, I held my breath, while watching her bra straps slowly fall, first one and then the other. Did she know I was there watching her? Did she know that I could see her? Then, she peeled the bra cups from her perfectly symmetrical breasts. Oh, my God, she has such beautiful breasts, so much better than her mother's breasts, that I wondered for a minute if they were real or even, if she was adopted. Just as I knew she wasn't adopted, when her breasts moved with her every movement, I knew her breasts were real and not silicone.

As if I was standing there watching her through her bedroom window, instead of peeping on her through the glass of the hall picture, I couldn't believe my eyes, when she wiggle out of her panty. Standing there as if thinking of her day, while I wondered if she was thinking of me, she was totally naked. Naked, naked, naked, as if a fire alarm sounded off in my head, my girlfriend's daughter was standing in her bedroom naked with the light on and her door wide open.

"There is a God!"

Now, parading around the room without a stitch of clothes, she started unpacking her bag. So, tempted to unzip myself and take out my cock to the naked sight of her, so tempted to strip naked and walk down the hallway to stand in the doorway of her room to join her, it was then that I realized that if I could see her in the glass, she could see me, too.

"Shit! Fuck!"

Content enough having seen her naked, albeit just her reflection, not wanting to make a fool of myself by standing there long enough to be caught peeping and deemed a dirty, old man, I quietly retired to my bedroom. Only, I knew, after all that happened with my girlfriend's sexy, slutty daughter, there was no way that I could make it through the night without giving myself some sexual relief. Wishing I had the audacious perversity to walk to her room, take her in my arms, and kiss her, before fucking her, only, too afraid of all the potential ramifications of dipping my cock in my girlfriend's daughter, it was enough that she French kissed me, felt my cock through my pants, and flashed me her bra and panties. Now, after seeing her naked reflection through the glass, so happy that I was chosen as the reluctant volunteer to meet her at the airport, her sexy striptease capped off a perfect evening.

With my stiffened cock in one hand and a handful of tissues in the other, I closed my eyes, while imagining Ellen stroking me. As if it was all a just sexual fantasy, too sexually excited to believe all that just happened, never have I met a woman so beautiful, so sexy, and so perfect for me. Wanting to take my time cumming, wanting to prolong my ejaculation by masturbating slow, while replaying all that happened in my head, my mind was filled with thoughts of Ellen. Knowing that it would excite me too much, I delayed the part of seeing her naked, until the very end. Instead, while standing in the dark hall, I replayed the reflection of her unbuttoning her blouse. Oh, my God, way beyond my years, how can someone so young be so hot and so sexually sophisticated?

I thought about her unzipping and unbuttoning her short skirt. Holding my breath, while watching her short skirt fall, seeing her bikini panty clad ass was like nothing I could have imagined ever seeing. What an ass? She has such an incredible, round, firm ass. Then, remembering her reflection, I watched her reach behind herself to unhook her bra to show me her amazing breasts to me. A perfect B cup, she may not have the biggest tits, but she has the best tits. So shapely and symmetrical round, I only wish I could have seen her nipples and areolas more clearly. I only wish I could have touch them, felt them, caressed them, and sucked them. Still trying to wrap my brain around all that I've seen of her, I saw the reflection of her tits.

Then, when she pulled down her panties and wiggled her ass out of them, she was there naked, naked, naked and I caught a glimpse of her trimmed, dark brown pussy. Watching her meander around her room naked, I was so tempted to stand in her doorway. I wonder what she would have done then had I stood there naked with my cock in hand. Would she have invited me in her bedroom or would she have slam shut her door and told her mother the next morning that I not only peeped on her but also exposed myself to her? Wishing I had taken the risk, kicking myself for not walking to her room, seeing a better view of her naked would have been worth her telling her mother that I peeped on her.

Having only just met her, she's already French kissed me, felt my cock through my pants, and grabbed my ass. Knowing her for not even 24 hours, she French kissed me again, allowed me to feel her ass, put my hand on her breast, and flashed me her panties and bra. Then, admittedly, even though it was just her reflection, I saw her naked, not clearly, but enough for me to be masturbating over her reflective image of her now.

"God, oh, my God. Thank you God for not making me blind. Thank you God for giving my girlfriend a sexy, albeit slutty daughter."

Still not wanting to cum, wanting to delay the finale, I continued thinking of Ellen, while stroking my cock just a little faster. If only I had the balls enough to go to her room. I still can, but I didn't dare. What if she's sleeping? What if I startle her? What if she sleeps in the nude? Oh, my God. What if she's waiting for me to make a move? Oh, God. What should I do? Instead, needing to cum, so that I could go to sleep, before doing something stupid that I'll regret and that will embarrass me, anger Anne, and frighten Ellen, my safest bet, I was relegated to pleasuring myself.

"Do you need a hand?"

As if her voice was in my head, as if her voice was far off in the distance, as if an Angel was calling to me from Heaven and offering to help masturbate me, still stroking myself, I answered the question, as if talking to myself.

"Yes, oh, God yes. I need to cum."

Still unaware of her, unable to feel the pressure of her body, when she sat, she shocked me, when I realized she was there sitting on the edge of my bed. Even when she took my cock in her hand, I thought I was dreaming. It wasn't until she spoke again is when she startled me awake from my sexual fantasy of masturbating over her.

"With me having to learn massage, as part of my physiology program and as part of becoming a physical therapist, one of the side benefits of that is, I'm expert at giving hand jobs," she said with a sexy laugh.


Abruptly awakened from my sexual fantasy, she was sitting on my bed naked. Naked, as in having not a stitch of clothing on her beautiful body, she was naked, naked, naked. My girlfriend's daughter was in my bedroom and sitting on my bed naked. Just as I couldn't believe my luck, wondering if I was dreaming, I couldn't believe my eyes.

"I won't tell, if you don't tell," she said looking up at me in the dark, while fondling the head of my erect cock with her manicured fingers. "As soon as I felt you through your pants at the airport, I just knew you had a big prick and I couldn't wait to see it and to touch it. Just as I knew that your cock was wasted on my mom," she said with a sad smile, "I knew your cock wouldn't be wasted on me," she said with a sexy smile. "Having nursed too long, my Mom has become detached from her emotions and is too clinical, even with me and, I imagine, with you, too, Drew. My mom doesn't know how to sexually satisfy a man in the way that I can."

"Yes," was all that I could say in agreement with her. Wanting to confess how we haven't had sex in a long while, with her hand and fingers already around my cock stroking me and with one having nothing to do with the other, I didn't want to ruin a good thing by telling her about her mother's nonexistent sex drive. Instead, I watched her stare down at my cock, while I stared at her naked breasts in the dark.

"Touch me," she said. "Feel my tits. Finger my nipples. It excites me to have my tits felt and my nipples fingered," she said pausing to look up at my face, no doubt, to watch my reaction to what she was about to say next, "while sucking on a man's cock."

Not one to disappoint a woman, willing to give her whatever she wants, it's only fair that if she's willing to suck my cock that I should take one for the team and force myself to feel her tits, while fingering her nipples. As if her tit was the most precious thing in the world, I reached out my hand and took her naked breast in my hand, before fingering her nipples.

"Thank you, Jesus," I said in my silent prayer. "I swear I'll go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life."

"You got me all hot in bothered at the airport, when you surprised me by returning my kiss, before grabbing my ass, which is why I flashed you my panty and bra in the car," she said a bit breathlessly from the attention that I was paying her nipples and/or the attention she was paying my cock. "I was hoping you'd pull over somewhere dark. I was so hot for you that had you pulled over, I would have sucked and fucked you right there, Drew."

"I wanted to and I almost did, but I was afraid. I didn't want to frighten you," I said.

"You'd have to something really crazy to frighten me away from you," she said with a dirty laugh, before leaning down and kissing me again, while still holding and slowly stroking my cock. "Then, when you watched me strip naked through my reflection in the picture, waiting for you to make your move first, there was just no way that I wasn't going to have sex with you. After that exhibitionistic display, there was just no way that I wasn't going to stroke you, suck you, and fuck you. Then, even though I was waiting for you and expecting you to, I realized, because of my Mom, you'd never come to my room, so I came to your room, instead," she said with a giggle.

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