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My Second Tryst with Kelly Ch. 02

by docmagnus©

After using and humiliating Kelly in our hotel room, I had instructed her to wash up after being on the receiving end of a golden shower. She was then to meet me downstairs in the restaurant in 20 minutes.

Kelly sat down across from me in my booth 22 minutes later. She still had her collar on.

I checked my watch. "You're two minutes late."

"I thought I would be on ti..."

"You will be punished for tardiness. Is the butt-plug still in?"

"Yes master."


After a light dinner, we got back to our hotel room. I ushered Kelly in. She walked to the center of the room, stripped down to her black heels and nylons, and assumed her position (on her knees, with her hands behind her head). I lay down on the bed.

"I'm going to close my eyes for about 10 minutes. Lay beside me."

She crawled up next to me, and I fell asleep for about 10-20 minutes. When I woke up, she was asleep too. My arm was around her shoulder. I reached down behind her, and gently pushed on her butt plug. I continued as she woke up. Then I grabbed her hair and started kissing her. I started off tenderly, and ended by sticking my tongue as far down her throat as I could get it.

"Undo my pants and suck me off, slut."

Kelly sat up, loosened my belt, and unbuttoned my pants. She bent over, took my cock out, and started sucking it. I put my arms behind my head and closed my eyes. It felt good, so I let her go for a while.

"That's enough for now, slave. It's time for your punishment. Assume your position on the floor."

"Yes master."

Kelly got down on the floor and re-assumed her position. I cuffed her hands behind her, gagged her, and put the blindfold back over her eyes. Then I stood in front of her, grabbed her by the hair with my left hand, and slapped her.

"Don't ever be tardy again."

I slapped her some more, each time a little harder than the last. When I was done, I removed her gag. A few tears trickled down through the blindfold.


"I am sorry master. I apologize for my tardiness. I will never be late again. Thank you for punishing me like the worthless piece of submissive ass that I am."

I kneeled down to her level, and switched hands for gripping her hair. I put my hand up by her face.

"Good. One more to make sure you don't forget."

I slapped her once more, this time on the other side of her face, and she yelped in pain. I got up, and walked around her again. I was taking a moment to give her a little breathing space, and to appreciate what I had in front of me. Here was a desirable, submissive woman who was mine for the taking.

I put a pillow in front of Kelly. I then re-gagged her, gripped her by the back of the neck, and guided her down until she was face-down on the pillow, with her butt still up in the air. Then I took out my newest toy. It was a spreader bar. I'd been dying to try it ever since it arrived.

I spread Kelly's ankles out as far as they would go. I put her left ankle through the cuff and tightened it. When I tightened the cuff around her right ankle, Kelly tensed up considerably. She probably didn't realize what was happening until then.

I sat down for a minute to watch her, and to give her a minute to try and get used to her position. After she had seemed to settle a little, I got up.

I took out my laptop, and pulled up a BDSM video I had downloaded. I put the laptop in front of Kelly's face and hit play.

The video was of a woman, bent over a table, getting whipped by a man in a mask while two other women held her down. She wore a pair of heels and a collar. The woman screamed loudly the entire time, begged her abuser for mercy, and offered increasingly ambitious sexual favors to stop the whipping. No one else said a thing.

As it played, I fondled Kelly. I started by playing with her cunt, and let my hands roam over her body. I played with her breasts, squeezed her butt cheeks, ran my fingers up and down the crack of her ass, and all over her body. I shoved my fingers as far up her cunt as they could go, undid her gag, had her lick them clean, and re-strapped the gag. I pulled out her butt-plug, re-lubed it, and shoved it back in as far as I could.

Kelly was getting mighty warmed up, but I wasn't doing anything enough for her to come. She was really starting to sweat, though. I stopped the video, and sat there for a minute watching her.

Ankles spread apart and cuffed to a spreader bar. Ass up in the air with a butt-plug inside. Hands cuffed behind her back. Facedown on a pillow on the floor blindfolded and ball-gagged. She continued to twitch and sweat. Her cunt dripped onto the carpet.

I paused the video, and removed her blindfold. After waiting a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the light, I hit play on the video. I let Kelly watch it for about two minutes. As she watched, I uncuffed her hands from behind her, and pulled them down below her. I then re-cuffed them to the spreader bar.

After I was finished, I paused the video, and put her blindfold back on. I sat back for a few minutes, certain that the images were now burned into her mind.

Now that her hands were out of the way, I could get to work. I picked up my belt, and whipped it across her ass once. She let out a loud scream, even through the ball-gag. I pressed play on the video, and commenced whipping her.

She yelped as I whipped her, but it was nothing like her first scream. Her yelps of pain were muffled by the ball-gag, only occasionally rising in volume. I whipped her exactly 25 times, hard. Kelly tensed her body and strained at her bonds as I whipped her. Her yelps mixed in with the screams and cries from the video.

At 25, I stopped, paused the video again, and sat back in my chair for a minute. She was covered in sweat now, and still twitching.

I undid her cuffs to the spreader bar, removed her blind-fold and ball-gag, and commanded her to rise up to her position. She rose unsteadily to rest on her knees, and put her hands back behind her head. I stood in front of her. I was certainly ready to fuck her, but I wanted to clean off the sweat first. I also wanted to see just how far I could take her.

"I need to take a piss, slave," I said.

I'm sure Kelly couldn't believe my words. After all that whipping, I wasn't going to fuck her, but instead I was going to piss on her again? An extremely anxious look washed across her face, as I'm sure she was considering her options.

"May I...may I offer myself as a worthless submissive bitch to be pissed on, Master?"

"Yes, assume your position in the shower".

As Kelly got up, I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. I had to concentrate for a bit to try and shrink this hard-on.

Kelly was in her position in the shower when I came in. I gave her another golden shower. I actually did have to go a bit, so it was probably a good thing I'd decided to urinate on her again. It would be easier to concentrate on fucking afterwards with an empty bladder.

After I'd finished pissing all over her, I held my cock in front of her face. She cleaned it. It felt good, so I grabbed her hair and used her mouth, running the tip in and out, and maneuvering her tongue around the shaft, balls and scrotom.

"That's enough," I said, as I pulled back.

"Stand up and turn around".

I pointed for her to lean against the wall and spread her legs. I took her butt-plug out and dropped it. Then I spent a few minutes fingering her in the ass. She groaned a few times as I did this.

"Do you have anything you wish to say to me?" I asked, as I fingered her.

"Yes Master. Thank you for pissing on me like the submissive little fuck-toy that I am."

"Good. Anything else?"

"Your fingers feel really good right now. Are you going to fuck me?"


"In my ass."

"Is that what you want? An anal fucking?"

"Yes Master, I want an anal fucking. Please...please take me in the ass."

I said nothing as I finger-fucked her.

"Please bend me over, and shove your cock up my ass, and butt-fuck me hard. Please master."

"Are you asking because that's what you want, or because that's what you think I want?"


"You like taking it up the ass?"

"Yes Master."

"The last time we got together was your first but-fucking, wasn't it?"

"Yes Master."

"You didn't know you liked it yet, did you?"

"No master."

"Did the idea turn you on?"

"A little, but it also scared me. The idea of being made to submit turned me on."

"How do you feel now that you've had your first ass-fucking?"

"Turned on. I...liked being forced to take your cock anally like a slave. I think about it whenever I play with myself."

"Have you told your husband that you like it up the ass?"

"No Master."

"Why not?"

"I...I don't think I could be dominated by him. It just wouldn't feel right. We've been married too long and...I don't think I could look him in the eye if he knew how much I like being humiliated. Taking a cock up the ass is a submissive act for me."

I removed my fingers, and held them up by her face.

"I would like to see you lick these clean, but I draw the line at ass-to-mouth. For the time being at least."

My fingers were so close that she could definitely smell them.

"However, I reserve the right to change my mind. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master. I will lick them if so ordered."

I lowered my hand.

"Clean yourself up so that you may be of further use to me. You have ten minutes. When you come in, there will be something on the bed for you to put on. Do so."

When Kelly came in I was lying on the bed. There was a pair of thigh-length rubber boots next to me. She picked them up, looked them over and put them on. It took a little effort. They were tight. I'd had to guess at her size, and had done fairly well, but I think thigh-length rubber boots would be a little hard to slip into no matter what the size.

After she'd squeezed into them, I had her stand with her hands behind her as I inspected her. She looked stunning in her boots and collar. I ran my fingers over her body, and squeezed and fondled here and there. I almost wanted to whip her with my belt again, but it was time to fuck her.

I ball-gagged her and pointed to the spreader bar. She got down on her knees, and put her hands underneath her. I cuffed her wrists and ankles to the bar.

I put a condom on, squatted behind her, and shoved my cock slowly up her cunt. She moaned with pleasure. After a few slow thrusts, I pulled out, and lubed it up. With her ass up in the air, it was a little tough to get the angle right for anal penetration. I had to pretty much stand over her. She was pretty loose from having a butt-plug in all night. I stopped after the tip was in, and then slowly shoved the whole thing in. Kelly's whole body stiffened. Man, it felt great. I hadn't penetrated a woman anally in 6 months, and was really missing it.

I started to fuck her slowly, and built up speed very gradually. I didn't want to come too soon, and I easily could have if I didn't pay attention. She was really moaning about halfway through the fuck-fest, so I reached down and fingered her clit. It didn't take long for her to come. It was a long, loud orgasm. She was screaming through her gag as she pulled at her cuffs. During her third orgasm, I felt my own coming on. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could, and shoved it in deep as I came. Easily the best orgasm I'd had in 6 months. I kept my cock buried as I came, and then gently thrust it in and out while I was still sensitive. Kelly was still moaning from cumming.

I finally exited her ass and took off the condom. I removed Kelly's gag and shoved my cock into her mouth.

"Clean it."

She licked it obediently.

"Thank me."

"Oh god! Thank you Master! Thank you for fucking my ass so hard! I really needed that. I haven't come like that since the last time you butt-fucked me. Thank you, sir."

After uncuffing her, we relaxed for a while together on the bed. After about 45 minutes she spoke without permission.

"Master, I have to get going soon. "

"I did not give you permission to speak."

"I know, but I have to be home soon."

"Get on your knees. I am going to punish you, and use you one more time."

"Yes master."

Once she was on her knees, I grabbed her roughly by the hair and slapped her a few times for punishment. Then I treated myself to a nice, long, indulgent blowjob.

As Kelly dressed afterwards, I gave her a sealed envelope with this letter inside:


If you are reading this note, then you have once again pleased me. We will resume this tryst once more in the future if you so desire. However, know that the next time we get together, I shall test your limits further. You will be farther out of your comfort zone that you ever have been. There will be activities involved that you may not be initially comfortable with, nor even enjoy. But they shall be required. You will have one opportunity for refusal, and only one.

As per my last instructions, you are required to write up an account for tonight's session and post it on Literotica, following the same rules as before. I shall be looking for it.


Your Master

Written by: docmagnus

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