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Billy's Fantasy

by tankrabbit©

"Okay mom, you seemed to have enjoyed that as much as I did. Trust me, there is a lot more cum where that came from and I plan to fill every hole on you I can. Did you like the taste of my cum, you had better because it's about to become one of your major sources of protein." I had this overpowering desire to control her, to make her do whatever I wanted. I wanted depravity from my own mother, for her to take on a role that was completely foreign to our relationship as parent and off spring. I wanted her to be my very own slut, to use in any manner I saw fit. "Tell me how you feel about my cock mom. You were telling me about your own father's cock earlier, did he fuck you with it? Did you let your own father shove his cock into you?"

"It wasn't like that," she replied, "he was my father and our relationship until that point had been fairly rigid. He was the dominant person in our house, very traditional, and strict, especially before I got pregnant with you. We didn't fuck that first time, he just played with my tits and sucked the milk out of them, I grabbed his cock and jerked him off. He felt guilty right after, but he was over that by the next day. I can tell you the story about the day we fucked, it was just once, if you want."

"No, mom, didn't you hear me, I want you to tell me about my cock, was grandpa's as big as mine, you said my father's was average, how much smaller was it?" All the time I was talking I was rubbing the end of my cock all over her face, smearing the cum leaking out the hole all over.

"Your cock is definitely bigger than my dad's was. I never thought I would feel anything like his again but when I saw yours hanging out the end of your shorts this morning I knew it would be bigger, and I am so glad I was right. I haven't fucked a lot of different men, but none of them compared to this, and now I can say that his doesn't compare to yours. I'm sure glad you inherited that big cock gene of his instead of your fathers less than average cock gene." Mom had sworn more times in that last statement than I had ever heard her say before in my entire life. In fact she had never said cock to me before, and I heard her say fuck maybe twice before. Her enthusiasm was growing as she started pushing her face into my cock now, making sure that not one square inch of her face was getting left out.

"Good, I want the first time I fuck you to be a unique experience. Now let's go inside, I will turn into a lobster if we wait too much longer." I pulled her hair up, causing her to climb to her feet, but it was almost immediately that I felt her hand clamp around my prick. She was so close now I felt I couldn't wait. I pulled her hair so her head was thrown back and lowered my mouth to hers. It was surreal as I felt her tongue touch mine and swirl around my mouth. We kissed for a long time, coming closer and closer until her tits were pressed against my chest as she held my hard cock against her stomach, sandwiched between our bodies. I thought I was going to blow another load of cum for a moment because it felt so good.

I pushed myself away and turned her towards the house and said "let's go," Suddenly my aggressive behavior had waned a bit, as I realized that I was about to fuck my own mother. All the time I had spent over the last few weeks trying to fulfill my fantasy of mom just seeing my cock has suddenly turned into this reality. Although I had often thought about seeing her naked, touching her body and even fucking her, the only fantasy I had ever done anything about was this one related to exhibitionism. I watched her ass sway gently back and forth as she walked in front of me into the house. The feeling growing inside right now was pretty primal, like any male animal that was about to mount their female. I had seen it at my grandparents with the bulls and stallions, their long huge cocks swaying underneath them as they climbed up and into the female. And numerous times on the nature shows. It all seemed so real now as I followed her ass inside with my stiff cock pointing straight at it, just waiting to mount her.

I don't remember following her through the house, up the stairs and into her bedroom. All that time I think the only thing on my mind was shoving my cock between her legs and fucking her like an animal, from behind. Regardless of how I got to this moment, I was here. My mother's room smelled like her, the entire space was filled with a distinct odor which always captivated me. Whenever I was asked to come in to do something like change a light bulb for her, or move something about, the first thing that I noticed was the smell. When I came in here by myself to look through her things, I always felt like she was there too, because of her smell. I had even wondered if she would suspect I had been in her room, not because her bra's may not have been in the exact manner she had left them, but because the odor of the room had been disturbed by just my presence.

Suddenly I realized I was standing there with my eyes closed just inhaling the smell of my mother, her perfumes and powders filling my nostrils with their unique combination of odors. I opened my eyes and mom was standing in front of me, still in her bikini, smiling. The moment made me feel safe and secure, the way one should feel with someone they loved so much. I looked down and realized that my cock was not raging like it was just a few moments ago. It was still engorged with blood, it had just lost a bit of its hardness in the last few minutes. It was only for a second though because when I looked back up mom was pulling the bow from behind her bikini and removing the small covering exposing her tits completely for the first time. I could feel the blood rushing back into my manhood as she dropped the tiny material to the floor before reaching down and pushing the bottoms off her hips and down her legs.

Suddenly there was a new odor in the air, the sweet aroma of her juices were now filling the air. I looked at her standing there as she kicked the bikini bottoms off to the side, her feet still wearing the sexy high heeled slippers from the pool. Her feet were apart, maybe a foot or more, allowing me a clear view of her pussy. Mostly bare because the hair was trimmed almost completely away, but not bald. It looked swollen and glistened with her juices. My mom saw where I was looking and smiled. She walked backward until the back of her legs hit her bed.

In one movement she was on her back, her knees high and spread wide, her hands at her crotch, pulling her pussy open, exposing the pink wet cunt to me. "Fuck me Billy, I need your cock in me right now," I don't know why I was hesitating, maybe I just wanted a moment to soak this all in, but mom apparently had no patience.

"What are you waiting for Billy, get that cock over her right now, I need it. Don't be afraid, I know you want to, just think how it's going to feel, sliding your cock into my tight cunt, all hot and wet. I haven't had anything that big in my cunt since my dad fucked me. Does that turn you on Billy, knowing you're going to be fucking the same cunt your own grandfather fucked?" I stepped forward and placed the tip of my cock at her opening. I grabbed the shaft and rubbed the head up and down her slit, making sure her clit was getting a good piece of the action. Her juices were flowing pretty freely and even though I had not entered her I could feel the wetness covering my helmet. The anticipation was too much for me and as much as I would have loved to tease her for awhile longer I just had to feel my cock in her cunt. I found the entrance and press my hips down until the head popped through. I stopped for a moment savoring the feeling, especially the heat. I couldn't believe how hot her pussy was, but I also didn't care because at the same time it felt great.

I continued pushing in, and after about half way I pulled back until the head was just about out and then pushed back in again. I continued this action going a bit further in until I reached her cervix, which left me with a bit of my cock still outside of her. It didn't matter, I had expected as much seeing that every girl I had fucked previously had presented the same obstacle. It did allow me to understand the exact barrier was though so now I just started the long strokes, getting more and more forceful with each one. During all this my mom had wrapped her legs around me and hooked her ankles. With each thrust I made I could feel her legs pulling me in. She was also tilting her hips up in time to my thrusts. When I had about two thirds of my cock in her she tilted her hips up which changed the friction points on my prick, this in itself felt incredible and almost made me come once or twice.

I was able to keep control and as I kept fucking her I could tell that mom was likely on her way to a great orgasm also. It's a lot better when you a fucking someone you love so much because the joy you are giving them is so much more intense. As I increased my pace and the force of my strokes my mother did the same and we were soon in that desperate struggle to keep the intense feeling building and our own individual need to come. Mom released first, which was a wild turn on for me. I could feel her orgasm build in the last few strokes before her body went stiff, the walls of her pussy clamped tightly around my cock. I pushed forward, feeling the head of my cock on the wall of her cervix, but I still had some juice left. As her first orgasm died away, I felt her pussy relax so I pulled back and started to fuck her hard again. She went wild, "Fuck me Billy, shove that huge cock of yours up my cunt, and fuck me!"

I obliged and it wasn't long before I felt my orgasm coming on, which I held onto as long as I could and we both ended up coming at the same time. My load may not have been as large as the one when I filled her mouth with my come, but I could feel it oozing out around my hard cock as I slowed down and eventually fell on top of her, my still hard cock still all the way inside of her. Our lips found each other and we kissed deeply and sensually for a long drawn out time. I pulled away and looked down on mom as she smiled back at me. "How was that mom, was it as good as your dad?"

"Oh it was way better my darling, dad had a big dick but he couldn't hold it in like that, I've never had two intense orgasms like that during the same fuck session in my entire life." she replied as she squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles again.

"That's good to hear mom, because I know something that you don't know, but will really like." I said. She asked me what that was. "What I know that you don't know is that I can come five or six times most days if I want, and as you can feel my cock is still mostly hard. I plan on seeing just how many times I can come tonight." I bent down and kissed her and pulled away from her waiting for her reaction.

"That's twice my dear, I will be more than happy to test that number with you".

Written by: tankrabbit

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