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Me & Dad – My 19th Christmas Ch. 02

by yelkaom©

I collapsed forward into Lindsey's pussy. I could hear her softly moan while I breathed raggedly in to her, allowing me to smell the spunk that my dad had injected into her. Dad still held me tight by the hips with his penis in me to his hilt... it excited me, and I slowly I began lapping at Lindsey's clit. She undulated her hips in rhythm to my tongue and after only a few minutes she began convulsing wildly, my dad's semen leaking out of her pussy along with her own cum. Afterward, the three of us just laid there, exhausted, before we managed to get ourselves up and stagger into Dad's bed.


The next morning I awoke to the sensation of the bed shaking, and to heavy breathing and soft moans. Lindsey was reverse straddling Dad with her back against his chest, while Dad was cupping both her breasts and reaming her hard and fast in her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm.... that looks delicious!" I declared, "Can I have some?"

Lindsey reached out with her hand and grabbed me firmly by my nipple. "Sure," she panted, "just let Alan fill me up first."

After I chuckled aloud, I guided my hand to her mound and swirled my fingers over her clit, lightly grinding them into it. She squealed as several pulses of fluid squirted from her clit. At the same time Dad erupted with a groan and I knew he was releasing his load into her. I sucked Lindsey's cunt and knew immediately that she had ejaculated. As I suckled her clit like a teat, she shuddered and gasped as another orgasm rushed through her. I eagerly slurped her juices into my mouth.

"Mmmmm... tastes sooo good, just can't get enough of your candy," I said.

"Holy shit!" Lindsey panted, collapsing back onto Dad's chest, "That was sooo intense."

I pulled Dad's dick from her and into my mouth, then sucked out the remaining semen in his shaft, letting it pop from my mouth. As the two of them continued to breathe heavily, I stared at her gash and watched as Dad's cum flowed from her in sticky droplets. Lindsey pushed herself off Dad and spread open her pussy lips exposing the depths of her tunnel.

"See anything you like in there?" Lindsey asked seductively.

I pressed my mouth to her opening and pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her. As I began to flick my tongue in her, she pressed the back of my head tighter against her. Almost instantly she began to buck into me. I could taste Dad's semen as it was forced out of her from her spasms. As their spunk filled my mouth, I savored it by swishing it around with my tongue and then quickly slid up over her pressing my lips to hers in a passionate kiss. I forced the mixture into her awaiting mouth. She eagerly accepted it and, after we broke our kiss, proceeded to do the same with Dad.

After receiving the mixture of cum from Lindsey, Dad maneuvered his mouth to my cunt and firmly pressed his lips to my opening, forcing their juices from his mouth into me. It was so incredibly erotic!

"Ohhh my God!" I screamed as I pressed his face firmly into me.

As Dad ate me out and forced their cum in and out of me, Lindsey began sucking on my nipple. Just then I exploded in an orgasm and, without thinking, yelled "Fuck me! Fuck me Daddy!"

Lindsey stared at me blankly at first, then smiled at me in a wry grin and returned to sucking on my tit. Dad popped his head up and glared sharply at me, but after seeing Lindsey's reaction, he smiled and positioned himself with his penis at my opening.

"What is it that you want from Daddy?" he asked teasingly with an almost evil grin.

"Fuck me Daddy, I need your cock in me now!" I demanded.

Lindsey reached her hand around to my dad's butt and pushed him down into me. Dad tried to continue teasing me, but gave in and began pumping me hard.

Lindsey whispered into my ear, "You like it when your daddy fucks you, don't you?" she said as she tweaked my nipples tightly, "Beg him to fill your pussy with his cum."

"Fuck me Daddy and fill me with your cum!" I screamed out in ecstasy.

Dad groaned aloud and I knew he was about to release into me and so I wrapped my legs around him tightly, forcing him to penetrate me deep. As I felt his seed release, I began squirting uncontrollably. My orgasm was so intense I nearly blacked out... again.

Dad collapsed onto me while Lindsey rested her head on my shoulder. The three of us lay there in sexual bliss, for nearly a half an hour.

Just as I began dozing off Lindsey spoke, "that wasn't role play was it?"

"What are you referring to?" I coyly asked.

"You know... the 'daddy' thing... He's really your dad isn't he?"

"Um... yea," I said blushing.

"I thought you two looked and acted related, but I didn't wanna say anything."

"You're not disturbed by that, are you?" I asked her with concern.

"Oh no. Actually, I find it to be quite a turn on," she said then kissed us both on the cheek, "So, how long have you two been at this?"

After a brief moment of silence I decided to tell her the whole story. Lindsey seemed to become more turned on especially when I told her about yesterday morning's Christmas activities and the video we took. As she became more excited, Dad reached over to her and began fingering her.

"I want to see the video!" Lindsey declared as she bucked her cunt into Dad's hand.

"Do you now?!" Dad responded with a grin.

"Yes! I want to watch it while you fuck me," she said excitedly as she began to climax from the vaginal massage he was giving her. "Ohhhhh... don't stop!" she exclaimed.

I kissed Lindsey on her forehead and she looked up at me as her eyes rolled back in to her head from the orgasm she was having. I cupped her breast and kissed her in an effort to heighten her pleasure.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as we kissed. "That felt great!" she declared after our lips parted. "This has certainly been the most memorable Christmas holiday I have ever had."

"No doubt!" I agreed.

"I'm glad you both feel that way and hope that this is just the beginning to something more," Dad said resting back against the headboard.

"Mmmmmmore... That has a nice sound to it." Lindsey said while turned and cuddled into my dad's side.

"Yea... I'm definitely going to enjoy more of this in my life," I said with a giggle as I snuggled on the other side of him.


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Written by: yelkaom

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