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Nyomi Banxxx Strapon Justin Slayer

by Samuelx©

Justin Slayer lay on his back, legs in the air, with tears streaming down his ruggedly handsome face. Nyomi Banxxx smiled her trademark wicked smile as she thrust her strap-on dildo deep inside the lean and muscular Black man's tight asshole. Tonight, the Black Dominatrix was having her way with Justin Slayer, internationally famous African-American porn director and actor. The CEO and owner of Justin Slayer International Incorporated, one of the leading adult video companies of today. Normally, Justin Slayer is a dominant performer, every bit the well-endowed African-American stud having his way with lusty ladies of all shades onscreen. Tonight, he was exploring his submissive side after being 'talked into it' by his former co-star Nyomi Banxxx.

Justin Slayer squealed as Nyomi Banxxx squeezed his nuts tightly while ramming her dildo into his well-lubricated asshole. Nyomi smiled as she totally Dominated one of the most macho men in the African American porn scene of today. Justin Slayer. The big-dick Black stud from Los Angeles. The legendary bully of bubble-butt girls of all races. The guy who once boasted at Adult Video News awards that he lost count of how many women he fucked in the ass. Yeah. Well, tonight it was Mr. Black Stud Extraordinaire turn to get sodomized. And Nyomi Banxxx, the best Dominatrix on the planet and a fine Black sister, was more than happy to do the honors.

Nyomi Banxxx stopped squeezing Justin Slayer's balls and the Black man sighed in relief. Nyomi grinned wickedly, then smacked him hard across the face. That last bit surprised Justin Slayer. Nyomi grinned even wider and curtly reminded him that he was her little bitch. Nyomi Banxxx Dominated all kinds of men and women in her private dungeon in her east Los Angeles home. However, her preference was to Dominate Black folk. Especially macho Black men like Justin Slayer. Just like she strapped Brian Pumper, Byron Long and Mr. Marcus before him, Nyomi Banxxx was determined to turn Justin Slayer into her bitch. Her little Black bitch. Nah, make that her own personal bitch. Although Nyomi Dominated White guys far more often than she did Black men, she found Black guys more fun to Dominate. If only because they put up more of a fight. They didn't just eagerly get on their knees and start worshipping her. Nah. They always resisted her Brand of Domination, even when it was the one thing they craved the most.

Black men never took the easy road. And Nyomi Banxxx latest submissive, porn legend Justin Slayer was a proud exemplar of that breed. Justin Slayer had long been fascinated by the fetish lifestyle. He just never thought it was something he could explore. After all, he had a reputation to protect. The six-foot-something macho Black stud grew up in the City of Los Angeles, California, and considered himself a strong man through and true. While a lot of people dismissed the business smarts of Black men, especially the ones working in entertainment, Justin Slayer went out to prove that he could do anything. Star in porn and also be a successful businessman. After appearing as the prototypical big-dick Black guy in numerous videos featuring all kinds of ladies, he finally raised enough capital to start his own company. Justin Slayer International Incorporated. His company was giving all the big boys like Vivid Entertainment and Black Ice a run for their money.

Justin Slayer found himself a multi-millionaire and couldn't be happier. Justin Slayer had his way with numerous ladies on screen. He fucked mature White women in the ass while tugging their long blonde hair in his fist and calling them the kind of names he wouldn't call a cheap prostitute. All part of the image of the dominant Black male in erotica, he told himself. He totally Dominated sultry Asian starlets in his movies too. The Latin women were fun. Nobody screams louder than a Latin woman during sex. Nobody. Black women were lots of fun, of course. Justin Slayer didn't discriminate when it came to the female body.

Still, after fucking so many women in their mouths, pussies and assholes, Justin Slayer found himself wondering if there was more to sex. His curiosity led him to a certain website for those into kink. There, his eyes devoured video after video. Women wrestling women, with the loser getting fucked by the winner. Women fucking men with strap-on dildos. Men fucking men after hot wrestling matches. Women getting fucked by sex machines. Women getting Dominated in aquatic environments. Hot damn. Justin Slayer eagerly joined the website. He found himself addicted to kink within a matter of days.

As Justin Slayer expected, most of the videos featured White men and White women. Occasionally, there were Asian women, Hispanic women and some Black women among the performers on the kink website. He found the minority performers more fun to watch. Justin Slayer never told this to anyone but while working in adult videos, he had way more fun with Black women than with anybody else. Something about a sexy naked Black woman eagerly waiting to ride his dick while the cameras rolled. As a Black male, that turned him on more than anything else in the world. Oh, there were some hot White women out there and he enjoyed doing them too but with a Black chick, something just felt RIGHT. One day, while browsing the site, he came across a Black Dominatrix who simply stood out from the others. She was tall and beautiful, with gorgeously dark brown skin and an ass to die for. And her scenes were simply amazing.

To Justin Slayer's amazed eyes, the tall sexy Black Dominatrix looked really familiar. She had only shot scenes with White folks. The only other Black male submissive performers on the kink website, Mickey Mod, Jack Hammer and Lobo, hadn't shot any scenes with Nyomi Banxxx. Well, Justin kind of wished they would. He posted on the kink forums, endlessly requesting Black on Black Domination scenes. His postings attracted the attention of Nyomi Banxxx. For she wasn't just one of the top performers on the site, she was also one of its administrators. Quickly she saw through Justin Slayer's disguise. And threatened to basically OUT him. Well, her little stint in Blackmail worked. Justin Slayer came clean with her, and admitted to being curious about BDSM. Nyomi Banxxx is a helpful and friendly kind of sister. She was more than willing to help a brother out.

Nyomi Banxxx smiled to herself as she pushed the dildo deeper inside Justin Slayer's asshole. The macho Black stud lay on his back, tears flowing down his face, whimpering softly as the sexy Black Dominatrix fucked him in the ass. How she loved the look of total surrender in his eyes. At first, he protested. He told her that he was only curious about watching Domination. He wasn't interested in experiencing it himself. Nyomi Banxxx countered that argument by telling that since he fucked a lot of Black girls, White women and Hispanic women in the ass in his movies, he already knew plenty about Domination. Just not everything. She offered to teach him what he didn't know. The Art of Submission. It took some time but she coaxed him into it. Now look at him. Lying on his back, crying like a little bitch while getting a big dildo up his Black ass. If only his fans could see him now.

To really give Justin Slayer something to remember her by, Nyomi Banxxx pressed a special button in her mechanized strap-on dildo. What happened next? The strap-on dildo squirted, unleashing a torrent of hot artificial cum deep inside Justin Slayer's bruised and battered asshole. The Black man howled in surprise as the hot 'semen' filled his ass. The Black Dominatrix laughed evilly, and told Justin Slayer that from now on and forevermore, he was her bitch. Her own personal bitch. When he moaned instead of answering her properly, Mistress Nyomi Banxxx smacked Justin Slayer hard across the face. He obediently told her that he was her own personal bitch. Nyomi Banxxx smiled victoriously at Justin Slayer. Then she put a collar around his neck. From now on until such time that she got tired of him, he was hers. Another magnificent Black Porn stud added to her growing collection of craven strap-on bitches!

Written by: Samuelx

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