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The Lust Boat Ch. 02

by Lexinatrix©

Lacey woke up in a different room, under the sort of bright lights that were used for filming. *How'd I get on the set?* she thought. She tried to sit up, couldn't. "Wha--?" She shook her head, trying to sharpen her thoughts. OK, she couldn't sit up. She couldn't sit up because-- because she was strapped down!

A burst of adrenaline cleared Lacey's mind. She was strapped down, naked, with her legs spread and her arms at her sides. *Oh, God,* she thought. Panic had her pulling against the padded straps, but they had very little give in them. Movement caught her eye. Above her, surrounded by the lighting equipment, was a mirror. She could see herself, bound and helpless, fighting the straps.

"Hey," she yelled. "Let me go!" There was no answer. She hadn't really expected whoever had drugged her and bound her to suddenly decide to release her, but she had needed to try. She knew she was about to be raped. No one drugged women and tied them up naked with their legs splayed because they wanted conversation. She wondered how much it would hurt.

*No, don't think about it,* she told herself. But it was hard not to. No one came in answer to her shouts. She could tell by the subtle swaying underneath her that she was still on the ship. She could hear the thrum of the engines, too, which meant that they were no longer docked in LA. *We're out in the middle of the ocean.* She shivered.

Just as she was hoping she'd been forgotten, she heard a door open, and footsteps approached her. She craned her head up. Debbie, in a tank top and jeans, looking as if she tied naked women up every day. *Maybe she does.*

"Hi, Lacey," Debbie said, her friendly manner unchanged.

"Let me go, you bitch," Lacey said.

Debbie clicked her tongue disapprovingly. "You know that's not going to happen. In fact, let me explain what is going to happen." She leaned forward. "My associates and I are going to thoroughly violate that sweet body of yours, over and over. There's nothing you can do to stop us, whether you enjoy it or not." She rolled one of Lacey's nipples between her thumb and forefinger, smiling as it hardened. "Though I think you'll be one of the ones who does enjoy it."

"Are you planning to k-kill me, then?" Lacey immediately regretted asking.

Debbie smiled. "No, what a terrible waste that would be. You see, we're not just amusing ourselves with you. We're going to train and condition you as a sex slave for our client."

"Are you crazy? You can't do this!"

"You, Lacey, are on a Liberian-flagged ship in international waters. There is little to no law enforcement out here. The captain's word is law. The contract you signed makes you part of the ship's crew; disobedience is mutiny. Mutiny is still punishable by all sorts of nasty penalties, including flogging and even death. No one will know you've been taken, because you told everyone you'd be incommunicado while filming on location, and because your agent will cover for us. And there's no escape. We're in the middle of the ocean."

Lacey shrank inside as Debbie spoke, each sentence like another brick slapped down on the walls imprisoning her. "No," she said.

"Oh, yes. We will break you down until you're begging to serve." Debbie pinched Lacey's nipple.

It felt good. Lacey pressed her lips together. She would not react to this woman's perverted attentions.

Debbie was getting something out of a drawer. Lacey jumped as she felt a cool touch at the opening to her cunt. In the mirror, she saw that Debbie had positioned an odd dildo between her lips, one with wires and tubes erupting from the far end.

Debbie swirled the tip of the toy around. "I was going to use some lube, but it looks like your body is already turned on by the idea of me raping you. Too bad, I'm just working on getting you into shape now. You'll have to wait if you want me to fuck you."

Lacey's indignation was interrupted as Debbie shoved the slender toy into her cunt. "No, stop!" Automatically, she clenched her cunt muscles to try to resist the invasion. The smooth instrument was warming quickly inside her.

"Good," said Debbie. "That's the first exercise. Clamp down as hard as you can on the probe. It'll strengthen your muscles, which will make you hotter to fuck and improve your orgasms."

Immediately, Lacey tried to relax. Debbie sighed. "I told you to clamp down, slave. I can see the gauge. Hold for ten seconds and release, and repeat ten times. If you don't do it, I will make you do it."

"You can't make me," Lacey said.

Debbie turned a switch on one of the dangling wires. Lacey's cunt muscles clamped down like steel bands, cramping around the probe with bruising strength. She jerked and cried out.

"Oh, sorry." Debbie didn't sound sorry. "I forgot to mention that, in addition to the gauges, the probe is wired to deliver an electric shock to make you muscles spasm if I decide you're not squeezing hard enough. I'm going to use your body whether you co-operate or not."

"Now," Debbie continued. "You have nine more reps to go. Squeeze. Harder."

Lacey tried to comply, but by the sixth repetition, her muscles were aching and weak. "Harder," Debbie demanded.

"Please, I can't," Lacey said. Her back arched as another shock tightened her around the probe. It didn't hurt, exactly, but it was very uncomfortable.

"That shows there's strength left in the muscle; you're just lazy," Debbie said.

With tears running down her cheeks, she managed to squeeze hard enough to satisfy her tormentor and hold it for the required ten seconds.

"That's eight," Debbie said. "Again."

She couldn't, not hard enough. She yelped as the current was applied again. In the mirror, she could see her breasts bounce and jiggle every time she flinched. It seemed even the electrical current couldn't tighten her exhausted muscles as hard as it had earlier.

"Now the last one."

This time Lacey waited helplessly for the shock that convulsed her. When it was over, she dared to hope Debbie was done with her for now.

"You squirm and squeak in such a lovely way. Very responsive. That should play well for the audience."

"Audience?" Lacey repeated hoarsely.

"Oh, yes, couldn't you tell you're on a sound stage? We stream over the internet to subscribers, and of course the client whose slave you will be wants to watch every detail of your training."

The knowledge that others would see her violation was shocking. She knew exactly how she looked because of the mirror. Vulnerable, flushed, with her exposed pink pussy lips swollen around the horrible device that penetrated her.

Suddenly, she felt a new sensation. Debbie had done something to the probe, and it was swelling inside Lacey with a pneumatic hiss. The probe had started out slim, like a finger. Now it was thick enough to put pleasant pressure on the walls of her cunt. Lacey could feel unwanted wetness flowing in response.

Debbie was watching her. "Yes, you're the kind of slut who likes to have her cunt filled, aren't you?"

Lacey fought to show no reaction. *I'm an actor, damn it. I'll just pretend nothing is happening. I'm not going to give them the satisfaction.* But the probe continued to swell, pressing and stretching the walls of her cunt. Lacey gasped at the first pangs of real pain. It was too big! Was Debbie planning to burst her cunt? There was nothing Lacey could do to stop her, she realized.

Finally, the probe stopped getting bigger. Her cunt was stretched so tight she could feel her pulse beating hard around the probe. Even the slightest twitch sent a dart of pain through her. Lacey breathed shallowly so as not to jostle the probe.

Debbie checked a gauge. "Yes, I think that's it for now. Eventually we'll have you stretched to your physiological maximum." She pressed on Lacey's abdomen with her palm, feeling for the probe from the outside. Lacey bit her lip so she wouldn't react to the resulting twinges.

Debbie's hand slid lower, stroking Lacey's clit. The girth of the device inside her had pulled the hood of her clitoris taut until the swollen nub stood out, red and unprotected from Debbie's caresses. Lacey felt a wave of despair as Debbie stroked her clit, because it felt good. Very good.

Lacey didn't want it to feel good. She closed her eyes and tried to distract herself with the least erotic things she could think of. Times tables. Taking out the trash.

"You like this, don't you, Lacey?" Debbie's voice interrupted her internal recitation. "This is what you want, what you tell yourself you can't have. In the night, when you're alone, you dream of a woman's touch. It's a woman's soft skin you crave to feel against yours."

Lacey's eyes popped open. "No! That's not true." Of course it was, but she had been hiding for years to protect her career prospects.

"Oh, dear, it's no good trying to lie about it. We're going to strip away all that, and the fact that you're a lesbian is the least of the dark desires we're going to expose in you. It does make it a little easier that you've been so repressed, though." The pressure of Debbie's fingers became insistent as she milked them along the shaft of Lacey's clit. At the end of each stroke, she swirled a fingertip over the tip.

Lacey's hips were rolling without her consent. The probe still filled her vagina, but it no longer hurt. Juices seeped out around it. Debbie leaned down and tenderly kissed Lacey on the inner thigh.

Lacey thought she heard a voice, not Debbie's, say "Come for me, Lacey." And she came.

She had never come with something so large inside her. Her cunt muscles tried to grip, but they had little range of motion. Held wide open, she felt as if pleasure was pouring out of her. She was just a conduit for the sensation that flowed through her like water gushing through a pipe. "Nooo...." Her protest trailed off into a moan.

When the orgasm finally released her, she lay sweating and panting in her bonds.

"Now that you're relaxed...." Debbie said. She looked into Lacey's eyes and pressed a button. The probe swelled a tiny bit more, just enough to force a flinch from her victim.

Lacey tried to hide her relief when the probe finally began to shrink down inside her. Debbie removed it from Lacey's aching cunt and set it aside. *She's enjoying getting a reaction from me, and so are the people watching. She caught me by surprise and made me come. I won't give it to them again.*

Her resolve was tested when she felt Debbie spreading lube on her asshole. *Oh, God, I've never had anything in there! She can't!* Lacey was surprised at how sensitive the area around her anus was. While she could keep her face impassive, she couldn't keep her anus from puckering in response to a circling fingertip. Then she felt the cold tip of another probe. A sob battered at the back of Lacey's throat, but she pushed it down.

"This really will hurt less if you relax," Debbie said. "But I'm going to shove it in your ass no matter what."

Lacey tried to relax, she really did. But the probe still felt painful and foreign as it entered her virgin ass.

Debbie gave her a minute to accustom herself to its presence. She toyed with Lacey's nipples, rolling and stretching them. "I'm not the first woman to touch your breasts like this, am I?" she taunted.

"I'm not a lesbian. Everyone knows I'm dating Logan Ferris." Lacey said through clenched teeth. The pain in her rectum was fading slowly.

"Yes, your oh-so-public love affair with the dashing Mr. Ferris. You should have chosen a more discreet beard. He's been seen in the back room at the Manhole."

*That bastard!* After he's insisted she give up her "personal trainer," Naomi, because it was too risky.

"Lacey, do you know what you need to do for me now?"

Lacey had a horrible feeling that she did; Debbie wanted to repeat the training regimen in her other hole. She didn't answer.

Smack! Debbie slapped Lacey's pussy. "Answer me, slave."

"Yes," Lacey squeaked.

"Then do it. Clamp down." Debbie forced her through the strengthening routine. She only applied the electrical current twice, but each time the shock had Lacey cramping painfully hard around the probe.

When the probe started to dilate her ass, Lacey couldn't stop the tears running down her face. It reached painful pressure quickly, but she was horribly afraid that new wetness was flowing from her cunt in response.

"What a tight little hole you've got there," Debbie remarked. "It may take a while longer to pry that open. Don't worry, though. We'll stretch it as wide as it can go before we turn you over to the client."

Debbie produced a vibrator. Lacey broke her promise to herself and begged. "Please, no. Don't!" She couldn't bear the humiliation of having everyone see her orgasm again.

"Begging from slaves is always welcome," Debbie said. "But not often effective." She pressed the vibrator to Lacey's clit.

Lacey's body tensed immediately, pulling the probe even deeper into her ass. She could feel another orgasm building in spite of herself. Just before her climax started, she heard the voice again-- a recording? "Come for me, Lacey."

"Stop," she whispered hopelessly.

Debbie didn't stop, and a wave of pleasure crashed over Lacey. The spasms of her orgasm fucked her ass with the probe.

The orgasm passed, and Debbie dilated the probe to force Lacey's ass open a tiny amount more. Afterwards, Lacey lay devastated, staring at her disheveled reflection as Debbie removed the probes and sprayed her clean with warm water.

"I'm glad to see you enjoyed that training session, little slut," Debbie said. "Since you're going to start every day this way until we get you to peak strength and dilation on both holes." She leaned forward and spoke softly in Lacey's ear, her breasts brushing Lacey's. "That means I get to violate you like this dozens and dozens of times."

Written by: Lexinatrix

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