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Mom was a Tease Ch. 02

by Momstheboss©


Sean's mother stood under the steaming water of the shower. She was steaming inside from the call she had received from her husband. Her feelings about him coming home early were more negative than positive, as she had set her sexual sights on her son. Now, that would have to be put off for a while.

It had not been an easy decision to make but her nature was not to run out and have a fair. But she was determined to have her desires fulfilled. She had come to terms keeping it in the family. She loved her husband and a divorce never entered her mind, but she felt deserted by her husband, Tom. He had always traveled in his work but had never been away for more than three weeks. Sexually, that amount of time had caused no distress. She found it incredulous that he had taken a job so far from home for such an extended time. Determined that she would not be denied, sexually, she also acknowledged she had no intentions of going anywhere. She, however, needed discretion and loyalty, hence her son.


After his first sexual adventure with Alice, Sean remained in good spirits for the three days leading up to Saturday. He sat at the kitchen table reading the morning paper, his spirits slowly sinking as he wondered what his mother might show up wearing. He did not have to wonder long, she walked in wearing a long sleeved, white T-Shirt with just red panties underneath.

"Are you hungry, sugar?" She asked. "How about cheese eggs, toast and bacon?"

"Sounds great, mom."

He studied his mother, Helen, as she walked around the kitchen preparing breakfast. The distress he expected did not materialize. The seductive way she was dressed no longer caused the frustration in him that it had before he met, and was intimate with, Alice. He was saddened that Alice had told him that he could not see her again, but she had forever changed his life. Rather than feeling distress, he began to appreciate and assess his mother's dress, or lack of. He had an attractive mother and she apparently was not concerned about showing off her assets. His subconscious thoughts of why she was acting so was brushed aside by his new found attitude. Also, the always present "why" was brushed away.

She dropped a fork and bent over straight-legged to pick it up. Her backside pointed right at him, he strained to see the dark curly hairs escaping out of the sides of her panties.

"Your dad called last night. He'll be in late Sunday night. You'll be able pick him up, won't you?" She informed him. "It's a month early and he'll be here for three weeks instead of two!"

"That's great, mom! Yes of course I can pick them up." Sean replied, trying to sound positive, but his mind reeling with the thought that his new- found view of his mother was going to be cut short. It had to! "I guess you'll enjoy getting things back to normal for a while?"

"I'll be glad to have your father home." She replied. "But it's hard to think about anything being normal for such a short while. I was beginning to like the new normal.

'What is that supposed to mean?' Sean thought, resisting the urge to ask openly

Father and Son

Sean met his father at the baggage terminal. They hugged affectionately and waited to retrieve the bags making small talk.

"How is your mother holding up?" Tom asked, as they drove home.

"Just fine!" Sean answered. "Mom is mom. She has talked about getting a part-time job. She plays cards with her friends. And of course, shops."

"Keep it to yourself until I break the news, but she is going to be very upset when I tell her that the Dam is behind schedule and it might be two years more that I could be gone." Tom related.

"I don't know what to say, dad." Sean replied. "She is not going to like that news at all! We both miss you a lot!"

"I appreciate that, son."


Helen was indeed upset. Sean listened to his mother voice her displeasure to his father for three days before she finally calmed down, excepting the inevitable. As to things returning to normal, she became the modest dressed mother she had always been.

They had supper out every night, allowing the three of them to reconnect and ensure that Helen did as little as possible in the way of homemaking during their limited time.

Mother and father retired early almost every evening, causing Sean to wonder if they were making love every night. As he masturbated, Sean could push his mother's apparition from his mind by thinking of Alice, but moments before he reached orgasm his mother's image always sprang to life.

When he was working, Sean wondered if his parents were out visiting friends, having lunch or home in bed having sex.

The three of them would have different views of the three weeks. Sean felt the three weeks moved like a snail. He would have probably been disappointed if you knew his mother had slipped back in to normalcy more than she had anticipated, as she was indeed was having sex once or twice a day. The weeks passed rather quickly for her. Poor Tom! For him, the weeks flew by.


It would be unfair to the lady if we painted her as a wanton-woman who fell into disarray immediately after her husband's departure. In fact, she had been well cared for, sexually, and after her husband's departure her mindset was that of being a loyal wife. But time, and the ever-present sexual desire, which in Helen was quite strong, tends to grip the mind like a vice, ever tightening.


Sean drove his father to the airport Wednesday morning before going to work. The three weeknights before the weekend were uneventful as to his mother's dress, our lack of.

Saturday morning he sat reading the morning newspaper as usual. He looked over the top of the newspaper as his mother entered the kitchen. He had

mixed feelings when he saw that she wore her usual long, very concealing robe. Had she finally come to her senses? Did he feel much of a loss not having a pretty mother walk around in front of him scantly clad? He shrugged his shoulders and accepted what was in front of him.

He did feel distress that his finances would not allow another call to Tidewater Escorts, even if Alice was not available.

Mother and Son

They sat watching TV, reading and having an occasional word. It had been five weeks since Tom had left for China.

Helen wore pink pajamas pants and matching top, panties and no bra. Sean wore gray cotton shorts and a white T-shirt, no briefs.

"I think I pulled my back cleaning the bathroom this morning. It hurts like the devil right here." Helen said, breaking the silence and causing Sean to look up at his mother rubbing the middle of her back. "Do you think you could rub it a little bit for me?"

"Sure! Be glad to." Sean replied.

"Thank you." She said, leaving the couch and lying chest down on the carpeted floor in front of the TV, her magazine in hand.

Sean took a position on his knees beside her and began to massage her back.

"Uuummmmmm!" That feels real good!" She moaned.

Long minutes pasted.

"That's got to be hard on your knee, Sean." Helen said, referring to an old football injury, observing that her son was shuffling his weight from one knee to the other. "That helped a lot!"

"No! Don't get up. I'm fine."

"Well, at least straddle my legs." She suggested. "Sitting on my legs, sould take some of the weight off your knees. There! Is that a little better?"


Straddling her legs, Sean studied his mother as he pushed into her back with the palms of his hands. She was smaller in stature than Alice. His mother seemed to have the body of a 20-year-old, slim and trim, compared to Alice's broader hips and fuller buttocks. His thoughts eventually began to alarm him as his cock began to rise.

"Can you rub my shoulders and upper back a little?" Helen directed.

It was unavoidable as Sean reached higher to rub his mother shoulders that he would have to lean, moving forward, causing his ever-hardening erection to rub across her ass. Just as unavoidable, Helen became aware. She had expected to.

"Don't stop! It feels so good!" She exclaimed. "I feel so relaxed I might go to sleep."

Helen dropped her head to the right side of her face and closed her eyes.

Sean now had a full erection and the shaft rubbed the crack of his mother's ass every time he rode up, reaching forward, to rub her shoulders. He thought, surely she must feel his cock rubbing against her.

"Don't stop, sugar." He heard her whisper.

He tried as best he could to slide his cock lightly over her ass. He even sat up straight and concentrated on her middle back to regain control and rid his self of the tension.

"A little lower." He heard her whisper.

Sean complied and moved his hands to her hips squeezing and rubbing firmly.

"Go back to my shoulders." She whispered.

Long, nerve racking, minutes passed. Eventually, try as he might, Sean could not slide his cock lightly over his mother's ass, every time. Every third or fourth pass, quite involuntarily, he pressed it hard against her ass as he moved forward. 'She's got to know.' He rationalized, amazed, no longer caring.

He drew his breath in deeply to stifle the moan as he came. Without knowing, he was gripping his mother shoulders quite firmly. His body relaxing, he moved back to the middle of her back, continuing the massage, the front of his shorts dark and wet with his semen.

"You have to get up early in the morning. It's late." She whispered. "You go on to bed. I'm going to lie here a few more minutes."

Sean gladly followed her advice, happy to escape the embarrassment had she not known what had happened. Also, happy to escape the awkwardness that would result if she did know. He lay awake a long time pondering if she knew, how could she not know etc.


Helen tarried a few minutes before rising, hitting the bathroom before entering her bedroom. She quickly pulled down the bedding, stripped and rolled into the bed.

On her belly, her ass lifted slightly as her right hand promptly slipped between her legs. Middle finger on her clit, she lost herself in lustful thoughts of what she had just coached her son to do.

Her last thoughts before going to sleep was whether he thought she knew. She decided that he must have and that maybe next time..........!!

Written by: Momstheboss

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