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Mom was a Tease Ch. 03

by Momstheboss©

Helen awoke and gradually became aware of the faint sound of the shower running. She rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom with little concern of her nakedness. She stood by the bathroom door and pondered whether she should wait for the shower to turn off or go with her original thought. She turned the knob.
"Sean, mother has to pee real bad. You don't mind, do you?" She asked.
"No, not at all." Sean replied, momentarily surprised.
"Did you sleep well last night?" She queried.
"I slept great! How about you?"
"Me too! I appreciate that back rub last night." She replied, and then added a few moments later. "You're not peeking, are you? I had to pee so bad I didn't put any clothes on."
"Now that I know that, I might be tempted!" He said teasingly.
"Well, peek all you want! All you're going to see is my backside leaving the bathroom."
Sean quickly looked around the edge of the shower curtain to indeed see his mother’s bare butt for a brief second as she exited the bathroom.

Mother and son met in the kitchen briefly before Sean left for work.
"If you can take a little longer lunch hour today, I'll fix you a hamburger and fries?" Helen asked.
"It's a date! You make the best hamburgers and fries." He replied. "What do you plan on doing today?"
"I think I'm going to do a little shopping. Maybe, you'll have time for me to show you what I purchase." Helen replied.

Sean returned home for lunch. Seeing his mother's car in the opened garage he entered that way directly into the kitchen. Lunch was hot and waiting. Mother and son made small talk as they ate. Helen then stacked the dishes in the sink and turned to her son.
"You want to see what I bought today?" She asked.
"Been looking forward to it all morning!" Sean replied.

Helen disappeared for a few moments, bringing a big plastic bag back with her. She reached in and brought out a blue flowered dress holding it up for his appraisal. He nodded his approval. After a few more dresses and blouses, she extracted out the bottom of bag the top and then the bottom of a red bikini.
"And where exactly are you going to wear that?" He queried.
"I thought I would start sun-bathing!" She replied confidently.
"You're going to put that pearl white skin of yours in the sun!" He exclaimed. "Not to mention, that most women, I think, prefer to sun-bath nude. You can always find a corner to stop traffic! I'm sorry, it will look very nice with your black hair."
Helen began to replace the items she had purchased back in the bag. Her plan was to model for him, to tease him, to cause him to want her, but had not expected his reaction to the bikini. She was miffed.
"Did you try on those garments at the store?" He queried. "I thought you might model them for me?"

Helen's spirit lifted as she smiled at her son and left with the bag. A minute or two later she returned wearing the blue flowered dress.
"Well?" She inquired, as she turned around in a circle.
"It's beautiful! And you're beautiful in it!"
On it when with the other pieces of apparel, until she said that was all, intentionally leaving out the bikini.
"Aren't you forgetting something? You're not going to try on the bikini for me?" He asked, in a challenging tone.
"Well! Aren't you the bashful one!" She replied, in a challenging voice of her own.
"Well!" He offered.
"I'll be right back."

Helen checked the fit of the bikini in the mirror on the bedroom door before she headed back to the kitchen. Just before she reached the kitchen door an unexpected feeling of modesty passed through her. It was a fleeting moment.
She walked into the kitchen and stood in front of her son. She turned around in a circle as Sean indicated with his finger.
"You're a bit flushed, mom." He said. "You come into the bathroom naked to pee and tempting me not to peek. And now, you're embarrassed to wear a bikini in front of me? And last night? You’ve become a little tease."
"I am not flushed!" She retorted, quickly feeling she had lost the upper hand in her game of teasing. She now knew, that he knew, that she was very much aware of his orgasm last night while he rubbed her back.
"Come closer." Sean directed. "Turn around."

Helen did as directed, turning to put her backside squarely in front of her son. Her decision to seduce her son was coming apart at the seams. She felt herself flush even more. She actually feared that he would touch her.

Sean indeed had the intentions of touching his mother inappropriately, but he sensed something in her demeanor had quickly changed.
"I don't know exactly how to tell you this mom, but if you do wear this in public you'll need a trim."
"Thank you. That would have been embarrassing." She said timidly.
"I can understand why dad is so infatuated with you." Sean said.
"Thank you. I appreciate you showing your new clothes to me."

Helen walked away confused. Maybe, it was because she had had such a good orgasm last night and released a lot of her sexual tension. But, after leaving the bathroom this morning, she had felt thrilled with the thought that her son would most certainly be tempted to peek around the curtain. She had spent the morning buying a few new clothes, with special attention to the bikini, all for his benefit. Now, she just felt guilty of something.

Days passed uneventful. When Saturday arrived Helen felt compelled to wear a more modest dress, her bathrobe, as she fixed breakfast.
"Morning mom!" Sean said as he entered the kitchen and took a seat at the table, noticing his mother's dress.
"Morning Sean. Are you hungry?"
"Famished." Sean replied.

Within minutes, Helen sat a plate in front of her son.
"Are you cold?" Sean inquired.
"A little." Helen lied.
"I'll be a bit late tonight mom." Sean explained. "I've been invited to a party."
"Sounds like fun."

Sunday evening Sean took his usual shower and put on dark blue cotton shorts and a white T-shirt. He left his bedroom to join his mother in the living room to watch the movie they had agreed on earlier.

Helen was dressed in pink cotton sleeping pants with a 5-button matching top. She heard her son coming down the hall and jumped up with a pillow from the sofa and stood waiting beside the door. She had earlier cleared the coffee table and other items to open up the middle of the living room.

Sean reached the living room door and was blindsided with a pillow hit to his face. Immediately realizing a pillow fight was on, he ducked under the next swing and rushed to grab his own pillow from the sofa. Mother and son danced around the living room looking for an opening to deliver a strike with their pillow.
"I owe you one, big time! "Sean laughed, taking a swing at his mother, connecting with her shoulder.
"Is that all you got, big boy!" Helen cried, retaliating with three quick swings.
Sean dodged the assault, moving around to his mother's side and popping her solidly on her backside.
As she swung in retaliation, she lost her balance and fell back on the sofa.

Sean was on her immediately. He disarmed her and swatted her repeatedly as she kicked and pawed at him, delirious with laughter.
"You give up!" He challenged, as he momentarily stopped the pounding.
"Never!" She retorted, taking the moment to launch herself at his legs, taking her son down with the effort.

Sean fell to his back and was instantly struggling to keep his arms from being pinned behind his head. Throwing his hips, he managed to roll his mother over to her side and they struggled long moments, each trying to gain the upper hand.
Sean's knee was between his mother's legs as he unconsciously pushed against her crotch to roll her to her back. Helen unconsciously pushed against her son’s knee as she struggled to topple him. Sean pushed into her chest with his head, turning the tide, enabling him to roll her to her back. He straddled her trying to pin her arms behind her head.
"I give up!" She pleaded.
When Sean let go of her arms, she reached out and grabbed him in a headlock."
"I lied! I'll never give up!" She gleefully laughed.
Sean moved to the side, slid one arm under her legs and the other arm under her back, and easily lifted his mother up. Moving to the sofa, he plopped her down as he struggled to free himself. He began to tickle her.
"No! Don't! That is not fair!" She squealed, as her legs kicked.
"Let me go!" Sean demanded.
"Then I'm not going to stop tickling you!" He assured her.
"Okay! Okay!" She squealed, releasing him from the headlock.

Sean stopped tickling his mother and backed away to the middle of the living room, waiting for her to rise to the challenge. He did not wait long. Again, they danced around the living room looking for an opening. She was the first to attack as she dropped to her knees and grabbed him around the legs again, trying to take him down once more. It did not work. Sean reached over and wrapped his arms around her belly and lifted her body upside down. Surprised, she let go of his legs.

Helen's nightshirt dropped to cover her face. Her perky breasts popped up and down as Sean lightly tapped her head on the carpeted floor. Neither was aware of it.
"Let me down, Sean!" She hollered.
"You give up yet?"
"I'm going to kick your ass!" She assured him. "Let me down!"

Sean let her down. Helen immediately grabbed him by the legs again, making him unbalanced as he fell hard trying not to harm her.
"All right! That's it! You're in trouble now!" He bellowed.
Helen took off out of the living room with her son on hot on her heels. He caught her in the dark carpeted hall, wrapping his arms around her belly, lifting her kicking and struggling to get loose. In his effort to place her butt down on the floor, he toppled backwards, releasing her. She was on him immediately.
"I've got you now!" She shouted, as she straddled him hoping to pin him quickly.
In a split second, he rolled her to her back, now lying precariously between her legs.
"I need to rest, Sean!" She said breathing heavily, allowing her hands to be held firmly above her head.

Sean released her hands as he plopped his head between her breasts. They remained motionless for long minutes.
Sean noticed his mother's nipples standing firm and erect, pushing against the cotton top she wore. With little thought as to the consequence, he took the protected left nipple into his mouth, suckling on it softly.
Helen’s response was to place her hands behind her son's head. She made no effort to stop him.
She remained passive as he began to unbutton her shirt. Her consenting smile went unnoticed as the left side of her son's face lay lightly on her right breast. He was concentrating on the buttons. Her eyes closed and she breathed deeply as he returned his lips to her now bare nipple.

Helen felt her son’s hands as they sought to grab her buttocks. Instinctively, she pulled her knees up to assist.
Sean’s erection came to bear against his mother's vagina. He began to pulsate against her as if he was actually inside of her, fucking her.

With each shock of intense pleasure, Helen’s mind cursed her husband. Cursed him for leaving her for such an extended period of time. Cursed him for not understanding her sexual needs. Masturbation never satisfied her. She needed a warm body atop her. Cursed him for causing her to tease her son, to want to seduce him.

Sean soon released his mother's nipple and with his right hand reached to remove her sleep pants.

Helen’s left hand tried weakly to prevent him from pulling down her pants. Only briefly and involuntarily maybe, with an incestuous mother’s desire for plausible deniability, or, giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe, just another tease.

But, he was not to be denied as he proceeded methodically with a single-tracked mind to rid himself of the obstacle. He pushed down the top of his sleep pants, releasing his erection. He placed the tip of his cock to her now unprotected pussy and pushed slowly into her. He returned his hands to her ass.

Helen, cursed her husband for her weakness to prevent her son from removing her sleep pants. Cursed him as her son’s cock pushed into her. Cursed him for the pain of conscience that her son might inevitably feel. And for the loss of respect Sean might lose for her. She cursed, Tom, her husband right up to the point that the orgasm seized her.
"Aaaahhhhhhhhhh! Oohhhh!" She cried. "Yes! Oh my God! Yes!"
She hugged her son tightly as he continued to fuck her.

Sean gripped his mother’s ass tighter as he lost himself in the lustful thoughts of his cock in his mother's pussy. He thanked Alice for bringing him to manhood. Had it not been for her, he would have been less of a man for his mother.

"You fuck so good, baby." Helen whispered into her son's ear. "Your cock is so good."
"Your pussy is so tight!"
"I'm so happy you think so." Helen answered.
"I'm close, mom. Is it okay?" He asked.
"Yes, Sean, it's okay." She answered in a loving tone. "Give it to me, Sean. Come in me."

Sean was not fucking his mother in a frenzy rhythm. Again, he had Alice, and his youth, to thank for that. When his cock jerked, shooting his cum into his mother's belly, he was fucking her in a controlled moderate fashion. He barely may a sound as he pushed his cock deep into her. He soon released her ass and cuddled her in his arms.

Mother and son continued fucking slowly for many minutes on the carpeted hall floor. It was very dark now and the only light was that of the lamp in the living room.
"Would you like to quit?" Sean whispered.
"No. What I would like to do is move to the bed." She replied.
"Yours for mine?" Sean asked.
"Mine, I think."


Written by: Momstheboss

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