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Tomorrow is So Far Away

by andsunshine©

It was late and Allison knew her boss would probably be settling in for bed with his family, but these files could not wait. They were on a tight deadline with this contract and if they had any hope of getting it settled in time, they needed every second they could. Things had been strained at the office ever since two weeks ago when they'd come so close to each other, come so close giving in to the attraction that had seeded and grown over the last year and a half. He'd kissed her, only for a moment, and she'd kissed him back. It had been so stupid, so reckless, and she was amazed he hadn't found a way to get her let go, or transferred away from him. But she was still his assistant, no matter how little he wanted direct contact with her lately.

She'd weighed these things before coming over. Tony was obviously upset, with her, with himself, she wasn't sure how much of each. And coming to his home was a risky move. But his wife would be there, and their two girls. All she was doing was dropping off some files and then she'd go home, sink into a relaxing bath, and think about anything except the way he had finally acknowledged the unanswered attraction she had seen fleeting in his eyes every now and then for months.

With a deep breath, she gathered herself, put on her professional face, and pressed the doorbell. Almost immediately she heard the frenzied barking of his energetic dog Wilder ("Named for the poet, but shockingly accurate," he'd told her once) as he ran to the door to greet the stranger. She'd never met him, just seen one picture of the beautiful Border Collie on her boss's desk, posing with a smile and a panting tongue, two beautiful girls hanging on him, Tony's daughters.

After a few minutes, Allison heard some swearing in a man's voice, her boss no doubt, and the dog seemed to calm down a little, the barking less frantic. A shuffling sound was heard at the door as the dog was probably pushed away. Finally, it opened, a very familiar man appearing with a dog poking its nose through his legs to try and get a look at the visitor.

Tony's appearance shocked Allison. She was used to pressed shirts, a nice suit, coordinating ties. His thick brown hair was always immaculately combed, the goatee he had adopted recently always trimmed with no stubble straying outside the lines. Tonight his hair was tousled and the morning's stubble was on its way in. He had on a pair of old pajama pants, made out of a solid gray sort of flannel material. He had no shirt on, and that was probably what startled Allison the most. For a man with almost twenty years on her, he was in spectacular shape. There weren't the hard defined lines of the twenty-somethings in her peer group, the ones that spent hours in the gym so they'd look good at a pool, or on a lakeside beach, or anywhere else they'd get an excuse to take their shirts off in front of women. But at forty-two he still had clearly defined shape and musculature that made her really wonder why in the hell she hadn't decided to wait until the morning when he'd be dressed and in the office and not so incredible tempting.

"I—I'm sorry if I woke you or your family... I had some files for you dealing with the Carterman contract. They just came through."

Tony was as shocked by her appearance as she was his, though more by the fact that she was making an appearance rather than what she was wearing. He was used to well-tailored women's suits or professional skirts and blouses. Usually some pumps gave her another two or so inches, but today she was shorter than usual in a pair of sandals. She had on some nice faded jeans, something he'd never seen her in but realized now he liked, and on top was a simple blue and white striped shirt. It didn't fit to her curves, but fluttered over them in an innocent and feminine way. Her hair had been let down out of the messy bun he usually saw it in and he got a better look than usual at the red-and-gold waves as they tumbled down her back. She was absolutely beautiful in a way he hadn't yet seen her, and at the same time he was struck by how young she was compared to him -- only twenty-four.

"Were you working this late?" was the first thing he could think of to say to her, shocked. He didn't even notice as the dog managed to slip out and began to sniff Allison's legs and ankles, tail wagging enthusiastically.

"Well, no. I was up, though, watching a movie and having a glass of wine—" maybe she shouldn't admit that part when she'd driven there, but it hadn't been much "—when the fax came through. I thought you might want to get these so you could at least look over them this weekend before you came in Monday."

He noticed her pretty freckled cheeks were flushed red and then he realized his own state of half-undress. Now he was embarrassed, but he wouldn't let that show like it so easily did on her pale complexion. "Thanks. Um, come in real quick and we can take a quick look at them," he offered, trying to act normal, but the flush on those cheeks was the exact same one that had risen two weeks prior when he'd lost control for just a moment and kissed her. "Wilder, get inside," he barked and his dog slinked inside, realizing that the leniency was over. His tail continued wagging when his new-found friend followed them in, though.

"Sure." Pushing her emotions aside, though knowing how obvious her nerves had to be in her hot cheeks, she stepped over the threshold and into his beautiful, sprawling home. She followed him through the foyer, petting Wilder briefly on the head -- she loved dogs and this one was certainly a charmer -- and into the living room. An empty beer bottle sat on one of the end tables and the TV was on a commercial. "Did I wake anybody?" It seemed like he had been out on the couch still, but she wanted to be sure. There was no sign of his wife, at least.

He shook his head. "Only me, but that's probably a good thing. I'd fallen asleep out here and my neck would have started to cramp up." At the question in her pretty green eyes, he added, "My wife actually isn't here. She took the girls to see her mom and sister for the weekend so I'm living la vida bachelor. So no worries."

That made Allison feel a lot better. There was still some awkward tension as she perched lightly on one of the sofa cushions near him, but the knowledge that she would not have to have any uncomfortable face time with Daphne made her a lot more relaxed. "They countered again, but accepted some of your terms," she began.

He had just sat down but stood up again. "Shocker. Which ones? And can I get you something to drink?"

"Water please." It was a safe answer. "And the ones we didn't actually care about, of course."

Chuckling he returned with two glasses of water, a couple ice cubes floating in each one. "It's progress, at least."

She took her water as he sat and as they read over various parts of the files, their two-week-old discomfort faded out and slowly the elephant in the room grew into a simple cricket, occasionally chirping but going ignored overall by the both of them. After an hour, they were no longer talking about the contract, conversation turning light and pleasant and personal like it so often did in the office. It was why he had fallen so hard for her and her for him.

And with that thought he remembered the elephant as it came trumpeting back into the room. As his easy rolling laughter at something amusing she said died off, he looked down at his bare feet. For a moment he told himself to shut up, to not bring it up and keep playing this ruse like nothing was between them -- like he had been doing for a year and a half. But then he ignored that inner voice. "Allison, I want to apologize for the way I behaved before -- and the way I've been behaving since."

And all the awkwardness came flooding back into the room. Her relaxed demeanor shifted again and she remembered she was a professional in the home of her much older, married boss. She was not just one of two friends hanging out on a Friday night to talk about anything that came up. "It's fine..."

"No. It isn't." His tone was firm. "I acted very unprofessionally and then I treated you like you'd done something wrong. I should not have kissed you and then I should not have acted like it was your fault. It's mine. I'm the one with the wife, the kids, the responsibility."

Allison interrupted. "I kissed you back. No, listen." His argument died off. She was feeling strangely offended that he was taking all the blame, as if she wasn't a fully grown woman fully capable of making her own decisions and mistakes. "You kissed me, but I put myself in that situation. I made myself open to it. I flirted with you, I noticed you peeking down my shirt—" he opened his mouth as though to defend himself but stopped when he realized anything he said would be a lie and she would know it "—and instead of calling you out on it or at least leaving, I bent over a little farther to set down your coffee." That created a look of surprise on his face. "Yes, I did that on purpose. Maybe I wasn't thinking straight. I know you have your family and I am not the girl that ruins that, that turns into the other woman and tears mothers and fathers apart. But I'll admit that when you kissed me, all I could think about was how if you pushed me onto your desk and pushed up my skirt, I would not have stopped you."

There was a long moment of silence. Allison's cheeks were redder than a fire hydrant now and she could not make eye contact. Tony didn't have a clue what to say and was trying hard to not envision what she had just put in his mind. "Still, I—I initiated. And I'm the one who's married."

"True. That was very wrong of you. But I did not stop you, I did not argue, I did not file sexual harassment charges. I flirted, however little, and when you did it I was glad. So stop beating yourself up over it. It takes two to tangle tongues." A favorite little phrase picked up from her much more out-going best friend, a definite fan of shock value.

"Fine," he eventually conceded, pouring back the two drops of water left in his long empty glass in order to give his hands something to do. "So maybe some part of you wanted it. And I think I knew that or I wouldn't have done it. But I'm not a bad guy. I don't do that kind of thing. I'm not going to leave my wife, no matter how crazy I've become about you. And so I want to apologize and I would appreciate if you would accept my apology and forgive me."

An auburn eyebrow raised. "I do forgive you, but only if you forgive me."

He nodded. "Fine."

Allison twirled the last melting shard of ice around in the bottom of her glass. He'd refilled it once for her and now that was about gone, too. "I know you're not going to leave your wife, Tony, and for the sake of your beautiful girls I wouldn't want you to -- for anyone, but definitely not for me. At risk of my career, I'll admit that I am attracted to you. You're a good-looking man and a fantastic boss and human being. It's not just physical. But I've been through high school and then some. I know how to handle having a crush on someone you can't have. I'll live. So you don't have to worry about me." Allison actually felt her heart breaking just a little bit as she told him this and stood up, setting her glass on a stray coaster on the coffee table. "I promise to stay completely professional." It was hard to know he had feelings for her -- he was crazy about her, he'd said -- that went beyond a physical lust for the attractive figure she knew she had. She would not admit it, for the sake of her own mental health, but over the past eighteen months she'd fallen in love with Tony. It would be hard to know that there was anything like that there for him, too, and to ignore it, but she would for the sake of his family.

"Allison, I'm—Thank you for bringing over the files." It was the only thing he could think of to say that was safe. She seemed to understand as she nodded and he followed her to the door to let her out. The dog followed, tailing lazily fanning the air. Even he was finally getting tired.

"I'll see you Monday," she told him as they reached the door and then she squatted down slightly to pet Wilder. "See you later, sweetie." She fluffed his furry ears and neck affectionately and gave his nose a kiss. He panted his appreciation and approval, tail thumping against the floor.

This little, personal glance into her heart cracked his resolve a little. Plus, her lower position gave him that same view into her shirt that he'd gotten in the office that fateful day. She seemed to catch him looking and flushed, straightening up quickly. A lingering touch of perfume hit his nose, that same smell he was teased with every day at the office. It was over for him, then. His hand was resting on the door, cracked open as she bid the dog farewell. He shut it now, meeting her eyes. For brief moment he could see the question in hers, but he answered it quickly by giving in to the need he'd been holding back and kissing her, hard. "Stop me," he offered, whispering against her lips as his hand quickly entwined in her wavy hair.

"I don't want to," was her breathy confession.

That was all he needed. He pressed his body against hers, pressing her back against the thick front door. As though following instinct, her hands came up around his neck, one scratching against his scalp as she tangled her fingers in his hair. He groaned softly and kissed her harder, tongue probing. Instantly she responded, parting her lips to let her tongue dance with his, occasionally giving his lip a playful nibble. Desperate, he ground up against her, already hard and needing to feel those curves of hers against him. He could feel the buttons of her shirt scratch his chest and the contours of her bra were obvious against his chest. Letting go of any common sense and restraint, he slid one hand down to cup her ass in those wonderful jeans before it hurriedly slid up her shirt. One bra cup was hastily pushed up to let him at the soft mound it held. She gasped as he found the bud of her hard nipple between his fingers and he broke their passionate kiss to peck her all up and down her neck, nipping lightly here and there.

Allison hadn't ever daydreamed it this good, and all he was doing so far was kissing and feeling her up. She'd imagined hundreds of times what it would be like if they'd ever give in to their desire, but never had it gone like this, never had it been this good. He ground into her and she could feel him grow instantly hard. A discreet glance showed him tented against her abdomen and she suspected he was not wearing anything beneath his sleep pants. A thrill sparked up between her thighs and she felt a pool of wetness form. "Tony..." she began, but didn't know how to say what she wanted to ask him. She wanted to find the bedroom. She wanted him to tear off her clothes and finally give himself to her, consequences be damned. She wanted every last inch of him deep inside her.

He could have read her mind the way she moaned his name. For a second he thought about backing off, about stopping before they'd gone too far, but he inhaled deeply against her neck, taking her in as he furiously squeezed her breast, and the thought left him. "Come with me," he whispered, desperately praying she wouldn't regain her senses and change her mind.

She didn't. She followed him as he led her to a bedroom. From the made-up bed and the generic but perfectly matching decorations, she had a suspicion it was the guest bedroom, and she was right. It was closest to the foyer, and he also felt it was just more appropriate -- not that he and Daphne used their own bed for much more than sleep. For a moment he wondered if this would upset Allison, but she didn't seem bothered as she kissed him again.

Now he let himself go, tugging her shirt up and over her head desperately. He had to have her. He needed her now. Her curls fell in a mess over her shoulders and he quickly fumbled with her bra, a simple white thing with few frills, before getting that off. As he saw those beautiful full breasts come free, he groaned, grabbing at himself for a second to try and stay under control. She pushed his hand away, plunging her own into his pants and grabbing at the thick member he could no longer hide from her. She pumped it furiously and for a moment he just stood there, relishing in it, before turning his attentions to her again.

Careful not to disrupt the angle, he lowered his mouth to those wonderful breasts, sucking at her left nipple, first gently with little flicks of his tongue, then with more fervor. Allison gasped and began to pant in between moans. Apparently this was the right idea. His hands went to the waistband of her jeans and popped the button quickly before tugging down the zipper. Impatient and driven by the noises she was making and the way she was pumping his dick still, he plunged his fingers between her legs and found her clit, which he massaged furiously.

In shock and pleasure, she cried out and fell back onto the bed as he fingered her, unable to help herself. He instantly pulled her jeans and underpants away and she was fully naked on the beautiful bedspread his wife had picked out. He dropped his own pants to the floor -- she was right, he was naked underneath them -- and finally freed himself all the way. For a moment, the responsible thought of condoms and all those other less exciting details flitted through his mind, but with a moan she sat up and grabbed him by the hair again, pulling him down to her so she could kiss him. He slid over her, following her lead.

Allison spread her legs open and he settled between them, but instead of that impressive member, she felt something much smaller but equally pleasant slip inside her. He was able to locate that sensitive patch of skin inside her wet pussy and massaged it, making her hips buck. She cried out as a second finger entered and they began to "run" against her G-spot. "Oh fuck..." she whispered, unable to help herself. He was doing exactly what she loved and after just a few minutes of his administrations she felt the pressure building, her rhythmic rocking increasing pace before she bucked hard against his hand. He was able to keep his fingers in place as she came around him, gushing juices as she cried out with total abandon. Who would hear them anyway? The dog?

As she settled down from her orgasm, he watched her chest rise and fall, nipples hard as she tried to catch her breath. He wouldn't give her the chance. The beautiful twenty-four-year-old body was sprawled out, legs open on either side of him, beautiful red-gold hair spread out on the bed, and it was a picture too good to ignore like he had been for a year and a half. He grabbed his dick, hard and throbbing, and ran the head once along the wet pink slit of her pussy before pushing it in, not waiting for an invitation or permission.

"Ahh! Oh God fuck!" It wasn't the most eloquent of things to say, but it certainly summed up her feelings as she felt his entire length fill her up. He began slowly at first, with some control, kissing her hard and weaving his fingers through her hair. But as she rocked with him, meeting him stroke for stroke, he began to increase the pace.

His shaft was rubbing her G-spot as he'd done with his fingers before and now he was running his lips all over her neck and chest as well. As he picked up the pace, the gentle strokes became harder pounds and he furiously sucked at her rosy nipples. God, he could forget sometimes what it felt like to actually make love to a woman again, not just watch it on the internet and mimic with his hand, or not just get a quick in and out one to three times each year when his wife was finally in the mood, too. As quick and rough as this was, there was an unmistakable air of love in it, too. They might regret admitting it in the morning, but Allison and Tony loved each other.

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