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Tina Ch. 14

by silversun84©

TINA: mmmm moaning against your stiff dick, feeling it pound the back of my throat

PHIL: I can feel you breathing hard through your nose

TINA: mmmm just getting enough air to keep going, digging my nails into your back

PHIL: holding your hair in my tight fists, using your throat

TINA: mmmm Phil

PHIL: fucking your tight wet mouth, watching your pretty face as I slip it deep and hard

TINA: mmmm hold it in there, mmm baby

PHIL: scratch me you vicious little bitch, and make me jerk my hips further

TINA: feel me gently nip at it as you fuck my mouth, dragging my nails down your back

PHIL: fuck!!!! Draw blood will you you vicious fucktoy

TINA: mmmmm

PHIL: pushing my cock deep into your mouth and holding it there, making it twitch and seeing if you can hold it

TINA: mmmmm breathing harder and faster, looking up at you with your cock stuffed in my mouth

PHIL: bite it you little bitch. Come on, bite my dick and make it feel good

TINA: mmmm biting your dick just like you wanted, stopping then biting again

PHIL: bite it hard and show me you want that dick inside your pussy soon. Oooh yes, aaahhh fuck

TINA: mmmmm biting then letting go then biting again

PHIL: yesss, I want to see your teeth marks deep in my dick

TINA: then sucking on it to make it feel even better

PHIL: put your tongue out and really jab it into your tight throat

TINA: mmmm

PHIL: that's just like my little toy, just where she belongs having her throat fucked by my eager dick

TINA: mmmm letting you fuck my pretty mouth with your cock. Sending vibrations all along it

PHIL: grr god fuck yes, showing me how much you can fit inside... Almost all of it, just perfect

TINA: mmmmm make me take all of it. Force it in my throat

PHIL: I'll kneel up in front of you and yank your hair right back, jerking your neck back and leaving your mouth hanging open

TINA: mmmm yes

PHIL: nice and open for me to slide my dick, drenched with your spit down your open throat. I'm slipping it past any resistance and hearing you gag on it. Fucking it more.... looking down at you telling you to take it all. Just like a sword swallower taking a massive weapon down deep

TINA: mmmmm

PHIL: let me use your mouth Tina

TINA: use it all you want mmmmm. Trying not to gag as all of you is inside of me

PHIL: gripping your hair and using the back of your head for leverage as I pound my cock deep

TINA: mmmmm feeling me gasp for air against your cock, biting it hard

PHIL: yes that's it, looking down into your deep eyes, seeing my Christmas angel like a rag doll with her mouth helplessly wrapped around my plunging cock

TINA: mmm my eyes watering slightly from having your cock pound my tight mouth and throat

PHIL: I can hear you struggling to catch your breath, your face going a little redder as I'm taken over with lust and fuck you hard

TINA: mmmm digging my nails into your back again, I'm trying to bite your dick but all I can do is drag my teeth down it because you are fucking my mouth so hard, wetness flowing down my red cheeks now

PHIL: forgetting where I am and just using your throat like it were your pussy

TINA: mmmmm

PHIL: dribble all over your chin..., using a finger to swirl your spit in circles on your cheek, pulling my cock till it's nearly out of your throat... letting you gulp eagerly before plunging it back in and fucking again

TINA: mmm looking up at you with desire in my eyes, hearing me gasp for air and then before I can get it, pushing your dick in my mouth again

PHIL: oooh yes... slowing down slightly just rhythmically pumping long and hard and deep into your throat

TINA: mmmmm

PHIL: making sure it stays open... your neck starting to ache from being bent backwards so sharply

TINA: I want to move my neck back but your fists not letting me, holding me in the perfect position for your cock

PHIL: looking up, submissive and open

TINA: mmmmmm

PHIL: pulling my cock nearly out and ordering you to suck on the end like you can do so well

TINA: mmmm sucking the tip softly then harder and harder, nipping at it while I suck

PHIL: enjoying it like a lolly-pop that's it yes, pinching your cheek calling you a cutie as you do it

TINA: mmm reaching in my jeans to feel my how wet my panties are

PHIL: are they nice and wet? Just nod with my dick in your mouth

TINA: mmm moving my head up and down then raising my fingers up so you can decide for yourself

PHIL: hmm I'll lick them eagerly, sucking hungrily. Are you going to let me see your pretty little pussy then Tina?

TINA: mmmmmm nodding my head up and down with your cock still in my mouth

PHIL: so when I let my cock pop out of your mouth are you going to stand and strip for me?

TINA: mmmm moving my head up and down again

PHIL: come on. I'm fucking desperate to see you naked,

TINA: mmmm standing slowly then slowly unbuttoning my jeans and unzipping them, pulling them slowly down until the tip of my thong shows

PHIL: fuck, sitting on my hands... so eager to touch my wet dick

TINA: then turning around and bending over to pull off my jeans

PHIL: yes yes come on Tina

TINA: then turning around and smiling at you, watching as your eyes trace every inch of my body

PHIL: ah Tina, I always think it can't get any better when I'm fucking your pretty mouth.... But then...

TINA: hehe

PHIL: completely exposed to me... soft warm skin on show, one hand on your hip... looking so innocent and smiling meekly, perfect breasts, everything blowing my mind... trying to drink you all in at the same time, feel my eyes burning into you

TINA: mmm turning around as I blush

PHIL: grrr, fuck, I feel like I just can't keep control and want to leap on you and smother you with kisses. But I have to have patience now

TINA: mmmm glancing at you over my shoulder, before bending over slowly and taking off my purple thong

PHIL: come here

TINA: hehe, walking slowly towards you

PHIL: can I have your thong to suck on?

TINA: holding it out to you for you to take

PHIL: hmmmmmm baby

TINA: watching as you take it and start to suck on it, rubbing my feet against your legs while you do

PHIL: stuffing the wet patch in my mouth trying to get all the juice I can from it

TINA: mmmm running my toes along your legs

PHIL: grr I'd forgotten about your talented shining toes

TINA: hehe how could you?

PHIL: making my cock twitch so hard feeling them on my thighs

TINA: mmmm

PHIL: I was concentrating on everything else you do

TINA: hehe mmmm watching as you suck hungrily on my wet panties

PHIL: my beautiful Christmas angel.... naked and looking radiant

TINA: mmmm

PHIL: still trying to get every drop off of them... dreaming of being able to taste your pussy properly

TINA: mmmmm watching you suck on them gets me so excited. I'm keeping my fingers from touching my wet pussy, wanting you to do that mmmm

PHIL: wanting me to taste the juice from the real source, just where it's dripping from?

TINA: mmmmm ya

PHIL: is your clit feeling wet and buzzing baby? Feeling like you want my nice warm tongue massaging it?

TINA: mmm yes Phil

PHIL: why don't you come and spread your silky naked thighs in front of me and I will

TINA: mmmmm spreading them as far apart as I can, waiting and begging for you to touch it mmmmm mmm please, touch me, grrrrr please baby

PHIL: fuck, seeing your glistening treasure, reaching forward and dipping a little fingertip inside you

TINA: mmmm

PHIL: moving it up and down between your parted pussy lips

TINA: mmmmmm yes, don't tease my pussy. You've got me all wet

PHIL: drawing circles of juice on your thighs with it... hmmmm putting out my tongue and gently licking up and down your waiting entrance

TINA: mmmmm I love the way you tease my pussy god yes

PHIL: teasing circles around your throbbing clit

TINA: mmmmm Phil

PHIL: then slipping it lightly between your lips and deep inside your wet hole. Hmmmm I still love burying my tongue deep inside your hot wetness baby

TINA: mmmmm yes, wanting to grab your hair and push you deeper but waiting like a good girl

PHIL: yes, be good for Christmas baby. Wait and you will get me as deep as you want

TINA: mmmmmm

PHIL: starting to lick deeper, enjoying every inch of your pink pussy, flicking over your clit and back again

TINA: mmmmm god yes, lifting my hands above my head to keep from pushing you deeper

PHIL: that's it, no touching, just spread your legs so I can get deeper. Then backing away and sticking out my tongue just to tease you with the tip

TINA: mmmmm, gasping how much I want your tongue inside of me, begging for it

PHIL: naked little angel

TINA: I'm tangling my hands in my hair

PHIL: innocent Christmas angel with her pussy in my mouth

TINA: mmmmm begging for you to taste my wet waiting pussy, grrrr please

PHIL: you want me to lick your sweet pussy again Tina? Giving a little flick

TINA: mmmm please Phil

PHIL: but have you been a good girl this year?

TINA: mmmm yes I'm always good

PHIL: do you deserve my tongue lapping at your hungry pussy?

TINA: yes please please, I want to feel it deep inside my pussy

PHIL: did you suck my dick well enough earlier?

TINA: yes baby please

PHIL: well I guess you did take it all inside didn't you, and you really are very wet down here now, ok

TINA: mmmmmm yes

PHIL: just for this Christmas I'll slip my tongue inside your eager little pussy and lick your clit over and over for you Tina

TINA: mmmm yes!

PHIL: only because you're so sexy though Tina

TINA: watching as your tongue goes in and out of my pussy mmmmm

PHIL: yes, darting in and out, holding you open with my thumbs and really licking thoroughly

TINA: mmm yes arching my back to get your tongue even farther in my pussy

PHIL: look down and see exactly where it disappears inside your tight little fuckhole Tina

TINA: mmmmm yes, using my hands to help you go deeper, pushing you deeper

PHIL: are you loving the feel of something so warm and wet sliding in and out of you?

TINA: mmmmm yes, moaning your name loudly

PHIL: holding you down from writhing as my tongue and finger explores your wet depths

TINA: mmmmm god yes, telling you how much I love your tongue in my pussy

PHIL: I fucking love the taste of your pussy too Tina my horny little angel

TINA: mmmmm Phil, please can I have your dick now? Please?

PHIL: my dick~? What for Tina?

TINA: mmmm so I can ride it and cum all over it please baby

PHIL: ah wow, what a perfect answer! Well Tina, in that case, you can definitely have my dick, it's been throbbing and full and hungry for you for ages

TINA: mmmmmm yes, my pussy has been waiting for you for ages too

PHIL: you going to let me look down into your chocolate eyes and guide my cockhead to your open wet entrance?

TINA: mmm yes please, can you see the desire in my eyes baby?

PHIL: god yes, and in your purring voice, when you say my name... every letter filled with lust and desire

TINA: mmmmm just like this Phil

PHIL: grrrr yes! I love driving you to the edge then pushing my cock home

TINA: mmmm god yes

PHIL: I love watching your eyes as I fill you up, letting my wet dick dive deep and slip to where it belongs deep inside you

TINA: mmm yes moaning loud, already breathing hard, it's been too long since your cock has been in my tight pussy

PHIL: grrr fuck Tina, far too long, too long since I've felt you naked underneath me, seen those eyes exploding with passion

TINA: mmmmmmm yes

PHIL: too long since I've been able to slam my dick inside you over and over

TINA: mmmm god yes Phil

PHIL: I enjoy every inch of my naked angel

TINA: mmmmm kissing you hard on the lips as your dick fucks my pussy harder

PHIL: our lips smacking, the bed rocking hard with the thrusting of our fucking

TINA: mmmmm god yes, I can't get enough of you

PHIL: baby Tina, still nothing better than fucking you, the way you drive me wild before letting me loose on you

TINA: mmmmm

PHIL: ahhh fuck, you're so good for my cock Tina

TINA: mmmmm yes, god you make me so wet and excited, fucking me harder and harder, while I'm trying to catch my breath

PHIL: I love getting enough juice to lick... hmm and then leaving you wet enough to fuck. I love how my fucktoy lets me fuck her

TINA: mmmmmm yes

PHIL: first down her pretty throat... so obediently, then eagerly gives me her pussy to fuck

TINA: mmmmmm I'm the best fucktoy

PHIL: definitely the best fucktoy Tina, the most obedient... the sexiest, and you love my dick so much

TINA: mmmm obedient... maybe hehe

PHIL: most of the time, when I ask you to bite me hard on the neck you are

TINA: mmmm is that what you want baby

PHIL: yes, you know that makes my cock all the more hard

TINA: mmmmm kissing you eagerly on the neck, then biting you hard, pulling roughly the skin between my teeth

PHIL: twisting it hard between your teeth, fuck

TINA: mmmmm releasing and moving to another spot on your neck, doing the same to it

PHIL: ah fuck you dig so deep, my vicious little toy

TINA: feeling the way your dick gets harder and you fuck me harder with each bite and pull

PHIL: yes feel it get so rock hard inside your wet pussy

TINA: mmm moving to your ear and biting it and pulling on it, feel my quick breath blowing on your ear

PHIL: yes, I can hear your fucking sexy voice too, moaning with our fucking

TINA: mmm god, taking your upper lip in between my teeth and biting hard

PHIL: I can taste blood when you do it,aahhh, fuck

TINA: mmmm tipping my had back as you fuck me deep, moaning loudly

PHIL: yes, look up straight to the ceiling sexy. I'll pull your hair hard, jerking your neck making it easier to pump inside you

TINA: mmmm god yes baby. I'm trying to watch as your dick goes in and out but I can't, feeling your dick going harder and faster in my pussy instead

PHIL: you'll just have to feel it. Fuck, is this the best dick you have Tina?

TINA: mmmm yes baby

PHIL: tell me between hard kisses. Now give me your hands

TINA: mmmmmm

PHIL: pinning them to the bed by your shoulders with my fists

TINA: mmmmmm Phil, your dick is the best, mmmmmm you're the best, mmmmmmmm yes, wrapping my legs around you

PHIL: your fingers splayed wide as I put my weight down on your hands... and pump harder

TINA: mmmmm god yes

PHIL: push me in deeper inside that pussy

TINA: mmmmmm screaming out your name as you fuck me deeper

PHIL: your fingers tingling and turning pale, aahhh fuck Tina

TINA: mmmmm god, your dick going faster and harder mmmmmm

PHIL: your pussy dripping all over it, aahhh fuck

TINA: mmmmmm yes, watching as your dick goes in and out of my pussy, mmmmmmmmm Phillll

PHIL: fuck you make me crazy, grrrrrrrrr fuck

TINA: mmmm god you are the best, fucking my pussy, making me moan out

PHIL: innocent little Christmas angel, being fucked, still innocent as your American pussy gets pounded hard

TINA: mmmmmmm you make me so wet, mmm Phil I need to cum

PHIL: we can cum together then

TINA: mmm yes

PHIL: I'm bursting to shoot my cum too

TINA: mmm yes, cum inside of me baby mmmmmmmm mmmmm yes Phillllllll

PHIL: I haven't cum for so long and I want to cum inside you Tina hmmmmmm fuck

TINA: mmmmm yes baby, do it

PHIL: Tiiiiinnnnnnnnaaa!!!! #, fuck.....k.


TINA: mmmmmmm god you're amazing

PHIL: ..... Oh wow... just wow

TINA: mmm hehe

PHIL: gorgeous Tina

TINA: mmmmm, I hate to be full of bad news but I need to go eat supper.

PHIL: haha, wow, sorry sexy, I keep you from everything, it's ok

TINA: don't worry about it baby

PHIL: I will see you when you get back

TINA: mmmm I hope your awake, xxxxxxxxxx

PHIL: I will be xxxxxxxxxxxx

Written by: silversun84

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