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My Family are Gangbang Bitches

by daddyslittlebitch©

I was a fairly typical 19 year old, which is to say that not only did I watch a lot of pornos, but that they had got more and more hardcore and interesting as I had gone on. Where once I had enjoyed the sight of a girl fingering herself, now what I liked to watch was a pretty teen white babe being fucked every which way by a gang of huge and well hung hard black studs. I never expected, however, that watching this kind of thing would lead to something even kinkier, naughtier and, therefore, much more arousing.

One day, I, as usual, began to search the net for whatever hot, steamy, interracial porn I could find and was excited to discover a video that I had never seen. "White Teen Slut Gets Monster Black Dick In Every Hole" promised the title and I found myself already getting a little hard at the thought of it. I cued up the video and lay back to watch it, sliding my pants down and beginning to rub my shaft.

It was just the kind of thing that got me off, these guys were massive, well built, with glistening sweaty toned bodies of hard dark skin. All of them were stroking their shafts in time with mine but their poles were utterly giant, long thick rods of sexual muscle that this one dainty girl was going to be impaled with. The girl herself was a cute blonde aged about 18, skinny with smooth, shapely legs and perky teen breasts.

The camera cut to a close up, the young girl opening her mouth wide, eager to be filled, a look of awe and anticipation in her wide blue eyes, and then that mouth was stuffed full of a thick black rod of quivering veiny meat as she gave a moan of pleasure.

Watching this scene, my own cock sprang to life, growing strong and hard in my hand. At that same moment, I let out a gasp of my own in surprise, because I suddenly realised the girl getting her mouth stuffed with dark dick was my sister! I couldn't believe I hadn't seen sooner, I guess it's something you never expect to see, your 18 year old sister in a gangbang porno. The weird thing was, that it was this moment of recognition that had got my dick even harder, and had me, almost without realising it, jerking it off even harder.

Rationally I knew I had to stop watching this video. More than that, I knew that I had to tell someone, my family needed to know that their beloved daughter was a porno slut. My parents were already a little concerned about Jayne, who was their youngest daughter. They knew that ever since school she had been running with a rough crowd. Since she had met Marcus, her boyfriend, a big hard black guy, Jayne had started spending all her time with him and his friends, a tough crew who were often in and causing trouble.

That my parents found Marcus unsuitable and made no secret of their feelings about him just made Jayne rebel more, spending more and more time with him. I knew they were drinking heavily and doing drugs together, I guess she had always been a bit slutty, but even so it was a surprise being confronted with such full evidence of the kind of girl my sister had become.

Rationally I knew I had to stop, but there was a part of me that didn't want to, I was fascinated. This was just the kinky, naughty sex video I had been looking for to get my next fix. Watching my pretty sister with a hard black rod penetrating her pussy, sliding down on another up her ass and with two more in her face, just made my own plenty smaller penis get rock hard as I masturbated furiously.

My sister was hot, I knew that, she was only a year younger than me, and I knew that all my friends had always wanted her nubile body. Although I knew it was wrong, I had occasionally found myself eyeing her up when I saw her around the house in short skirts and halter tops. I never admitted that was what I was doing, but part of me knew that I had it in me to lust after my own provocatively dressed sister.

I saw Marcus amongst his friends and saw from his eight inches of hard man meat just what my sister must see in him. He took his turn just like the rest of them in ploughing into my sister's cunt while one of his friends took her ass.

Finally, as this gang of hard black cocks started to cover every inch of my sister's naked teen body with sticky streams of their cum, getting her slimy and wet, I too blew my load. I had to admit to wishing that I could join them and be another to cum soak my own sister.

After this moment, I was overcome with embarrassment, I couldn't believe how much I had enjoyed seeing my sister getting gangbanged and spunk soaked, how turned on I had been seeing her getting it every way imaginable. It filled me with shame, but those shameful thoughts still managed to arouse me a little. Still, I knew full well that it was something my parents needed to know.

I wasn't really sure how to break it to them really, I could hardly figure out what to say about it. All I could think to bring the full realisation of what their younger daughter was up to was to just show them the video. Of course, this did raise the issue of how I had been drawn to watching interracial gangbang videos in the first place.

I gathered my Mom and Dad together with Jess, my elder sister.

"I know you've been worried about what Jayne has been doing running with a rough crowd," I explained, "Well, a friend of mine saw this video on the internet and he recognised it as my sister. He told me I should see it if I wanted to see what she's been doing. I think you need to see it too."

I hoped that this explanation would be plausible enough to them, at least their attention would soon be on more obvious concerns than whether their son had been watching kinky porno videos in his spare time. Sure enough, their initially quizzical expressions directed toward me when they saw the title of the video soon turned to open mouthed expressions of shock as they saw the starring role played by their daughter or sister.

"This is awful," Jess, who had always been very prim and proper compared with her looser younger sister, "We can't let her keep on with this."

"Absolutely," agreed our mother, "We need to go and get her back. She'll be grounded for life!"

"Right," our father added, "We're going right down there and having some harsh words with those boys over what they're doing."

He was incensed. My father was not usually quick to anger, but I had never seen him this filled with rage. His face was bright red and there was sweat on his brow. He appeared barely able to speak he was so angry. As soon as he saw the video, he grabbed his phone.

"Jayne?" he barked into it, talking to his daughter, "Where are you? We need to talk now! No, it can't wait. We're coming down there."

He stormed out of the room and we all followed. He slammed the door behind us and we got into the car and drove across the town and into a much rougher area, this was the part of town where gangs like Marcus' ruled. Jayne had obviously told our dad that she was with him and that had made him even angrier. He was now going to confront both his daughter and her boyfriend that had got her into her porn video.

Arriving at a rundown apartment block, Dad got out of the car and strode up to one the apartments, obviously Jayne had told him just where she was. The rest of us, Mom, Jess and me, followed after, unsure of quite what was going to happen when the family got there.

He banged angrily repeatedly on the door until Marcus came to answer. He was well built and comfortably over six foot tall. He towered intimidatingly over both my dad and me and could easily have taken both of us should it come to physical violence. My dad, however, was fuelled by a greater amount of angry rage.

He barged passed my sister's boyfriend and into the apartment as the rest of us followed in, with Marcus behind looking slightly amused as he shut the door behind us. I, who had perhaps watched the video with a greater amount of interest than the others, noticed that this apartment was obviously where the gangbang video had been filmed. I wondered how often my sister had been fucked here, and by how many different guys.

"Jayne!" our father yelled angrily, "What the hell have you been getting up to? Come in here and explain yourself!"

A door to a bedroom opened and in came our little sister dressed in just her bra and panties. I couldn't help but admire her semi-naked body, even though I had seen plenty more of her in the video.

"Dad?" she purred, putting on an innocent face, "What did you want to say to me?"

"Don't play innocent with me, girl," he went on, "We've seen what you've been doing. The filth you've been showing on the internet."

"What?" she replied, "So, you've seen I've been having fun and giving pleasure. Why do you care?"

"Having fun?" he said, "You've been shaming yourself and your family the way you've been carrying on, letting all these disreputable men have their way with you and letting all the world see!"

"I love it, Daddy!" Jayne grinned, "I love getting fucked. It feels sooo good, getting so many cocks! I love it when people watch, to have the world see me getting such a good hard fucking."

Dad spluttered angrily, his face getting redder and more furious. Hearing his daughter be so blunt about how she had been fucked and how so many, including him, had watched, had made him virtually speechless with rage.

"What's that, Daddy? Nothing to say?" she smirked, "Can't you cope with hearing your little girl talk about how she loves to fuck? I mean, you've seen the video, haven't you seen how much I enjoyed it? Didn't you like to watch your daughter get fucked?"

I know I did, I was even getting a little stiff downstairs just hearing my semi-naked sister brag about how much she enjoyed getting all those big black dicks, not to mention how she appeared to enjoy the idea of her family having watched her.

"You know," she giggled, "It makes me kind of excited to think of how my family might have felt watching me take all those delicious hard black cocks!"

"Well, I don't think I've ever been more humiliated!" our father bristled with anger, "You're coming home with us right now, young lady, and don't think you'll be coming back here again!"

He turned to stride away, but Marcus was still standing, blocking the doorway with his large, imposing figure.

"I don't think so," he smirked, "You came here to demand what your pretty little girl has been up to. We think you should see the full extent of it. You wanted to get another look, didn't you, you dirty old man? Well, now's your chance."

"What? No, let us go, and we're taking Jayne with us," he replied.

"Sorry," Marcus was basically laughing out loud now, "She wants to stay here, she wants to have fun with us, and we're going to give it to her. And you, all of you her loving, worrying family are going to watch."

"We?" questioned my mother nervously picking up on Marcus' repeated use of that word, finally being the first apart from our father to jump in.

At that, the door to the bedroom out of which Jayne had stepped earlier opened. Out came three strapping, muscular black guys, shirtless with ripped, toned chests covered in tattoos. I could just imagine moments before we had arrived, my little sister had been rolling around kissing and fumbling as she stripped to her underwear with these three black studs. I wondered whether she was about to continue to the next level right in here with the rest of us.

"You don't intimidate us," my father said, angrily, slightly giving the lie to that remark as he looked up at Marcus' towering body, "We're leaving right now."

Marcus' smirk grew even wider. He opened the front door of the apartment and stood aside as my dad strode over to it. Just as he was about to exit the apartment, however, the doorway was blocked once more as a further gang of five tough, big black guys, all of whom, presumably, had been invited over for the pleasure of banging my sister.

"Going somewhere?" one of them leered angrily at my dad who, wisely, backed off into the room.

With three of these guys standing across the doors frowning aggressively there was little possibility of us, my rather slight, thin father, me his 19 year old son, and two women, would be able to make it past, let alone with six other thuggish looking guys in the room. I guess we really were stuck with waiting and watching just whatever these guys wanted.

"OK, so I guess you do want to stay and watch your pretty little daughter get a lot of black dick," Marcus grinned.

"Oh yeah, Daddy, watch me taking a load of black cock," my sister purred, "You'll love seeing me take it all."

My father just stewed silently, getting red in the face, but clearly having very little to say in response. My elder sister, prim, proper and ever so slightly frigid, looked very awkward and embarrassed, not knowing where to look as our younger sister, dressed still in just her bra and panties, was surrounded by strapping black men. My mother, however, decided to speak up as nobody else was.

"Well, I suppose there's nothing we can do," she said, sounding more reasonable than her husband had, "We're just going to have to do what they say. Do what they say and, um, watch our Jaynie having sex with all these big, strong men."

"Mmm, yeah, guys, listen to your momma," one of the gang said, "You know she wants to watch little girly get big black cock."

Dark hands were all over Jayne's chest, pulling her lacy bra away to reveal her perky teenage tits. Those same hands then pushed her to the floor and began to strip off their pants. A succession of thick black snakes, every one so much bigger than my own masculinity, were pulled out and were soon being jerked off right around my sister's wide eyed face. She looked like a kid in a candy store, so eager for juicy black hardness, with so much choice surrounding her.

"Mom, Dad," she grinned, "Brother, sister, just watch. Watch and see how good huge black cock tastes, how good it makes me feel."

She reached out her hands and in a moment had a piece of huge black meat in both, stroking her little white hand along those massive shafts, jerking them off together. She opened her pink mouth and let the massive purple head of one slide between her lips, slurping her tongue around it. Then she switched over and opened her throat to an even bigger cock.

Soon, there were four guys around her and her keen cocksucking mouth was jumping back and forth between them, swallowing one dark dick then another, her hands furiously masturbating one then another. All she could do was gasp and slurp feverishly as she enjoyed one after another.

"Oh, yes -- slurp -- yes," she gasped, "Give it to me -- gasp -- give me your big black beast! I want dick inside me -- ahh -- fuck me! Fuck my wet pussy. Fuck my tight ass. -- suck -- Fuck my every -- gasp -- hole in front of my whole family!"

Marcus, her supposed boyfriend, then joined in. He lay back on the floor and ripped his girlfriend's panties off. She squatted over him and, amazingly, took the huge, thick length of his black love muscle in her little teenage ass.

As she rode his throbbing member, another of his muscular, hard black friends got down between my sister's spread legs. Now, as she slid down the one big dick up her ass, another began to pound her wet pussy. At the same time, her mouth remained wide open to the four cocks that were pushing into it. Firm black hands played around with her perky tits and nipples.

"Like what you see, Momma?" one of the remaining guys, unable to join in the fun with six men already surrounding my sister, turned his attention on our mother, "Fancy a piece of black meat of your own."

"What? No. No, of course not," she blushed and stammered, "I...I couldn't. It's not something...I want."

"Oh Momma! Oh yes! You do want it, you want it bad," her younger daughter moaned, every hole filled with cock, "Look at how you're watching me, you know how good it feels."

Two big black guys now stood either side of my mother. One rubbed his hands around her chest, the other slid his up between her thighs as I watched her go weak at the knees. She did little to resist as this man, who we had watched on video violating her daughter, slid his finger inside her panties. He pulled it back again and showed it to her. It was dripping wet with the juices of her arousal.

"You see, babe, you love it, you can't deny," he smiled.

"Stop this at once," my father demanded, impotently, as the two large black men pushed tore my mother's blouse open, pulled her tits from out of her lacy cream coloured bra, and pushed her to her knees.

"Shut it, you pathetic man," one of the guys said, "You obviously don't have what it takes to please a woman like this."

My mom offered no comment as these guys fingered her mouth open and slid first one dick then the other in between her open lips. She gargled and gagged but still continued to let these two dicks share her mouth as we, her husband, son and daughter, just watched in shock.

As Jayne continued riding a pole as it impaled her ass, taking another in her wet cunt and sucking all the black dick she could, the attention of everyone else in the room was distracted by her mother. I had never really thought sexually about my mother, but then I had never seen her with her tits spilling out of an expensive bra, on her knees with two black cocks in her mouth.

I had to admit, she looked pretty good for a woman of about 50, her body still pretty sexy. Her blonde hair tossed about as she swallowed monster black cock, her breasts, noticeably larger than her pretty, dainty daughter, jiggled up and down and I could feel myself becoming a little aroused just from watching.

"Mm, oh God, so big," Mom moaned as her head switched back and forth from one black pole to another, just like her daughter.

"Yeah, you love it, don't you?" one of the guy's moaned.

"Don't be ridiculous," Dad grumbled angrily, "Let her go, I can't believe you're forcing yourselves upon her. When this is done you're gonna be sorry."

"Oh, Daddy -- gasp -- they're not forcing themselves on her. Oh yes!" Jayne moaned around the dicks in her mouth, "She wants it -- oh boy -- just like her cockslut daughter!"

"Mmm, yeah," Mom gasped, "Oh so big. So good. I'm sorry, honey, I can't help it. Their dicks are so big, dark and juicy. They feel so good sliding down my throat, so much better than your little thing. I want it. I want black cock inside me just like Jaynie!"

One of the guys pushed her onto her back and pulled her skirt up around her waist. Sliding her panties aside, he pushed his quivering hardness deep inside her until my mother was completely impaled on the hard pole of this black gang thug about half her age.

"Oh boy, it's been too long," Mom moaned, "I used to get big dick at both ends so much when I was younger, it feels so good to get it once more. Give it to me, boys, fuck me hard!"

My father couldn't believe what he was seeing, he was now as bright red with humiliation as he was with anger. Not only was he forced to watch his daughter at the heart of an interracial gangbang, but now his wife was not only taking part, begging for dick, but also telling him what a gangbang slut she had always been and how he could never satisfy her. All this in front of a room full of tough gang studs and his son and daughter.

Now there were two hot family members, my mother and sister, getting massive ebony dicks in as many holes as possible. They moaned, sighed and begged for more. Watching this extremely hot show, I couldn't help but get aroused and began to struggle to hide my rock solid hardon. Seeing my mom and sister's little white bodies ravaged from every angle by hard black flesh was bringing out a pretty obvious bulge in my pants.

"Man, such a family of sluts!" groaned the guy whose hard rod was buried in my Mom's pussy, "I wonder if the other hot bitch of a daughter is as needy for black cock as her mom and sister!"

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