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The Lust Boat Ch. 04

by Lexinatrix©

Lacey had been aboard the "Lust Boat" several days now; she'd lost track of the exact number of days due to constant interruptions of her sleep schedule. She was again awakened from much-needed sleep by Debbie.

"Get up, come on." Debbie was pulling her out of the bed in her stateroom.

Lacey blinked, dazed. In her confusion, she tangled the bedclothes around herself as she tried to get up. She'd been dreaming of smooth, slippery flesh, of being held down. *A nightmare, that's all,* she told herself. She had no idea what time it was, but the sky outside the porthole was dark.

Debbie gave her a few scant minutes to use the bathroom and shower before hauling her down the passageway to one of the sound stage rooms.

"Stand here," Debbie demanded.

Lacey shivered slightly as Debbie busied herself with the recording equipment. She hadn't been allowed to put on any clothing, and she was feeling very exposed and vulnerable. She wrapped her arms over her belly and breasts.

Debbie was attaching restraints to a table. Lacey could feel panic rising in her throat. When Debbie wheeled out a cloth-shrouded piece of equipment to the foot of the table, Lacey broke and ran for the door.

The lever handle rattled but wouldn't turn. Lacey banged uselessly on the steel door.

"Stop that." Debbie's voice was mildly annoyed, as if she were speaking to a yapping dog. She strode over and zapped Lacey's buttock with a shock stick.

Lacey shrieked at the unfamiliar pain. Her hands clutched automatically at her stinging butt.

Debbie gripped Lacey's hair at the base of her neck and walked her over to the table. She flourished the shock stick menacingly before setting it down out of Lacey's reach.

Then Debbie pulled the cover off the equipment, and Lacey's entire attention was transfixed. "Oh my God," Lacey murmured. It was a fucking machine. There was no mistaking its purpose, not with that huge protruding cock. Even in repose, its power was intimidating. Gleaming steel camshaft and gears, all bolted to a sturdy frame that Debbie was even now securing at the foot of the table.

Terrified, Lacey whimpered. Debbie laid a hand on the shock stick. Lacey swallowed and fell silent.

"A good, thorough fucking will be good for you," Debbie said. She used gloved fingers to rub a dollop of cream from a small jar into each of Lacey's nipples. Initially cool, the nipples quickly warmed and began to burn. Lacey bit her lip.

She couldn't take her eyes off the machine. She couldn't trace its exact mechanism of operation, but she could imagine all too well how it could thrust forcefully into her defenseless flesh.

"My friend here is tireless," Debbie said, stroking lube onto the machine's massive dildo in an obscene parody of a handjob. The fat silicone cock glistened under the lights of the soundstage. It was too fat for Debbie's fingers to close around. "It doesn't matter if you weep for mercy or beg for more; the machine just keeps fucking you regardless."

Lacey shifted her weight uneasily. She couldn't really be feeling her pussy swell, could she? The movement made her aware of a small trickle of unwelcome moisture between her labia. *If that burning in my nipples would just go away so I could think clearly....* Glancing down, she saw that whatever Debbie had smeared on her nipples had made them red and hard.

Debbie flipped a switch, and the machine whirred to life, the cock jackhammering back and forth in a powerful blur. Fear almost collapsed Lacey's knees under her.

"I'm going to set the machine to pound your cunt for at least fifteen minutes," Debbie said with relish.

*I can't take that!* Lacey's thoughts clawed desperately at the inside of her skull.

Debbie turned the machine off. "But you're lucky, fucktoy. You get a choice."

"A choice?" Lacey grasped the dangled bait.

"You get to decide whether your cunt gets hammered with the machine's full speed and force. Even a slut like you would be sore for days after that."

"Please, I don't want that."

Debbie smiled. "So, you're saying you choose to be fucked slow and steady by my machine."

"What?" Lacey could feel her face flushing.

"Because that's your other option. Slow and deep or full speed ahead."

"But I don't want either of those options! You said I get to choose; I choose neither. Keep your pervy machine away from me."

"I'm afraid that if you refuse to choose between your two options, I will have to choose for you and set the machine to its maximum speed," Debbie said.


"And I'd have to punish you in other ways. How do your nipples feel?"

"My-- they feel like they're burning," Lacey replied to the apparent non-sequitor. "You put some kind of irritant on them."

"Yes. You might be enjoying its effect on your nipples," Debbie continued over the protest this statement provoked, "but you'd scream your voice away if I put that cream all over a plug and shoved it up your ass before I turned your cunt over to the machine." She had a dreamy look on her face as she envisioned it.

Lacey's entire ass clenched at the thought. "No need," she said hastily. "I'll pick from my two choices. I choose the slow setting."

"You'll have to convince me that's what you really want." Debbie turned away, activating the machine again.

Lacey felt her adrenaline kick as she watched the madly pistoning cock. Her mouth was dry, but her cunt.... "Please! I can't take that; you'll fuck me raw!"

Casually, Debbie turned the machine back off. "Ask for what you want, then. Be specific. I don't want any of our viewers at home to miss any of the details."

*God, why did she have to remind me?* Only years of acting experience kept Lacey from glancing directly at the camera. She bit her lip.

"Go on. Unless you tell me you want to be fucked slow and deep by my big machine, I will assume you want it hard and fast, and I will treat you accordingly."

"I want your machine to f-fuck me slow." Lacey stumbled slightly over the words as hot embarrassment washed over her. *It's not like I really have a choice,* she told herself. *It's just words. I don't really want that mechanical abomination to rape me.* The throbbing ache in her clit was irrelevant.

"Where, in your ass? Is that where you want that big cock?"

"No, in my cunt. Please fuck my cunt slow and deep with your machine."

Debbie crossed her arms. "I'm still not persuaded. Do you really want it, or are you just trying to avoid punishment?"

Lacey sank to her knees. "Please, I need that cock inside me good and slow, so I can feel every stroke opening me up." Now she was even starting to convince herself. *Damn, I must be an even better actress than I thought.* "Please. I'll do whatever you want. I'll eat you out." She raised a hand but didn't quite dare to lay it on Debbie's thigh.

Debbie snorted. "Why would I need your pathetic tongue? Still, you make a good case. Get up on the table."

Lacey swung herself onto the low table and lay back, allowing Debbie to fasten a wide restraining belt around her waist. She jumped skittishly as the restraint locked into place. Lights and the lens of another camera peered down at her from the scaffolding on the ceiling.

Debbie left Lacey's arms and legs free, but she bolted padded blocks into place above Lacey's shoulders. "The machine fucks pretty enthusiastically," Debbie explained cheerfully. "I want you to get the full benefit of each stroke, so I need to prevent the machine from scooting your away up the table each time it drives the dildo into you."

Lacey wished fervently she hadn't felt a spurt of wetness at the thought. She'd never been fucked that vigorously in her life. Her hips moved slightly in an unconscious undulation.

Debbie fiddled with the device. Lacey found herself tensing her stomach, expecting to be assaulted by the powered dildo at any moment. *What if she doesn't turn down the speed, after all?* She pressed her legs together defensively.

ZAP! Debbie hit Lacey with the shock stick right where her inner thighs touched each other. "If you don't open your legs willingly, like the slut we both know you are, I might still conclude that you want the machine set on maximum speed."

Lacey spread her legs so quickly her tendons twinged. Air currents cooled the exposed wetness that painted her crotch and inner thighs.

"Damn, you do like the idea of being penetrated by a machine," Debbie said. "Look how sloppy wet you are for it. What kind of pervert are you?"

Lacey could feel herself blushing furiously.

"Hold you legs up with your hands on the backs of your thighs," She ordered.

Lacey obeyed, displaying herself lewdly as Debbie brought the fat fake cock right up to her cunt opening. She could see the terrifying machine framed between her raised thighs.

"Use your fingers to spread yourself open."

Lacey reluctantly opened her lips with her hands. The sticky sensation as they peeled away made her gasp.

"No, put your fingers inside and pull your cunt wide open," Debbie said. Lacey slid a finger from each hand inside and tugged. She was ashamed to feel how easy it now was to stretch her vagina into a hungry hole.

Debbie moved the dildo forward a tiny bit. "Stretch yourself around the cock. Show everyone how eager you are."

Lacey whimpered. The machine's cock was big. Since her kidnapping, her cunt had been forced to larger diameters by the expanding probe. But she'd never been actually fucked by something this large. With the added volume of her fingers inside, she wasn't sure she could pull her entrance wide enough to encompass the dildo.

Moving her fingers in arcs inside the slick opening, she pressed hard on her muscles, willing them to give way. The cock advanced, prodding, demanding. Lacey struggled to accommodate its broad, blunt tip. The backs of her fingers squeaked against the firm silicone, while her fingertips continued to coax more dilation from her cunt.

For a while, she was almost certain it couldn't be done. Every time she got one side of her opening to encircle the dildo, the other side slipped off. Her soft grunts of fear and frustration had Debbie smiling. Finally, though, she managed to pull her fingers free and snap her cunt opening tight around the cock like a gasket.

Lacey replaced her hands on the backs of her thighs, relieving fatigued muscles. Without her fingers inside, the girth of the dildo wasn't painful; it felt pleasantly tight in her cunt. Debbie moved a lever on the machine, pushing the cock deeper with excruciating slowness. Lacey could feel every millimeter of its progress, tunneling deep inside her, opening her wide.

When the dildo's rounded head hit her cervix, Lacey tensed and sucked in her breath. Debbie pulled the shaft back just a little, so it no longer pushed against the tender spot. She adjusted a dial on the side of the machine.

Debbie withdrew the cock more quickly than it had gone in, stopping with the head inside Lacey's entrance. Again she made an adjustment on the device.

Lacey made a sound in the back of her throat as her cunt was emptied. Without meaning to, she tilted her hips, striving to take more of the shaft back inside. The machine remained unmoving, indifferent to her need.

"You have to ask for what you want, slut," Debbie said.

"Please, I need it to fuck me," Lacey blurted out. "Not too fast," she remembered to add.

"But I'm sure a nice girl wouldn't want something like that. Why do you want it?"

Even Lacey couldn't pretend anymore that she was only trying to avoid the brutal full-speed setting. Her cunt was drooling with anticipation. "Because I'm a slut," she sobbed.

Debbie rewarded this admission by turning the fucking machine on. It whirred for a second, then slammed forward into Lacey's open cunt. The force of it knocked some of the breath out of her.

Working at a deliberate pace, the machine drew back and shoved the cock into her again. Lacey's fingers dug into the backs of her thighs. "Oh, God." She shouldn't be enjoying this, but her cunt was making an unmistakeable wet squishing sound every time the machine drove its way in.

It was frightening and hot at the same time. Strapped down as she was, Lacey felt almost like a part of the machine, the part that shuddered and writhed and moaned with each slow stroke. Certainly she wasn't controlling her body anymore.

Debbie got her attention by pinching her nipple, hard. Lacey's eyes focused on her with difficulty. "Play with your clit, slut."

Lacey didn't hesitate. Her right hand flew to the engorged flesh standing out from her pussy. As she rolled the shaft between her fingertips, her head tilted back on a wave of pleasure.

The machine was still fucking Lacey slow and deep, rocking her body hard against the pads on her shoulders. "Faster," she pleaded.

Debbie laughed. "You already picked the speed; I'm not going to change it. You made your bed, and now you have to lie in it."

Lacey growled in frustration. Her hips rocked as wildly as her position allowed, and her fingers plucked furiously at her clit.

Suddenly, orgasm overtook her. Pleasure screamed through her convulsing body. Lacey's cunt gulped eagerly at the fake cock, but the machine did not accommodate its strokes to the rhythm of her spasms. It continued to spit her with relentless regularity.

Lacey's hand fell limply away when the climax finished. Debbie pinched her nipple again, twisting viciously. "Did I say you should stop diddling yourself, slave?"

Lacey quickly started stroking her clit again. It was very sensitive because she had just come, but she could already feel it twitching back towards rigidity.

The big cock slid in and out, penetrating the full depth of her cunt with each measured stroke. Lacey's thighs began to tremble with imminent orgasm again.

Debbie laid a hand on Lacey's belly, causing the taut muscles to jump. Lacey frantically milked her clit.

"Is being raped by this machine about to make you come?" Debbie asked.

"Noo," Lacey groaned through clenched teeth. But she jerked and came hard as the next stroke impaled her. This second orgasm was even more intense, graying out her vision for several seconds.

This time Lacey knew not to drop her hand when the orgasm drained out of her body. Her muscles felt weak, but she managed to keep her knees up and her hand between her legs.

Pitiless, the device plowed into her exhausted body. Lacey massaged her clit gently. To her surprise, it stirred again. Her cunt tightened on the silicone invader.

Orgasm evaded her, though. Lacey hung at the edge, unsure if she wanted to tip over. She closed her eyes. Nothing mattered but the next thrust of the cock into her center, as reliable as clockwork.

Until it stopped. On its outward stroke, the dildo withdrew all the way and failed to return. Lacey wailed in protest before she could catch herself. Her cunt clenched in on itself.

Opening her eyes, she saw Debbie smirking down at her. Debbie brushed Lacey's hair back from her sweaty forehead with a gentle hand. "Your fifteen minutes is up. Aren't you glad that horrible, perverted ordeal is over?"

Lacey broke down. She knew she was playing into her captors' hands, but she couldn't help herself. Her cunt felt forlorn and empty. She badly needed to come around that fat cock. Tears prickled in her eyes and nose. Her hips pumped uselessly at empty air.

"Please," Lacey whimpered. She couldn't quite bring herself to articulate what it was she was asking for. Debbie knew what she wanted. Lacey prayed that would be enough. "Please."

A long pause ticked by. "All right," Debbie said at last. "You really have been quite cooperative today, and you should learn that cooperation is rewarded."

Lacey sobbed with relief when she heard the whir of the machine being activated. The dildo plunged easily into her welcoming cunt.

Debbie knocked Lacey's hand away from her clit and substituted her own. She stroked the bound woman aggressively. Lacey thrashed, her moans rising steadily in pitch and volume.

"You're such a good little fucktoy," Debbie said. "Take what you deserve."

Lacey's moans rose to a scream. She bucked on the cock as her cunt embraced it over and over.

This time, Lacey didn't protest when the machine left her. She lay near-catatonic as Debbie cleaned and oiled the machine. Her mind played an endless loop: *What I deserve. I earned it. I begged for it. Oh, God, what have I done?*

Written by: Lexinatrix

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