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A Strip Whipping!

by Bi_Siamese©

I finished my glass of champagne set down the glass telling M it was time. I unzipped M's pants pulling out his genitals seeing how excited he was because he was almost totally erect. Taking him by the balls and painfully squeezing I escorted him squealing into the living room. As I demanded over the phone he had all the toys laid out on the arm of the couch. I saw a riding crop, a wooden paddle, a razor strap, a leather flogger and a cane freshly cut from the beach. The footstool was placed before the altar so I complimented M for having everything in order. Giving his balls another death squeeze causing M to cry out I let go watching him holding his balls and cringing. I ordered him to strip completely naked standing before me so that I could inspect his body. Watching a man strip completely naked before his Mistress who is fully clothed is a ritualistic way for the Mistress to prove her dominance over him. Even though my slave has freely disrobed I stood before him fully clothed as his owner and Mistress. I reminded him when Adam and Eve or tossed from the garden and forced to wear clothing so that they could not see each other's nakedness. I told my slave that he was going to have to pay that price and suffer to see me remove all of my clothing.

I brought a pair of leather gloves that I could massage his naked body with so I put them on giving his bare bottom a SWAT! M almost flew to the ceiling from being startled like that. I actually started stroking his cock with one hand and continued squeezing his balls with the other working his cock until he was rock hard. I made sure he had shaved his cock and balls clean for me and not surprisingly he did a good job because I felt no bristly hair. I started massaging my slave's shoulders to get him to relax just a little bit because he was so nervous. He was trembling so bad he couldn't even stand up straight. I think I had my slave exactly where I wanted him in total fear and trembling before me.

Ordering him to kneel before the altar I lit the double red candle and took the statue of Venus for him to kiss. I forced him to kiss the breasts on the statue which was completely naked reminding him that I would be stripping naked for him as well and be much more beautiful promising him that soon he would be sucking and kissing my real breasts. I placed the statue back on the altar and grabbed M by the ponytail pulling it hard with my left hand and slapping his face back and forth with my right until he got my attention. I warned him that the whipping had already begun by slapping his face and that there would be no mercy until I finished. Yanking him by the ponytail I made him crawl to the couch. It was time to begin.

I sat down removed my leather gloves and placed a clean white towel over my lap. Tapping my lap I ordered him to lie over it facing my left side so that I could spank him with my right hand. I could see that M was excited because his cock was rock hard and already dripping pre-come which is why I needed the towel to keep my skirt from getting soiled. I opened my legs a little so that his cock could spike downwards between them. I took my left hand and firmly pushed it into the small of his back to keep him from bouncing around too much. M had a perfect spankable ass nice and curved with enough meat to give a good blistering. He also had a strong back and thick thighs to whip. I think today I am going to whip his calves and even his chest just to test his obedience even farther.

I learned that you have to give a good warm-up spanking to get your slave prepared to receive pain. The warm-up gets the pain endorphins flowing so that my slave can withstand a good whipping. A hand spanking is all about the sound of my hand bouncing off his bare flesh instilling fear into his very spirit as he experiences the quick snapping blows on his bare bottom. The warm-up spanking is all about instilling fear and getting the brain to start producing chemicals that fight the pain which enables me to give a more intense spanking. Note that these chemicals are only temporary because M is going to feel the effects of this whipping for several weeks afterwards. Having M over my knees like this is like bringing a lamb for the slaughter because he really doesn't know what I'm going to do to him.

Raising my hand high in the air I began the bare bottom spanking slapping both cheeks evenly working my way from top to bottom making sure I especially covered his tender lower cheeks which made him cringe every time I struck them. I didn't hit him too hard because I didn't want to listen to him crying out as yet. I wanted to give him a false sense of security luring him into my trap. I didn't want him too afraid until I brought out the major toys. Sitting down with my heels made me noticed that my slave could easily stay over my lap because they pushed my knees a little higher up giving him and even platform to lie over. Sometimes when I spank my slave he falls off my lap and it pisses me off. I didn't bother counting the blows I just wanted to give him a nice red bottom making a nice base for the rest of the whipping. I spent a good ten minutes spanking his bottom giving him more intense blows at the end until he was finally crying out after every spank. Taking the spanking well except for occasional squirm attempting to avoid the blows my slave obediently lie over my lap taking the first part of the spanking. I was quite satisfied when I finally finished giving him a nice burning red butt to contemplate. I could tell that his respiration and heart rate had increased sending the ever needed pain endorphins throughout his body.

Ordering M off of my lap I let him slide to the floor and kneel before me. He was busy rubbing his sore behind looking sadly up at me knowing he was about to get another spanking. Standing up I unbuttoned my black a flowered blouse allowing it to slowly slip off my shoulders revealing half of my see through black slip showing off my sexy brassiere beneath it. This dramatic view took M's mind off of his sore bottom until I sat back down placed the damp towel over my lap inviting M to lie down once again. This time I could tell M was a little hesitant to have his bottom spanked once again. To my surprise M regained his erection showing me he was definitely turned on to my domination. Standing up I grabbed him by his erection forcibly pulling him to my lap. It took a minute to get him settled in to finally volunteer for another paddling. Before I picked up the paddle I gave his sore ass a little massage watching him wince a little as I squeezed his freshly spanked flesh. Picking up the wooden paddle I began looking at it contemplating giving my slave another spanking. What I liked about the wooden paddle is that it got into the deeper muscles below punishing the muscle tissue which will give him a reminder message of today's spanking for a good week instead of just a few days.

I picked up the wooden paddle and I could see M begin to cringe. I began rubbing the surface of the paddle all over his bare behind telling him to try to relax the muscles in his behind so the sting will not be as much. Truthfully in my own personal findings is that a good relaxed behind allows me to tenderize the muscle tissue all the way to the bone almost like an athlete working out for an entire game. When M relaxed his ass I began the paddling. I started out smacking him softlyt sucking him into my fault sense of security once again. His body swayed back and forth as I traded off cheeks making sure I not only covered the top of his cheeks but the sensitive bottom as well. After a good twenties swats I increase the intensity making M cry out after every pop of the paddle. I actually enjoyed the sound it made echoing off his bare flesh. I have experimented in the past and found that spanking with a cadence is better than a few pops here and there. I pressed my left hand down hard into M's back and started bearing down with the paddle counting out a new swat every two seconds. He couldn't take it at first but as soon as he figured I wasn't going to stop he settled down and concentrated on taking the paddling crying out to god after every blow. I reminded him that I was the goddess so I determined the length and the amount of punishment he is to receive because I was sure that god was actually enjoying watching this sinner finally getting his just punishment.

I found that a lot of slaves have a guilty conscience and actually enjoy getting spanked thinking that they're paying for their misdeeds by allowing a dominant woman to punish them. M is one of these slaves grown up quite religious so I take advantage and love punishing his bottom for past sins. Even though today I'm punishing him for no reason at all I'm sure in his mind he has plenty of things to be whipped for. I actually enjoy hearing his confessions because he allows me to judge him and pronounce a just punishment which is usually a lot more severe than asking god for forgiveness because I make sure of that. Even though it was his fault for our breakup when I finally allowed him to come back he pled my forgiveness volunteering his flesh for several beatings thinking it would make me feel better. But truthfully it actually did make me feel better getting me hooked on the idea of being his Mistress. Thinking about this made me want to beat his ass even harder. Biting my bottom lip I began raising the paddle as high as I could in the air giving him full swats. It was so powerful that M's entire body pushed forward on my lap after every blow. It was all he could do to keep from putting his hands over his ass trying to block the blows.

I love the wooden paddle because it can literally blister the flesh which I have done on M before but I still had plenty of other implements to whip him with so I had to stop even though I was enjoying. I decided to give him ten real hard whacks sending lightning like shocks throughout his entire body. I was sure that M's eyes almost popped out of his sockets when he felt the blows. He was screaming with every pop of the paddle. When I finally finished I tossed it on the floor and told him to kneel before me. Quickly he fell off of my knees and knelt looking up into my beautiful blue eyes shaken with fear. Staring at me with tears in his eyes holding his well punished bottom I stood up from the couch and stuck my thumbs into my skirt pushing it down my shapely hips and off completely removing it showing him my see through slip. His cock actually got hard once again as he saw my garter belt beneath holding up my black stockings. My panties over the garter belt were see-through just like the slip so he had full view of my shaved pussy. I stood there for several minutes slowly undulating my hips as if I were fucking giving him time to breathe in the site. I was sure if that his cock was wishing it could be inside me like many years before and I was sure as hell determined never to allow him entrance to my pussy ever again.

I ordered my slave to stand and when he got up I grabbed his cock squeezing it until a gob of pre-come coated with a palm of my hand. I wiped it all over his mouth thanking him for getting so excited about seeing my body slowly undress by enduring the whippings. I pointed to the footstool ordering him to lie over it. I decided to play game with my slave giving him the choice to stop and I would leave immediately but the catch would be I would never have another session with him ever again. With a tear in his eye falling down his cheek M told me he wanted to finish because he never wanted me to give him up. Wiping the tear from his face I told him to get over face down on the footstool because there was plenty more to tears for him to cry today.

I decided to give his ass a break so I picked up the flogger and as soon as M was in place I started giving him a scourging by methodically whipping his back up and down and across never stopping for relief spending a good 30 minutes tantalizing and tenderizing his flesh. This flogger was not meant to sting or break skin but merely keep the slave interests in further punishment when I will use something more painful. I used the flogger on his sore cheeks making him squirm all over as I smacked his well punished bottom. I even began whipping his thighs flicking the sensitive insides as well. Once again the flogger is perfect for seducing a slave into that false sense of security because M was surely enjoying the leather massage from the whip emitting pleasured moans with every flick. I even made M roll over on his back so that I could flog his bare chest and nipples. I even flicked his ball several times just to wake him up to the fact that this definitely was a whipping.

When I finished I dropped the flogging whip on the floor and moved around to the front of the footstool where M could watch. M Was still on his back so that he had to watch me disrobe upside down. I immediately removed my slip by letting the thin straps fall off my shoulders so that the slip fell to the floor revealing everything underneath giving him a luscious view of my body wearing only my bra, garter belt, and panties. His dick really got hard when he saw me like this. I moved back around so that I could straddle his hips. I actually told him to look at me allowing him five minutes to masturbate as I slowly rotated my hips standing over his cock so that it was only inches from my pussy. He forgot all about the whipping and I definitely knew he was fantasizing about fucking me. I kept watching his mouth as his tongue licked his lips which was turning me on because I knew that after the whipping my pussy would be all over his mouth instead of being penetrated by his useless cock. M's hips were lewdly thrusting as if he was having intercourse with me. I decided to give him more of a show pushing two fingers into my pussy and began lewdly masturbating myself. When my fingers were nice and sticky I took them out of my pussy licking them off as he watched reminding him of my lesbianism. I could tell he also wanted a taste so I pushed them back into my pussy finger fucking myself for a full minute pulling them out and offering them to his lips as he hungrily sucked them clean. If there is an aphrodisiac it is surely pussy juices because both of us were reinvigorated.

Ordering M to roll over once again I grabbed the razor strap. I was quite turned on and ready to have my pussy licked but I wanted to finish the whipping I had started giving something he would never forget. The razor strap was similar to the paddle because it exercised as all the muscle tissue beneath the skin making sure that your slave was nice and sore for some time depending upon the severity of the blows. Having already taken my bare hand and the paddle I was sure I was going to get some good screams when I started strapping his already sore bottom. He had told me he picked up the razor strap from a cutlery store and ever since that day his x-girlfriend used it on him on a regular basis. I was determined to wipe that memory clean and give him a new taste of what a real strapping feels like. I learned that if you whip the same spot several times that pain intensity multiplies so this was exactly what I was going to do with the strap. I was going to give him three quick snaps all on the same spot and make him howl. I decided to trade off from left to right and quickly started on the top left part of his bottom. On the third blow M cried out and just as I was starting to whip the right side. I had him crying out for blows I had already registered as I continued whipping back and forth. The good thing about the razor strap is that it's too wide to break the flesh enabling me to continue whipping without worry other then adding more time before he could sit down again which turns me on.

Being free of my slip enabled me to swing faster making the strapping more painful. I wish the neighbors could hear but I didn't care. The lady on the other side of the wall was also into female domination having had a drink with her at a lesbian bar before and she revealed it to me. When I told her that I give her next door neighbor an occasional whipping she actually got excited and told me to give a few licks for her because he surely deserves it. I had seen the woman next door walk in her house so I knew she was home so I decided to really make M scream just for her. She had given me her cell phone number so I grabbed my phone and decided to call her up. M had no idea what I was doing because I kept whipping his bare bottom with the strap as I called Renee. She knew what I was doing as soon as she heard my voice. Renee wanted to come over and watch but I told her no promising another time. I told her I wanted to give a few licks in her honor and I was going to hold the phone in M's ear so that she could say hello and wish him the best. I placed the phone so that M could hear and to his embarrassment he heard his next door neighbor lady tell him that I was going to administer 30 more licks in her honor and that someday soon she would be helping. M's bottom was already quite sore but I was willing to do anything for my lesbian sister.

Embarrassed and further humiliated M raised his ass high in the air telling me to go to work. I kept the phone on so that Renee could hear all his cries. We talked as I struck him and actually made a date to spend some bedtime together. Renee was quite an attractive woman ten years younger than myself but made it a point at the club to buy me a drink and give me an open mouth kiss goodbye symbolically telling me Renee wasn't afraid to invite me to bed. Renee was definitely enjoying listening to my slave screaming as I gave him the strap. She told me she could hear through the walls but only faintly but over the phone it was definitely like being there. I decided to allow Renee to listen to the entire strapping telling her how much I was looking forward to eating her pussy. I love talking dirty to my lesbian girlfriends over the phone informing them in explicit details what I'm going to do to them. Being a dike I promised I was going to sit on Renee's face and possibly piss down her throat after finding out she enjoyed golden champagne at the bar. After listening to the spanking she told me it was getting her turned on making her fantasize about getting spanked by me on our next private visit. I think M's adrenaline had kicked in because he was getting used to the powerful snaps of the strap making his rear end a deeper and deeper red color.

I told Renee I had to finally stopped or I would beat my slaves ass completely off. Understandably she made me promise not to miss our date next week. I told her I wouldn't miss it because I was also looking forward to getting my pussy eaten and licking her smart bottom with my strap. When I met Renee at the bar she had noticed that I was wearing a thick leather belt asking me coyly if I use it on bare bottoms knowing I was a dominant butch. I promised her I would definitely use it on her bare bottom when we got together. Before I hung up I told Renee to masturbate about today and fantasize about our next meeting. I also told her to call me tomorrow because I would love to chat when I was alone.

M was quite shaken and out of breath from the strapping. His face was hot and sweaty covered in watery tears from crying. I went and got him a cold glass of water to drink as he lay over the footstool as I massaged a healing ointment into his sore buttocks which actually makes the flesh tingle and burn but giving some relief. I reassured M that I was done with his ass tonight so I'd have to rely on the rest of his body to punish. I reminded him that there was a payoff for taking such a hard licking with the strap. I stood in front of him and slowly wiggled my panties down slowly to my feet taking them completely off. M's eyes were popping out of the sockets having finally been given the right to view my sacred goddess pussy. This was the first time he saw me naked from the waist down since the three months we have been playing.

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