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Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 06

by tonyl65©

Laura started to pinch her own nipple and let out a soft moan, her eyes closed. Carol kept urging her on "That's it; you can make yourself feel good, rub your nipple nice and slow, let the feeling wash over your body. Now tell me what is your darkest fantasy? Tell your lovers what will make you happy, what is it that only you know deep in your mind?"

Laura was breathing heavy, eyes closed, her body gyrating, she was almost whimpering to let it out. She was breaking down in front of us. We all sat quiet waiting for her to answer.

Carol nuzzled into Laura's neck and softly ran her tongue along the nape of her neck, "Tell us baby, what will make you so happy, to feel, to see? Let us help you fulfill your darkest desires, come on tell us." Carol's sultry voice and watching her seduce Laura like this had me getting hard again and I could feel David getting hard against my ass.

Then Laura let go of it "I want to see David making out with a man and getting fucked in the ass and begging for more. I want to have a cock and fuck him too while he sucks a cock. I want a fuck toy. I want to fuck a girl. OH god I'm cumming." Laura gave a little shutter and pushed her head down to her chest and came in front of us.

Carol new she would be feeling guilty, so right away she turned her face and kissed her deeply on the mouth, then crawled on top of her and ground her pussy into Laura's pussy, "There that wasn't so bad was it? There was nothing you said that wasn't impossible. But we have to get up and shower, we have some shopping to do. But first let's show Laura we all love each other, everybody kiss each other."

David got off the bed and ran around to the other side, I snuggled into Laura on one side and David on the other. Laura now had Carol on top of her looking into her eyes and David and I both kissed her cheeks while Carol kissed her lips. Carol lifted her head and turned Laura towards me so I can give Laura a kiss while Carol kissed David. We then switched and Laura turned and kissed David and Carol and I kissed. Finally Carol lifted up a little and David and I kissed right over Laura's face. This must have made Laura really horny because she pushed her mouth up and kissed us both, David and I opened our mouths to let all of our tongues touch.

As we walked to the shower Laura announced that she wanted her pussy shaved clean. Carol turned to us and told us that we would have to shower after them so she could shave Laura. We couldn't wait to see the end results. When the girls came out, Laura was so happy with the result, "I can't believe how sensitive and free this feels. Even the air hitting me is seductive."

David and I looked at Laura and whistled and clapped. Carol gave us our marching orders "Ok boys your turn, clean up and out." David and I went to the bathroom for our enemas and shower. When we came out Carol and Laura were on the couch dressed in t-shirts, no bras, shorts, no underwear, and sandals, both were really hot looking.

Carol looked at us and told us to get dressed for a shopping trip, and that our clothes were laid out on the bed. David and I went to the bedroom and found shorts and tank tops. The running shorts were one size too small for each of us, and sheer white with slits up the sides. Wearing no underwear or jockstrap made our cocks visibly clear and from the sides you could see our ass cheeks. The shorts were so small that they rode up tight around our cocks outlining them that much more.

I loved the sexy almost naked look. Carol knows how much being humiliated out in public turns us both on. We walked out and Carol looked at Laura "Now you have boy toys you wanted, and believe me when I say, they will do ANYTHING you ask them. Now let's go shopping, and then we can figure out dinner plans." We all went down to the car and Carol instructed the boys to get in the back and the girls in front, she was driving.

to be continued...

Written by: tonyl65

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