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Accidental Orgy!

by anonyplay©

Jennifer could not believe that she just agreed to do such a wild thing but now she was determined to go through with it. Jen would always hear the other girls talking about sex toy parties, and was always curious about what went on in those types of get-togethers. Now she will find out first hand!

Jennifer would always try discussing the parties in casual conversation with her husband, but he would quickly point out that they were probably an excuse for an orgy and tell her to steer clear of those friends. However, when her friend Brigit approached her and invited her to a lingerie/sex toy party she could feel herself blush and cautiously ask what Exactly would that entail?

Brigit could see that Jen was concerned about what might happen so, she quickly tried to put her mind at ease because she really wanted her friend to have some careless fun. She explained that it was kind of like the slumber parties that they would have when they were teenagers only better! They would model some sexy underwear, have some wine, play a few games and talk about sex. Brigit also explained that there would be door prizes.

Jennifer love the idea of getting together with the girls and missed those slumber parties like when she was young. Also, the idea of hearing about the other girls sex lives and comparing notes was intriguing to her too. She really wanted to go but had to be sure that it was safe and confidential.

"Will there be any men there?" Jen asked.

"This is a lingerie party so there could be some men to model male underwear, its perfectly safe.", Brigit told her "Your husband is welcome to come, but I know he doesn't approve of this sort of thing. However,some girls do bring their husbands." she added.

"This won't turn into some orgy or something?" asked Jenny.

"Nothing will happen to anyone without their consent, but I do have to say that sometimes things get a little kinky. but, you can leave anytime you want to." Brigit assured her.

Jenny couldn't believe she was considering going to such a party but her heart was racing as she contemplated seeing strange men in sexy underwear modeling for the girls. She could imagine their semi-hard cocks outlined in their underwear as the girls ogled them making lewd comments and giggling.

She wondered if they would demonstrate any sex toys and if there would be some interaction between the models and others.

Jenny felt her breath getting faster and her pussy starting to get wet and couldn't resist the temptation to go! "Yes! I'll go but my husband must never find out!" Jenny blurted out.

Brigit half smiled at the urgency in her voice and said, "we will make sure he doesn't know a thing. As far as he knows you are going to a kitchen gadget party. I will pick you up at 6 P.M. on Friday. You can tell your husband that we are going to have a girls night and I will bring you back in the morning."

"Ok!" Jen said and they both giggled at their plans.

All week long Jenny couldn't stop thinking about the party. She would imagine different situations in her mind and each time the story would get a little bit nastier.

She would think about men models with tight abs in nothing more than thongs with huge cocks just inches from her; so close she could reach out and touch one. Then she would think about everyone staring at her in a skimpy see through slip while her nipples got hard!

Jenny would imagine one of the models with lust in his eyes staring hard at her barely covered pussy as his cock got hard against his underwear; straining hard enough to almost rip its way through! Then, she thought about reaching out and stroking one of the models, feeling his hard shaft throbbing in her hand as he moaned in pleasure.Jen even imagined slipping a cock between her lips and giving a blow job as the other girls cheered her on.

Then she would snap back to reality and find herself with her hand inside her shirt stroking her hard nipple and quickly remove it before she was discovered! She would say to herself, "Stop that, it could never happen I'm a married woman!"

By the time Friday morning came around, the daydreams intensified into full blown porn plots. She imagined being tied to a bed and forced to fuck multiple men in a constant state of orgasms until she passes out only to wake up with three more cocks fucking her hard as she screams.

Jenny didn't understand what was happening to her! She was in a constant state of arousal and attacked her husband with a new found passion every night! She gave him more blow jobs this week than in the entire time they were married!

She found that she was excited over not knowing what could happen to her and discovered that she didn't care! Whatever happens, she was committed to letting it happen! She almost wanted it to be more than she could handle!

Finally the day of the party was here. Jenny took a long hot shower to get ready for the night and thought about how silly her imagination was, those things would never happen. It was probably just a few girls getting together to rev up their sex life and buy a few adult items to give their husbands a thrill.

Then, she thought of her husband. If he ever found out she went to one of these parties he would be beyond pissed. If he knew there were guys modeling underwear she would probably be getting a divorce! He must never know whatever the cost!

Still she thought how good it would be to have two guys in that shower with her using her body for their pleasure. She imagined slowly stroking two hug cocks. As she daydreamed, her hand drifted down to her pussy.

She thought of one of the studs wrapping his strong arms around her as his fingers arousing her nipples; and discovered her own fingers teasing them into an unbearable sensitive arousal. Then she pictured the stud lifting her with his strong arms high enough for the other hunk to have full access to her bald cunt and lower her onto his hard cock in one swift thrust!

Now Jenny was fingering her clit fast and hard!She felt herself start to quiver and felt the largest climax of her life start deep inside herself. As she dreamed of the two men relentlessly fucking her, she didn't realize how hard she was moaning and felt her knees buckle as she screamed out in a gushing orgasm!Jenny got out of the shower quickly so she would not be late!

Jenny started to get dressed and she thought she should wear something sexy, after all, it was a lingerie party. She pulled a black thong up over her long sexy tan legs and nestled it tight in the crack of her well formed tight ass. Jenny looked at herself in the mirror and admired her sexy shape with her large firm tits. She stared st herself dressed only in her thong and thought, "maybe I should go like this I'm sure I could cause a few hard-on's!"

She then put on a mid thigh skirt so she could get out of the house without suspicion. She also chose a low cut peasant blouse that stopped just below her tits that showed off her tight abs and a lot of cleavage.

The blouse was thin and she decided to go bra-less. But when She again looked in the mirror and could plainly see her hard nipples through the fabric, she decided to put on a jacket over the top that she could discard in the car. She then put her hair in a ponytail and slipped on some sandals.

Satisfied with her outfit that made her look like she was going to a "girls" thing but could quickly be converted into the sexy slut look she decided she was ready for anything. Jen heard her husband pull up out front and went into the front room to greet him.

"Hi honey" Jen said with a peck on the cheek.

"Where are you going all dressed up?" her husband asked.

"Remember I have that kitchen gadget party with the girls?" Jenny added.

"Oh yeah it's that all night slumber party thing right?" He said.

"Yes so don't wait up." Then Jen heard the horn outside, "Oops there is my ride, see you tomorrow around noon!" With that Jen bounded out the front door. Her husband could swear that as he watched her run toward the car,he could see her tits bouncing a little more than usual!

Jen climbed in the car and Brigit gave her the once over noticing the conservative skirt and sweater Jenny was wearing. "This isn't a PTA meeting Hun." Brigit said.

Jen gave her a devilish look and quickly removed her jacket and threw it in the back seat. Then she proceeded to roll the top of her skirt up until it was barely covering her beautiful tight ass, like she use to when she was in high school.

Brigit noticed her long sexy legs, tight abs and the outline of her huge tits beneath her blouse. Brigit just smiled a nasty grin and said, "Nice! We need to pick up some wine before we get to the party. I'll pull up to that liquor store and you run in."

"OK" said Jenny as she jumped from the car and ran into the liquor store. Jenny didn't notice the looks she was getting from the men in the parking lot as the cold air hit her nipples and her tits jumped furiously in her blouse.

Jenny quickly found the isle with the wine in it and went down to about the middle. The kind of wine she was looking for was on the bottom shelf of the cooler, so she opened the door and bent over to get a better look.

The cold air made her nipples as hard as marbles! As Jenny was looking, she noticed more than a few men giving her the once over. Jenny realized that by bending over she was giving them a full view down her blouse at her naked tits from one end, and a full view of her sexy ass from the other end.

She felt so naughty she couldn't help but stay there for a few minutes jostling the bottle to make her tits jiggle in her blouse! Jenny looked up to see a guy with his eyes wide and a definite bulge in his shorts! She smiled a "fuck me" smile at him. Then, she quickly grabbed what she needed, paid for it, and ran back to the car as her admirers followed her every move with their eyes! Jenny giggled and told Brigit her antics. Brigit threatened to go back and give her to him.

On the way to the party, Jenny thought of how far she was willing to go if things get out of hand and thought one night of fun is not worth ruining her marriage over. Then she realized that she didn't bring her own car, so she was really couldn't leave if she wanted to!

For some reason the thought of being at the mercy of someone else and being helpless to do anything about it made her unbelievably excited! She was horny to the point of squirming in her seat and could feel the crotch of her thong getting drenched!

Jenny decided she had to make sure things didn't go too far and told Brigit, "look I'm not going to fuck anybody. I'll play with the toys and try on some lingerie, but that is as far as it goes ok?"

Brigit said, "It's whatever you want and are comfortable with. Just have fun. Besides, everyone will be in underwear so you won't feel out of place!" With that, they drove 20 miles out of town and turned down a few country roads till they came to a large house in some secluded woods where there were about 15 cars were parked.

"We're here! This is going to be fun, grab the wine and lets go in!"

Jenny realized that if things got out of hand she couldn't walk home and no one would hear her in such a remote place.

As they went in, one of the girls dressed in a lacy bra and skimpy panties handed them a glass of wine and pointed to the corner. "The lingerie is over there." she said, "Grab something to wear we will be starting in a minute."

Jenny looked around the room and noticed about 25 women standing around in sexy underwear and maybe 12 well built guys standing around in various styles of underwear. Some were in boxers and others were in low riders with tee shirts on.

One of the men pointed at Jenny and grabbed his crotch while talking to his friend. They both broke out laughing and high fived each other.

Jenny couldn't help but notice that a few of them had huge bulges tucked into their tight briefs and could feel her heart start to race again. One of the guys notice her staring just a little too long at his crotch and gave her a grin which startled her! Jenny quickly turned away!

Brigit found a leather corset to wear and jenny found a baby doll nighty. They couldn't find a dressing room so, they just disrobed where they were standing and put on their lingerie. Jenny didn't realize that her baby doll barely covered her ass and the top was made out of lace so her tits and hard nipples were exposed.

The excitement was intoxicating as she stood there almost exposed to a bunch of strangers. Just then, one of the girls came up to her sand said, "rules are you can't wear anything you came in with!" and pointed at her thong.

"Oh I don't know, I didn't plan for this!", Jenny said. Brigit grabbed hold of the tiny elastic and pulled them down to the floor.

"It doesn't really matter there isn't much left to the imagination", Brigit said as she exposed Jenny's shaved pussy to the cool air.

Jenny felt so vulnerable with nothing between her naked body and a group of strangers except a tiny baby doll and she loved the feeling. For courage, she downed her third glass of wine which made her feel a bit tipsy. But she was also starting to feel very horny.

A hot well built blond announced, "It's time for a fashion show. Guys are up first! Girls, sit on a couch somewhere."

The hostess started to describe what the men were wearing as they walked slowly in front of the girls very closely, pausing in front of each girl, so they could inspect the garments.

As they did, Jenny couldn't help but notice some of the bulges getting bigger and the outlines of some huge throbbing cocks close enough to touch.

"Notice the material? Feel how silky they feel!" the hostess said. With that the girls touched the material lightly tracing the outline of the huge twitching cocks. Jenny couldn't resist sneaking a feel and reached out and lightly rubbed the one standing in front of her.

As her fingers ran up and down the shaft she could feel the hot throbbing rod grow bigger! It must have been 10 inches long and very thick! She gave it a light squeeze and heard the guy let out a light moan and quickly withdrew her hand!

As the men passed in front of her, she notice one guy in some low riding briefs with a cock so huge that the swollen hood was sticking out of the waist band by a good two inches! As he passed in front of her, she licked her lips as she felt a tingle in her pussy and her nipples get hard. She started imagining what it would be like to be taken by this stud and fucked to exhaustion!

"Ok girls it's your turn!", the blond announced. So the girls got up and started slowly walking in front of the men. They Paused in front of each one so they could inspect the wares. As Jenny passed by the guy with the huge cock that she squeezed earlier, he asked, "Is it silk?"

"I don't know.", Jenny said. So, the guy reached out to feel the material right at the bottom.

As he rubbed the material, Jenny could feel his knuckles brush against her bare exposed pussy. Jenny felt her breath getting faster and she knew he could feel how wet she was. She felt herself involuntarily leaning forward pressing her pussy against the back of his hand as he pressed harder against her pussy lips.

As they played this game, her eye focused on his hard cock that was twitching and begging for release. She knew he was watching where she was staring because he intensified his hand rubbing the material and, rubbing against her pussy at the same time. Jenny heard herself let out a moan and knew that she had to tear herself away before she reached the point of no return and let this stranger molest her there in a room full of half naked strangers!

Jenny pulled away and could see the smile she left on the studs face. As she stumbled away weak kneed, she fell into the lap of the guy with the huge cock that was sticking out of the top of his briefs. As jenny went down hard in the man's lap, she could feel his giant naked shaft settle into the crack of her bare ass as she gasped! The guy grabbed her tits to steady her and when she tried to get up, he jerked her back down into his lap!

The stud let his hands slide down to her hips and he held her tight against his huge throbbing cock. She heard herself squeal at the shock of being forced back down!

Her assaulter started to grind her ass against his hard-on and she could feel her wet pussy lips slip against his gigantic cock as she started breathing heavy and moan. Her whole body felt like it was on fire!

Jenny felt an orgasm starting deep within her. Brigit grabbed her hand and pulled her off of his lap just as she felt close to cumming! Jenny whimpered as she was taken from the edge of a mind blowing orgasm.

The blond hostess announced that it was toy demonstration time and everyone had to put their name in a hat. She explained that the person who has their name drawn has to demonstrate a toy. Everyone threw their name in the hat.

The first name drawn belonged to a petite brunette with glasses and huge tits dressed in a flannel nighty. She turned bright red when she heard her name.

The blond hostess announced that the first toy of the night was a vibrating saddle cock horse. The reserved girl started to object but two studs each grabbed an arm and leg and mounted her on the saddle sliding the cock into her tight pussy as she let out a gasp.

They quickly locked her kegs into the saddle harnesses so she couldn't get away from the saddle cock that was pushed all they way up inside her pussy.

The blond turned the vibration on low and the brunettes eyes became large as she felt the fake cock spring into action against her clit. Her mouth opened as the machine started to take effect on her body and began its slow assault on her!

The blond asked her how good the toy was?

The impaled girl tried to talk as she said, "I it..ahhh!...f.fffeeels....oohh!!" She shook violently as her first orgasm washed over her body and she started bucking wildly in the saddle!

The blond said, "I guess that means she likes it, we will let her go for awhile and check back later."

As she turned the vibrator up one notch,she heard the brunette moan louder, "Ooooo gawd!"

"The next person to demonstrate is Brigit.", the blond announced.

Brigit squealed and jumped up with her tits bouncing and she ran to the table.

"For this we need a male volunteer too.", Said the blond. A large middle age man stepped up with a smile on his face and Brigit looked disappointed that it was not one of the younger studs.

The Blond explained,"OK this is the remote control vibrating egg demonstration. This demonstration will show how much one of these remote eggs will give someone control over his lady!" Then she handed the egg to Brigit and the remote to the dumpy looking guy.

She said, "To insure you don't cheat, we are going to insert it then secure it inside of you by putting a tight thong on you and securing your hands from a hook in the ceiling!"

Brigit took the egg and inserted it. Then she held out her hands with a wicked smile on her face. Her hands were tied and the rope attached to the hook so her feet were barely touching the ground.

The blond said, "You won't need this for the demonstration!", as she removed Brigit's leather corset so her body was exposed and vulnerable to everyone while she hung there in just a tiny thong.

She stood there breathing heavy not knowing what was going to happen next at the mercy of a dumpy guy in control of the egg shoved up her pussy.

To add to her problems she asked if someone else could take the control instead of the little troll! The man responded by pushing the button making the egg jump into action which made her jerk and squeal as the egg teased her sensitive clit, making her knees buckle.

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