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Accidental Orgy!

by anonyplay©

The older man let up on the button and she looked at him and said, "Don't you touch that button again you fucking ugly old bastard!"

The man, feeling the incredible power he had over her sexy young body smiled and held down the button again! Brigit jerked and thrashed as her tits jiggled and her ass tightened. She tried to squeeze the egg out of her pussy but her efforts only pressed it against her clit harder!

Brigit started to moan as the egg worked it's magic. "Ooo, aahhh, neh neh. Oh God oh fuck, stop! Please stop! Oh I ahh I ehhh I can't take...oh fuck! I'm I'm going to cummm! Oh FUUUUCCKKK!" Then she shook and her knees buckled as the orgasm washed over her and she hung by her arms jerking as her pussy gushed and spasmed.

As she started to recover from her orgasm, the dumpy guy grabbed her tit and tweaked her nipple.

"Don't you fucking touch me you Bastard!" Brigit squealed!

The guy, which now was excited beyond control with a raging hard-on looked in Brigit's eyes and said, "By the time I am through with you, you will be begging me to fuck you and use you like a slut!"

With that he turned the egg up to high and pressed the button again and Brigit screamed, "NOOOOO!" as she felt the egg leap into action against her now more sensitive clit. "Oh, Oh, Ah, Oh ooo, nooo!" Brigit moaned as her body betrayed her and she moved toward another climax.

Just as she was ready to explode, the egg went dead and Brigit sighed in frustration as her breathing started to slow down. "What are you doing you fucking idiot!", she whined.

"I am teaching you how to behave like the slut you know you are!" the man said, and with that he pressed the button again.

As she rose to another climax he let go of the button again just before her release and she screamed, "noooooo Fuck! Let me cum you bastard!"

"Not until you learn how to speak to me" he said as he pushed the button again.

As her torture continued Jenny realized that her only ride home was tied to the ceiling at the mercy of a stranger getting her will broke down systematically and now she was truly committed to whatever would happen to her with no way to back out! She found herself with mixed feelings. She didn't want to betray her marriage but she was extremely excited and turned on at what she was witnessing and she knew she had no choice; which she loved!

Just then she looked over in the corner to see the mousey girl with the big tits still riding on the vibrating horse. However now she was completely naked and her body was hot as hell with her pussy grinding the saddle as she stroked two huge cocks and swallowed another huge back cock while the studs played with her tits and orgasm after orgasm washed over her body.

Jenny turned back toward Brigit who now was begging to cum. "Please! Let me cum! Ohh, ooo!"

"Do you want my cock?" the dumpy guy asked.

"YES"!I want you to fuck me, I'll do anything, anything you want just let me cuummm!", she said in between gasps!

"I'll let you cum if you beg everyone to fuck you and use you like a slut!"

"Oh Damn!" Brigit said anxiously. "Everyone please come fuck me now, shove your cocks in me, use me however you want I just have to cuummm!!!"

With that all of the guys surrounded her body that was still tied to the ceiling like a piece of fuck meat, and stripped her thong off of her. She screamed at the sensation of being man handled! She had strangers hands on every part of her body as they lifted her from the hook and laid her on the floor with her hands still tied.

She immediately had a huge cock shoved in her mouth as she was impaled on another huge cock. Another stud climbed behind her for the only hole she had left open and started working his cock into her tight ass.

Jenny discovered that while she was watching Brigit's surrender, she was fingering herself. She quickly removed her hand but was startled when she discovered the blond was watching her with a grin on her face.

"Looks like you're ready to demonstrate some toys too!", she smirked.

"I don't want anything too wild", Jenny said, "I'm happily married and don't want to ruin it."

"It will be ok we will start off slow.", said the blond."How about a blind dildo test?"

Jenny thought that didn't sound so bad and she was excited to the point of needing release so Jenny agreed.

Jenny thought she was safe because all of the guys were preoccupied with Brigit who was now in a screaming climax on a giant cock that belonged to the dumpy man that she found so revolting.

Brigit was screaming at the old guy, "Fuck me you stud, ah! o o ooo I love your fucking cock! Ah ahh oh hear I cum again FUCK!!!"

"Ok for this demonstration you will be testing different dildos to discover which one is most realistic. The catch is that you can't use your hands or eyes so you will be blindfolded and have your hands cuffed behind your back." The blond explained. "We will feed you two dildos at a time and you tell us which one is more realistic!"

"That doesn't sound so bad" Jenny thought, "at least they are dildos, it's not like I'm cheating because they are fake!"

"OK!" Jenny said, and was led to the middle of the room where her hands were cuffed behind her back and a blindfold tied tightly over her eyes.

"You won't need this!" she heard the blond say and felt the thin straps cut from her shoulders and the baby doll nighty fall to the floor!

Jenny gasped as she felt the cool air hit her naked body as she stood totally exposed and helpless in the middle of a bunch of strangers!

Jenny could feel everyone staring at her as her nipples became as hard as pebbles and her juices started to flow down her legs. She started to say that she was uncomfortable and wanted to stop but was interrupted by the blond who assured her that she was perfectly safe. Jenny was guided to her knees and anticipated what was in store for her.

The blond spoke again, "I have the first two dildos for you. The object for this test is to only use your mouth and tell us which one is more realistic."

The first dildo was a hard plastic one and was guided to her lips. Jenny stuck her tongue out and traced the hard hood of the dildo.

"Don't be shy act like it's a real cock and give it a good stroke or two!" the blond said.

With that Jenny opened her lips as someone guided the fake plastic cock into her mouth as she proceeded to give it a mock blowjob.

The first one was removed and the second took its place. This one felt like rubber and was softer than the first one. It was thinner but not as stiff.

"The second one feels more real." Jenny stated.

"This isn't so bad!", Jenny thought.

"Good job!" said the blond.

"Here are the next two!" the blond said as she proceeded to feed Jenny the new dildo.

This one felt like the rubber one that she just had, Jenny thought as she really started to get into sucking on the fake cock.

The next one was thicker and stiffer yet softer. This one defiantly felt more real but she wasn't sure what it was made of. Jenny used her tongue to circle the hood of the dildo and trace down the length of the shaft but it was too long to get to the bottom. Jenny engulfed it again and started bobbing her mouth on it. The fake cock was pulled out as Jenny gasped and said she thought the second one was more real but she wasn't sure.

"Let's try it again!", said the blond. This time the second one was fed to Jenny first and Jenny thought that it felt a little harder as she proceeded with the fake blowjob.

Jenny thought she would give them a good show and started imagining the guy with the huge cock as she sucked. Her pussy started getting wetter and she felt her juice running down her legs. Jenny started stroking the shaft with her tongue faster and deeper till she felt it at the back of her throat! Then, she let her throat relax and took it as deep as she could down her throat as she moaned with desire.

She imagined the look of ecstasy on her invisible studs face as she deep throated the dildo. The life like cock was quickly taken from her and she cried out, "noooo!" but was soon startled as she felt two sets of hands pick her up with a jerk and lay her across a table on her belly.

Her hands were uncuffed and quickly cuffed to the legs of the table and then Jenny felt a set of large rough hands spread her legs and cuff them to the back legs of the table.

Jenny was breathing heavy as she felt her tits pressed against the hard table and her heart was beating fast as she struggle helplessly against her restraints! She knew that she was trapped and anyone or everyone could do whatever they wanted with her for as long as they wanted and she could do nothing to stop them!

"There!", the blond said, "Now we have better access for this test!"

Jenny started to protest again but as soon as she opened her mouth she felt the end of a fake cock getting shoved into her lips; which she gladly took in her state of arousal. These dildos no longer felt plastic! They all felt real, but Jenny no longer cared as she tried to give the best demonstration she could.

The need to have her pussy filled became unbearable as she moaned with her mouth full. As quick as one tool was removed from her lips, another would take its place.

They were all different thicknesses and lengths but still felt just as real. Jenny could swear that once she felt some balls bump her chin but that was impossible unless they were very lifelike.

"Ok Jenny, while you are testing the fake cocks would you mind testing the strap-on too?", the blond asked seeing Jenny squirming.

Jenny quickly shook her head yes. At this point she didn't care, she just needed something in her pussy that was now on fire! Jenny felt someone move behind her and braced herself for the dildo to enter her swollen wet pussy lips!

She felt something brush against her ass and she wiggled to receive it! "Hmpft!" Jenny screamed in frustration at the time taking to relieve her throbbing clit!

Jenny felt the object in her mouth pick up pace and she started sucking harder on it so she would not lose it from her lips! Jenny felt a very large bulb of the object press against her pussy and she gasped at the size and let out a scream around the shaft in her mouth. "AHmmm! OH NOOPH!!" Jenny screamed as the foreign object forced its way into her tight hot shaking pussy! "Hmmm nnnm ohh fuck YES OH NO OHH YEESS!" Jenny screamed as she tried to adjust to the size of the monster violator.

As soon as Jenny adjusted to the size, it started to slowly move in and out of her going deeper and deeper with every stroke! Jenny felt the rod bottom out as it bumped against her cervix and then she felt the monster start to deep thrust her fast and harder and faster and harder! Jenny thought, "Damn if only my husband felt like this!"

"Neh eh eh eh eh oh oh oh fuck oh god oh no oh yes fuck me fuck me hard!" Jenny cried. The she felt a set of large rought hands grab her pony tail and jerk her head back, pulling her Back and forth on the monster shaft!

Jenny opened her mouth but nothing would come out from the hard fucking she was receiving then another large shaft was shoved into her mouth as a hand grabbed the back of her head and forced it down her throat. "MMMMFT!" "MMM MM MM MM!" Jenny screamed with each stroke.

The hand that was on the back of her head removed her blindfold and her eyes got big as they adjusted and she could she the stud in front of her thrusting his huge black cock in and out her lips! Jenny struggles against her restraints as the man growled and held her head against his body forcing her to swallow his cum! Jenny climaxed at the same time squeezing her pussy aoruond the other cock violating her! The huge black stud with the monster cock, backed his cock out of her mouth as she gasped for air and felt some of his hot cum hit her face!

Jenny stared at the mirror covered walls and discovered herself surrounded by ten naked men with huge hard-ons! She looked in the mirror to see who was fucking her so hard and was shocked to see her brother-in-law with a big grin on his face thrusting his cock into her as hard as he could!

"Hello Jenny!", he said as he grabbed her hips and slammed his cock into her helpless pussy even faster! Jenny felt herself building to another climax and started thrusting back harder against her brother in law!

He said, "I'm going to fuck you and cum deep inside you like I always fantasized and you can do nothing to stop me so enjoy it Jen!"

"Oh God! This is so wrong! Oh Fuck me, fuck me harder! Use me, make me cum!Yes! I want you to fuck me hard! Oh oh oh oh fuck I'm CUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG!" Jenny screamed as her body shook with the biggest orgasm of her life!

Her brother in law couldn't hold back any longer and shot his load deep inside her pussy which caused her to have another orgasm! "AHH FUCK JENNY!" he said as he pumped her full of hot sperm, "I wanted to fuck you for so long and now I'm gonna fuck you as much as I can!"

He moved out of the way and was replaced by an older man with a large cock, "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your tight pussy!" With that he started slamming into her as hard as he could.

Jenny screamed, "YES FUCK MY SEXY YOUNG PUSSY!" Just as Jenny felt herself cumming again, she look up and discovered her brother in law's cock inches from her lips. She smiled a nasty smile stuck out her tongue to reach the tip to her lips!

"Slow down we have all night to fuck you every way possible" he said, "my wife thinks I'm at a work convention tonight so we own your body all night long and you will get fucked and used every way we can think of!"

Jenny moaned "mmmm!" as he shoved his cock into her lips and she felt herself cumming again and thought of the night ahead of her. She no longer felt guilty, she was going to as many "parties" as she could!

Written by: anonyplay

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