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Interview With The Bimbo Ch. 02

by king_wesley©


"So that's how you became like this?" asked Annabel,

"No, that's how I became an air headed, sex-crazed bimbo that the stereotype expects. It took years to become who I am today. On that day, when I saw Lester for the first time as Lulu, I wasn't thinking of trying to escape, or even trying to think clearly. My goals were simple, to get his cock inside me as quickly as possible because masturbation pales in comparison to having as many cocks inside you as you can get your hands on.

I wish I could say that I tried to resist him when he unlocked my cell door, that I put up a fight. The truth is though that I jumped him the second I was able. No voice in my head told me to stop, I had shed the burden of independent thought and embraced the joys of mindless slutty sex.

"Over the next few hours, Lester fucked me in every position he could think of (as well as a few others I begged for). It seemed like both of us were insatiable and I can honestly say that I never felt happier or freer than I did that day.

"Over the next few days I was given the opportunity to pay back all the people of Emerald Lake that I had wronged (or at least planned to wrong). The owner of the local shop, the pub landlord, I must have sucked and fucked half the town in that short period of time but by the end of it, my wrongs had all been righted and I was ready to be put to work."

"Put to work?"

"Of course. Being a bimbo doesn't absolve one of responsibility; I had to earn my keep. Luckily Lester was a man with connections and was soon able to get me a position at the local coffee shop.

It was a simple job, just serving coffee and sucking cock, but it was honest work and I felt proud to be finally earning my keep after a lifetime of conning and scrounging."

"So you were a prostitute."

"Absolutely not! The blowjobs weren't part of my job description and I never accepted money for doing them. I was desperate to suck every new cock that came into that coffee shop and the owners didn't object as custom must have tripled during my time there. Even to this day, I still feel a small sense of pride over the effect I had on that place. There is even the odd occasion when I miss it."

"So if you were happy there, how come we are having this interview today? What changed?"

"I changed. Like I said before, a bimbo isn't a mindless slut, she's a girl for whom a lot of the time thinking and worrying is far too much effort.

"For nearly two years I was that kind of girl. Happy to just serve my coffees and suck my cocks without a care in the world. I was so blasé about intelligent thought that there was even a six month period where I descended into speaking in the third person."

"You're kidding right?"

"No I'm completely serious. Six months of 'Hi, what can Lulu get you?', 'Lulu wants to suck Antonio's cock', and 'Can Lulu make you happy?'. I know I told you I sometimes look back at that time with pride, but I cringe when I think of how far I fell before my epiphany."


"It was I was May 13th, 1989. I was serving coffee to Brad, one of my regulars when I suddenly wandered if there was anything on at the cinema."

Annabel looked at Lulu cynically, "That's it? How can that be a defining moment?"

"You don't understand. Thinking about the cinema was an independent thought. I hadn't had an independent thought in two years and I just realised it then.

It's amazing to think that one little thought about the cinema opened the floodgates to a wave of thoughts and opinions on everything from my favourite type of coffee, to why I was sucking people's cocks for free in a coffee shop."

"But you said you enjoyed doing that."

"When I believed it was what I wanted to do I did, yes. But now I was beginning to think about everything. I started to realise that I had changed, that this cock sucking, coffee slut wasn't the real me. I was still desperate to be fucked all day, every day, but I began to think that that was a bad thing.

"I still used to see Lester everyday after work as he owned the room I lived in and also regularly brought men to me each even to satisfy the ache in my pussy that just giving blowjobs all-day couldn't cure. So when these thoughts became more and more common, I decided to speak to him about my misgivings over where my life was headed."

"How did that work out for you?"

"Not as I had hoped. That was the moment when the last of my naivety disappeared. Up until then, I saw Lester as my saviour, my confident, the man who saved me from myself and gave me a second chance at life in Emerald Lake. It never even entered my head how he was the one responsible for changing me, making me the blonde bimbo I am today.

"I went to Lester thinking he would protect me. That he would help me discover who I really am. What I got was a week of mental torture and conditioning intended to revert me back to the airhead I had been for the past two years."

"What did he do?"

"When I came to him, he was with three of his friends. As soon as he heard my plight he motioned them over to me. Instead of helping me, Lester instructed the guys to fuck me over and over again. It was impossible to fight it, my mind may have been returning, but I still had the body of a slut.

All through the night Lester and his friends had their way with me, fucking me over and over again, one at a time, two at a time, all at once, there was nothing they didn't do to me that evening.

"By the end of the night I was a quivering, cum-filled wreck, handcuffed to a bed and left there overnight to recover.

"The next morning it began again. Lester entered with four other guys and they were each instructed to use me however they wished. However, unlike the night before, they stopped everything they were doing the moment I was getting close to coming. Over and over again they would bring me to the edge before stopping at the moment of maximum frustration. It was torture.

"Then at about seven o'clock that evening, Lester called everyone of me and for the first time since I had come to see him, he spoke to me directly:"

"Tell me what you want." He'd told me.

"Please. I want to cum."

"Say it again."

"I want to cum."

"Your not interested in the cinema?"

"No please, I need to cum, that's all I want."

"You don't want to talk about art or coffee or baseball."

"No No No!!! I just want to cum, please Lester, that's all I want."

"I meant it as well. All my progress until that point, all my thoughts about what I truly wanted out of life had been betrayed by my body in less than forty-eight hours.

"It wasn't enough for Lester though. After hearing me beg him, he just smiled and set the guys back on me with the same instructions as before.

"Over the next five days, the only thing that changed was the guys that Lester brought to the room. All day they would tease my body and mind into submission before Lester would once again asked me what it was I truly wanted.

Each time I gave him the same answer and each time it made no difference until finally on the sixth day, with me literally screaming at him that I only cared about was one thing and one thing only: to cum, he let me have my release.

After six days of begging for nothing else but orgasms, I was finally treated to about six straight hours of them as nearly every resident of Emerald Lake seemed to take turns at fucking me, and I loved it. Lester had successfully teased and fucked away all the thoughts that had come into my head until once again I was left an air headed bimbo dreaming of nothing more than my next cock.

"The next day I was uncuffed and allowed to go back to work again. I apologised to the owners and immediately fell back into the old routine, but with even more enthusiasm than before. I Wasn't just giving blowjobs anymore, there were titty-fucks, pussy fucks, shucks, anything the customer wanted. It was all on the house."

"So you just went back to before, you didn't fight at all?"

"The surprising part is that it only took me two years to begin to think independent thoughts. I met girls in Emerald Lake and all over the world who were still giggly, third person talking, airheads ten or even twenty years after their transformation.

"Nobody's mind is supposed to be strong enough to break the mental block on thinking as quickly as I did. It was why Lester had to take such drastic measures, which ironically was Lester's first mistake."

"How so?"

"Teasing me, reconditioning me that way. It meant that when the free thoughts returned to me in the summer of 1990, I remembered that Lester was not to be trusted and so was able to start planning my escape from Emerald Late. If he had been gentler with me that first time, I think he could have kept me convinced I belonged in Emerald Lake for many many years."

"How did you escape?"

"It's not as simple as asking how. I was essentially a prisoner to the whole town, I didn't even know where I could run to, I didn't have a car and taking a bus or train was far too risky. Before I could think about escaping there were many things I had to do."

"Like what?"

"For starters I needed to find a way to increase the time I could go without craving sex. My returned independence within my mind was still trumped by the dependence of my body on cocks and orgasms. There was no point trying to run if thirty minutes down the road I was looking for some guy to fuck, especially when any guy I do find is ninety nine percent likely to be from Emerald Lake."

"Why couldn't you just try to spend each day having as little sex as possible then?"

"The town thought I was a mindless slut. I worked every day in a coffee shop where I fucked everyone who came (and enjoyed it immensely). When I got home A friend or two of Lester's would also be waiting for me. There was no opportunity for me to try and choose not having sex and if I tried turning it down even once, people would get suspicious. I needed to find a way to break my daily routine without arousing suspicion."

"And how could you do that?"

"I used my dumbness. Ironically I was lucky that before this second recovery, my mind managed to revert right back to full of air headed Barbie bimbo. This meant that I had to act this way even though my brain had returned, but it also meant nobody was surprised if I started to do stupid things.

There was an area of grass across the road from the coffee shop where a few university students would play soccer after class. They knew me quite well as I had sucked all their cocks many times and regularly came into the shop to borrow a ladder when the ball got stuck on our roof.

So it was one Tuesday in August, when I had just finished giving Fred the butcher his morning titty-fuck and the boys came in asking for the ladder.

At that moment inspiration hit me. If I somehow injured myself, I would have to have time off work to heal. So I fetched the ladder for the boys as normal and then decided to feign a 'naughty idea'.

"Why don't I get the ball for you nice boys?" I asked them. "But I forgot to wear any underwear today so I hope you won't try to look up my skirt while I'm climbing." I smiled my sluttiest smile, hoping they would think with their cocks and let me climb the ladder. They of course accepted my offer and soon I was nine feet up a ladder, shaking my naked ass and pretending to reach for a football.

"I looked down at my audience, pretending to be embarrassed they were looking at me. In fact I was searching for a good place to fall and saw an area of concrete free of onlookers.

I took a deep breath and reached for the ball once more. However this time I deliberately overbalanced and before anybody could catch the ladder I had landed smack on the concrete."

"Did it work?" asked Annabel, "I thought you were indestructible."

"Only with regards to appearance. My hair and skin and things you can see will never change or blemish. Bones however, break just as easily and anybody else's. So when I hit the concrete, my cuts and bruises healed almost instantly. Luckily though, I had broken both my arm and ankle, so had to be taken to hospital."


Emerald Lake hospital was an incredible. Everything was state of the art, the hospital building, the machinery, everything. The nurses were even more amazing. Each one of them was a big breasted blonde bombshell like myself, not only that but they giggled and talked about sex all the time, flirting with patients and doctors alike.

However, even though they were barely able to tie their own shoe laces without assistance, they were probably the best trained nurses you'll ever see. When it came to medicine, they were perfect. It was like somebody had found a way to still turn people into bimbos whilst letting them retain or improve any skills that were valuable to the running of the town.

My time at Emerald Lake hospital taught me a lot about myself. Firstly, that I was bisexual. As well as administering world class medical care, the nursing staff also made sure my sexual needs were met.

Secondly, I could survive to an extent without sex. The hospital took a surprising amount of care to make sure I recovered as quickly as possible, which meant that sex was kept to a minimum. Lester still came with the odd visitor or two, but overall my libido was mostly been attended to my the dedicated nursing staff. I still found myself craving cock or tongue if I went more than a few hours without, but I started to believe that I could possibly manage to get at least three or four hours away from Emerald Lake before needing to find a cock-stop. The only questions left now were how to escape and where I could go.

The latter question was answered for me when I overheard two doctors discussing their weekend plans. One told the other about how he was planning to spend it outside of Emerald Lake but couldn't decide. He was torn between a very sinister sounding city to the South East, or a much brighter and fun sounding city to the South West. In the end, the doctor opted for the second option as the South Easterly city had an unsavoury reputation even for a resident of Emerald Lake. I couldn't help but feel he made the right choice and now thanks to listening in on this conversation, I now had a place to go

Of course I knew next to nothing about this other place, but I felt that anywhere that was wasn't Emerald Lake had to be an improvement and judging by this doctor's estimated time of arrival there, this city of hope must be no more than two hundred miles away: far enough to be a safe distance away from Emerald Lake yet not so far as to be impossible to get to in a day. My three step plan for getting the hell out of town was now two-thirds complete."

"So how did you get out?"

"I had to be patient. I knew I may only get one shot at this and that capture could mean being conditioned into permanent airhead oblivion.

I also knew that two broken bones were not going to aid my escape, so it was best for the moment to focus on healing and extending my resistance to horniness as much as possible. I probably had about three weeks to wait before I would recover fully and be expected to go back to work so I focused my time on thinking as much as possible. It was hard to study without being able to ask for books, but I knew the more I sharpened my mind the more I could repress the bimbo inside me. I focused on listening to doctors conversations as they passed or while I they chatted about cases during a tandem cocksucking. I tried to learn the medical terms, the names of the drugs that were used, anything that took my mind off sex.

I still needed a good fucking daily of course and Lester more than provided for that need along with the staff and patients of the hospital, but I was starting to learn to live without a constant stream of cocks inside me. My mind was growing, and with it my capacity to come up with a plan to escape. A plan which came to me the day before I was due to be discharged from Emerald Lake Hospital.

The next day I was released from hospital with my arm and ankle feeling better than they ever had before. I gave all the doctors a goodbye blow before Lester took me home.

"That night Lester fucked me for the first time since the day I woke up in the cage. It was a strange feeling being with him again after so long of just seeing him as a spectator while his friends and acquaintances actually did the deed. It was almost as if he knew this could be the last time he'd ever get the chance to have me again. By 3am we had finally exhausted each other out and he left without a word, leaving me to contemplate my plans for the next day. I knew that it was now or never."


The next morning I left the house two hours earlier than normal, my handbag packed with as many essentials as it could carry without arousing suspicion. My heart was beating faster than it ever had before as I slowly walked down the road to work hoping for opportunity to strike.

Thankfully, before too long a red pickup pulled beside me and a young early, probably in his early twenties stopped to say hello. Naturally I accepted his unspoken invitation and got in the passenger seat, placing my hand on his crotch as we begin to chat.

"You're up early this morning." he asked me.

I told him it was because I felt like doing something naughty before work.

"How naughty?"

I knew I'd gotton his attention; it was time to reel in the fish...

"Lulu wants to be really naughty, like super sexy naughty."

A broad smile beamed across his face as he eased my hand inside his pants. "Well, we're all alone now. How about we have a bit of fun.?"

As soon as I heard those words I knew I was in control of the conversation. I giggled and told him. "Yay! Lulu loves fun. But here is like totally boring today. Lulu wants to be fucked in Emerald Lake, that would be hot."

The guy hesitated slightly. Emerald Lake itself was about three miles out of town and I heard that not many people were allowed to take women up there. He told me he wasn't sure if that was a good idea and that we could be just as naughty where we were. Luckily he was young and so still got excited whenever he had an opportunity for sex as opposed to the older men of the town who just expected it. I played on the fact that we could swim naked together in the lake and that I was able to hold my breath for a very long time. My argument did the trick and soon we were driving up to the perfectly secluded Emerald Lake.

When we arrive there I immediately got out of the pickup. I was already naked from during the drive as I needed to play the part of sex crazed bimbo a little longer for my plan to work, but also I didn't know how long I would have to wait for my next fuck so I thought that as I still had time before anyone would start to miss me, I should maybe get in a good fucking before I ran.

I dived into the lake and begin to tread water a few feet from the bank, inviting the guy to join me. He didn't need a second invite as he threw his discarded clothes (and most importantly his keys) in a pile next to mine and dived into the lake with me.

The minute he hit the water I set upon him, riding him as vigorously as the tide allowed much to his appreciation. Once again his youth and inexperience played into my hands as we came together within a matter of a few minutes. As I waited for his cock to reawaken I continued to kiss him before proving to him that I really could hold my breath for a long time underwater, and even manage to do a fair few other things whilst under there.

A few minutes later and we were fucking again, scratching the itch that was always with me in order to give myself as much clarity of mind as I could. With my body and mind both now prepared for the journey ahead, it was time to get the hell out of Emerald Lake.

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