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Ashley's Dark Awakening Ch. 02

by uh-oh©

"Get your ass up," he said.

"What? But I thought-"

"I said get your ass up, bitch!" Derren roared, pulling out despite how tightly her little pussy clamped onto him. Ashley moaned -- even his withdrawing cock twinged her with shivers. But daring not to anger him or worse yet be denied his magnificent cock, she obeyed. As she rolled over and rose to her knees in front of him, he struck under the fringe of her skirt.


"WAHHH!" Ashley wailed and nearly jumped off the bed. His black palm branded the cheek that hadn't felt an African's hand that day. The sharp pain dulled to an even throb, her ass warming in the shape of Derren's strong hand as he watched his crimson print rise on her alabaster skin.

"Ho needs to know her place," Derren said behind her, already rubbing his thick member along her wet snatch.

"I-I do. I'm your slut. Your fuck bunny," She said, fighting back a tear trying to escape her eye.

"Damn right ho," Derren continued, "But you're more than that now. You're my white breeding bitch. My black baby momma. My knocked-up black cock slut..." He drilled into her slowly with the last, as if to drive his point home. Ashley tossed her head back and groaned aloud, a ray of pleasure piercing through the clouds of shame and worry about her pregnancy.

"Ooohhh," she cooed, pushing back gingerly against him. Her sensitized ass tingled so much more when his black skin connected with hers. "Fuck me, Derren... I'm yours."

"That's right bitch," Derren grasped her skirt-clad hips while he set the hard rhythm of his thrusts, "Nothing like a white bitch learning her place, ain't that right?"

"Oh yesss," Ashley's eyes rolled back, her whole body building with every sinking thrust and tap of his dark balls against her tender clit. Her fingers dug under her unsoiled covers and gripped the sheets that her white boyfriends never touched.

"What's your place, ho?"

"Being your white bitch," Ashley groaned.

"That was your place, ho! What's it now?"

"Your..." Her stomach protested against her hesitation, as if her dark-filled womb was screaming at her to give into reality, to give into the man that impregnated her. "I'm your..."

"How about I remind you then," Derren leaned over and pressed his ebony chest along her sweat-beaded back. He slid his fingers down her sides, under the curve of her hips, and planted his hands firmly on either side of her stomach, feeling the little ivory bump he'd made with his black seed. Ashley tensed again, but he thrust in at just the same time, stretching out her tightened pussy and forcing her to take him.

"Agh! Mmm..." Ashley gave in, letting her baby's Daddy feel his handiwork without resistance anymore. His black lips kissed her neck, and like a lover trailed his way to her ears even as he plowed her Caucasian pussy like an African savage.

"That's my baby, isn't it?" The bed rocked harder.

"Yes... It's -- ah! -- your baby Derren..." The pleased girl moaned.

"My black baby," he growled, sinking in deeper than ever.

"Ooooh, your black baby," Ashley's pussy started to quiver and juices dripped down his shaft.

"You're my white fuck bunny, aren't you?" He stroked her belly and electrified Ashley's pussy.

"God yes Derren! I'm your little fuck bunny! I'm your white bitch!"

"My pregnant black cock slut. Say it!"

"Oh fuck!" Ashley gave in completely as her apprehension was consumed in instinct's desire, "Breed me, Derren! I'm your pregnant slut - Ahhh!" Derren pumped her faster, bringing her right to the brink. Her pussy gripped his black snake, her white petals clamping onto the African spear that conquered her pale womb.

"You've got a nigger's baby in your belly, Ashley," Derren growled, "You're gonna have a black baby, ho!"

"YES!" Ashley cried, "I'm gonna have your baby! I'm gonna be a Mommy! I'm gonna, gonna -- cummmm!!" Her whole body convulsed as her orgasm ripped over her like a storm. Derren howled and rode her hard, pushing the screaming white girl down onto the bed, fucking her shaking white body as a conqueror claims the defeated.

"Give me your black baby!" The pleasure-blind girl wailed, "Make me a black baby's Mommy!" Derren grunted and gripped her waist. With a savage roar he shot his potent black load deep inside her already pregnant cunt. Black seed lashed against the mouth of her filled womb in thick ropes, and forced the already orgasmic girl to cum even harder. The whirlwind of terror and ecstasy drove her mad, her mind flashing to images of his midnight seed filling her fertile womb, her once snowy egg turned black as pitch, the feeling of her Caucasian belly stretching with an African baby, and seeing the end of her pure bloodline kicking inside her taut belly.

Ashley accepted it fully now -- her fear and anxiety now yielded to the most bitter and potent pleasure. Derren never stopped thrusting, even while firing his fresh jets of sperm against her pink walls. He pumped and churned his seed to froth and gush out of Ashley's pink cunt, to spill onto her broken-in bed. And Ashley didn't stop thrusting back, one orgasm rolling into the next till she screamed with the sounds of black skin slapping hers and white flesh being filled with squelching spunk.

Just like that night those few months ago, Ashley realized how right this was. To take Derren's bare cock inside her pale pussy, to give herself over to this wild African man, and now to bear the fruits of his black seed sown in her white belly -- Ashley opened her pleasure-hazed eyes in that moment and knew that this was right. Before she'd been blind to whom she was. She deluded herself with boys of her own race, her own color, thinking they would satisfy her completely. But now she knew what kind of man she was made for. And he was black.

Derren grunted and pulled out, lying on top of the spent girl and groaning like a satisfied lion against her matted blond hair. His thick seed dribbled out of her well-fucked pussy and stained her bed forever with its exotic musk. He petted his prize, and the quivering girl tried to catch her breath while the aftershocks of her orgasm racked her body.

"Damn..." Derren sighed, "Girl, you are one sexy bitch." Ashley laughed softly, reaching back and running her shaking hands along his glistening flanks.

"Mmmm, all thanks to my black baby's Daddy..." She purred.

"Oh yeah?" Derren's cock stirred against her still-stinging ass. The slick black snake soothed the soreness from her well-spanked rump and made her tingle all over. "Say it now then."

Ashley turned over under his black body, wrapping her slender arms around his sleek black shoulders and rubbed her smooth thighs along his slack member. Her blue eyes narrowed with a sexy grin, and she whispered huskily up to him.

"I'm your white breeding bitch... Your pregnant black cock slut," She said, stroking his member back to life. Derren chuckled deep in his chest -- she felt it against her full breasts, and his ebony tool hardened in an instant between her legs.

"Oooo, damn girl. Keep sayin' things like that and I'll plant another one in that white belly."

"God, I hope you do with this big black cock," Ashley groaned, stroking her little hands along his dark length and rubbing it along the swell of her belly, "Breed your fuck bunny again. Knock this white girl up just like you did at the party!"

"Ha! Get that dirty white mouth all on my nigga dick, bitch!" Ashley gladly accepted, eagerly crawling down and enveloping his obsidian member with her soft pink lips. The taste of his cum mingled with hers made her moan and finger herself, and his dark groans urged her tongue to clean his dangerous African spear from tip to base.

Ashley wondered how long he'd stay this time, if his black baby in her white belly would be enough to keep him nearby. Something told her he'd disappear in the morning just like before, but in that moment she simply relished the taste of his baby-making seed. Nothing else mattered except him fucking her again, calling her his little white breeding bitch and trying to knock up her already impregnated Caucasian womb.

"That's right, suck that nigga dick you pregnant ho... Show your baby Daddy what a black cock slut you are." Ashley grinned as she fingered the still-warm spunk drooling out of her stretched pussy. Her little belly grew hot in response - Her pale pregnant belly, carrying his sprouting African seed...

Ashley stared dreamily up from tasting and licking every inch of his ebony rod with her baby-blue eyes. His dick jutted out her cheek, already hard enough to take her pretty pussy again. Derren grunted and pushed Ashley back, wasting no time mounting her and sinking deep into her milk-white pussy and thrusting away. Ashley moaned lavishly and wrapped her dainty legs around his obsidian waist. His pounding threatened to destroy her once innocent bed beneath her bucking hips. And she loved it.

She didn't know what she would do after she told Sandy the news, or how she would deal with her pregnancy in the coming months. But now she only cared about how deep he would thrust and when his black cum would erupt inside her again. Not knowing if Derren would even stick around or what to do with a black baby on the way, Ashley couldn't know how the future was going to turn out. There was only one last thought before she succumbed to another screaming climax however:

Her future promised to be very dark indeed.

Written by: uh-oh

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