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Black Cock Whore

by SuzyFloosie©

As I entered the small tearoom hidden away at the back of the packing area, I heard Janice say.

"Ever fancied doing it with a dwarf?"

Candice wasn't slow in her reply "I would if his cock was big enough"

And then the two middle aged women fell about giggling before Janice pulled another bootleg dvd out of her bag and with a huge grin added.

"Like this guys you mean"

The crude image on the front cover showed a black man feeding his monster cock into the mouth of a kneeling white woman. Now I'm no prude but bringing this material into the work place just isn't professional. Janice looked at me.

"Fancy it?"

I gave her a look of disdain but didn't reply. Which led her and Candice to make a high pitched and rather childish "OOOooooo" sound before Candice added an incredulous.

"You're not telling me you get more than that at home?"

For some stupid reason instead of just telling them to grow up, I got drawn into the conversation.

"I'm not telling you anything about my Brians penis"

"Penis" Janice sniggered "who calls it a penis? It's a cock, a dong, a dick, a trouser snake, its only a penis if its under five inches"

I went red and Candice jumped in with, "OMG, it's under five inches ain't it girl"

I didn't answer. But I could feel myself going red. It was true, Brian didn't have a huge dick but he did know how to use what he had. Candice wasn't letting the subject go, she put the dvd with the black guy face fucking the kneeling white woman in my hand and said "there you go, see how a real man does it honey".

I should mention at this point that Candice is a black woman married to a black man, Janice also has a boyfriend with dark skin. I'm white, very white and so is Brian. I'm also the line supervisor, where Janice and Candice are production line girls. We work in a pharmaceutical company.

I gave her the dvd back and said no thank you. I then made myself a cup of tea while they carried on with their inane comments about cocks and I forgot about dwarfs, big black cocks and them. Well until I was standing in my hallway at home and found the dvd had been dropped into my handbag.

"Jesus christ"

"what is it honey?"

Brian came through from the other room and I quickly put the dvd behind my back.

"What you got there?" He said beaming like a Cheshire cat.

I felt like a naughty school girl who had been caught smoking in the toilet block.

"Nothing for you to be concerned with"

My coy manner just made him more curious to see. Playfully he asked.

"Show me"

I stepped back and he wrapped his arms around me, the outcome of the tussle was inevitable and very quickly I was a little ruffled and he was staring at the dvd.

"Woooooooo, I didn't know you were into porn" he smiled "and the interracial stuff to - black dicks for white chicks ay"

"I'm not" I stammered "its just Janice and Candice think they are funny, it was dropped in my bag without me knowing"

"Well it seems a shame to waste it, we can watch it later"

I was somewhat shocked, we'd never watched porn together before or even talked about it, perhaps I didn't know my husband as well as I thought I did. While making supper I dropped a couple of large sausages into a pan and realised I was curious, excited even, at the prospect of seeing some big black cocks.

Brian didn't mention the dvd over our meal but at 9pm he said.

"I'll open the wine before I unleash those monster dicks"

I took the opportunity to nip into the bathroom and found myself dabbing some extra scent on. Five minutes later I was transfixed to the screen as a huge black cock sawed in and out of a white pussy. Brian was already feeling me up and I was dripping, a few seconds later and he was fucking me doggie style as I watched the bitch in front of me coming on that big piece of black meat. Brian flooded my sides about the same time.

Now when I found the dvd in my bag I was going to take it back to Janice the very next day, however at 9pm the following evening, once again I was staring at big black cock while Brian fucked me as hard as he could. By the fourth evening all my reservations about watching porn had gone. I now regarded the "women" as white fuck whores for taking black dick in every hole. As Brian was taking my own willing cunt, the black guy on screen was telling the white fuck piece to beg for his dick. And that's when Brian said.

"You'd beg for big black cock too wouldn't you bitch?"

I didn't answer. He kept fucking me, he grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my head back and slapping my arse.

"Admit it, you'd love some big nigger cock"

The truth was how could I possibly watch this porn and not think about black cock ramming in and out of me. But admitting it to my husband! Panting hard I answered his question with a question.

"Would you like that honey, would you like me to be a black cock whore?"

When he eventually said "yes", we both came and pandoras box lid was lifted an inch or two.

After that Brian started regularly bringing home porn dvds and fantasy scenarios energized our sex life. A lot of the dvds focussed on slutty white housewives getting fucked by pizza boys and repair men. While Brian screwed me I'd regularly scream for huge cock while telling my husband his little white dick just wasn't big enough, which is why I had let the big black builder working across the street use me like a fuck toy.

It now seemed normal behaviour for a women to crawl around on hands and knees naked licking up spunk while being gang fucked. My eyes were opened wider than they had ever been and I was enjoying the thrills. The dvds had become more and more trashy to satisfy our ever growing lust. Of course it was still all game play and nothing really happened. Until fate stepped in.

Several months after Janice slipped that first dvd into my bag she asked.

"are you going to pay for it then?"

"What?" I asked genuinely confused.

"The dvd, the one with big black cocks"

"I never asked you for it Janice"

"Haven't rushed to bring it back though have you" she smirked "coming round to the idea ay?"

Annoyingly I went red but I blustered on.

"If you wanted paying for it, why drop it in my bag?"

"It fell in by mistake"

I took a deep breath, the woman was such a liar. I countered.

"Well I've never even watched it, I'll bring it in tomorrow. OK"

I should have just paid her for the damn thing, because the following day they did spot checks and as I inched closer and closer to security I was getting more and more nervous. Janice and Candice sauntered by and smiled and that's when I realised they had put my name in the box. The tip off box. Bitches.

A latex glove covered hand went into my bag. The security guy was big and black and I felt totally humiliated as he held up the "black dicks for white chicks" dvd. He lifted an eye brow.

"Planning on watching it in your tea break perhaps?"

The screening curtain meant I was out of sight from the other workers in the queue but still I hung my head in shame. He rummaged through my bag some more, found nothing and then told me to follow him. Five minutes later and I was in front of my superior. Dan Jenkins, another black man.

Dan tapped the dvd with his finger tips and gave me a hard stare as he searched for his words.

"Mrs Smith, I never had you down as a racist"

Firstly Dan normally called me Kathy not Mrs Smith. Secondly me and Brian had been round to his for dinner in the past and he knew damn well I wasn't a racist.

"What are you on about?"

"Why black dicks? Not white dicks? A racist is someone who treats people differently because of their skin colour, this whole disgusting dvd is about skin colour, therefore I say it is racist"

"It was just a bit of fun Dan, its not even my dvd"

"Its Mr Jenkins in this office and if it was in your possession then you are responsible for it"

"Look Janice dropped it in my bag as a joke and I was just bringing it back"

"You want to blame another member of staff for this boot leg dvd?"

I shuffled from foot to foot, this wasn't how I expected things to go. Mr Jenkins looked at the security guard.

"Has she been fully searched?" The guard shook his head to indicate that I hadn't. Mr Jenkins continued. "In that case Mrs Smith we'll start with your blouse, take it off"

I was outraged he'd ask such a thing. "I will not"

I could see the security guy was also not very sure about this. But then Mr Jenkins played his trump card "I'll involve the police then, counterfeit goods are big business". We glared at each other, he looked at me expectantly and when I didn't move picked up the phone. I saw myself getting charged, losing my job and my whole life being turned upside down. Annoyed at getting myself into this situation I said.

"Alright alright".

He put the phone down. "Alright what?"

"Alright Mr Jenkins, you win, ok"

My fingers begin to tremble as I start to unbutton my top, I can feel tears well in my eyes but by the last button I've told myself I've worn less on abeach. I slip the blouse from my shoulders and pass it to the guard who realising I have fully submitted gains in confidence. He takes the blouse, runs his fingers along the seams and then orders "skirt".

I give him a hard stare but still unzip it, letting it drop to my feet before passing it to him. He checks the seams and I notice a glimmer of a smile on Dan Jenkins lips as he sits behind his desk taking in proceedings and my semi naked state. The security guy passes me back my clothes. But Dan has other ideas.

"Wait, the bra"

"Mr Jenkins please" I plea. He taps the dvd again. "You were happy to watch these white bitches be debased weren't you?"

The images I'd been watching for months filled my head, huge cocks ramming into sexed up tight cunt holes as little fuck whores scream for it harder. Despite myself a shiver of dread, anticipation and excitement ripple through me at the predicament I find myself in. I'm sure Dan realises this.

"The bra please Mrs Smith"

I take a deep breath and reach behind my back. I think of Brian at home, I think about him asking me if I want big black cock. I remove my bra and the cool air teases my nipples, the security guard can't believe his luck as this respectable wife reveals her charms. I notice the guard has a definite bulge in his pants and I know I have certainly become damp. My nipples stand erect advertising my excited state.

Dan Jenkins walks from behind his desk, until his face is only inches from mine.

"Mrs Smith you watch this black on white porn because you think being fucked by a black man is naughtier than being fucked by a white one, yet you say you aren't racist, correct?"

"I'm not, you know that" I'm breathing heavy now, the rise and fall of my chest seems to highlight my topless and aroused state.

"Yet you've sucked white cock before but not black cock?"

"Well no"

"You don't want to suck black cock?"

My mind was in whirl, how can I answer that? If I say no I'm a racist, if I say yes ......In the end I don't have to.

"Get on your knees if you want to prove me wrong Mrs Smith"

And I do, I get down on my knees facing Dan Jenkins zip, within seconds he deftly releases his dick and I'm staring straight at my first black cock. He rubs his purple headed erection across my married lips and I willing opened my mouth and take him in. I want this, I feel my cunt gush at my slutdom.

He doesn't have a monster cock like the guys in the dvds but it is a little bigger than my Brians. He begins to fuck my mouth in earnest and I take it all.

"That's a good girl" he says "do you like your first taste of black dick?".

I nod my head in approval and he laughs. "Of course you do, now Karl" the first time he has used the security guards name "best check Mrs Smiths panties for contraband". He doesn't need asking twice. I'm pushed forward from a kneeling into an all fours position, large black fingers grip my panties and they are lowered down my thighs. I know he will mount me doggie style but I don't stop sucking Dans dick or protest. My mind screams "don't let him", my cunt yells back "give it me". He pulls my cheeks wide open, looking down at my most intimate of places and still I haven't made up my mind to stop him. I feel his cock head nudge against my entrance, he is big, he rubs it up and down my slit, I visualize his black meat filling my white cunt hole, and that is when I push back, I need to be fucked and bad. He slides it in and it's huge, he drives the air out of me yet Dan makes sure I keep my mouth on his dick. I've never had a cock of this size before, I've never had a black cock before and now I'm being spit roasted in my managers office! The thought alone has me cumming like a steam train. My tits swing back and forth as they pound me. I spread my thighs as wide as my panties will allow and the guys change ends. As I lick my juices off Karls monster dick and balls it occurrs to me he has already been up my cunt further than any man has ever been and now he is buried deep in my throat. As I gag on Karls monster Dan grips my waist tight, he pumps me as hard as he can for a few quick strokes and then I feel him unload his spunk into me, saying "take it bitch". Karl follows his lead and pulls clear of my mouth just enough to let him blast me in the face with cum. He also verbally clarifies his actions with "that's it slut - take my spunk".

Then both men quickly zip up, I'm still on all fours, naked with spunk running out of my cunt. My face needs a wash and my panties hang torn but still attached to one leg. Dan passes me a box of tissue.

"Here you go Mrs Smith, it seems you are willing to suck and fuck black men after all"

Standing I wipe his spunk from between my legs and answer "yes sir".

"And did you enjoy it" He knows I have but having to admit it adds to my shame. "Yes sir"

"I think perhaps you should thank Karl"

"Thank you karl" Karl smiles but Dan pushes on "what are you thanking him for exactly?"

"Thank you Karl for giving me your big black cock".

They both smile, my humiliation is complete but I know it won't end here.

Written by: SuzyFloosie

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