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Solo HMT Adventures #03

by sjmhmttep©

Jun 5, 2009

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures #3

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Heavy Metal Thunder Productions


Copyright protected on May 2009.

The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures #3

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures... Heavy Metal Thunder decided to become a vigilante hero after his brother's bike had gotten stolen. Shortly after taking down the bike thieves, he made a new friend, who he had saved from bullies.

Chapter 3 The Computer Disk Incident (Part 1 of 3) The Chase

My name is Heavy Metal Thunder. It's not my real name, but an alias that I've taken to fight crime. I'm glad you could join me here, as I'm sitting on this rock next to the river, with my fishing pole cast into the water, as I'm reminiscing about the past. Come sit on the rocks beside me, and cast your pole out into the water as well, and let me tell you the other story, where Matt returns my favor. -H.M.T.

Running. Running. Always running. From what was the only change that was constant, and even that didn't really matter.

The alleyway was completely dark, as the rain drizzled down lightly. Splashing footsteps echoed throughout the night. In the distance was a faint light, from a light by a door. A shadowy figure ran quickly towards the light. Behind him a couple of trash cans clanged to the ground, and a few mumbled curses could be heard, as the pursuers scrambled back to their feet.

To the left of the man was a fire escape staircase, which led just under the tall building's roof top. With a leap, he grabbed the slippery bottom rung of the ladder. Struggling to hang onto the wet ladder, that was locked in the higher position, and could only be released up above, he wiggled himself into position, and started to climb up. Several flashes of fire could be seen in the distance, but only faint noises came from the alleyway, as bullets danced around him on the fire escape from the 9mm handguns with silencers.

This time it was the shadowy figure's turn to curse, as he attempted to climb the slippery wet stairs faster.

There were a few more shots fired, and then pistols were returned to their holsters, as the pursuers started to climb up after him.

One of the windows was opened halfway, and a light clicked on in a bedroom, as an old lady came to the window, opening it up the rest of the way, and yelling, "What is all this ruckus?"

In reply, the leading pursuer used his wet gloved left hand to push her face back into the window, causing her to fall to the floor, as his right hand pulled out the 9mm, and fired a few more shots, before reholstering it, and climbing again.

"Why I never...!" Stammered the old woman who was grabbing the phone, and dialing 911.

"Ah, ah, ah! Naughty, naughty! Tsh, tsh!" Said one of the other pursuers, who leveled his gun, and shot the phone into pieces.

The now terrified old woman sat there stunned, uncertain as to what to do next. She began silently praying to God that the gun man wouldn't shoot her as well, as the man reholstered his 9mm, and continued the pursuit.

Reaching the top of the stairs, the shadowy figure leaped onto the slippery roof top, struggling to climb up, and getting his pants wet from the drizzling rain running from the ledge, and sliding a little. He managed to struggle up to the roof top, reaching his feet. He leaned over the ledge, taking just a few seconds to look down at the men in suits and ties following him, and to catch his breath just a little before running across the roof top towards the other side.

He was about halfway across the roof top, when a wet gloved hand reached up towards the roof in front of the shadowy figure.

Cursing again, the shadowy figure stopped, and looked back from where he had just came from to see the same scene repeated again. For a brief second, his mind flashed to those zombie films, where hands rose from the dirt of a grave.

Snapping out of his daze, and thinking quickly, as the pursuers struggled to climb up, the shadowy figure saw his chance. Removing his belt, as he ran across to another side of the building. Quickly he fastened the end to a bar on the ledge, and wrapped one end over his right hand.

"Heavy Metal Thunder!" He yelled, and jumped over the side.

A few more bullets danced around him as he fell over, and swung into a window, crashing through it, and making a terrible glass shattering noise.

Letting go of the belt, the shadowy figure rolled to his feet in the room, as a light flickered on.

"What the hell?" Screamed a black man, with a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun pointed at the shadowy figure, as his black wife laid trembling beside him on their king sized bed.

Without wasting a second, the shadowy figured man, who was soaking wet, and now had several small bleeding cuts from the shattered glass window, leaped through their bedroom door, and slammed it shut behind him as he went through.

Ka-boom! Both barrels went, as the shadowy figure laid on the floor, and the bullets ripped thru the wooden door above him. Buckshot littered the far wall, as the shadowy figure pushed himself to his feet and began to run.

Quickly, running through the couple's front apartment door, and into the hallway, he saw his chance. The garbage chute in the side wall, which he quickly slid down to the parking lot in the basement, into a huge garbage dumpster, and some really nasty garbage.

Meanwhile, the black man was reloading, and trying to put on a pair of pants at the same time, just as the suited men entered the apartment through both the front door and the broken window.

"Where is he?" Demanded one of the suits coming through the broken window.

"Who are...?" The black man started to say, as one of the suits decked him real good and hard, causing the shells to fumble out of his hand, and the suited man took the rifle.

"He went down the garbage chute! Quickly, to the basement!" A voice yelled from the hallway.

Crawling out of the huge garbage dumpster, the shadowy figure (now covered head to toe in nasty garbage) noticed a dirt bike. It was a small motorcycle, with the key still in it, probably belonging to one of the children around here, who even though probably told not to leave the key in it, forgot and left it anyway. Hopping on it, he cranked it several times.

The suits bursted out of the side door, just as the motorcycle's engine reeved up, and the motorcycle went into action.

A few shots were fired missing him, but hitting the engine and the fuel lines, which started some major leaks. Heavy Metal Thunder was just thankful that he didn't get hit, and the motorcycle didn't explode in a ball of fire. One of the suits was smart enough to activate a switch on the wall for the garage doors to start closing.

The race was on. The doors were already halfway down, so Heavy Metal Thunder slid the bike on its side; shoe on the ground to avoid scraping his left leg, and barely made it completely under. As soon as he cleared the garage door, he righted himself, and listened to the voices on the other side of the garage door.

"Open the doors you idiot! He's getting away!"

"Relax, he won't get far on that thing. You hit it. See here is his fuel leaking."

"Right, gather the men. We'll just follow his trail."

Hearing enough, he reeved up the engine again, and hauled ass down the alleyway, and into the night, as he mumbled to himself, "Damn! All this for a lousy computer disk, and I bet there isn't even a cool game on it!"

The motorcycle reeved full throttle approximately five city blocks away, before the engine sputtered out, and died completely.

The ride gave Heavy Metal Thunder a little rest, but not much of a one, because he was still quite winded from his run. At least, it wasn't sprinkling anymore, though the clouds hadn't quite gone away yet.

Noticing a bus stop sign, and seeing the lights of the city bus coming, he left the motorcycle on the sidewalk where it lay, knowing full well that it was now useless, because of all the fluids it had lost, and not to mention all the bullet holes.

Pulling correct change out, he ran to the bus stop, and got on the bus, which only had a few passengers on it. The driver gave him a funny look, but didn't say anything, though he was covered in nasty garbage, and smelled of it still. Sitting alone by a window seat, he watched outside for any signs of pursuit, but didn't see any. He watched, and rode on for two stops, and then got off on the third.

Getting off of the bus, he quickly made his way on foot towards a friend's house he knew was nearby.

Meanwhile, the suits piled into nine separate cars. The cars, they had decided, would go out in teams of three. The leader of each team had a cell phone to call the other leaders if he spotted something.

Team one would follow the trail, team two would ride a block to the right, and team three a block to the left.

"We have to find that guy, or the boss will have our hides."

"Yeah, Mr. Vandimer is not a forgiving man, and if that disk gets out, the whole organization is going down, not to mention the contracts going out for us on our heads."

"Don't worry, we'll find him, because look, there's his motorcycle on the sidewalk."

The leader of team one phoned the other two and said, "We found the bike by following the trail of fluid, be on the look out for him. He's on foot now."

After he hung up, another member on team one said, "I don't think he's still on foot. Look there. A bus stop!"

Dialing zero for the operator, the leader asked to be connected with the local bus station. After hanging up with the bus station, he contacted the other two team leaders. "Stop bus fourteen! It's next stop is Grand and 8th!"

Team three was the first to arrive at the bus stop. Stopping the cars, and parking kind of hidden around the corner, a man quickly exited the lead car, and waited in back of the line for the bus.

Soon, the bus pulled up, and people got off. Noticing that the guy he was looking for wasn't getting off, he looked around on the bus for him, and saw that he wasn't there either.

Turning to the bus driver, he asked if a young man (which he described to the letter, and added that he was bleeding a little, and smelled of garbage) had gotten on.

The bus driver remembering him because of the smell, and dried blood, and thinking the guy in the suit was either with the F.B.I. or the police replied, "The fellow your looking for got on, rode for two stops, and got off, heading north. I think the stop was at the corner of 2nd and 3rd."

"Thanks." Said the well dressed man, slipping the bus driver a twenty dollar bill, as he exited the bus.

Calling the other leaders he said, "Damn it, we lost him. He got off at 2nd and 3rd, heading north on foot. Keep searching though, hopefully we'll find him."

"He could be anywhere by now, so keep your eyes peeled." Said one of the other leaders in reply.

To be continued.

Next Heavy Metal Thunder Solo Adventures # 4 Chapter 4 The Computer Disk Incident Part 2 of 3 Old Friend. Heavy Metal Thunder makes it to Matt's house, the figure out what's on the disk, and they begin to plan and prepare to take the disk to the proper authorities.

File #: 5

Character Star Power: 2

Name: Mr. Julius Stein Vandimer

Legal Status: Suspected, but never convicted of various crimes, married.

Rank: Leader of a crime organization.

Occupation: Legally a large business tycoon.

Known Relatives: Wife (Liz). It is unknown of anyone else.

Birth Date: August 12, 1956.

Birth Place: Sesser, IL.

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 215 lbs.

Eyes: Steel Blue.

Hair: White.

Strength: 4.

Equipment: Has the money to buy what ever he wants or needs.

Known Skills: Leader of a crime organization, marksman with rifles & pistols, and an expert hand to hand combatant.

Limitations or Weaknesses: Mortal

For More Info. See: None.

History: Don't want to give away any future plot developments. Right now he is giving Heavy Metal Thunder some trouble, but keep your eyes on him, because he will return again to cause more in the future.

Written by: sjmhmttep

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