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Micro Wave Man Ch. 07

by sjmhmttep©

Nov 8, 2009

Micro Wave Man Chapter Seven "A Date With Jenny"

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The persons, places, entities, and events depicted in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, places, entities, or events is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Warning! Some stories may contain adult language, explicate violence, adult situations, and some sexual content. These stories are intended for a mature audience.

The Cosmic Rays Incident

Book I, The Origins of Micro Wave Man and Punk Rocker

Written by Stacy James Meadows

With Concepts Created by Stacy James Meadows, Larry William Van Hoorebeke, and Donald Edward Van Hoorebeke.

Previously on The Cosmic Rays Incident Book I, The Origins of Micro Wave Man and Punk Rocker... Dr. Spy, an evil leader of a legion to take control over the world, was booting up some old files and reminiscing about how things started. On the case files Mark Surrender, an overweight accountant, was coming home from work hungry, and tried to cook some food in his microwave oven, only to have it explode on him, and when he revived after the explosion, he discovered he was now thin with new super powers. Also, on the case files, Dr. Spy was sending Tyrone Bookbagger to steal some chemicals from a group of scientists, after visiting his mom in a nursing home, Tyrone and his dog stole the chemicals, but was in an accident as they escaped, and both now have super powers as well. What kind of havoc will be unleashed by this duo? We return now back to Mark Surrender, who is about to go out on an actual date for the first time in his life.

Chapter Seven

"A Date With Jenny"

It was a quarter to eight, and Mark Surrender sat dressed up in new casual wear clothes nervously awaiting for Jennifer to arrive at the fancy restaurant they had chosen for their date. The seconds seemed like hours, and the minutes like weeks, especially to Mark's new heightened sense of speed, in which everything seemed to now go in hyper slow motion to him. He had to be extra careful tonight not to use any of his new super abilities. Each move he made had to be sure and deliberate.

As he sat there waiting, he thought about how his day had went. He had woke up early this morning, and called in sick to work. He had to make his voice seem really raspy when he talked. Since he had hardly ever called in before, his boss was a little concerned about him, but allowed him the day off, and even said that he hoped that Mark felt better soon. There was no way Mark was about to tell him the truth about how he felt the best he had ever felt in his entire life. Tomorrow Mark thought he would call in and tell them that he had a much better job offer, and had to move away.

Luckily he owned his own house, or he would have had to make up some excuses to his land lord. However, he did have neighbors, though none were real close or really ever even talked to him. With his new looks though that could change. If anyone did decide to come a visiting, to them he decided he would claim to be a cousin with almost the same name, except that their middle names were different. He would claim that he had a better job offer and was moving away, and that since his cousin had found a job in town wanted to take over the house.

After eating some cereal for breakfast, and getting dressed, he had made his way uptown to do some shopping in his car. A few girls actually looked twice at him, the second time with a sort of lustful look, instead of looking once, and then away in disgust, as he was pleasantly surprised to find because he was not yet used to his new body changes. He was happy and smiling as he drove to the stores uptown.

He glanced down at his watch. He was starting to get really nervous and was beginning to think that this might be a bad idea. He still had fourteen minutes left to wait. Boy, time moved really slow, especially when you wanted to hurry up and get it over with. He chalked up his feelings to now being able to move at super speed, and now all time crawled slowly on.

He had went shopping in all kinds of stores. He bought underwear, white t-shirts, and socks in one store. Blue and black jeans along with some nifty t-shirts with various cool sayings, cool bands, or even food logos in another. Then the last clothing store he went to he bought a pair of slack pants and a nice dress shirt, along with a new belt, watch, and wallet, all of which he was wearing now. He went into a shoe store and bought several different pairs in his now new size. From running shoes, dress shoes, and even sandals, he wanted to make sure his feet were comfortable in their new smaller size. With his clothes shopping done, he could now move onto his other shopping plans.

He first went to a sewing store and bought a sewing machine, lots of different colored spools of thread, clothing dyes, and any other things he thought he might need to design his "super hero" costume, including a couple of books on how to sew.

His next stop was to an electronics store where he bought a microwave oven, and a speed gun, but the max speed for the gun was only 299 mph. He tried to find one faster, but the salesperson insisted that nothing ever hardly went faster than that, so he reluctantly got it, even though he felt deep inside that he moved way faster then that.

Of course, with all that shopping done, he still had one more store to go to, the grocery store. He bought what for him would last a week, but for others it would last a month. Even though he was now a lot skinner, he was still always hungry. If what he suspected about himself being able to move at super speeds was true, then his new metabolism was burning calories at hyper speeds too.

As he glanced again at his watch, to notice that he still had to wait ten more minutes for Jenny to show, he thought about how the sales people had behaved around him as he shopped. Some were guys, who most were indifferent of him, and only one, which he thought for sure was gay, gave him a look over, which had made him feel really uncomfortable at the time. Most, however, had been women. Some where a lot older than him. Most of them had looked him over quite intently, though a couple, who might have been lesbians, or in a serious relationship already were indifferent. Out of the ones that did look, most were married, or, at least, he thought they were because they had wedding bands on their left ring fingers. He supposed the ones that didn't have one on, were probably seeing someone as well because no one hit on him, or openly flirted with him, though they would stare, and that might have just been professional courtesy as well. He supposed he would have to start getting used to that.

He looked again at his watch. Nine minutes left. He sighed, put his right elbow down on the table, resting his right cheek on his right fist. With his left hand he nervously tapped the table with his fingers, as if he was playing a piano in boredom. He began to feel his face begin to stretch, and quickly caught himself doing it. He sat back up, pulling himself back together, and hoped that no one had saw that. He glanced around the room, and apparently no one had because they were to busy in their own conversations, and wasn't really paying him any mind. He went back to thinking about his day again.

He had left the stores, and went straight home to set-up everything. He had unloaded the car at super speed, or, at least by now, he thought so, and hoped that his neighbors hadn't seen him do it. He had set-up the microwave oven in the kitchen, put his clothes away in the closet, pulling out his old clothes, bagging them up to eventually take to good will or something, and even set-up the sewing machine. Even his eyes were now working at super speed he noticed as he speed read the new books on sewing, and set to work sewing up his super hero costume, which he was wearing now under his clothes, with the mask slipped into one pocket. After he finished his costume design, he gathered up all of the boxes, and any other trash he had, and ran it out to the trash dumpster. His old clothes he placed in his car's trunk to deliver to Goodwill.

He then took the speed gun and loaded it up into the car and headed to the high school football fields where he planned on testing his new abilities. It wasn't so much that he wanted to test their true limits, just to see and confirm that he had them. So after a quick drop off of his old clothes to the Goodwill, he was on his way.

He was happy to see that no one was on the football field, as he pulled up. He quickly changed into his costume, and then set up the speed gun. He casually ran around the track, but when he checked out the speed gun it was maxed out, just like he suspected, and was afraid it would be. Well, that finally confirmed it, at least. He know knew for sure that he could move at super human speeds. Now to test his stretching abilities.

He then sat on the fifty yard line of the field and stretched himself out to where he was touching both goal lines at the same time. That took quite a lot of effort, and he didn't think he could go much farther than that, but he was still quite impressed with himself for being able to stretch across an entire football field. How many other people could receive the football and score a touchdown for both teams at the same time? He was probably the only one.

As he had been sitting there gloating to himself, he had heard the school bells ring. He quickly reformed himself, as he began hearing distant footsteps and chattering voices. He snatched up his speed gun and made his way back to his car. He had accomplished what he had wanted to do, and hopefully no one had saw him, but even if they had saw him then all they saw was his costume, and not really him.

The rest of the day he had spent at home pondering what to do, and eating while watching some television. At four o'clock, he finally decided to call Jenny, and ask her to go out on this date. It had been a personal hell for him ever since. The last four hours had seemed to drag on for an eternity.

He glanced at his watch again impatiently. It was now five minutes before eight. He was really relieved though when he looked up, and saw that his wait was finally over. Jenny was coming in the front doors now, and she was gorgeously dressed to kill.

They sat in the restaurant for about an hour. They talked and got to know each other better, while they ordered and ate. Mark was careful not to over eat, though he was starving, while he sat there and listened to her talk. Jenny's real name was Jennifer Sullivan. She was only twenty-two years old, but she had never been married, or had any kids. That was a rare find in itself now a days. She still lived with her mother and father, though she did have her own apartment above their garage. Her family was well off because her father was upper management for a huge corporation. She had been an only child, and apparently was very spoiled because of it. Mark felt bad about the fact that he had to lie and make up a few stories about himself, but, he wondered, how much was she telling him that was the truth?

Even though they had spent an hour together, the time just seemed to fly by for Mark. He was really having a great time with her. The only real problem for him was trying not to reveal his secret, though he really wanted to, and not using his powers at all, which took some major concentration. He had already caught himself starting to stretch a few times, and had to will himself back together before she saw him.

After dinner they went to the movies and watched a delightful romantic comedy, and even cuddled together, and kissed. Disappointingly though, even though Mark really didn't want to, but felt he had to, Mark ended the date after the movie, despite the fact that Jenny had invited him to her place. He came up with an excuse about having to go to work early in the morning, but that they would go out again very soon.

The truth of the matter though was that Mark didn't know just how much longer he could go without using his powers, or revealing his secrets to her. It was especially difficult to control the urge to stretch when they had been snuggling and kissing. He really liked her a lot, but what would happen if he revealed what had happened to him? Would she except him, or would she freak out and never speak to him again because he was a freak? He didn't want to risk it this early in the game. Also, he was practically starving, despite the food he had been eating all night. They kissed each other good night and parted ways. Mark made his way back home in home in happy bliss. He thought about the whole night, and found himself truly in love for the first time ever. Despite this though, his mind wondered if he should continue this affair or not.

Next Chapter Eight "Doctor's Appointment" Tyrone returns to see Dr. Spy, with plans of taking over the operations himself. Dr. Spy though reveals Tyrone isn't the only one with powers. After settling that Dr. Spy then reveals a plan for robbing some museums. Stay tuned.

Poll Time!

Instead of doing a file here, and in honor of my 50th post. It is time for you the readers to decide what happens to a character in this story. Even though Micro Wave Man is a major character in a lot of our super hero stories, he is still a minor character, and hasn't really been thought out about in terms of his personal life. Since this is the actual last time she appears in the story that I wrote so far, I have decided to let you decide her fate. Should he have a normal wife in the future stories, or should this be a short term affair, and if so, should it have a simple ending, or a tragic one for Mark to forever be scarred by. You the readers decide. I will leave a letter at the beginning to represent a choice. All you the readers have to do is leave a comment with just the letter of the choice you made. If you want you can also comment why you would like that choice, but that is up to you. I will reveal the poll results in a future Phantom Chronicler's Electrical Currents. Jenny's fate is now in your hands.

Should the current affair between Mark Surrender a.k.a. Micro Wave Man and Jennifer Sullivan go like:

A. Mark realizing that the affair is to much trouble, and currently it is to difficult to control his abilities decides to simply break it off, a clean break up.

B. Mark continues to date Jenny, but eventually realizes that she is just using him to get her what she wants. It is even eventually realized that she is even cheating on him with someone else. Arguments are had, and it is a nasty break up, with hurt feelings on both sides.

C. Mark continues to date Jenny. The villains eventually kidnap Jenny, and end up killing her before Mark can save her. Tragic loss.

D. Mark decides to stay with Jenny. Their love grows, and he even reveals his secret to her. She could be a continuing character in all the super heroes lives. Maybe even get super powers herself eventually in future storylines.

I will go ahead and place my personal choice here. The original story concept I came up with was for choice A. So I will personally stick with that one. Now you place your votes.

Written by: sjmhmttep

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