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Trespass To Punishment

by neonhaus©

Dan stepped out into the quiet remains of a Saturday night, a knotted garbage bag in hand. At nearly one in the morning, the small bedroom community of Kessler Grove lay still. The only sounds, even on a weekend night, were the soft rush of traffic from the not far-off interstate, the odd bark of a dog or call of an owl.

He drew a breath of cool night air and shuffled down the steps of the back porch, thoughts of what Gina might have done that night brushing his mind. After nearly three weeks, the mournful effect of their breakup had largely withered. Weekend nights, though, still played dark tricks on the nineteen year-old. His parents were gone until Sunday afternoon and Dan rued the evening he and his ex-girlfriend might have had together.

Ex-girlfriend my ass, he thought. Over the last three weeks he had accepted that a month of weekend dates and awkward, intermittent sex did not make a relationship.

Overall, though, he was proud of himself. Only once, while he sat near comatose in front of the TV did thoughts of his ex-girlfriend agitate him. An image of her wedged under some hot-shot business major had done little more than bring a snort of contempt.

With a sigh, Dan opened the garage side-door and dropped the bag into its rubber holding cell. That done, he pulled the door shut behind him. Tired but restless, Dan stood for a moment on the brick walkway and rolled his shoulders. He somewhat regretted not going out with Dom and Nick that night, but drinking in the Oak Hill Cemetery hadn't been very appealing.

Even if Jennifer Salasky was there. Dan knew her socially. He also knew she had liked him for quite some time. She was cute and quiet in a thoughtful sort of way. Unlike Gina, Jennifer probably wouldn't harp on him about an alleged lack of ambition. In all likelihood she'd make a great girlfriend and be an enthusiastic bed partner. Thoughts of the pale brunette stirred his libido and Dan almost wished he could misuse Jennifer's affections. Damn, he thought and grinned.

A sharp moan stopped him in mid-step. Dan looked laterally across the yard, towards a neighboring two-story brick house a hundred feet or so away. Once or twice Dan had heard those particular neighbors go at it. The night was still and Dan shrugged. Must have been a dog, he reasoned. Or a horny mind. He grinned again and reached the squat concrete porch.

Another cry found his ears and Dan started. Definitely not a dog. He grinned and looked toward the neighbor's house. The windows were dark. Dan stood for a moment and waited for the carnal couple to fill the night with orgasmic cries. From what he'd just heard, his neighbors were likely to really go at it. Dan ran his tongue across his lip.

Another cry filled the night and Dan frowned. He could swear the sound came more from behind him. He turned around and stared at the McWilliams house. A laugh bubbled in his throat. He considered whether the geriatric couple were fucking and dismissed the notion. Maybe they still did the deed, but not so vigorously that Mrs. McWilliams would break the night's silence.

"Umgah owgey!"

Dan turned and looked across the yard. The voice sounded as if it came through a pillow from somewhere beyond the shed. He now remembered his mom saying something about the little house and the woman who'd moved into it not more than a week earlier. His brow rose. He also remembered seeing, as he came home from work a few evenings ago, a rather attractive brunette near the house. He summoned the vision but got little more than a reddish summer dress and black hair cut, he thought, in a bob.

Another cry drifted over the shed. Damn, she sounds like she's getting a good workout, he thought. Dan's cock pushed against the leg of his sweatpants. He bit his lip and heard his heart thump. He shifted and grunted as the feel of fleecy cotton coaxed his member fully erect.

A distant but long, guttural moan drifted from over the shed. Thoughts of his ex-girlfriend were buried by his rising libido. His cock swelled to life with a need for the embrace of slick warmth. Another moan filled the night and Dan had an urge to whip it out and satisfy himself.

He swallowed and looked toward the shed. A space of some three feet stood between the shed and the high fence separating his house from the McWilliams. A space filled with night. Dan realized he could slip behind the shed and be closer – some thirty feet closer – to the woman's house. Every sound she made would find his ears and in the dark, Dan could tackle his growing need.

The shadows slipped around him as he stepped into the space. He looked down at himself and grinned. His t-shirt and sweatpants were nearly invisible and his arms were little more than gray silhouettes. His heart raced and he breathed fast as he crept closer towards the neighbor's yard. A waist-high chain-link fence bordered the two properties. Beyond that lay a landscape made of shadows and night.

He crept forward until the dark shape of the woman's house showed itself. A squat deck adorned with the fuzzy shapes of potted plants jutted out from the house and its French doors. His eye caught an oddity in the shadowy contours - a sliver of light a lower corner of the doors.

"Peas!" The muffled cry was followed by what sounded like whimpering moans. Dan's mouth fell open into a grin and his heart raced. Another moan slid from the dark house. Dan breathed hard and rubbed his stiff cock through his sweats, squirming at the sensations that demanded a more vigorous touch.

"Peas fug gee, peas!" A long moan followed the tortured plea and Dan nearly came. He gasped through tight lips and forced his hand away from himself. Dan giggled behind clenched teeth as he anticipated the onslaught of orgasmic wails. He glanced around him, the shadowy night reassuring that he was invisible. He tugged his sweat pants down, just over his hip bones. Anxiety he just might be seen stayed the descent of his pants.

He twisted his head around the corner of the shed. A Weeping Willow dripped shadows across a good chunk of the yard and Dan knew even the keenest-eyed neighbor could not see him. The rear-most neighbor's house hid behind a solid white fence. In the night, the woman's house was well-hidden. The space he stood in must, he realized, be all but non-existent.

He glanced back to the woman's house and licked his dry lips as he looked at the faint sliver of light. He set a hand atop the fence and squatted. The doors themselves seemed somewhat paler than they should be.

Another soft, but distinct moan filled the night. Dan dropped to his knees, his cock aching for stimulation. Images of just how the woman and her lover were fucking spun in Dan's head. A tattoo of sharp cries filled his ears and Dan saw an image of the woman on all fours. Breathing deep, he pushed his sweatpants down and stopped. He blinked and peered at the French doors. For a moment he thought he saw a vague blur of movement. Holy shit, he thought. They were doing it right in that room. A room with a light.

Dan froze as a notion possessed him. The yard was dark and would hide his approach if he crept up to the deck. He could crouch right at the steps and, if not see much of anything at least he could hear that much better. A shudder of excitement and fear rose from his chest. I'll be so fucked if I'm caught, he thought. Everyone in the Grove would know and his troubles would be far more than legal.

"Uh whaa um!" The woman cried. Shaking, he stood and placed his hands on top of the fence. He was just tall enough he could swing one leg and the other over with casual effort. Fear, though, kept his feet where they were. He leaned his head just past the fence and looked toward the side lawn of the woman's house. Three privet bushes marched from the corner of the woman's house to the edge of the McWilliams' property, obscuring, if not blocking a view from the street. He took a breath and chewed on a lip, considering the risks and rewards of sneaking into his neighbor's yard.

He knew he might never have an opportunity like this again. Quickly and with only the slightest sound, Dan swung one leg and then the other over the fence. He almost went right back over, but crouched instead. He looked behind him and saw nothing but the neighbor's white fence. He looked across the breadth of the yard and saw only the willow and darkness. He looked toward the French doors and what lay just the other side of them.

This is crazy, he thought. Instead of going back over the fence, though, he trotted in a crouch toward the deck, the sound of his breath and the plod of his shoes horribly loud in his ears. His half-erect cock bobbed against his thigh and he struggled against nervous laughter. He reached the deck and squatted in the elbow of the steps.

Slowly he shifted onto his knees and bent his body upright. The deck's handrail and two potted plants either side of his face giving him confidence. He wrestled with his fast, panicky breathing and willed away the urge to flinch at the slightest sound.

"Do you won a gum?" A voice said. Dan frowned as he stared at the doors. The voice didn't sound very masculine. A pale shadow shifted behind a door and Dan's head throbbed with the urge to run back to the fence.

"Ess! Make me come!" The woman said. Dan grinned and stared at the doors, his cock returning to its engorged glory. Holy shit, Dan thought. He breathed fast and swallowed.

"Are you goring be a good girl?"

The voice sounded more as if it came from a woman. Dan's mouth opened. The shadow drifted into view again, but Dan didn't flinch. He was invisible, after all. Silent, as well.

"Are you going to be a good little bitch?"

This time Dan didn't suspect; he knew. His neighbor was fucking a woman, not a man. Dan bit his lip and squirmed. He also looked at the sliver of light in the door's lower corner. His breath shuddered as he thought of what creeping up to the door would reveal. No way, he thought. No fucking way.

"Do you won id?" The woman-voice said.

"Ess! I won it in my boo-see!"

Dan nearly moaned and he felt dizzy from the visions dancing in his head. He bit his lip until pain made him blink. The sliver of light beckoned. He'd be a fool if he passed the opportunity. Go slow, he told himself, just take quick a look. Enough to know exactly what the two women were doing.

He lifted himself into a crouch and set a shaking foot onto the first step. Cool air brushed his face and he nearly abandoned his course of action. Another moan from within the house brought his other foot onto the next step. He kept his eyes on the French doors, fearful he would see the shadow grow large and the door open. The deck creaked. Dan froze, one foot on the deck itself, the other on the steps. Too risky, he thought.

"Fuck me!"

Dan stared at the doors and an iron resolve surged through him. His breath tight, he crept forward, grinning in triumph as the deck took his weight without a peep. His eyes fell to the sliver and he quivered with expectation. His mouth fell open when he heard the shuddering scrape at his feet. Something grabbed his foot and Dan twisted in panic, the grip on his foot tightening.

His balance faltered as he spun himself around. The sound of something scraping the deck roared in his ears as he fell forward. The thump of his knee hitting the deck was almost as loud as the sound of something bouncing and clattering behind him. Arms flailing, Dan fell forward yet again, his palms and his chin biting into the grass. Minutes or even hours passed as he struggled to get on his feet and run.

The doors opened and a thin squeal of fear leaped from his throat as the knock of footsteps bore down on him. He kicked his legs, his knees barking against the steps. He pushed against the lawn. Something hard and sharp pressed between his shoulder blades.

"Don't fucking move!" A woman hissed.

Dan felt a cold numbness wash through his body. He turned his head toward the fence and could swear the shadows there grinned in amusement.

"You!" The woman's voice was a stern whisper. Dan whimpered in silence as he thought of how everything had gone wrong. The clatter of whatever he'd caught his foot in sounded in his ears over and over. Worse, the woman apparently recognized him. An eternity passed before the woman spoke again.

"Put your hands behind your back!"

Without thinking, Dan obeyed. He heard an odd, soft creaking as the woman shifted herself. She grabbed his thumbs and bent them until Dan gasped.

"You will stand up," The woman said, her voice a whisper laced with broken glass. "If you try anything funny I'll break both of your thumbs. Do you understand?" She bent his thumbs again.

"Y-yes." Dan said. The pressure on his back disappeared. He stumbled to his knees and then his feet, wincing at the pain in his thumbs.

"You will turn around and walk into the house."

The woman goaded Dan around and pushed him to the steps. Visions of police and the look of shame on his parents' faces loomed before him. He glanced down and saw the dark shape of the small charcoal grill his foot had tangled with.

"Turn your head to the right and keep it there, understand?"

The woman bent his thumbs again for emphasis. Dan grimaced and fought an urge to break her grip. Even if he did, with his digits intact, it wouldn't matter. The French door stood half-open. Maybe he could talk his way out of any trouble, if he could think of anything that might mollify his captor.

He turned his head to the right as far as he could and stepped over the threshold. The wall of whatever room he stepped into was beige with soft light. He moved forward at the woman's prodding, his eyes passing over an autumn landscape print hanging on the wall.

"Who the hell is that?" Another, younger-sounding woman said. An image of a wide-eyed blond with a pleasantly heavy bottom and messy hair gathered up in knot leapt into his mind.

Dan's captor prodded him forward, the wall and an entrance to a hallway sliding past his vision. As shocked as he was by his predicament, he marveled at the scent of feminine exertion and arousal that laced the air.

"On your knees!" The woman said. Dan obeyed.

"Lean forward and place your left cheek on the couch." Dan again did as he was told. The fuzzy red of an armrest looked back at him. What felt like velvet met his face. I am so fucking fucked, he thought. He might have laughed at how his cock withered in agreement.

"Is he a creeper?" The other woman said. Dan winced. He thought of everything that word implied and kissed his own ass goodbye.

"It seems so, Kat. Unless our young intruder here has a compelling reason as to why he was on the deck. Did your cat run into my backyard?" The woman said. Dan squeezed his eyes shut.

"No." He said, grimacing against the discomfort in his thumbs and knees.

"Ah." The woman said. "Stay exactly as you are. If you so much as move a finger I'll abandon any thought of listening to an explanation. Instead, I'll simply call the police, yes?" She said. The pressure on his thumbs disappeared.

"Yes." Dan said. He summoned the will to turn and confront both women. He'd broken the law, he knew, but wasn't the woman doing the same by forcing him down on his knees? He thought for a moment and then heard the phrase "citizen's arrest".

That odd creaking noise came again when the woman moved away. Dan thought he knew what made the odd sound. An image of the woman he'd seen just days earlier came to mind. He pictured his captor wearing a latex cat suit, her black hair cut into a blunt bob. If he saw her face, he knew her eyes would be dark and fierce, her skin pale and her contours subdued but stern.

Kat started a question that was answered with a "shush" from the woman. He heard her approach and bit his lip. Why the hell didn't she just call the police and get the whole thing over with?

Dan opened his eyes when she grabbed his wrists and wrapped something around them. Before he could open his mouth and protest, he felt something soft binding him. In moments his hands were tied together. Dan breathed fast. What his captor did could not, he suspected, be at all legal. I'm really, really fucked.

"Keep your eyes straight ahead." The woman said. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him upright. Dan looked down the short length of the shadowy hallway. A door stood ajar, letting darkness spill out of a room.

"Hey!" He said when something snaked over his eyes. A blindfold. His breath rattled out of him as he realized how vulnerable he now was. No one knows where I am, he thought. He trembled and swore he heard the night laugh at him.

"I'm, I'm sorry for what I did. Please, just call the cops." Dan said. He fought against the panicky whine in his voice. Kat snickered and a shiver raced down his back.

"I'm sure I will. Or perhaps your explanation will be so moving I'll simply forget about this and send you on your way home." The woman said.

"Hmm, no. I should walk you home and tell your parents how you came to be on my doorstep. Don't you think, Kat?"

Kat snickered again. Dan shivered. Please just call the police, he thought. The woman stood up, creaking as she did so. Dan suddenly realized what the odd sound was. She wore, he was certain, something made from latex.

"Maybe you should call the police, Diane." Kat said, her voice sputtering laughter.

"My parents aren't home. They're out of town." Dan said.

"Oh. Well, I guess it's the police then." Diane said.

Dan chewed on his lip and let his head droop. If Diane and Kat pressed charges, he'd spend the rest of the night in a cell. That prospect didn't sicken him as much as the call he would make to his parents. I'm so, so fucked, he thought.

"Wait! I, I swear I'll never do anything like this again. I – I didn't even see anything!" Dan sought for more words, but realized how pointless it all was. Soft pain bit into his knees but Dan dared not shift.

His heart beat in his ears as he waited for the women to say something. Diane's attire creaked as she paced behind him. After more than a few moments had passed, he felt some measure of hope. His mind grasped onto the fact that police or even parental involvement might make Diane's private life public.

"How old are you young man?" Diane said at last. She moved directly behind him, the creak of her movements loud in his ears. An odor he couldn't place drifted over his nose.


"And your name?" Diane said.


"So, Dan, is it becoming of a young man to peep through windows? Surely you know such things are not only rude but illegal, as well."

Dan said nothing. He merely stared into his blindfold.

"Do you know what the word trespass means? As well as voyeurism?" Diane said. Her hand fell to his shoulder and she drummed her fingers. Dan flinched.

"I'm sorry about what I did, I swear." He said. He felt feverish and a trickle of sweat slipped down his spine.

The fingers stopped and Diane moved away. She sighed.

"Does he sound sorry, Kat?" Diane said. Kat snorted.

"He's just sorry he got caught. I'll bet he saw something, too." Kat said.

Dan let out a breath and shifted on his knees, the biting pain lessening somewhat. The brief hope Diane might let him off with a warning faded fast. Both women were simply playing with him. He'd disrespected their privacy and now they were having fun with him before letting the hammer fall.

"Is this true, Dan? Are you truly sorry for violating the basic rights of another? And, are you being truthful when you say you didn't see anything?" Diane said. She clapped her hands together and Dan jumped. An odd liquid sound flitted about his ears.

"Either way, you still trespassed and invaded my privacy. Possibly ruined our night's fun as well." She said. Dan shrank when she approached and bent down to him. Hair tickled his ear.

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