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My Sorority Slut Ch. 02

by spaldan©

Within two weeks, Susannah was floating on a cloud. None of the minor grievances of life bothered her anymore. Her shower still ran out of warm water in the morning and the dryers in the dorm laundry room still sometimes ate her quarters. Her chemistry professor still insisted on assigning seats, which meant that she had to sit in the back of the room where it was hard to see what he wrote on the board. But none of that seemed to bother her much anymore. She was always smiling.

Susannah talked to Ben at least once a day, often on the phone but sometimes through texts and e-mails. Whenever she walked out of a classroom, her hand went straight to the phone in her bag, and her heart would leap whenever she saw a text message waiting from him. They had gone on three more dates, and while they weren't nearly as adventuresome or intimate as their second date, each was still just as thrilling in its own way as the time Ben had touched her naked breasts with his finger tips. When he took her hand in his at the movie theatre, she loved that he was willing to be so openly affectionate in public. And when he remembered her love of Cherry Coke during dinner on the 5th date, it showed he cared enough to pay attention to her.

Of course their dates weren't entirely PG rated. Ben had developed an obvious fondness for her breasts, something she liked to encourage for her own purposes by wearing tight or low cut tops. At every one of their dates, he had found some way to get her breasts free from her clothing, even if he had to be creative. After their fifth date, he had lifted her large, full breasts through the top of her dress while they were standing in front of her doorway. He suckled on her bare nipples right there in the hallway, before she finally got scared that they would get caught and pushed him away. But Ben was never pushy or insistent. Susannah made it clear that she didn't want to go any further with him, and he was always respectful of that. She hoped Ben's restraint demonstrated that he really didn't think she was easy.

But Susannah was too young and inexperienced to know that happiness always attracts your enemies like sharks drawn to blood in the water. If something makes you happy, it can also make you sad, and the worst kind of person always remembers that. At the point in Susannah's life where she had found her giddy happiness with Ben, Olive was that worst kind of person.

Olive was waiting for Susannah when Susannah arrived at the sorority house for her weekly meeting with her pledge class. Susannah had barely gotten in the side door used by pledges when Olive startled her by saying, "Well if it isn't Miss Prude, all smiles thinking about her boyfriend."

Susannah blinked, her eyes adjusting to the dimly lit hallway, and she found Olive waiting with one of the older sisters. The sister with Olive was one of the seniors who loved to be a real jerk to pledges. Every time she talked, it was all about how freshmen didn't know anything and irritated her all the time because they hadn't learned as much or done as much as she had. The two sisters were trying to look casual, lounging in the hallway, but it was clear they had been laying in wait for Susannah.

"Hello Olive," Susannah replied, trying to be as respectful as possible.

"Oh, why so serious all of a sudden?" Olive asked mockingly. "Does Miss Prude not like talking about her boyfriend?"

"No," Susannah replied uncertain, "it's just I'm not sure if he's my..."

Susannah had wanted to try to walk past the two sisters and get to the safety of her meeting, but the other sister stepped in front of Susannah and called out, "Whoa! Where you trying to go in such a hurry? You still have time. We're just trying to talk to one of our pledges, who should be really pleased that us older and wiser sisters want to make sure she's doing okay."

"Yeah," chimed in Olive. "We're just trying to look out for you. I mean, that stupid Beta pledge could just be filling you with a line of garbage because he thinks it'll be easy to get you to suck his cock again."

"Ben's not like that," Susannah tried.

But Olive just spat back, "Ben has a penis like every other boy I know, I've seen it. And every other boy I know lets their little head do their thinking instead of their big head. I mean, he said he was a virgin. What if you're just the first female to ever touch his penis, and now he'll say anything to get you to do it again?"

"Yeah, has your BOYFRIEND told you if he'd every gotten a blowjob before?" asked the other sister.

Susannah hesitated. She had promised Ben that she wouldn't repeat anything she had told him in confidence. But she had also been told that sisters kept no secrets from each other, and pledges were especially not supposed to keep secrets from the sisters. She figured it might be okay because this wasn't really sharing something specific that he had said, so she responded, "I guess he's said it wasn't his first time." She had thought she was defending Ben by showing that their accusation about his intentions were false.

But seeing the indecision on Susannah's face, Olive sensed a weakness. She decided to press by asking, "Well how do you know he's not making it up? What did he tell you about his supposed other blowjobs? Did he tell you how they happened?"

Now Susannah was completely torn. She knew Ben wouldn't want these self-serving, mean spirited bitches to know about his embarrassing encounter with Maggie. But she wasn't supposed to withhold information when directly questioned by a sister. Her mind raced to try to come up with some sort of half answer that might satisfy Olive but wouldn't betray Ben's trust in her. Seeing the wheels behind Susannah's eyes racing out of control, Olive decided to press further. "Come on, pledge, what did he tell you about these other blowjobs that he got?"

Flustered, Susannah pushed past the two sisters and walked as quickly as decently possible to the room for her pledge meeting. She breathed a sign of relief when she had walked through the doorway and into the safety of the meeting room. But her relief was short lived. Just before the meeting, Susannah heard Olive's voice coming loudly from just outside the meeting room door. She was arguing with Mary, Susannah's pledge mother. Susannah could only make out pieces of the conversation.

"I don't think it's such a big deal that she wouldn't tell you..." Mary said, trying to defend her pledge.

"She shouldn't have secrets from us!" Olive hissed.

"Honestly Olive, why do you care..." and that was about all Susannah could hear. The rest of the pledges didn't know what was being discussed outside of the room, so most of them didn't care. Their conversations kept Susannah from hearing what was happening outside.

When Mary entered the room, she made no mention of her conversation with Olive. The meeting proceeded as normal. Susannah thought she had been spared, at least for a little while. But after the meeting, Mary caught Susannah before she exited the room.

"I guess you know why I wanted to talk to you," Mary began after the rest of the pledges had left. "Olive told me you refused to give her some details about your new boyfriend." Susannah tried to say something, but Mary cut her off. "He seemed like a nice guy to me, considering the circumstances of how we met. And I know you like him. I also know Olive can be difficult sometimes. I have a real sister, back home, as you know, and she can be difficult too. But I know all my sisters, by blood and by sorority, have my best interests at heart. Sometimes they can be difficult, but I know in the end they want what's best for me.

"So even though I may disagree with how strongly Olive feels about this issue, I have to recommend that you tell her what she wants to know." With that, Mary gave Susannah a squeeze on the arm and then walked out of the room.

Susannah's heart fell, not just because she was upset that her pledge mother had disagreed with her. She was upset because she had already decided during the meeting that she would never tell Olive what she had promised to Ben she would keep a secret.

Susannah tried to leave the house before Olive could find her again, but Olive was waiting once more at the side door.

"I don't know what you're thinking about doing, Miss Prude," she hissed maliciously at Susannah when she saw her, "but I do know that Mary agrees you should tell me."

"And what are you going to do? Torture me until I talk," Susannah replied angrily.

"Don't get smart with me pledge," Olive responded. "I'll just get you bounced right out of this sorority. After all your hard work, you'll be done, just like that."

Susannah sighed. "What do you want, Olive?"

"I tell you what, pledge," Olive replied with an evil little smile. "If you want to protect your little boyfriend, that's fine. But you're going to have to prove to me that you're not just selfishly keeping secrets from your sisters AND you're not just falling for some lines for some stupid boy."

"How?" Susannah asked suspiciously.

Olive paused, then said, "Meet me on Tuesday night at 7:00 near that all-you-can-eat wings place in town. Wear EXACTLY what you would wear on a date with your precious little boyfriend. You don't show up and I'm taking you before the sorority board again, and remember that I've already won there once."

With that, Olive walked past Susannah and back into the house, leaving Susannah alone with her doubts and her questions.


Susannah didn't know if Olive's instructions on how she should dress were some sort of trap, so she wore exactly what she had worn on one of her dates with Ben. She regretted her decision, as the tight, low cut shirt and light jacket she had chosen to wear left her arms and chest feeling cool on this colder than expected day. Olive was running late for the meeting, and that left Susannah with plenty of time to question what she was doing there. What did Olive have up her sleeve for tonight? Why had she even agreed to meet Olive here? Susannah had decided not to tell Ben about the argument with Olive or where she was going that night, and she was beginning to regret that decision.

Just when she was considering walking away, Olive showed up, all fake smiles and big hugs. Susannah mustered her best fake smile in return.

"So what are we doing here Olive?" Susannah asked, trying to keep her fake smile plastered across her face.

"Here's the deal pledge, I have a new beau I've been seeing. He's a little wild, but totally worth it. I knew before I met him that he had a big thing about being with two girls at once, he likes all the attention or something. So I let him think that he's meeting the both of us for a date tonight," Olive explained, trying to warm her arms with her hands.

"I'm not cheating on Ben," Susannah replied coolly.

"You're not cheating silly, this boy is all mine. And he knows that," Olive responded unconvincingly. "You and I are going to run a little experiment. If he asks you or the both of us to do something, and asks immediately after paying us a compliment, we'll do what he asks. If he doesn't compliment us before he says it, then we can say no... if we want to."

"Let me guess, you worked this out in advance with him."

"No, no, no, sweetie. I would never do that to you. You'll see when we get in there, he has no idea of the arrangement. I'm just trying to show you that guys generally tell you things because they want to get in your pants. And since you don't want to share secrets about your boyfriend with me, this little experiment can be our little secret between just you and me. Whatever happens tonight, we'll laugh about it and keep it between us. And you might just learn a valuable lesson about how horny young men operate."

"I'm not having sex with him," Susannah said flatly.

"Work with me pledge," Olive responded, her tone hardening and full of exasperation. "I agree, you won't have to do anything that you haven't already done with your boyfriend. You don't even have to tell me in advance what that means, I'll just trust you. He asks you for something like that, you can say no. But if he compliments you and then asks for something that you've done with your little boyfriend, then you agree to do it.

"And before you start questioning my offer, just remember that I'm trying to do you a favor. You're the one who doesn't trust your sisters enough to be open and honest with them. I could take you before the board and win again, and punish your whole class AGAIN. But instead I'm offering this opportunity for you to learn and to show that you trust your sister. Now, do you agree to do this or not?"

Susannah considered it for a moment, but saw that her hesitation was only making Olive angry. "Fine, I'll do it," Susannah replied.

Olive escorted Susannah into the restaurant, walking arm in arm. Susannah was less than surprised to find Olive leading her toward a table occupied by a football player. From his reaction, he was delighted to see both Susannah and Olive approaching his table. Susannah wondered if maybe he hadn't really expected Olive to show up with a female friend. But as the dinner got under way, the guy spent almost all of his time staring at Susannah, and most of that time was spent sneaking peeks at her breasts. She regretted wearing the top she had chosen. Susannah got the distinct impression that either he was more interested in her than in Olive or he was very surprised that Olive's friend had turned out to be decently attractive.

His name was Brandon, and Susannah was pretty sure he was a defensive player. He was a linebacker or something like that, and in his junior year. He seemed like a nice enough guy during the conversations, but a little overly focused on talking about his exercise routine and how many calories he consumed each day. He was a huge guy, not spectacularly tall but fairly wide and brimming like muscles. Ordinarily, Susannah wouldn't have been attracted to the type of guy whose neck was the size of a tree trunk and whose back was almost as wide as his torso was long. But she had to admit that he wasn't bad looking. He was fit, with a square jaw and a nice smile. He also had blue eyes, which she loved.

At first, Brandon was nothing but compliments for both her and Olive. That was to be expected, but Olive still shot Susannah looks every time he complimented one of them and then asked for something. Of course at the start of the dinner, the things he asked were little things. He complimented Susannah's eyes and then asked if she wanted to take off her jacket. Although she was still a little cold in the restaurant, she played along with their little game and removed her jacket. She regretted it throughout the dinner, because the cold made her nipples get very hard, and Brandon could not stop looking at them as they poked through the front of her shirt.

Things got interesting at the end of the meal when Brandon said, "You two have been so much fun to talk to. Would you be interested in coming back to my place?" Olive said they would love to, and Susannah did not disagree. Fortunately for Brandon, his roommate was not home when they got back to his small dorm room.

Brandon asked if the girls wanted to make themselves more comfortable and maybe take off their jackets and have a seat on his bed. Since he had not complimented them first, Susannah declined. That confused him for a bit, and he made some awkward conversation with the two young women while all three of them stood around his small room. Susannah realized then that, whatever Olive might be, she had not set up Susannah by telling Brandon about their deal ahead of time.

But then Brandon mentioned how good it had felt to kiss Olive on their last date, and asked if he might get another little kiss from her. Olive happily obliged. Emboldened, Brandon again complemented Olive's kissing and asked for more. Soon, Brandon and Olive were making out, his hands running all over Olives young body, while Susannah stood awkwardly away from the couple. Brandon began to follow a theme, telling Olive how much he had missed her loving affections. Then Brandon would ask for something, and Olive would happily comply. Brandon soon had Olive on her back on his bed, her shirt and bra both gone. Brandon was laying next to her young body, his mouth firmly grasping one of her average sized breasts while he sucked loudly on her nipple. Olive seemed very satisfied to be on the big jock's bed while his tongue licked around her sensitive nipples. Susannah noted one of those things that she believed made Olive less attractive to boys. Her breasts were easily a full B cup, but free from her bra they flattened against her chest like deflated balloons. Brandon had to push them back into shape with his hands in order to gather her tit flesh conveniently for his hot mouth.

"Do you want to come over here?" Brandon asked, and Susannah shook her head no. She was still wearing her jacket and holding onto her purse, while Olive was moaning loudly on Brandon's bed. The jock forgot about Susannah for a while , but then looked up again from Olive's tit and said, "You are so beautiful, Susannah. Would you at least like to take off your jacket and come watch from here on the bed?"

Olive's eyes studied Susannah carefully. They both knew it was the moment of truth. With a sigh of exasperation, Susannah shed her jacket and sat on the edge of Brandon's bed with her legs tucked under her. The development clearly pleased Brandon, who happily went back and forth between Olive's breasts with his wet tongue. He seemed to be sucking harder on Olive's nipples than Susannah would have liked herself, and Susannah thought she caught Olive grimacing sometimes when he bore down. But if she wasn't liking it, Olive didn't utter a word of complaint. Brandon began to spend more of his time looking at Susannah's chest in her tight, pink shirt than he spent looking at Olive.

Finally, while his tongue obscenely flicked at Olive's nipple, Brandon said, "God Susannah, your breasts look so amazing. Do you think I could see them?"

Susannah hesitated again, but this time Olive did not look at her. Olive knew she already had Susannah. Susannah decided to get it over with as quickly as possible, and quickly peeled off her shirt and her bra. Brandon actually moaned into Olive tit as he watched Susannah's large, firm breasts pop into view along with her smallish light pink nipples. Susannah resisted her strong urge to cover her round, smooth breasts, as she had already let this boy see them. Olive would just get mad at her lack of commitment. Susannah was worried that Brandon had figured out the system of complimenting the women first and then asking them to do something. But he soon dispelled this fear by asking Susannah if he could touch her breasts, and he did not compliment her first. She firmly said no, but noted that he had at least asked first. Then he asked if Susannah wanted to suck his cock, and Susannah lost any notion that he might be a gentleman.

Brandon followed up his mistake by asking if Olive wanted to have sex again. Playing along with the game, Olive cleverly replied, "Not yet baby," though Susannah could tell she was ready for sex. Brandon had just not asked her the right way.

Looking more than a little confused, Brandon went back to sucking on Olive's nipples. He took some time to nibble on Olive's neck and ears, but was soon happy enough sucking on various parts of Olive's body while he stared openly at Susannah's big melons. Brandon was clearly aroused by the sight of Susannah's young, creamy breasts, sitting proudly high on her chest, and just inches away from him on his bed.

Susannah could tell that Brandon wanted to ask her something, and finally he said, "Susannah, your boobs are so hot. I know you're probably shy about them, but I know they would feel so good if I could rub my cock against them. Do you think you would mind if I did that?" Susannah made no motion to object, since she had not been asked specifically if he could rub his cock against her chest. But when she finally shrugged her shoulders, Brandon took that as approval.

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