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No Saying Stop

by merf68©

It was just a normal Friday night. I had finished a particularly tricky piece of software ahead of the deadline and now I was looking forward to a nice, lazy, relaxing Bank Holiday weekend. The friends I normally hang out with down the pub had gone off for an 'away' darts match so I sat at the bar, over in the corner, drinking my favourite tipple - vodka, Campari and soda - and just watching the people around me, not really paying much attention to anything in particular.

"Where's the rest of your motley crew? Deserted you?" I hadn't even noticed the barstool next to me becoming occupied. Looking up I saw the pretty face of another of the pub's regulars, but she was usually in a group of four girls. All of them have apartments in the same building as mine.

"Yeah - darts away match over at the Red Lion. I wasn't sure if I could make it so they took Johnny instead. Where are the rest of your little gang?"

"Two of them at a hen party and Jane went home to her parents for the holiday. I'm Sandy, by the way." She held out her hand, which I took in mine.

"Ben," I responded, maybe holding her hand a little more than the social occasion demanded. We exchanged smiles. "Can I get you a drink?"

"What's in your glass?"

I told her and she pulled a funny face. "It's something of an acquired taste."

Sandy reached for my glass and took a tentative sip, pulled her face again but swished the drink around her mouth before swallowing. "I'll try one of those, please. I'll try anything once and again if I like it." Her eyes twinkled as she let out a low, attractive chuckle then finished off the rest of my glass.

I caught the barmaid's eye and asked for two more of my drink. While we were waiting, we sized each other up. I saw an attractive, confident young woman. Her curves curved in the nicest places. She didn't try to hide her ample bosom, but she didn't flaunt it either. Her hair was waves of lustrous deep chestnut, falling about her shoulders and held in place by a yellow ribbon. She wore a pale yellow simple cotton summer dress, buttoned down the front and fabric light enough to show the shadow of her underwear, the skirt ended a few inches above her knees. I liked what I saw.

The drinks arrived and I paid for them. Raising her glass to mine she asked, "Well, do you like what you just almost photographed?"

"Very much," I responded, and then put her in the same position. "Do you ...?"

"Touché!" There was that chuckle again. "Yes, I do. Have you any plans for this evening?"

"I came here with the intention of sitting at the bar, getting a little tipsy and watching people come and go. And you?"

"Pretty much the same idea," said Sandy. "Maybe we could keep each other company."

"I would be delighted to have your company for the evening, Sandy. You're pleasant to my eyes and ears and you lie gently on my soul."

"Well, there's a nice chat-up line." She raised her glass and waited until I touched mine to hers. "Let's get this evening started then, noble gentleman." Sandy chuckled and downed the rest of her drink then ordered another two as I matched her.

When the drinks came, I fished out my wallet but Sandy insisted, "My round." When she had paid, she took my hand in hers. "Ben, if I let a man pay for my drinks all evening, maybe he's thinking of it as a down payment for the night. Shush, Ben," she squeezed my hand as she saw a protest building in my eyes. "I'm not saying that was on your mind, but going Dutch means there are no obligations: no problems. OK?"

Of course it was OK, I told her, then, "Would you like to sit at a table rather than perched here on these stools? If I may offer my world-famous wisdom, the main advantage of the table is it's more comfortable seating while retaining the ability to see the world passing by. The disadvantage is that we would have to go to the bar for the drinks each round. I leave the choice entirely in your hands."

Grabbing her glass, she hopped off her stool and walked over to a table in the corner, turning once to make sure I was coming. I noticed that her behind nicely filled the back of her dress, and that her bare legs were shapely in the low heels she wore. Very pleasant sight. We sat side-by-side on the well-padded bench seat, which ran around the sides of the room, affording us a good view of the rest of the denizens of the bar. We could see the door, so saw everybody who came in.

As we settled back, drinking our brew, we swapped the usual details - what we did for a living, what food we liked, favourite bands and so on. As we mellowed in drink, we had both been up to the bar again, we started whispering comments about the people around us. There was a guy over in the corner we were sure was wearing a wig; his wife (we assumed wife) was one of those women almost desperately hanging on to her youth. Talk about mutton dressed as lamb! "She must put her makeup on with a palette knife," observed Sandy.

Our former seats at the bar were now occupied by a youngish couple dripping in bling. He was a bit of a loud-mouthed braggart and she, his trophy wife, had an inane cackle for a laugh. "I bet he drives a BMW," I whispered.

"Or maybe an open-topped Merc.," Sandy countered.

"Not with that silly hair-do of hers. She'd be a mess."

Lots of similar irreverent little observations and remarks, some of hers were particularly wicked, spiced our drinks as we dissected just about everybody in the room. Conspiratorially, we got closer and closer, the better to hear the whispers through my stifled laughter and her deep, sexy chuckles. I was conscious of our legs pressed together, feeling the warmth of her thigh against mine.

"Ben," she whispered as we silently scanned the room for the next unsuspecting victim, "Ben, you're a tit man."

"Oops", I thought. I didn't think I was so obvious. "What do you mean?" is what I actually said.

"I've watched you check out the boobs of every woman in the bar, including mine several times."

"I guess you got me officer, I confess." I held my hands out as if inviting her to arrest and cuff me, trying to hide the truth in a joke.

Those deep brown eyes held mine, and they seemed almost to smoulder. "Don't tempt me."

We stared at each other for a brief time then suddenly the spell broke and we both started little bursts of laughter every time we looked at each other. Sandy went to the bar for another refill and when she came back, her face was quite serious.

"OK, Ben. I'm not fishing for compliments but do you like mine. My boobs?"

"Sandy, I've been admiring them all evening." I raised my glass in toast and took a sip.

She looked at me speculatively for a couple of minutes. "Would you like me to go to the Ladies and take off my bra?" I could only just hear her whisper.

She had me there and I think she knew it. I gave her my best smile and mouthed, "Yes please."

Another thoughtful pause, then, "If I do that, will you do me a favour in return?"

What could she want, I wondered, so I asked her.

"When I go out, I'm also going to take off my panties. If I give them to you, will you go to the Gents and put them on. Just for me?"

Wow, that one came out of the blue! Now I took a minute to respond. I mean, I have no problems with gays or drag queens, whatever, but I've never been tempted down that road.

Sandy started rubbing her breast into my arm as she whispered, almost pleading, "We can finish these drinks. While I'm gone, you can get another round in. You can go to the Gents then when you come back, we can sit here each of us knowing secretly what the other is wearing or not wearing.

We were obviously going to end up in bed and if I had to wear her panties, well maybe she would enjoy taking them off me. I emptied my glass, smiled and watched Sandy drain hers.

"I'll get the drinks."

Sandy returned, her breasts, now unfettered, moved and bounced with each step as she walked towards me. I noticed that a couple of buttons on her dress were now open. As she bent over to sit down, she made sure I saw right down her cleavage: she had big nipples, standing to attention, and the dark shadow of her aureoles showed as clearly through the thin cotton as had her bra earlier.

Her eyes sparkling, she slipped her panties across to me under the table. I stuffed them in a pocket, took a deep breath and left for the Gents. There, I locked myself into a cubicle, removed my briefs and pulled the dark blue lacy panties up my legs. They were still slightly warm and the crotch had a damp patch. I stuffed my briefs into my pocket and left the Gents.

Even though I knew that nobody could have any idea what I was wearing, I was very self-conscious as I walked back to Sandy and I could feel the different material texture wrapped around my genitalia. "Mission accomplished," I whispered as I shuffled in beside her. She leaned over and gave me a sexy kiss then sat back as we continued our survey of the room and sipped at our drinks.

"Do you want another round?" she asked me, "or shall we go back to my flat? I've got a bottle of vodka at home, but no Campari and no soda."

"No problem," I responded, "I've got the Campari and soda at home so I'll get them on the way. Yes, let's go."

I don't say we staggered home but we kind of supported each other. Sandy linked her arm with mine and all the way home, she pressed her breast against my arm. In the apartment block, I got off the lift at my floor, grabbed the bottles and rode the lift up to her floor.

I rang Sandy's doorbell and heard her call out for me to come straight in to the kitchen. Her flat was identical to mine in layout so I had no problem finding my way around. Sandy had two one-pint glasses ready with the vodka and ice; she took the bottles from me and completed making the drinks. She passed me mine and said, "I made them large so we wouldn't get interrupted."

"Good idea," I agreed, but my mind was distracted as I registered the fact that she had opened all the buttons on her dress and the delectable sight of her breasts and dark pubic curls greeted me.

I followed her out of the kitchen into her living room where she sat on the sofa and said, "OK, let's see what you look like in my panties." She beckoned me over and I stood in front of her, taking off my shirt as she reached forward to remove my jeans so I was soon standing there with Sandy looking me up and down lustfully. Her hand came out to stroke my tumescent penis through the lace of the panties.

"Mmm, that feels nice. Do you like wearing my panties, then? I must confess I love playing with a cock encased in knickers."

Now I reached over to her and slipped the dress off her shoulders, leaving her naked to my gaze. I sat beside her and we shared a deep, sexy kiss as I fondled her breasts, tweaking the nipples, while she made free with my prick and balls, stroking them through the material. It was a new sensation to me, but one I realised I liked, as the growing bulge in front of the panties testified clearly.

We finished our long, lingering kiss; I put my arm around her shoulder as we both picked up our glasses and sipped. I saw Sandy's nipples were hard and erect; I just couldn't resist bringing my glass, dripping with condensation, to press into a nipple. She gasped and her eyes briefly flared with pleased surprise so I gave the other nipple similar treatment. She, in turn seemed to like this new game so she brought her own ice-cold glass to press into my groin, which caused my tool to twitch.

I dipped my finger into my glass and rubbed the wetness around one of her nipples then bent forward to lick it off and gently suck in her nub. I repeated that on the other nipple. She deliberately allowed a few drops from her glass to dribble over my cock then she went down and sucked the liquor from the material. After a couple of lovely minutes she came up for another kiss.

We continued our little games slowly; there seemed to be no hurry: we both knew where we were going and we took the scenic route. I dribbled my glass over her breasts until the liquid dripped off the points and onto her lower body. I took my time to make sure I lapped it all up while she cradled the back of my head and pulled my mouth firmly into her breasts when I got to that level.

"You never answered my question," she whispered as I was worshipping her breasts. "Do you like wearing my panties?"

I left her breasts, kissed her and moved her hand to my erect member straining against the material. "Yes, they feel nice, can't you tell I like it?" I replied as I squeezed her hand around my twitching tool. She drew me into another languid kiss as she massaged me down there. I loved what she was doing to me even though, a couple of times, she squeezed my balls firmly to the point of making me wince.

By now, my tool was poking out the top of the panties. As soon as Sandy saw that it was breaking free, she gave it a playful slap, manhandled it back into its lacy cage and told it, "Stay," just as she would admonish a dog.

Now she stood up, drink in hand, took my hand and pulled at me saying, "Come along, bring your glass." She walked towards the bathroom and I admired the view from behind. Her waist narrowed nicely and flared into luscious hips. Each bum cheek in turn undulated with every step she took. It was a fascinating sight, intensely erotic.

Sandy pulled me into the bathroom and had me stand in the shower stall. She tilted her glass and allowed a generous amount of her drink to slosh over my panties then, on her knees, she proceeded to suck and chew at the material and my equipment fervently, tugging frequently with her teeth, again stopping short of really hurting.

Eventually she was satisfied that she had sucked every drop of vodka from the panties, she stood up and kissed me again, all the while massaging my cock and balls roughly.

After the kiss, it was my turn. I tilted her face up, opened her mouth and poured enough liquor in it so that her mouth overflowed down her body. Then I was on my knees and, starting at her feet where some of the liquor had dripped, I kissed and licked and sucked all the way up her body, making sure that her pussy was well cleaned by opening her nether lips with my fingers, which continued to probe at her slit as my mouth continued its journey 'northwards'. Naturally, her lovely breasts were sucked clean. I came up to kiss her but she stopped me momentarily while she took a mouthful of liquor, which was then passed between us as we kissed.

She almost ran out of the bathroom and returned just a few seconds later with a handful of ice cubes which she stuffed into my panties and massaged my bits with those hard, cold lumps. Leaving the cold mass there, she turned me around so I had my back to her. She started running her hands up and down my torso from my crotch to my shoulders. She pinched and twisted at my nipples - something I've always liked - then reached past me and turned on the shower. The initial cold blast had me gasp with shock but she hung on to me by my nipples until the stream warmed to a comfortable level.

I grabbed the bottle of shower gel and squeezed a goodly portion into my hands. I washed Sandy's body everywhere, making sure that she was clean all over then she did the same for me, first tugging those panties off so she could get to everywhere. Her fingers rubbed over and around my anus, even penetrating the tight hole as if to ensure I was thoroughly cleansed.

We dried each other off with big fluffy towels then she asked me to dust her with talcum powder. It was a pleasure for us both for me to do so. I allowed her to do the same for me before she led me to her bedroom. Sandy threw on a flimsy negligee and looked even sexier in that partial cover. She opened a drawer and, after a little fishing around, she brought out a pair of scarlet silky French knickers. She kissed me then knelt at my feet and lifted each of my feet in turn, as she pulled the sensuous material up my legs.

Just before she pulled them over my tool, she took it into her mouth and down her throat in one movement and sucked on it hard as she pulled her mouth away, gripping and tugging on my balls as she did so. She then took each testicle in turn and sucked it in her mouth. Finally, she kissed my cock head and said, "See you later, big boy."

We got onto the bed and lay side by side, half facing each other, kissing and fondling each other. I loved it when her hand rubbed my prick through the silk, another very erotic texture for me to experience.

I kissed behind her ears then kissed, licked and sucked my way down her body until I finally had her mewling with pleasure. I kissed her pussy lips then nibbled at them gently, taking an age before I allowed my tongue to insinuate itself between those soft pink folds. Her hips were undulating slowly as I ministered to her pussy. Eventually I surprised her by flicking my tongue over her clitoris, making her hips buck each time I touched the sensitive bump. Spreading the hood wide I started work on it, licking and nibbling until she grabbed my hair and held my head in place while she fucked my mouth, moaning and calling my name over and over until finally she writhed and pitched and screamed for god. Then she lay back, seemingly exhausted as I kept giving her little aftershocks with my tongue.

Eventually she pulled me up roughly by the hair and kissed me thoroughly. After she had recovered, she started playing with my hard cock. She wasn't very gentle but the anticipation of the next squeeze of my balls had me on edge, wanting, but not wanting the, tweaks of pain. We kissed again then she said, "Do you remember what you said in the pub when I said you were a tit man? You jokingly told me to arrest you." Here she gave out another of her chuckles. "Hold your wrists out again, you're under arrest."

I did so, although just a little nervous of the consequences. She reached under the bed and produced a pair of fur-lined handcuffs. She slipped them over my wrists firmly but not too tight and round the bed-head. From under the bed at the bottom, she produced a couple scarves that she used to tie my feet down.

I must admit, my heart was beating with trepidation, as I lay there helpless. Sandy clambered onto the bed and sat astride my crotch, her pussy centred on my erect tool. She looked lovely in that sheer negligee as she bent forward to kiss me tenderly.

"Will you trust me, Ben? I want to give you an experience, one that I'm almost certain you will enjoy. We can stop any time you want. Will you go along with me?"

I tugged at my restraints, "Seems like I don't have much choice, do I?" But I said it with a smile on my face. Why did I trust this woman I had only just met? I wondered to myself. "I'm in your hands."

Again she bent forward to kiss me, gripping both nipples as she did. She pinched both nipples hard and when I flinched, she just locked her mouth firmly on mine and kissed me with her tongue trying to reach my throat while her pussy was rubbing up and down my prick. She kept up the pressure on my nipples and the pain gradually faded, it became a nice sort of pain, strangely erotic.

She looked me in the eyes: hers were sparkling and wide with lust and she had a beautiful smile. Then she surprised me by pulling her fingers sharply away while still gripping my nipples. Oooh, that hurt and sent a tingle all the way to my testicles.

Now her hands were probing at my abdominal muscles. I try to work out regularly with light weights so all my muscles were tight and firm. "Mmm, so strong." She murmured with that enchanting chuckle of hers. She moved her fingers round to my sides. I get pretty ticklish and as soon as she saw me flinch she said, "And ticklish. How delightful." With that she started tickling my sides mercilessly until she had me crying and totally breathless.

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