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The Pool Party

by sun_sea_sky©

All characters are 18 or over, naturally.


His daughter Emily had turned 18 a few weeks ago. As it was a hot day, she had invited a couple of friends over for a swim in their pool.

The three girls quickly shucked their clothes and jumped into the pool in their bikinis.

Sipping his beer, Ryan watched surreptitiously through the living room window, appreciating their curves.

He tried not to look at Emily for too long, she was his daughter after all, and best not to go down that path, he thought. But looking at the other two felt less wrong.

Jessica was tall, with that lovely figure that only teenagers can have, before they eat too much, or get obsessed about their weight and eat too little. As she turned sideways, ready to dive into the pool, he admired the way her tits fell away from her body. Just perfect. And that swimsuit just gave them a little lift. He sighed, feeling his cock stirring.

Sarah, on the other hand, was shorter, and cuter. With a round face, striking features, and dark hair, she was easy to watch. Hard to turn away from. She exuded a sexy confidence, as if she understood and liked her own body.

The girls were diving in, hopping out, splashing and giggling. They had, in fact, noticed Emily's dad watching them through the window, but they didn't mind. Putting on a show for an appreciative audience was always fun. Plus they had hatched a little plan of their own.

Trying not to make it too obvious they put on a show for him. They made sure they stood sideways on to where he was standing, so he didn't feel self-conscious about watching them. They lingered at the side of the pool before jumping back in. They threw their arms back, supposedly straightening their wet hair, the action thrusting their already generous breasts out in profile for him.

After a giggled consultation in the pool they decided to try to ramp it up a bit. Knowing men usually don't mind watching a bit of lesbian activity they flirted with each other a bit, touching each other on the bum, and kissing briefly.

Emily didn't mind teasing her Dad like that. She knew he didn't get much action from her mother these days, and felt a bit sorry for him. Of course, she couldn't help him out personally (well, she hadn't so far), but she didn't mind titillating him, especially with her friends around, so it wouldn't feel so wrong for the poor guy.

Ryan watched for a bit longer and then decided he better get on with the household chores. He unpacked the dishwasher and tidied up the kitchen.

Meanwhile, after another giggled discussion, the girls decided to swim topless, to see if that would provoke him to come back and watch them a bit more. The discarded their bikini tops by the side of the pool, and jumped in, letting the pool water provide some level of modesty.

Ryan finished doing the dishwasher, and strolled back to his vantage point. The girls were just splashing around in the water now, not getting out, but there was something different about them, he couldn't quite figure out what it was.

A couple of minutes later he spotted it. Bare tits! His eyes almost boggled out of his head as he stared at them. His mouth dropped. His cock, which had previously settled down under the tedium of dishwasher-unstacking, re-asserted itself rather rapidly.

His hand dropped down to his pants and gently massaged his hard-on. Things were getting uncomfortable. Better walk away while he could. Suddenly the girls (who had spotted him out of the corner of their eyes) got out of the pool, and headed straight towards him, towards where they had left their towels.

He shrunk back into the room, hoping they wouldn't notice him perving on them. They picked up their towels and rubbed them all over their bodies, breasts shaking vigorously as they did so. There was a crash as Ryan backed straight into a lampshade, knocking it over. They giggled some more. Pretty successful.

Feeling a bit sorry for him now, they put on their bikini tops and came inside for a drink. 'See us swimming, Dad?' Emily asked.

'Uh, sure, just checking you were OK,' he replied with a guilty look. The smiled at each other.

Jessica thought she would have a bit of fun. Emily's dad was an OK guy, and she thought it would be nice to give him a bit of a treat.

She walked up in front of him, and asked, 'Mr. D?'

He went into a brief trance, with her beautiful tits just inches from him. With an effort he dragged his eyes up to her smiling face. 'Ah, yes? Call me Ryan,' he replied.

'We are going back into the pool afterwards. Do you mind rubbing some suntan lotion over my body, Ryan?' she asked, with an innocent look on her face. 'Don't want to get sunburnt.'

'Uh, sure, if you want.'

'Great, I'll grab the tube.' She returned moments later with the suntan oil, and turned her back to him. He squeezed some on his hands, thinking to himself that it felt like the lube you put on condoms, and started spreading it over her. There didn't seem to be any great hurry, she didn't look impatient, and gave little wriggles of pleasure at the feel of his hands.

She turned around. 'Now the front please, Ryan.'

'Er,' he stammered, with those breasts in his face again. 'You better do that.'

'But I can't see whether it is going on evenly,' she objected. 'At least do up around my neck, I can't see that.'

He thought to himself, 'at least she is so close she can't see my cock throbbing in my pants.' He felt certain it would be forming a little tent by now.

He started rubbing it over her neck, trying to not go below the very top of her breasts, lest she call him a pervert. Instead, she said encouragingly, 'a little lower please. Just a bit.'

He moved his hands further down, on the upper mound of her breasts. 'Further,' she went on, with a straight face.

Unknown to him, the other two girls were standing off to the side, positioned so they could see his cock starting to push its way outwards, constrained only by his summer shorts.

'Men,' Emily thought with a sigh. 'Even my dad.'

Sarah meanwhile was wondering if she could have the same effect if she tried. She hoped so. 'Let me be last,' she whispered to Emily. Emily nodded.

Finally Ryan refused to go any further, especially with the other girls watching him. 'That's it,' he stated firmly. 'Off with you.'

Emily walked up. 'My turn, Daddy.' She presented her back to him.

Ryan did her back a bit more briskly, he wasn't going to get into the slow sensuous routine with his own daughter. She turned around. 'Now the front,' she said firmly. 'Like you did for Jessica.'

He could hardly say 'no', but quickly applied the lotion to her front, staying as far away from her breasts as he could. But she had other ideas. 'Dad, you've put suntan lotion on me all my life. Just get on with it. Do it properly.'

He complied, trying hard to think of the latest Stock Exchange figures, anything to distract his thoughts.

The two girls who had been lotioned up left the house for the pool, leaving him alone with Sarah. 'My turn,' she smiled at him.

He felt a bit more nervous. With no witnesses, she could easily call out 'molester' and no-one could contradict her. But it was impossible to refuse.

He started on her back. 'Don't rush,' she encouraged him. 'Do a nice thorough job. Besides I like the feel of your hands.'

He did it slowly, rubbing more firmly and sensuously than he had before. His cock was pushing like crazy against his shorts.

She turned around, glanced down as quickly as she could at his pants, then back up again, and smiled to herself. She moved her arms backwards so he could reach her chest easily, which made her breasts push towards his face.

'I suppose you want a thorough job too,' he inquired. She nodded brightly.

'All over,' she said. Before he could stop her, she reached behind her back, and undid the bikini top, dropping it to the floor. 'All over. I'm planning to take it off later, and don't want to get burnt. Relax, they are both in the pool. I won't look, if that helps you.' She closed her eyes and smiled.

He sighed and started rubbing all over her young, round tits. He hesitated at the nipples, but she said 'all of it, Ryan' so he did them as well. She was starting to squirm too.

Once he was finished she stepped forwards, pulled him into her arms, and kissed him. She felt very clearly through her bikini bottom the effect she had on him. She wriggled her hips a bit to help it grow.

'Huh?', he pulled away from her.

'Don't worry,' she said. 'I'm feeling horny too, after being out in that sun, and having you lube me up. I just want a quick kiss. We girls think about sex a lot of the time too you know. How about going somewhere a bit more private, like your den? In case they come back inside.'

'OK, come on then,' he said, leading her through the house to his den.

She pushed the door shut behind her, and launched herself into his arms. Kiss on the mouth, tongue in, and hips grinding against his cock. 'Kiss me on the tits, please. I love that.'

He was happy to oblige, feeling even more aroused than before. She spun around, nestling her back against him. 'Now feel them,' she instructed. He moved his hands over them languidly, as she purred and ground her bum into him.

He started moving one hand lower, encouraged by her purrs of satisfaction. He reached the top of her bikini bottom, and hesitated. 'Go on,' she whispered. He slipped his hand inside, moving further down. God, she was wet! It was becoming increasingly hard to concentrate on anything except her body.

'Just a quick fuck,' she said, sinking to the floor and pulling him down with her. 'Don't worry, I'm on the Pill.'

He thought guiltily of his wife, out shopping, and his daughter and her friend. But somehow he thought this wouldn't take too long. She pushed his shorts out of the way, releasing his cock from its prison. Seconds later it had found its way inside her and he was thrusting like crazy. She responded energetically. A couple of minutes later it was over, he felt the warm cum spreading inside her.

She jerked and tensed, letting go slowly. 'Some girls can't do it just with a cock in them, but I love it,' she confided. 'I want to do that again soon. No strings attached, just for fun.' She grinned and stood up.

She skipped back out to her friends, leaving him shaking his head. What had just happened? It was all so quick. But, oh well, it was fantastic, and no-one else needed ever know. Least of all his wife, he thought nervously.

Meanwhile Sarah joined her friends. 'I did it,' she grinned at them.

'Really?' replied Emily. 'That was damn quick.'

'I think getting a feel of you might have helped,' smirked Sarah. 'Anyway, did you get the video set up?'

'It should have taped everything,' replied Emily. 'I'll go check once he is out here. You two go distract him before he finds it.'


What are these three girls up to? Find out in the next episode.

Written by: sun_sea_sky

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