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Becoming a Cuck Ch. 02

by MistressHollyscuck©

As stated in the first chapter, Holly and I started doing a lot of sharing of our ideas, experiences, and fantasies about bdsm. Once we started a physical relationship, I started topping her since I had some experience at it, and LOTS of ideas. It was a lot of fun!

The relationship was going very well, and Holly knew I had the desire of being topped also. Wanting to please me, she took time to plan a night where she would dominate me for the first time. When that night finally came, I was excited, but very careful to remind myself, this was her first time. She might be awkward, and it might not just flow smoothly.

Boy, was I ever surprised! She had planned well! First she told me to strip, and after looking me over thoroughly, she told me to go into the bathroom and take a shower. During the shower, she stood at the end of the tub and watched my every move. It was when I was drying off, I noticed it....what I noticed changed my life forever! It was that look on her face, in her eyes. She had a very sexy, flirty smile, but what was the most noticeable, was that look in her eyes. It was a combination of the obvious pleasure she was experiencing, a look of dominance, and a sort of hunger, a hunger for more! As I said, that moment changed my life forever. That look was so sexy, I couldn't believe it! I got week in the knees and very aroused. I knew at that moment I was hooked! I knew I would do ANYTHING to see that look again.

It became my goal from that moment to do whatever it takes to please her so I could see that look! I can honestly say I don't remember anything else that happened that night, even though we played for awhile. I think she flogged and spanked me, but I was intoxicated by the desire to please her. As it turned out. She has been very surprised at how much she had enjoyed being the dominant for a change. She loved, not only the power surge she felt being in control, but seeing how much I enjoyed being under her control.

As time went on, we did play more and also enjoyed some vanilla type intimacy. I often topped her, which she very much enjoyed I realized I had to not be selfish and expect her to always be the top. The time came though when she decided it was time to top me again. I sat anxiously waiting for her to get there. She called when she was about 15 minutes away and told me to put on our favorite cd of love songs, strip naked, and wait for her out on the back deck! It was dark, except for the light from the house, so I doubted anyone could see me, yet the feeling of being so exposed and vulnerable got me very excited.

When she arrived, she went into another room and changed into her outfit for the night. It was a dress she liked to wear to the renaissance fairs. It was full length yet had a very low neckline revealing her very ample cleavage. She came out on the deck. She looked stunning and sexy in her dress! She also had a little of THAT LOOK in her eyes, not quite like after several minutes of dominating me, but it was definitely there! I also notice there was a paddle in her hand! She made me bend over the deck rail and proceeded to warm my ass up for the evening! I wondered if anyone could see. I knew if anyone was in their backyard, they couldn't help but hear the smack of the paddle against my ass. This of course would have caused enough curiosity for a person to position themselves to watch. The thought of that was quite humiliating and of course....very arousing!

When she felt I had enough of her paddle she told me to stand up and face her. I obeyed and THERE IT WAS.... that LOOK again. That hungry, sexy look of pleasure! As she stared in my eyes, her hand went straight to my dick. I could feel that familiar intoxicated feeling I felt the first time she topped me. After some passionate kissing, we spent the next hour dancing slowly to the love songs. It was an unbelievable feeling....dancing naked with a fully dressed sexy woman who had just spanked my ass and had the look if intense pleasure abiding in her eyes!

Written by: MistressHollyscuck

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