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My Sorority Slut Ch. 03

by spaldan©

Susannah's head was pounding when she woke, every one of her heart beats a stab of pain in her temples. Her eyes were closed but they still hurt. Her face hurt. Her stomach hurt. She had gotten a minor concussion once playing soccer, and wondered briefly, as her senses slowly returned to her, if she had again sustained some sort of injury. Then it came back to her. "Olive," she muttered in a quiet curse, feeling her dry mouth twinge in pain as she spoke.

When she opened her eyes, the real shock began. Her vision was a little hazy, but she could clearly tell that she wasn't in her own hotel room. Her stomach plummeted inside her. What had she done last night?! But sitting on a chair at the foot of the bed was Mary, her pledge mother. "There's our party girl," Mary said soothingly as Susannah stirred.

Sunlight was streaming in through a sliding glass door that led to a balcony overlooking the beach. "What time is it?" Susannah asked.

"Almost eleven," Mary responded as she stood and walked over to the bed. Mary pressed an object into Susannah's hand, which Susannah eventually recognized as her cell phone. "You need ANYTHING at all, even help walking back to your room, you call me, okay?"

Susannah was confused. "Okay," she responded softly, even the sound of her own voice causing her ears to pound.

Even more confusingly, Mary turned away and began to walk towards the door. "He's a really great guy," Mary said as she moved towards the door of the room. "He stayed up with you all night, and wouldn't let anyone move you. That's why I'm trusting him with you, because he'll be nice and respectful, right?"

"Absolutely," came a male voice next to her. Susannah looked over and for the first time realized that Ben was sitting on the bed next to her.

Susannah was bundled under the bed covers and felt like she was still wearing her outfit from the night before. As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, Susannah noticed that Ben had changed into a shirt and shorts and looked like he had taken a shower. "You watched over me last night?" she asked with a smile.

Ben frowned and looked down at his hands. "Yes, but there's something you need to know. Our friends guessed we might want some time alone to talk, which is why they left us alone here." He hesitated.

"What happened?" Susannah asked, still confused. "Did we hook up or something while we were drunk?"

Ben looked into her blue eyes again briefly, his face a mask of worry and concern. He hesitated again, and then deflected by saying, "No, but why were you with that guy in the car anyway?"

"That's what I came here to tell you," Susannah said, trying to sit up. Her head swam when she moved, so she just lay back down. She started her story from the point where she had tried to get out of the limo, pausing occasionally because it hurt her brain to try to recall her memories of the previous night. At one point, she went back and explained about how Olive had encouraged the girls to take so many shots. Then she went back to Olive in the limo, the boy cumming on her foot, and her stumbling out of the limo. "I tried to chase after you to explain," Susannah pleaded, "but I couldn't find you so I came here."

Ben was quiet again, and Susannah just let him sit in his silence for a moment. Finally, he began, "There's something you should know." Then out came his story, spilling from his lips in an unending stream of words. He spoke rapidly, wanting to get it all out because he was afraid he would lose his courage somewhere in the telling. He shared how hurt and angry and broken he had felt when he saw Susannah draped around a stranger the night before. He talked about taking shots and dancing with Kelly, and by that time Susannah knew where the story was heading. She felt a cold queasiness in her stomach as he spoke, something she could not attribute to her hangover. He shared everything about what had happened in Kelly's room the night before, ending with his walk back and discovering Susannah in his room. Finally, he said, "I promised I would be completely honest with you, and I intend to honor that promise even if it means you never want to speak to me again after this."

Susannah was stunned, her eyes filling with tears. Her head still swimming a bit, she reached for a glass of water on the nearby night stand and drank deeply. Then she told her own story, coming clean completely about what had happened in the limo the night before.

A heavy, ominous silence hung in the room when they were done speaking. For a moment, neither said a word, and both avoided looking at each other. Susannah looked out the glass door to the bright sunshine and beautiful ocean beyond, while her tears began to fall.

Finally, Ben said, "Maybe we were just never meant to be together."

"No!" Susannah said sharply and defiantly. She looked into his eyes, and when their blue eyes met, they could see the tears welling up in each other. "That can't be the answer because I love you."

"What?!" Ben coughed, completely unprepared for her response.

"This is a stupid way to say it and a stupid place for me to tell you, but I will never forgive myself if I don't. I love you, Ben. In all the shit last night and all the crap I had to take, it was the one thing I was sure of. It was the reason I ran after you and came all the way here to find you. I've never said it to any other boy before, but I know it with absolute certainty and clarity. I love you."

"All this stuff that happens to us..." Ben began quietly.

But Susannah wasn't hearing any of that from him. "... is just life and shit," she said, interrupting his thought. "Shit happens, and I don't know why it happens so much to me. I don't understand why shit happens to good people just as much as it happens to bad. And I don't know why it happens so much to you. Maybe it's because I just take it all and I let it happen, but I'm telling you I'm done with that. Last night I finally realized what really matters to me, and it's that you make me happy and I LIKE you and I LIKE being with you. That's all I care about. So maybe you don't feel the same way, or maybe all this crap is just too hard for you. Or maybe I've done too many stupid things for you to forgive it all. But I think that the only thing that should matter is how you feel."

"If we're good for each other, then why do we always end up here, in some disaster?" he responded. "I've never cared about someone the way I care about you, Susannah. But why can't we just have a normal relationship and be with each other?"

"Look at the way we met, Ben!" she replied. "Nothing about our relationship has been normal, starting from the first night I met you. But what I'm saying to you now is, I have a lot of regrets. I regret what happened that night we met, but I DON'T regret meeting you. I DON'T regret anything I've done with you, because I can look inside myself now and see that I truly enjoyed my time with you. Yesterday and last night, I realized that all that matters is how two people feel about each other, and you can work out the rest. And I love you."

She paused, looking at him uncertainly. Even with her hair a mess, bags under her eyes, her pale hangover face completely devoid of color, he knew his answer. And the fact that he could look inside himself and see it so clearly, even now when she would probably be embarrassed for any other boy to see her, told him that he knew it was true. "I love you too." He bent down and kissed her softly on her warm forehead.

She beamed up at him but said teasingly, "No kiss on the lips?"

"You threw up a couple of times last night, it was a little gross," he retorted, and then they were both laughing. Susannah tried to reach up and grab his shirt, but he darted away from her hand, saying, "I love you, but let's go a little slow on the kissing after barfing."

She shot him a dirty look and he responded by leaning down to draw her body up into his arms. He held her tightly in his strong embrace, their heads nestled against each other. It felt so right to Ben, to be holding her small, soft body in his arms. Despite the pounding hangover, Susannah felt a contented happiness.

"So what do we do now?" Ben asked. "How do we fix this?"

"Now I take care of business and stand up for myself like I should have been doing all along," she replied.


Ben took Susannah back to her hotel room to help her clean up. They were alone in the room, and there was a point where Susannah was in the shower and Ben wanted to jump in with her. But his gentlemanly instincts took over and he decided not to push her on this strange morning. Afterward, they went to lunch at a little diner across the street from their hotel. Susannah explained then that she could never feel satisfied or truly happy until she had dealt with Olive and the other forces that had kept tearing them apart. Ben said he understood and offered to help in any way he could, but Susannah told him that it was something she needed to do for herself.

The couple parted with a brief kiss in front of the diner. Feeling Ben's strong lips pressed against hers once again, Susannah was sorely tempted to linger with him there. But she had business pending.

Susannah called Mary to say that she had something she needed to discuss. To her surprise, Mary responded, "Oh good, Susannah. We need to talk to you. Can you come up to my hotel room as soon as possible?" So Susannah headed back into the hotel.

To her surprise, Susannah found Kelly, Mary, her pledge sister Cassie, and her other pledge sister Lilly waiting for her in the hotel room. Susannah could tell from the concerned looks on their faces that something very serious was being discussed. Susannah took a seat on the edge of one of the hotel room beds as Mary told her, "We are having a very serious discussion, Susannah. I'm asking you all to be honest, with the understanding that whatever is discussed in this room will stay between all of us for now. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Susannah replied quietly, still not sure what was happening.

"Good, please continue Cassie," Mary instructed.

"I was so out of it," Cassie said quietly, looking down at her hands forlornly as she spoke. "They made us take too many shots, Olive had to know that. It was crazy and I could barely remember where I was."

"We understand, Cassie," Mary tried to say soothingly. "No one is judging you. Just tell Kelly what you told me earlier."

Cassie looked up uncertainly, but she resumed her story. "After Susannah left the limo... I mean, the guy was all over me. I know I looked up at one point and Olive was watching, her arms around that idiot that she was hooking up with last night. I know I didn't say no or anything, but I was basically out of it. I thought we were just fooling around, you know, making out and going a little further. But then... he was inside of me. I don't even remember him getting my underwear off. I just sort of... came around at one point and realized that he was fucking me. And he wasn't fooling around about it, he was just going at me.

"I tried to tell him that I didn't want that, but I know I was just mumbling. I know I was stupid, I shouldn't have let it get to that. And I wasn't fighting him off or anything... I mean... maybe once it started to happen I wanted to let it keep happening. It didn't feel terrible. But the worst part... the absolute worst part, was that Olive was standing over me cheering this guy on. I mean she was being really fucked up about it. I could have handled the rest... but Olive... it just pisses me off."

"You have to tell Kelly what she was doing," Mary instructed in the best compassionate voice that she could muster.

Cassie had been looking at her hands while talking, and it was clear that she didn't want to look anyone in the eye while she told them all what had happened the previous night. But she obeyed her pledge mother and continued, "She was standing over me while this guy was fucking me, saying all this fucked up shit. She was like, 'fuck that stupid pledge,' and, 'show this slut that she's a slut.' You know, really fucked up things to be saying. She called me a dumb tramp or something and high fived the guy who was fucking me, while he was fucking me, standing right over me! That was not right. At one point, my legs were up in the air a little, and like I said, I was kind of out of it. Olive starts holding my legs up, spreading them open, and telling the guy, 'fuck this dumb bitch.'"

Cassie's story was building steam and the anger was rising in her voice. "And at the end, Olive tells the guy to cum on my face! That stupid... I mean, I'm sorry, but she's a stupid bitch. That dumb bitch Olive actually tells the guy to mess up the pledge's face with cum. I told him not to, but of course he pulls out and puts all his gross shit on my face. It got all over my eyes. And then Olive and the two guys left me there! They just got out of the cab and left. I had to use napkins from the back of the limo to clean my face, and by that point, the damned limo driver was pissed that all these douche bag guys had cum in the back of his limo. I was so embarrassed... I just took a cab back here by myself."

"That is NOT right," Mary said angrily to Kelly.

"Mary," Kelly said sternly. "Just wait. Lilly, I believe you had something you wanted to tell us."

Lilly was the other pledge who had been forced to wear a bikini in Olive's room the night of the football party, and stand there as eye candy while two guys double teamed Olive. Lilly had straight, dirty blond hair that fell part way down her back. She was shorter, maybe 5'3" tall, and had a slim, petite frame with a pretty face. But her little body had some womanly curves, with some full B cup breasts and an attractive curve to her hips. Susannah knew that's what men found so attractive about Lilly, her sexy curves on her petite, little frame.

"A couple of months ago," Lilly began, "Olive caught me... short cutting some of my cleaning duties. I mean, I was really busy then, and I know I shouldn't have done it, but I just sort of rushed through cleaning the bathroom I was assigned with a wet towel. Olive caught me doing it and threatened to raise hell. She said she was going to take me up before the executive board. She reminded me of the crap she pulled with Susannah and getting the whole pledge class in trouble. I tried to apologize, tell her I would redo everything, and I begged her not to take it out on the rest of the class. But she wasn't hearing any of it.

"So she offered to make me a deal. She said she was going on a date later that week with some new guy and he had a friend he wanted to set up with someone. She said if I went along and made it a double date so her new guy would be happy, she would forget she caught me trying to get out of my chores. She made it sound all innocent, like I could just go along and humor the guys, and who knows maybe I might even like the guy. It sounded much better than the alternative, so I agreed.

"Her guy's name was some tool name like Tristan or something. The guy she set me up with was Jake. Tristan was cute, but he was a total tool. And Jake was both a tool and unattractive. We went out for drinks in town, and it was all fine. I thought it was going to end there, but then Tristan says he has this nice car and he invites us to go on a little moonlight drive outside of town. I didn't want to go, but Olive basically threatened me and told me our deal wasn't over yet. So I went along. Tristan drives a Camero, so Jake and I got in the back. Jake was trying to get touchy during the drive, but I kept pushing him off. He was really stupid aggressive, I had to slap his hands a couple of times.

"Tristan drove us out to Pullman Park, the scenic overlook road there, and he parked at one of the scenic spots. He had barely parked and Olive was leaning over the seat to make out with the guy. She practically jumped in his lap. It was a... well, pardon me for stating it, but it was a whore move. Jake thought that was some kind of signal, so he leans over and jumps on me. His hands were everywhere and he was trying to kiss my neck. I kicked him off of me and told Olive I wanted to leave. She barely stopped kissing Tristan long enough to tell me that I was overreacting and to calm down."

Kelly and Mary exchanged a look, and then Lilly continued. "So I got out of the car and walked away a little. I didn't want to be in there. Jake came out after me and is all, 'Where you going baby? What's wrong? Come on, isn't it a pretty night?' and all these other pathetic lines. I just told him to stay away from me. But then Tristan came out of the car, he wanted to know what was going on. So then Olive comes out and she is pissed. She grabbed me by the arm, I mean real strong, and pulls me away so she can bitch at me. She says things are going great with her and Tristan, and if I screw it up for her, then our deal is off and I better believe she's going to make me pay for the cleaning thing. I tell her I'm not just going to sit there and let some asshole grope me. So she tried to talk all soothing to Tristan and Jake plays dumb like he doesn't know what my problem is. In the end, I agree to just sit in the back seat and Jake agrees he won't touch me.

"I was sitting in the back seat, all pissed off, but now Olive and Tristan were making out on the front hood of the car. It was super slutty, I'm sorry, she just laid back on that hood and he was doing whatever he wanted. Jake comes and sits in the back seat on the other side, and there's a ton of space between us, and I wasn't looking at him, I just refused. But then Jake decides to just whip his tiny little dick out and start jerking off right there in the back seat of the car. He's beating off watching Tristan go to town all over Olive on the hood of the car. So I got out of the car again, Tristan stops to ask me what's wrong, Olive is furious again, I'm furious. Stupid ass Jake is just sitting there with his dick out. Olive is so mad, she orders me back into the car or else. I mean she was insane, her face was all red and she was like foaming at the mouth she was so crazy. She tells me to stop being a prissy baby and get back in the car. Well it was not like I could walk home from there if I wanted, so I got back in the back seat. I told her to tell Jake to stop being a perv, but she tells me to stop being a baby and just look out the window if I have a problem with it.

"Soon enough, she's on her back on the hood, getting fucked by Tristan. The whole car is rocking back and forth and I'm stuck in the back seat while Jake beats off and is making all these sick moaning noises while he watches Olive. Olive is moaning like a whore on the car and saying all this filthy stuff to Tristan. I just wanted to go home. Tristan thinks some of this is funny, so he moves Olive so she's bent over with her hands on the roof of the car over Jake's window. She has her shirt off by then, and Tristan started doing her from behind. Olive's floppy tits are flapping in front of the window, from Tristan doing her from behind, and Jake's happy as a clam just jacking off while looking out the window. The car's rocking back and forth, Olive is moaning, it was sick. Believe me, I didn't want to see any of it, but I kept having to look over to make sure Jake wasn't getting any ideas.

"Well Olive says she's cumming, so then Tristan cums and finishes. I thought it was over. But when they're done, gross naked Olive opens Jake's door. She tells him she's sorry that I'm such an inexperienced little prude. The bitch... I'm sorry, but she's a bitch... the bitch takes one of his hands, thankfully not the one he's been using to jack off, and puts it right on my boob over my shirt. I was about to punch her but she threatened me again if I didn't just let it happen. Then she takes his little prick in her hand and finishes jacking him off. Thank God he didn't last very long, but he was squeezing my boob as he came. Olive just jerked him off into the dirt outside the car.

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