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My Little Slut

by Sweetblood03©

I had a plan. It was a good one too, something we had discussed but I had been wary to try before we talked it out. But not tonight, tonight I was so ready for this. No fear, I thought as I set out my tools for the night: douche, lingerie set for him, dildo, paddle, nipple clamps, and pinwheel. When he comes in I hand him a towel and the douche and send him for a shower.

"Squeaky clean." I tell him. Once he's gone I slip into my tight corset style suspender belt and seamed black stockings. I slick my hair back into a tight bun and stain my lips with red lipstick then slide on my tall black boots and eye myself in the mirror. Damn, I look good. I think. I hear the shower turn off and I ready myself on the bed.

As he walks in I can see a visible bulge under the towel, he is definitely ready for me, I think smiling. I can feel my own slippery, wetness running down my thighs and I let my fingers play over my perky nipples. He stands in front of me holding the douche, his rock hard cock tenting the towel; he has a sheepish smile over his lips.

"Did you enjoy that my love?" I ask. He nods as I hold out my hand for the douche, he hands it to me and I grab the towel.

He stands naked before me, breathing a bit hard, his cock throbbing in anticipation. "Mistress..." he moans and starts toward me. I dodge out of his grasp.

"Not yet, pet." I smile at him and reach into the drawer to reveal a set of black polka dot stockings, a black suspender belt, a flimsy pair of knickers and a pair of black heels with red ribbon. "I told you I had a surprise for's time for my little slut to dress the part."

His eyes widen and his cock grows even harder, his hand moves to grab it but I grab the paddle and swat it away. "Hands. Off." I tell him, I lay the garments on the bed and stroke his face..."baby, you're gonna look so pretty all dresses up for me. Are you excited?"

"Yes, mistress." he moans reaching up to touch my face. "Please, mistress...will you help me get dressed?"

"Of course, baby." I have him sit on the bed and slide the stockings...he moans and his breathing grows more ragged. "How do they feel, baby?"

"Oh fuck me..." he breathes, " so good, mistress." I kiss up his thighs and he reaches out a tentative hand to stroke my cheek.

"Hands off, baby." I tell him, "otherwise you'll be punished." I stand him up and snap the suspender belt around his slim waist and clip on the stockings. His hands slide down the suspender belt and stockings, savouring the sensation. I help him pull the flimsy fabric of the knickers over his throbbing cock and tuck him into a bulge that reaches around his hip. I can feel myself getting more and more wet, my juices starting to run down my thighs. I take a bit on my fingers and hold the dampness in front of his lips...his tongue pokes out to taste but I stick my finger in my own mouth instead and he pouts. "Don't pout baby, behave and mistress will give you a treat."

I notice that his hardness has gone down a bit with the chill in the room so I use the opportunity to pick up a small box, "what...what is in the box, Mistress?" He asks, tentatively. I smile coyly and open it.

"Oh just something to make sure that my little slut won't be so naughty while he's pleasuring his Mistress." I see his eyes widen as I withdraw a shiny silver cock cage. I work it over his cock and cinch it closed with a padlock. "Now...I suggest you behave because it will hurt if you try to get too much of a hard on."

"Yes, Mistress."

I stand him up and have him slide his feet into the heels and lead him to the mirror. "One final touch," I clasp a thin collar around his neck, the word 'slut' emblazoned on the front, "for my dirty little slut so you don't forget your place." I smooth my hands down his chest and belly around to cup his hardness with one hand and his tight ass in the other. "How do you think you look baby?"

"So good, you think I look pretty?" he moans as I gently probe my fingers between his ass cheeks.

"Yes, look so beautiful and sexy. Just like my little sissy boy." he reaches behind to try to touch me. I dance out of his way and shake my head. "You were doing so well baby. But you've been naughty...and naughty sluts get punished."

"I'm sorry,'s just so hard not to touch..." he hangs his head.

"No know the rules, but first...mistress needs a little relief. My pussy is very, very wet. Lie on the bed." I bark, I slide my knickers off and straddle his face. "Eat it, slut." I bring my dripping pussy to his face and he moans. "Now! Lick Mistress's pussy like a good little slut and I will fuck you with my huge cock if you do a good job. If don't get to cum tonight. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress...thank you Mistress." he breathes and buries his face into my soaking pussy.

"Fuck...." I breathe. "That's it baby; you are such a good slut for mistress." I reach down to stroke his hair as he continues to eat my cunt like a starving man. I can feel my pussy tingling as I begin to cum over and over all over his face. "Yes, baby...drink my cum, make mistress feel so good!" when I am finally satiated I climb off him, I lean down and give him a deep kiss, tasting my own juices.

"Did I please you, Mistress? Did your slave sissy boy slut please his Mistress?" he smiles up at me, his cock straining in its cage. I stroke his face,

"You did wonderfully, pet...but you still need to be punished for touching without permission....stand up."

"Yes, Mistress..." he stands as I sit with the paddle in one hand.

"Lie across my lap. Little sluts who are naughty get punished and you just can't seem to keep your hands to yourself can you?" He shakes his head obediently and lies down on all fours across my lap, his ass in the air and his cock in its cage pressing down between my thighs. I run my hand over his tight bum and he shivers.

"I am so sorry, Mistress...I deserve to be punished. I promise, I will behave."

"I know you will baby...but I still have to punish you...otherwise you won't learn your lesson." I say as I move my hand over his ass before giving it one firm smack with my paddle. He twitches and moans, I can feel his excitement building, practically tasting how bad he wants it. "You've been naughty, baby...what are you?" I ask him as I continue to stroke his ass with the paddle before bringing it down, making his ass redder and redder.

"I'm a dirty little slut, Mistress...I deserve to be punished for touching without your permission." He moans as I smack him again with the paddle.

"Whose ass?" I ask, caressing his red bum. "Who gets to fuck this tight little hole?"

"You do,'s all yours." He pants, as I resume my spanking. "I'm all yours, your dirty little slut."

"That's a good sissy boy," I murmur as I lay the paddle down and run my hands over his red, hot ass. "You know I had to punish you for being naughty, otherwise you would have never learned your lesson. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress...I am a little slut and I needed to be punished after I misbehaved."

"Yes, my little slut...I am sure you are." I pick up the pinwheel from my table and run it over his back, ass and thighs. His whole body tenses and shivers before breaking out into goose bumps. "Do you like that?" I ask him, running it down between his cheeks and he twitches and moans in response.

"Stand up." I order as I walk to my array of toys and trade the pinwheel for the large flesh coloured dildo that's nearly as big as him hard. It has been something he's always wanted since I always comment on how big he is. He wants to feel as stretched as I feel with him inside of me. I grab a bottle of lube and sit back down on the bed.

"Are you going to use my ass, Mistress?" he asked tentatively, his hand touching the cage surrounding his cock, it must be painful, being forced to stay soft when he should have a raging hard-on.

"Lie back down, pet." I tell him, a wicked smile crossing my lips. "Of course I am going to use you. That sweet little hole is mine. But the cage stays on for now, I know it must hurt keeping you trapped like that but it is necessary for you to learn your place."

"Yes, Mistress." He lies back down across my lap, his ass poking up in the air. "Please use me, use your little slut. Please!" I pat his ass softly and tug down the flimsy knickers before spreading his cheeks to reveal his tight rosebud.

"Oh, look so nice and clean for me." I squirt a bit of lube on to him and touch just the tip of my finger to his tight hole. He gasps as I apply just the slightest pressure and pushes his ass against me trying to get my finger into him. "I know what you want, pet but you need to be patient." He moans in response and I continue to trace my finger around his opening drawing more gasps and moans before I thrust two fingers deep inside him making him grunt in pleasure. "Does my sissy boy slut like that?" I ask him.

"Fuck yesssss...." He hisses, pressing his ass into my fingers. "More! Please, Mistress, more." I lube up the dildo and slowly press the head of it against his sweet ass. He moans loudly and his hands tighten on my legs. "Yesssss....fuck me!" He begs as I work the head of the large dildo into him stopping for a moment with just the head in and twist it a bit before thrusting it deep inside making him nearly scream with pleasure.

"That's my little slut," I murmur as I begin to pick up the pace, fucking him harder and harder. "Do you like your Mistress using your tight, little ass? I bet your cock is straining to get out of the confines of its little cage and to grow so very, very hard."

"Yes, feels so so good! Please fuck your little slut, use my ass!" He moaned, barely coherent through his grunts and moans. "Can you please take off the cage, my cock is trying to get hard and it hurts. I swear I'll be good and not touch myself or cum without your permission. I swear!"

"Stand up, slut." I tell him, shoving the dildo in as far as it will go and leaving it there. He stands obediently and I retrieve the key and remove the cage. The second it's off his cock springs to attention and he moans in relief. "Better?" I ask him and he nods, I can see him squeezing his ass to tease more sensations from the dildo still deep inside him. I steal the nipple clamps off the table next to me and clamp them tightly to his nipples, I give them a tug and he moans. I pull him back towards me using the chain linking the clamps and watch his cock throb.

As he stands before me I use one finger to slowly stroke up and down his throbbing shaft and gently twist the dildo that is still shoved deep in his ass. It's barely been a minute without the cage but already his cock is dripping precum and his breathing is growing heavy.

"How much more can you take, pet?" I ask him, my nails tracing over the head of his cock, "before you are begging me to let you squirt so hard?" I twist the dildo in his ass and he gasps and thrusts into my hand.

"I don't know but please fuck me more, Mistress." He asks, laying down in my lap with his rock hard cock resting between my thighs and pokes his ass up in the air. "Please use me as your fuck toy. I want to be your little slut."

Without warning I pull out the dildo and shove it back into his tight little hole and he gasps and I can feel his cock throbbing. I pound his ass as he moans and thrust his ass back to meet my thrusts.

"Mistress, please...may I play with myself for you and cum for you? I know how much it pleases you to watch your little slut shoot his cum all over for you...please? I am so hard it hurts." His hands grip my legs and I can see the precum dripping from his rock hard cock. I consider this as I shove the huge dildo in an out of his now gapping ass.

"Go on and make yourself cum, my sweet little slut. I want to see you squirt." I pound his ass harder as his hand flies to his cock and he starts pumping it up and down like a mad man, moaning and thrusting his hips into his palm before shoving his ass back up to meet my thrusts over and over again. His hand is a blur on his cock and he is moaning so loud I begin to wonder if the neighbours can hear and begin to debate the benefits of a ball gag in future.

"Can I cum for you, Mistress?" He moans, barely coherent in his plea. "Oh please let me cum for you, I am so so close." I stroke his hair and continue pounding his ass as I tell him yes. "Oh fuck me!" He moans, his hips thrusting forward one final time as he gives in to what seems to be an earth shaking climax. Spurt after spurt of milky cum squirts from his massive cock onto my books and he moans before collapsing onto the bed next to me.

"You did such a good job, pet." I kiss his forehead and stroke back his hair. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

" so much. Thank you, Mistress," he replies, exhausted his cock beginning to soften.

"You are such a good little slut." I smile at him and stick my boot, slick with his cum, up on the bed. "But you forgot to clean my boots."

Written by: Sweetblood03

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