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Daddy's Dirty Buttslut Act 09

by Neon_Ultra©

Preface - PLEASE READ!:

This is the ninth part of what is a running story. It is all about the taboo. You will not find romance here. Any notion and talk of love is subverted to serve the taboo.

Anal sex and incest are MAJOR themes of this story.

You may want to not read this part and other parts if you take offence to any of the following in a lurid, obscene (and of course fantastical) context: incest, rough sex, submission and domination, degradation, extreme sodomy, ass worship, extreme dirty assplay, light or implied scat, and EFRO (erotic female relieving observance).

All characters involved are 18 or older.

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"I need to go now," Ana says, looking pleased with herself.

"Go where?" you say.

"I need to go have one of my huge poos of course!" she smiles.

"Okay honey, let's go to the toilet." You both strip off the rest of your clothes, and you follow her big naked wiggling bottom to the bathroom.

She sits herself down on the toilet seat, her large buttcheeks swamping it, her butt squished down by her weight, pushing the bouncy assmeat to the sides. She backs up as far as she can, leaning back a little, and lifts her legs up to accommodate you.

You move forward, able to position yourself sitting on the edge of the toilet with her legs and waist in your arms. You rub your cockhead over her asshole, smearing your previous deposit of cum around evenly to give it a good coating of lube for the stretching to come. You push very slightly, just enough to part her butthole and dip the tip of your head in, giving the inside of her bumhole some extra lube.

"Can you fuck me on the toilet daddy?" she says eagerly.

"In which hole?"

"My little cunt. Fuck my little pussy while I need to poo daddy... I wanna squeeze one out while you're fucking me!"

"You filthy girl. Is it gonna be a big one?" You give one of her big tits a squeeze and a slap with your hand, and guide your cock into the sopping wet hole between her legs. Her juices run down to mix with the semen on her pouting butthole, and your cock rushes as deep in as you can in this position.

"Mmmm," Ana bites her lip. "Oh yes daddy, it's gonna be huge! I've been keeping it all day. I can feel it stretching my bum while you're stretching my pussy, it feels like I'm being double-teamed. It's so sexy!"

"It sure is my sweet buttslut daughter," you say, feeding your meat in and out of your daughter's hot loins. "Now, slowly push out your big poo for daddy while I pound deep in your little wet pussy."

You screw her tight cunt with arhythmical, mismatched strokes, using your fingers under her to rub and tease her bulging wet asshole. You can feel it stretch open, the fat cumsloppy ringpiece trembling in excitement.

She wees while she's straining, and it splashes over your cock and drips down to her ass, soaking her already sticky butthole in hot piss.

"Mmmm I love weeing when I'm trying to go," her face is bright red and her eyes closed. One of her hands holds one of her legs up and the other rubs her clit frantically. "And I love daddy inside my hot wet pussy while I'm straining to force out one of my poos."

"Silly baby, going all red while you're try to please your daddy," you mutter, rubbing her asshole fiercely. You let go of her leg briefly to slap her face a few times. "C'mon dumb slut, push harder!"

Her butthole flexes outwards, and a load of greasy buttjuice sprinkles out, soaking your hand. Her ring is now obscenely open, and you run your finger around the sticky edges, all rubbery and built up like a wall as it pouts and breathes. You move your fingers to the open centre, and feel the beginning of her fat turd poking out. You love having her here, in this most degrading and intimate of situations, and its clear that she loves it too.

"I am dumb aren't I daddy," she mumbles. "Doing this.. letting my own daddy hump my little pussy on the toilet, rubbing my fat bumhole trying to get me to have a huge silly poo. Me just wanting to please my daddy."

"You're a dumb little bumfuck," you say. "Filthy and naïve, all confused just doing things to please me, not understanding any of it, only knowing you love how your dirty bottom feels when it stretches and gets rubbed."

She squirms and mumbles and moans incoherently, and with your fingers you rub around her turd as it squeezes slowly out, in tiny increments. Within a long, drawn out minute her fat load is stuck out from her bubble butt like a stiff brown cock. The girth is amazing, thicker even than your own cock, and it's clear why Ana got so readily accustomed to buttfucking.

"Good girl," you say softly. "Good girl." Ana whines in response.

You fuck your daughter's squiushing pussy harder, feeling as her meaty load grows out from inside her horny rectum. Your cock can feel the mass move through the thin wall. You stuff your dirty finger in Ana's mouth and she sucks on it like someone possessed. The sounds she makes are delirious and she seems close to orgasm.

Her thick hard turd is a full six inches out and miraculously unbroken when you cream inside her, slapping her and shouting out as you fill her up with jizz. "You nasty, cumstupid, big butt... toilet whore!" you yell.

Ana releases herself, her pussy fountaining upwards in a squirting orgasm that may as well be piss to you, and as she bucks and writhes her heavy whoreload finally drops off into the toilet bowl below, sending a splash of water upwards.

"Tell me how much you love your ass," you breathe, as both of you sink to the floor of the bathroom, panting like dogs after your orgasms. Ana doesn't give any indication she is going to wipe her ass clean, nor are you going to ask her to.

"I love it so much daddy," she wraps her arms around you and you hug her sweaty body, her fat tits on her slim frame squeezing into you.

"What do you love about it?" You clutch at her full buttcheeks, mauling them in a delight that would never cease.

"I love how big it is... how it sticks so far out from my back... how it won't stop growing.. it just keeps getting bigger and fatter like a real fat-assed slut... Mmm and I love how it feels to squeeze and how it feels to be squeezed."

"Do you like how well it takes cock?"

"Oh yes daddy... I knew from the start my ass would be great at sucking up big cocks like yours."

"What about how well it pushes your loads out?"

She grins. "I love that daddy, it was amazing getting fucked while pooing for you, did you like how big it was?"

"Yes baby, you were showing off, trying to make me proud. You were a good girl. Did you like showing off?"

"Yesss. I like being a good girl and showing off for my daddy." She breathes sensually and sticks her hot tongue in your mouth. As she moves your cock suddenly slips back into her pussy, and she says "oh... daddy..." in a sigh with eyes full of naughtiness, and bucks away at you.

As you start to fuck her again, slowly on the bathroom floor, she moves her hand to her face and sticks her thumb in her mouth, sucking away on it happily.

"Aw, you look like a dumb little baby sucking your thumb for daddy, such a good girl.You wanna make it taste more fun?"

She cottons on immediately, her eyes lighting up. "Yes daddy, stick it in my bum!"

You gently guide her hand to her own ass and push her outstretched thumb into her dirty and cumslick asshole. It enters without much pressure needed, not surprising given the amount of jizz poured over it, the soaking from pussy juices and piss, and the expulsion of her liquid bumbutter, not to mention her greasy dirtiness. The butthole looks like its a little pouting crater turned into a reservoir of cum and filth.

"Oh daddy it feels so good around my little thumb! So wet and hot, mmmm. No wonder you love being in it so much!" she cries.

You use your hand to prod her own into her bumhole more than a few times, and then you remove it with a 'plop'. You forcefully guide it to her face, and she opens up her mouth, looking you straight in the eyes. You push it gently into her warm mouth and she closes it, her eyes fluttering closed too, like the windows of Heaven.

"Suck on your dirty thumb like a good little girl, while I'm in your silly pussy," you say, and replace her bumthumb with your own, pushing it without resistance in her soaking bunghole. Eventually you replace her thumb in her mouth with yours; fresh, warm and dirty again. She sucks it with even more greed.

"Suck on daddy's dirty thumb now, silly baby," you coo gently in her ear as you stroke her neck and hair and rock her body lovingly on your cockmeat.

"Fuck your pretty, busty baby," she removes your thumb long enough to whimper, her big melons crushed into your chest.

You move a hand from her hair to rub her now empty anus. "Push out your thick bumhole for daddy, make it pout and bulge out like a buttwhore. Show me how desperate your dirty bottom is to be penetrated again. Show me what a sexy little anal addict you are!"

Ana strains and pushes it out for you. A little rivulet of creamy bumbutter runs out of her fat rubbery asshole, pushing through the layer of jizz and juice.

"Please fuck my dirty cumsloppy bottom daddy!" she cries pathetically, her face all upset as if there was a chance you won't comply. "Fuck that tasty bumbutter right back into my juicy rectum! It's been so long, and I'm such a buttslut I can't wait anymore!"

You pull your cock out of her pussy and slip it in her soaking asshole, sticking your tongue in her slutty mouth at the same time as you stick it in her ass. Her cry is enough to wake the dead, and she orgasms just from that first intrusion, after all that anticipation and waiting, just to be sodomised by her adoring father.

Written by: Neon_Ultra

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