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The Hunt Ch. 05-06

by i_would©

05. Appetiser.

Sunday morning broke, and it was again Jennifer that woke them all up.

How can that girl get up so early all the time? Ashley wondered. She felt a bit exhausted, as she did not sleep well last night, sharing the bed sleeping in between two naked women who now and then would roll against her in their sleep. It felt strange and a bit awkward. She had never touched a naked woman just like that.

The sun was out in force, it was promising to be a hot day. Ashley returned to the same hideout she discovered the previous day. This time there were obviously more hunters, she heard men's voices all over the place. Some also came close to her hideout but she remained undiscovered. After a while she heard a woman's scream not too far from where she was hiding - that must be one of the girls being rounded up. Ashley was rather relaxed by now, she started to get used to the idea and did not think anyone would be able to find her there, and time slowly passed. But then she heard two men nearby, getting closer.

"Quite some good places for a chick to hide here," one of the men said.

"Sure, I've found some in between these rocks before," the other man replied.

"So let's do a good search, see what we can find," the first man said.

Ashley stiffened, and felt her heart in her throat again. Would they find her? These men have been here before obviously. Are they regulars? So they know all hiding places? Is there really no-where to hide?

She heard the man rumble around, and then heard the bushes at her place being pushed aside.

"No-one here," she heard, and relaxed a bit.

"Did you look deeper down? You really have to go in there to check it out," the other voice said.

Dammit! Ashley thought. That guy really knows what he is doing.

"OK, I'll check, wait a sec," came the reply and she heard the bushes being pushed aside again. A second later a bearded face appeared, looking straight into her eyes.

"Ah, just look at that! Now be a good girl and come out with me, OK?" he said, grabbing her arm, gently pulling her out.

Shocked, Ashley did not move.

"Now come on, pretty girl. Or do we have to drag you out?" He pulled her arm again.

Ashley said in a soft voice, "OK, coming," and slowly moved out of the crevice.

The two men gave her a good look, standing close to her, blocking any chance of escape.

"Nice find you made there, mate," the other man, with a clean-shaven face, said. "Really a nice find. But unfortunately for us," he looked at Ashley, "and fortunately for you, we have three catches already."

"We shouldn't let this find go to waste. She looks like a nice appetiser to me. And I'm fucking horny, I really need some pussy," the bearded man announced.

Ashley was shocked. Appetiser? What are they planning to do? Are they just going to have sex with her, there and then? Ashley knew that this was what she signed up for, but it was getting all too real now. She had never done this before, it was uncharted territory.

They took her to a grassy patch a few meters away, and there her captors pushed her to the ground, and the shaven one put her shoulders against the ground. The man with the beard pulled down his pants, revealing an already-hard cock.

She closed her legs tight, struggling against the grip of the men, protesting, but to no avail.

"She's fierce," the beard said. "The fiercer the hotter. Extra satisfaction."

He grabbed her legs, and used his strength to push them apart, exposing her. He spit on her pussy, and without further ado started to push his dick in her. She felt pain, humiliation, everything - and tried to wiggle out of the grasp of the two men, but to no avail. She screamed and struggled, but the men held her too tight.

"She's tight, man!" her assailant said, while he pushed deeper and then slowly started to fuck her, getting deeper every stroke. It hurt her pretty badly as she was as good as dry.

Ashley screamed louder, but that only served to amuse the men more. The man holding her shoulders moved his hands to her breasts, and started to feel her up, kneading them, pinching her nipples.

"She's getting wet already, feels good, man."

He fucked her for quite a long time, sometimes slower, then harder, and slower again. Ashley started to wonder how he could last so long and when he was going to cum, but then he stopped with his cock deep inside her, and said to his friend, "You wanna have some too? She's really a good fuck."

Ashley watched him in horror. How could he treat her like that? Did she not have anything to say in this matter? Why did she get wet again anyway? She felt like a fuck toy, not a human being. It was really humiliating to her how these men acted. She was not really there to them, she was just a wet hole to stick their dicks in and a body to play with.

The men switched places, and Ashley got her second dick of the day. She was actually getting rather wet now, but could not enjoy the treatment at all. The bearded man treated her breasts rather roughly, twisting and pinching her nipples until she screamed in pain while his friend put her legs on his shoulders, used one hand to aim his dick and then pushed all the way in and immediately started to pound her hard.

Just few minutes later he pulled out and put his still hard cock back in his pants.

"Let's go, it's about time for lunch. This was indeed a nice appetiser, makes me hungry for more. Thanks girl, hope to catch you again later," he said.

And with that they walked off, leaving a rather bewildered and highly aroused Ashley behind, as if nothing special happened and it seemed they had all but forgotten about her already. She felt the residual wetness in her pussy, and her nipples still hurt from the assault.

Ashley quickly moved back into her hideout, as she was afraid of being found and abused again. Many thoughts went through her head. How come she got so wet, so quickly? Did she enjoy it? She did not think the rough treatment the men gave her was exactly enjoyable. Nor how she was treated like something disposable.

But then she also realised that this was of course exactly what she signed up for, and what the men were after: to be hunted down, caught, fucked, and sent off again. No feelings, no love, just raw sex. They were not interested in Ashley, the woman. They were just interested in her body. And she realised that she also started to feel detachment from the sex act, as if it was not her that was doing it.

Was this what prostitution is about? Just let them do their thing, do not think about it, just clean up the mess and move on again? She thought it would be similar to a one-night-stand. Just having sex, enjoying the act, no strings attached. Allow the guy to chat her up, allow him to play with her, and the next day move on. But this was different, as she had no say in who could have her. It was random, there was not even the slightest feeling involved, and that bothered her.

Now she just concluded there are no feelings involved, she started to wonder again about her physical reaction. Her pussy did get wet. Her nipples did get hard. She did start to feel aroused by their treatment, very aroused even. She felt like if they had continued long enough, she would possibly have had an orgasm even. It was disconcerting, and highly confusing to her.

She heard the horn, indicating the morning session was over. Yet she stayed in her hideout for a while longer, still thinking about what just happened, and what she was in for over the next week. And whether she would be able to cope with it.

By the time she returned to the cabin Jennifer and Judith were busy preparing lunch, the rest of the girls chatting or helping laying the table.

"You're late," Jennifer said, when she came in. "Everyone else is there already, we were already wondering how come we had four girls missing. So that's apparently Phoebe, Eva and Ruby this time. Phoebe and Eva really have to learn to hide themselves better, it's their second time already.

"And anyway what happened to you, you're back so late?"

Ashley walked to the table and sat down on an empty chair.

"I had this great hideout, but in the end got found. And used as appetiser. Appetiser, go figure," she grumbled. "I'm a woman, thank you very much. Not an appetiser."

Christie walked down behind her, and put her hands on her shoulders. "Here we're just a catch. Don't take it personal, because it's not. They don't care about you as a person anyway."

Ashley looked up and replied, "I know, it's just so... well... humiliating, makes you feel like you're just a walking hole for them to stick their pricks in."

"Well, for them you are," Emily chipped in. "I'm not expecting anything more. And when you get your cheque in the end it makes everything look a lot better, trust me on that. The first time I felt the same like you feel now, you'll get over it. Remember it's just your body they want to play with, don't let them play with your mind. Enjoy lunch, with just the girls."

Ashley sighed, and did not say anything.

The other girls continued their chatter while Jennifer and Judith finished up the preparations and invited all of them to sit down and have a bite. Which they all did, and soon Ashley was chatting happily with them, making the best of their time together.

06. Main course.

After lunch Ashley went to the roof terrace for a nap while the rest of the girls continued to chat in the kitchen. Luckily there were some umbrellas as the sun was really hot, though in the shade it was rather comfortable. She quickly fell asleep, only to be awaken by the sound of the horn, indicating the start of the afternoon session.

In a shock she woke up. She knew that within minutes the hunters would be there - and also that they most likely would have a look through the mansion, just to make sure. She jumped up, fell over, got up again, and scrambled down the stairs, still not fully awake. Quickly she ran away from the cabin, away from the entrance, and hid herself at the first somewhat suitable place she could find: in between a thick brush and a big rock, hiding her from view.

It did not take long for the men to reach the cabin, and another ten minutes later they came down the path where Ashley was hiding. A group of three even this time. Do they not spread out or so, she thought.

One of the men suddenly pointed in her direction, "Hey, look at that, nice bush there!"

"Yes, it's wearing shoes even," another man replied.

And before she could react all three of them rushed towards her, and pulled her out of her hideout.

"Got you!" they said almost in unison. They pulled her arms behind her body and Ashley realised she was being handcuffed.

"Nice to see you again," one of the men said.

Ashley turned around: it was one of the men of this morning. The bearded one who called her an appetiser.

"You!" she said. "I hate you. I'm not an appetiser, I'm a woman, you know?"

"Oh yes I know. You're a woman, and a pretty one at that. Nice body, lovely tits, and a hot and tight pussy to boot," he replied. "And don't you worry you're no appetiser this time, you're going to be part of the main course tonight."

Ashley couldn't do better than look dirty at him, realising that whatever she said would be used against her, and that to these dirty bastards she was indeed no more than a toy. She also remembered Emily's remark: "don't let them play with your mind", and thought better of saying anything.

"Nice catch you got there. You tested her already, Mike?" one of the other men said.

"I'm sure we're going to enjoy this one a lot tonight, oh yeah," the third men added. He walked towards Ashley and put his hands on her breasts. "Those little boobies feel good indeed, I love them already."

Then the rest of the men also followed and felt her all over. One even put his finger in her pussy. Ashley was furious: at herself for oversleeping and not hiding properly, and at the men for treating her like that and calling her breasts little.

After a while Mike said, "I'll take her to the holding area, she's really good. Hard nipples, wet cunt, it's a horny bitch for sure." He grabbed her handcuffs, and pulled her along, back to the entrance where the cuff of one of her arms was released, only to be attached to a pole, preventing her from escaping.

Ashley was left alone, she was obviously the first to be caught. About twenty minutes later another catch was brought in: Phoebe, who was chained to the same pole Ashley was secured.

"Dammit, third time already they catch me, and second time today," Phoebe said angrily.

"Jennifer mentioned you over lunch already, mentioning you're caught so often," Ashley replied.

"I know. Can't help it. I just can't seem to find a way to actually hide myself properly. They always seem to see me from a kilometre away and just like a homing missile home in on me and pull me out. It's so frustrating.

"On the upside I'm still lubed up from the lunchtime so they can continue with me right away," Phoebe said sarcastically. "And just in case you're wondering: there are like sixteen, seventeen dicks out there, and only three of us. That's busy, trust me. I lost count, I think I had all of them in me, and each at least once. My pussy was leaking cum badly, and I had sperm all over me.

"Eva and Ruby weren't much better off. Ruby was quite popular, they don't get Asian girls here too often I guess. And some really seem to like that petite body of hers, she looks a bit like a little girl, they had her call them 'daddy' or 'uncle'.

"I don't know why they love her so much, I'd prefer a bit more meat. But well they have nice showers there, we may use them afterwards, before heading back. If only so we don't look too ravaged when coming back I guess." She sighed.

Ashley listened to her quietly, "They had me this morning, my first time. Yesterday I was found too but they couldn't do anything to me before the horn. Today they were earlier, two guys. They raped me quickly and called me an appetiser."

"They really just only think about themselves. We're just toys to them."

"Living dolls."


"Let them play with your body, don't let them play with your mind."

"What you saying?"

"Emily said that over lunch to me. They just want to play with your body, don't let them play with your mind. She's been there before."

Phoebe was getting agitated. "How can you do that? Let them not play with your mind when they fuck you? I mean, dammit, I get raped, violated, used for their pleasure, and thrown out again. I fucking hate that."

"I know, relax. It's my first time too in this event, this morning was the first time they got me really. I'm so nervous about what's going to happen this evening."

"Don't worry too much, you'll get fucked. A lot. It's going to be the third fucking time for me already, and I hate them for it."

"It's only your body they're interested in, that's what I realised after this morning. And as Emily said, don't let them play with your mind."

"Yeah, whatever."

They didn't say any more. Ashley realised it was no use talking to the girl next to her, it would only make her agitated herself. She could better just relax, try to not worry about what was going to happen, and especially to try to detach herself from her body.

They were sitting there for a while, silently, and then a third woman was brought in: her club colleague and friend Christie.

"Experience doesn't make perfect, those guys also know all the hiding places," she said to the other two captives as they chained her down as well. "By the way, Phoebe, isn't this your third time already?"

Phoebe answered by giving her a dirty look. They didn't say anything after that, just listened to the faraway screams of "appetisers" being found and then the sound of the horn finishing the hunting session.

The men gathered at the gate, where the girls were lined up, still handcuffed, and commented on the girls, "Nice catch," "Looking promising," "Hey, we had her this morning as well," "Yeah, tried and tested," "Lovely," "Can't wait to fuck them all," "Indeed, but who's going to get my load, gonna be a tough choice."

The bus was waiting for them at the gate, and all went aboard. A short ride, just a few minutes, and they stopped in front of a large mansion where all got off.

At the front door the cuffs were undone, and the girls were ordered to change shoes. They had a choice of various stilettos, ranging from high to even higher. Ashley got a black pair that fitted her feet nicely. It forced her to stand tall with her ass and chest pushed out, to the enjoyment of the men.

"Ladies, please come with me, I'll show you the kitchen. The cooks are done cooking, and dinner is ready to be served, which is going to be your first job. When done with that you may sit down with us and eat as well," said one of the men, and he led the girls to the kitchen, down the hallway.

Turning to Phoebe he said, "You know already where the dining room is so I'll leave you guys here," and he left to join the rest of the hunters.

"That was William, the host," Phoebe said.

Ashley, Phoebe and Christie each picked up one of the dishes presented by the cooks, and carefully walked to the dining room. There the men were sitting around the table already, talking loudly, laughing, having a good time.

As soon as she was within reach Ashley was touched by the men. And to put the dish on the table she of course had to move herself in between them, leaving her completely exposed to their roaming hands. After walking up and down the kitchen a few times all the food had been brought in, and the men started eating.

"Want some?" one of them invited Phoebe, upon which Phoebe walked to the man, sat down on his lap, and started eating from his plate while he felt her over.

Another man waved to Ashley, and understanding the idea and being rather hungry Ashley walked over and sat down on his lap.

The man gave her a second fork, and invited her to eat while he continued eating himself. And in the meantime with his other hand he started to feel up Ashley's body. Her thighs, her tummy, her waist. Ashley shivered. Then the hand moved up to her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly, before moving down again to her pussy. She tried to keep her legs closed, and continued eating as if nothing happened, in order to preserve some modesty, if there was any of that to be preserved.

And just then the man next to him said, "I've served myself a bit too much, can you help?" Which was an obvious invitation to move over, and the ritual started over again. Ashley moved several more times during the meal, as did Phoebe and Christie.

Ashley found herself getting turned on, all those gentle touches did feel good, she could not deny that. She looked at the other girls, and saw Christie leaning back against her man, with a glazed look in her eyes. He was massaging one of her breasts. A moment later Christie suddenly moved her head up, looking a bit angry it seemed, or maybe frustrated, before being moved to another man's lap.

About an hour into the dinner most of the food was gone, and the men were chatting to each other, passing the girls around occasionally.

William stood up, and said, "I think everybody has had enough now. Will the ladies please help returning all the dishes to the kitchen, after which we will have dessert."

Ashley got up from her man, and started collecting the dirty dishes to return them to the kitchen. With so many things to handle it took them a while, and several trips to the kitchen later the table was clean.

"So where is dessert?" Ashley asked the cooks, upon which they pointed to three empty trolleys.

"Please lie down on your backs on those trolleys," one of the cooks instructed.

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