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Momma Loves Pussy

by publicd1©

I am sitting in a bedroom looking through a one way mirror into the next bedroom watching two women making love to each other. I can clearly see and hear everything going on. One woman is 70 years old with gray hair, rather chubby with large sagging breasts and her pussy is covered with a patch of trimmed grey pubic hair with a few black traces. The other woman is very slender. She is about 40 years old and quite attractive with short blond hair. Her pussy is shaved and her tits while not large are very firm. Needless to say I have my pants off and slowly massaging my prick.

The installation of the mirror came about as a result of an unannounced visit to the house two weeks prior. I entered through the cellar because I was looking for a tool case I had left there. I went up stairs and I was surprised to hear voices coming from the master bedroom. I quietly went to the door and peeked in. Believe me I was not prepared by what I saw and heard. I was really stunned and shocked out of my mind.

This is the house I was born and raised in. The 70 year old woman is my mother. She has been a widow for 15 years. My knees buckled when I saw her completely nude with her robe at her feet. She was kissing another woman . It was her next door neighbor, 40 year old Sally Williams. They were standing next to the bed. They were kissing and rubbing their bodies against each other. Mom removed Sally's tee shirt and leaned down and ran her tongue around Sally's nipple before sucking it into her mouth. Sally shivered as Mom was sucking her tits and put her hand in Sally's shorts and was finger fucking her.

Mom let out a low moan as she stopped sucking Sally's tits and said, in a low husky voice I had never heard before, " I'm going to make you feel really good sweetheart. I've been waiting all morning to get my hands and mouth on you." She then kissed her way down Sally's belly and slowly removed Sally's shorts. She took a long look at Sally's shaved pussy and sensually ran her tongue over Sally's pussy. The younger woman was shaking and softly moaning. Then Mom stood up.

Sally smiled as Mom pushed her back on the bed. She put her fingers in Sally's mouth and they took turns licking Sally's pussy juice off Mom's fingers. I was completely numb and thought I would choke. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I was watching my mother making love to another woman and she obviously knew what she was doing. She was the aggressor. I was in shock.

My numbness began to wear off. I got a throbbing hard on. I still couldn't believe my eyes but I was enjoying watching and I was getting hotter than hell. Mom lovingly and gently took Sally's face in both her hands and kissed Sally. Soon they were lightly sucking and biting each other's lips and tongues. They took turns, sucking and fondling each other's tits and they caressed each other's pussies. They were both cooing and ahhing. My God they were really enjoying each other's mouths and tongues. Their kissing and licking was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. It was obvious that they really enjoyed kissing and that they had done this before. I almost came just watching them kiss and tongue each other. They were both getting to the boiling point. Mom without breaking a long kiss gently put her left leg between Sally's legs. They each had a leg between the other's legs and started to erotically rub their pussy on the other's leg. They continued to kiss and lick and suck each other's lips and tongues as they rubbed their pussy on the other's leg. Mom rolled to the side and started to finger Sally again and rub her clit and pussy lips. Sally was white hot and defenseless. She opened her legs wide and thrust her pussy and hips up to Momma's fingers.

Mom kissed her deeply and climbed completely between the smaller woman's legs. Once she was in the saddle she started grinding her pelvis into Sally's pussy. Sally was somehow sucking on one of Momma's huge tits. I thought she was going to choke. They were grinding slowly and sensually at first, each savoring the sensation burning in their cunt. They picked up the pace dramatically and in the mirror I could see Mom's face. Her eyes were wide open and smoldering, her nostrils were flared and she was breathing heavily . She was like a wild animal and said, "Do you like the way I fuck you? I'm going to eat your pussy honey. Do you want me to eat your pretty little pussy?"

Motherfucker they were hot. They were groaning and writhing in pleasure. I couldn't help myself. I was as hot as they were. I took my prick out and started jerking off. It no longer mattered that it was my mother fucking the other woman.

Sally was begging, "Fuck me , OHHH sweetheart! Make me cum! Suck my pussy baby. Make me cummmmm! Do you want to suck my pussy sweetheart? I know you love to suck my pussy?"

Mom was just grunting, "I love to eat you sweetheart."

Sally replied , "Yessss.... Eat my Pussy sweetheart.! Hurry sweetheart I'm going to cum. Do anything you want! Just don't stop. Pleasssseee don't sssstop"

Watching them and hearing their talk had me to the point where I shot my load but I continued to pump my prick. Cum was on me, the door and the floor. I came before they did.

Sally was moaning with pleasure. Mom started kissing and licking Sally's neck. Licking her neck was driving Sally crazy. She continued to kiss and lick Sally's neck as she fucked her pussy to pussy. Sally was a mass of jelly and begging and pleading to have Mom suck her pussy. Momma licked her way down to Sally's tits and armpits and belly. Her tongue was slurping and licking constantly. With her mouth inches from Sally's shaved pussy she took a long look and then buried her head between the younger woman's legs. She struck like a lion. Mom started licking and kissing the shaved pussy . Her tongue was like an aardvark with short strokes, long strokes. She licked and kissed and at one point sucked Sally's entire pussy into her mouth. She ran her tongue over Sally's ass hole as well. She alternately licked the entire length of her pussy and penetrated the open pussy with her fingers. Then sucked the clit into her lips as she fucked Sally's pussy with two fingers. It sounded like a sump pump running dry. Momma was dry humping a pillow she had somehow managed to place between her own legs. Mother fucker she was really into eating that cunt. She really spread eagled the begging Sally. She was sucking and licking pussy and humping the pillow at the same time. Sally was moaning and whimpering and finally Sally exploded and then lay like a rag doll. She was helpless and Mom showed no mercy. Mom suddenly groaned and grunted like an animal as she had a volcanic orgasam. She was twitching uncontrollably like a fish out of water. She almost drove the pillow between her legs through the bed when she came. She finally rolled to the side of Sally and they both lay with their eyes shut trying to catch their breath. Sally was laying on her back and Momma was on her side with her pussy soaked face inches from the pussy she just devoured.

I came again in my hand. Without disturbing them, I quietly slipped back and went into the cellar. I waited for a few minutes and then shouted from the cellar that I was here to pick up my tools. I wanted to alert them into thinking that I just arrived. I waited for 10 minutes before going upstairs. When I entered the kitchen they were now both sitting at the kitchen table as though nothing had happened. Mom had her robe on and Sally was dressed but somewhat in disarray. She had her shorts on but her tee shirt was on inside out and on backwards. They were both flushed and to be honest Mom looked beautiful and vibrant for a 70 year old. The conversation between them was almost incomprehensible. I visited very briefly and then left with my tools.

I was obsessed with the sight and the sounds of my mother fucking and sucking another women. I could not get the sight of her tongue licking Sally's cunt and how she deftly slid it in and out of Sally's shaved pussy and the way she licked the entire length of her pussy and her ass. I was stunned at the violent orgasm momma enjoyed. My biggest regret is that I did not record them on my smart phone.

I intended to confront her the next day. I could not wait to let her know I saw her. I wondered what her reaction was going to be. I wanted to know every fucking detail. How long were they lovers? Was mom always a lesbian? Did she fuck other women? But most of all, I wanted to watch again. I was determined to watch her fuck and suck pussy again. I would blackmail her if I had to but I was going to watch them come hell or high water. I would even threaten to tell Sally's husband and my three married sisters.

I told Mom that watching them and jerking off was as good as fucking and sucking a porn star. Momma shocked me once again. She smiled and said the threat of blackmail was not necessary she told me everything. Knowing Mom was a widow, Sally initiated the affair almost a year earlier. She talked and coaxed Mom into the affair. Sally brought lesbian DVDs and watched them at Mom's house. Mom who had not had sex in ten years finally gave in to Sally's persistence and said she would try it. They started out tribbing. She enjoyed it much more than she thought humanely possible. Mom said she was sex starved. Eventually Sally talked her into trying 69. In the heat of passion she finally gave in. Once she tasted Sally's pussy she was obsessed with eating pussy. She loves the taste of pussy. She would like to have sex with other women but is afraid Sally will cut her off.

But the best of all - she told me she saw me in the mirror. Knowing I was watching made her hotter than she had ever been. She wanted me to watch again. In fact she suggested it. We agreed not to tell Sally that I was watching for fear that she would break off the affair. We installed the mirror two days later. Neither one of us could wait. Who knows where this could go.

Written by: publicd1

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